Reverend Insanity
1283 Immemorial Secrets of Reverse Flow River
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1283 Immemorial Secrets of Reverse Flow River

"Am I going to fail…" Fang Yuan was still swimming, seeing this, his heart sank: "No, until the final moment, I still have a chance, I cannot give up!"

"The final step!" Bi Chen Tian cried out.

The immortals did not dare to breathe loudly, they were nervous, staring at this grand moment.

"Grandpa Mao, get ready to save Ma Hong Yun, we will fight for them the moment they get out!" Black Extremity transmitted, reminding the dog tail life extending ferret.

But the latter replied: "No need."

"Grandpa Mao, what do you mean?" Black Extremity was anxious.

Because now, Ma Hong Yun was holding Zhao Lian Yun's hand, taking the final step.

His left leg was still in Reverse Flow River, but right now, the river water was not even at the sole of his left foot. Meanwhile, his right foot was already in the air, about to step out of the river.

At this moment, nobody could stop Ma Hong Yun, unless Zhao Lian Yun went crazy or if Ma Hong Yun gave up.

But none of these happened.

Ma Hong Yun took a step forward!


With a soft sound, water splattered.

He stepped on water.

"Why is there water?" Ma Hong Yun was stunned, Zhao Lian Yun was also dazed.

They saw clearly that when Ma Hong Yun took the final step, the river water also moved forward by a little.

Thus, Ma Hong Yun was still in Reverse Flow River.

"How can this be?" Ma Hong Yun could not believe it, he gritted his teeth and took a second step.

This time, a similar thing happened, Reverse Flow River moved ahead again, causing him to remain in the river.

The immortals were shocked.

How could Reverse Flow River do this?

This was simply too shameless!

"Hahaha!" Mao Li Qiu suddenly laughed out loud: "This is too fun, this is too fun! Look at your faces, hahaha, this is too funny, too funny."

The immortals' expressions changed.

Black Extremity understood something after recalling Mao Li Qiu's earlier words, he realized at once that Mao Li Qiu was sure Ma Hong Yun could not step out of Reverse Flow River, that was why it was so calm and did not try to snatch them.

"Grandpa Mao, what is going on?" Flood Extremity was impatient, he asked curiously.

"Hahaha, you fools, look at your faces!" Mao Li Qiu was laughing as his claws slammed on the ground, he was extremely overjoyed.

"Reverse Flow River itself is like this!"

"It has upstream and downstream parts, but it is impossible to try and forcefully leave the river from upstream. Because Reverse Flow River has no end. Every step you take at the final stretch of the river would just create a new extension of the river."

"During the immemorial era, Ren Zu wanted to save his son, but fate Gu dictated the life and death of all beings. How can a dead person have a second life? That was against the rules of heaven and earth, thus, wisdom Gu did not tell Ren Zu that there was such a mystical aspect in Reverse Flow River."

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Mao Li Qiu said this as it laughed maniacally, it even rolled on the ground, patting its tummy.

The immortals' expressions completely changed.

This was an immemorial secret.

Everyone was hearing it for the first time.

"This means that in the legends, wisdom Gu entrapped Ren Zu?"

"Ren Zu failed at the final step, but the truth is there was no final step. Because Reverse Flow River is endless to begin with."

"This is a scheme. Wisdom Gu specially set this trap!"

"Wait, does that mean that Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun are trapped inside Reverse Flow River forever?"

Someone said that and reminded everyone.

The immortals turned their gazes towards Reverse Flow River.

But this time, they paid no attention to Ma and Zhao, they were looking at Fang Yuan who was not far behind.

Fang Yuan!

He did not give up. As a result of his perseverance, there was a huge opportunity now!

"This Liu Guan Yi was not swept away, he is still persevering, he is very close to Ma and Zhao now!"

"That means with his speed, he can definitely catch up to Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun?"

"Liu Guan Yi has immense battle strength, the battle earlier states everything. He had fought Lord Bi Chen Tian evenly in Reverse Flow River!"

The other Gu Immortals were all eliminated!

Only Fang Yuan, Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun were left.

Right now, even if the Gu Immortals outside Reverse Flow River wanted to catch up to them, there was no time. And more importantly, they were all eliminated, all of their mental energy regarding swimming upstream had been consumed, they had no determination to swim in Reverse Flow River anymore for this period of time.

"Damn it, the only hope now is that Liu Guan Yi will overly exert himself?" Bi Chen Tian thought about it, his forehead was full of sweat.

He suddenly reminded Ma and Zhao, "Walk slowly, don't rush, as long as you maintain your current speed, you can stay in Reverse Flow River!"

Bi Chen Tian had fought with Fang Yuan, he knew about Fang Yuan's immense strength when fighting in Reverse Flow River!

On this point, Ying Wu Xie, who had just escaped from Reverse Flow River, could prove it with his injuries. He had Purple Mountain True Monarch's help and was an immortal zombie, but he was still one step away from dying.

Thus, with Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun on Central Continent's side, they should avoid meeting with Fang Yuan.

They needed to stall for time until Fang Yuan could no longer persevere.

This was Central Continent's only hope of victory!

But Fang Yuan continued moving ahead, he was not fast, but compared to the turtle-like speed of Ma and Zhao, he was like a rocket.

Not long after, he also stood on the riverbed, he was just a hundred steps away from Ma and Zhao.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu suddenly spoke: "Very good, Liu Guan Yi, capture the two of them, you can ask for any request from me. Right now, you are wanted by both Liu tribe and Ye Lui tribe, but if you hand them to me, I will be your ally! Anyone who tries to deal with you will have to face me, Xue Hu!"

Wei Ling Yang was stunned, he also spoke: "Liu Guan Yi, we are Central Continent's ten great sects, as well as Heavenly Court's members. If you can protect them, you can join Central Continent, we can modify your immortal aperture and let you adapt to Central Continent's heaven and earth qi! You will become a true Central Continent Gu Immortal! After this merit, Central Continent will not disappoint you, whatever Old Ancestor Xue Hu can give you, we can give you several times that, or even tens of times as many benefits to you."

"Hmph! Liu Guan Yi, even though you do not have the Huang Jin bloodline, as long as you protect both Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun, and hand them to Longevity Heaven, we can make an exception and allow you to become our external supreme elder! Joining Longevity Heaven will grant you unthinkable benefits. You will be in Northern Plains' righteous path and not demonic path. Not only will you no longer be wanted by anyone, all the Huang Jin tribes will welcome you." Flood Extremity also said in response.


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