Reverend Insanity
1282 Surpassing Ren Zu?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1282 Surpassing Ren Zu?

The most important reason was: Fighting in water greatly affected Fang Yuan's ability to attack consecutively.

Because he needed to breathe outside the water at certain intervals.

In this aspect, Fang Yuan was inferior to the dead Mu Ling Lan. He was a water path Gu Immortal, he had special water path dao marks that allowed him to breathe underwater.

On the other hand, the immortal zombie did not need to breathe, as it was dead to begin with.

"Hmph!" Fang Yuan could not attack successfully, he changed his target towards Purple Mountain True Monarch, who was in Ying Wu Xie's arms.

Ying Wu Xie was worried about Purple Mountain True Monarch's safety, he wanted to try and save him.

But Fang Yuan changed his target again, poking at Ying Wu Xie's eyes.

This was a vicious move.

As long as he succeeded, Fang Yuan would be able to stab into Ying Wu Xie's brain and end his life for good.

Ying Wu Xie's heart was jumping, it was too late to defend himself, he fell into despair.

However, a change occurred right at this moment.

Purple Mountain True Monarch suddenly stood up and charged at Fang Yuan's face.

Fang Yuan had the initiative, he could easily defend himself. He grabbed Purple Mountain True Monarch and tried to squeeze his fist and kill Purple Mountain True Monarch.

But Purple Mountain True Monarch had unfathomable capabilities, and was a wisdom path Gu Immortal with deep wisdom path dao mark accumulation, Fang Yuan felt like he was grabbing an eel, it was so slippery, Purple Mountain True Monarch somehow managed to squeeze himself out of his fist.

Purple Mountain True Monarch escaped Fang Yuan's demonic clutches, he moved agilely in the water, his wings gave him more mobility, Fang Yuan actually missed all of his attacks.

Next, Purple Mountain True Monarch flew to Ying Wu Xie and grabbed his shirt, swimming desperately and managing to get free from Fang Yuan.

Ying Wu Xie was shocked and overjoyed, seeing Purple Mountain True Monarch regain clarity in his eyes, he knew that at this crucial moment of life and death, Purple Mountain True Monarch had regained his senses!

"This is great!" Ying Wu Xie was overjoyed, with Purple Mountain True Monarch now clear-headed, they could capture Ma and Zhao again.

"Quickly leave!" Purple Mountain True Monarch carried Ying Wu Xie as they moved downstream, rapidly escaping.

He was tiny but he had great strength.

"Lord Purple!" Ying Wu Xie understood something immediately, as soon, Purple Mountain True Monarch fell into insanity once again.

"Oh!' Ying Wu Xie sighed deeply, he knew why Purple Mountain True Monarch wanted to retreat, because his condition was not stable.

Because of Purple Mountain True Monarch, Fang Yuan could not eliminate Ying Wu Xie.

Furthermore, he was lagging behind.

He was far from Ma and Zhao.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu had an unhappy expression.

Because Ying Wu Xie and Purple Mountain True Monarch left, only three people were left in Reverse Flow River.

They were Ma Hong Yun, Zhao Lian Yun, and Fang Yuan.

"Who is this? He is a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, but he dares to foil my plan?" Old Ancestor Xue Hu had deep killing intent towards Fang Yuan.

Hei Lou Lan was already standing beside Old Ancestor Xue Hu, hearing Old Ancestor Xue Hu's words, her heart jumped.

Fang Yuan clearly had deep enmity with Ying Wu Xie, she had to answer this question now.

Hei Lou Lan was a member of Shadow Sect, at this moment, she could not expose Fang Yuan's true identity, but thankfully, he had another identity, so she said: "He is Liu Guan Yi."

"Liu Guan Yi? The demonic path Gu Immortal who killed Ye Lui Qun Xing and cultivates ancient sword dragon transformation?" Old Ancestor Xue Hu was stunned before replying.

He knew about Liu Guan Yi.

Even though he was refining Gu in Snowy Mountain, he still paid attention to the situation in Northern Plains.

Because the rank eight Gu Immortals in Northern Plains were all obstacles for him in refining Fortune Rivalling Heaven. As for Liu Guan Yi, and Chu Du, Old Ancestor Xue Hu was not too concerned about them.

But to think that this insignificant character was actually foiling his plan at this moment.

"Hahaha, luck is truly on our side." The dog tail life extending ferret laughed loudly, waves of noise billowed.

Bi Chen Tian and Wei Ling Yang had gathered together, Central Continent's Gu Immortals waited solemnly. They had chosen to stay and wait for a chance.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu, Hei Lou Lan, and Bai Ning Bing stood together.

The three parties were all at the starting point, waiting for Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun to be swept away.

"Fairy Lian Yun, Ma Hong Yun, you can come out now, even if us Gu Immortals of Central Continent have to sacrifice our lives, we will defend you." Wei Ling Yang called out.

"Laughable! You Central Continent fellows want to snatch them from me, Grandpa Mao?!" The dog tail life extending ferret, Mao Li Qiu, was furious and spoke in displeasure.

Black Extremity was worried that Mao Li Qiu's scary appearance would frighten Ma Hong Yun, he quickly added: "Ma Hong Yun, you are acknowledged by fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu and have Giant Sun's bloodline, you are a member of Longevity Heaven. Longevity Heaven is the origin of our bloodline, it is the grotto-heaven of Ancestor Giant Sun. We are here to bring you home."

Old Ancestor Xue Hu snorted, pressuring Fang Yuan: "Liu Guan Yi, if you can capture Ma and Zhao, I will allow you to become the third peak lord of Snowy Mountain. I, Xue Hu, am one to hold my word, you can rest assured. If you succeed, I will back you up, your future cultivation journey will be smooth sailing."

Hearing this, the other Gu Immortals started to look at Fang Yuan again.

Fang Yuan lost the chance to kill Ying Wu Xie.

There was no other way.

He had tried his best.

But the foundation of rank eight was immense, the advantage of the strength path immortal zombie body in Reverse Flow River and most importantly, Purple Mountain True Monarch's moment of clarity, pushed him towards the abyss of failure.

"I failed again!"

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth.

The situation was horrible for him. Out of the three rank eight existences outside the river, he could only join Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

But Old Ancestor Xue Hu was with the members of Shadow Sect.

"If I leave Reverse Flow River, these three rank eights will attack me. My speed cannot match Hui Feng Zi, even with myriad self and familiar face, the hope of escaping from them is likely very slim."

Fang Yuan was very clear on his current situation.

"However, if I can capture Ma and Zhao, I will have the best bargaining chips. Central Continent and Longevity Heaven will be willing to transact, not to mention Old Ancestor Xue Hu as well, by then, I could use them to help eliminate Shadow Sect!"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan stared at Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun.

He swam upstream, charging towards the two of them.

Ma and Zhao saw Fang Yuan's movement, they were the only ones ahead of him now, his animosity was obvious.

Ma and Zhao could only grit their teeth and continue swimming.


"I have just escaped from Snowy Mountain, I cannot be captured again!"

"There is also Lady Xiao Yun, she became like this because of me, I need to save her!!"

"Thus, I need to persevere."

"Ma Hong Yun, you can do it, work hard!"

Ma Hong Yun gritted his teeth, he desperately swam, even though he was very tired, he had strong driving force in his heart.

Fang Yuan's speed was faster than Ma and Zhao.

But because he had fought with Ying Wu Xie earlier, he was pushed back by Reverse Flow River for some time.

Thus, Ma and Zhao were very safe, unless they could not hold on anymore.

As time passed, this mystical competition was reaching its end.

Outside the river, large numbers of Gu Immortals were observing the three people in Reverse Flow River.

"Hmm?" At this time, Zhao Lian Yun's expression suddenly changed.

While swimming, her legs had touched the ground.

Next, she subconsciously stepped on the ground and stood up from Reverse Flow River, her head and shoulders was exposed above the water.

This change made both her and Ma Hong Yun extremely joyful.

"How could this happen?" Flood Extremity was extremely shocked.

The dog tail life extending ferret yawned: "Are you ignorant! Upstream in Reverse Flow River, it gets shallower and shallower, did you people not read <<The Legends of Ren Zu>>? Back then, Ren Zu wanted to walk out of Reverse Flow River, he failed at the last step."

"So it is like this!" Mao Li Qiu spoke loudly, the Central Continent Gu Immortals finally realized it.

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"Look, they are only a hundred steps away from the shore."

"Does this mean Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun will be able to break the record and achieve what Ren Zu could not do, forcefully getting out of Reverse Flow River from the front?!"

"That might not be, Ren Zu had swam from the bottom of the river, Ma and Zhao had a much easier time."

"Even so, this is a grand feat!"

"That's right, their willpower is simply shocking!!"

The Gu Immortals were all discussing this.

Even Mao Li Qiu was moved: "This is true, Ma Hong Yun is really something! He might be able to charge out of Reverse Flow River. Hehe."

Black Extremity and Flood Extremity looked at each other, the former said arrogantly: "As expected of the person chosen by fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan was still swimming, trying to reach them, when Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun were already walking in Reverse Flow River.

Almost all the Gu Immortals were looking at Ma and Zhao.

The immortals wanted to know if these two could break the record of human history, and in a sense, surpass Ren Zu and walk out of Reverse Flow River from the front!

One step at a time.

Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun supported each other, as they walked forward shakily but with determination.

They were extremely tired, their bodies were numb, but they still persevered.

Almost every step, their bodies would shake like tree branches in the wind. It would not be strange if any of them fainted at the very next moment.

But in this condition, they continued to advance.

This situation created a huge impact on these immortals' hearts.

"What sort of willpower is this!"

"Is this the power of love?"

"The two of them are supporting each other through thick and thin, and are walking side by side. Regardless of the result, I feel deep admiration towards the two of them."

The river water's turbulence gradually stopped, as Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun finally approached the end of the river, everyone held their breaths in anticipation.


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