Reverend Insanity
1278 Dog Tail Life Extending Ferre
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1278 Dog Tail Life Extending Ferre


A loud sound was heard in the fate reversing refinement sub formation.

Flood Extremity was no longer surprised, after taking a glance, he looked away.

During this period, the Gu formation's pillar of light had shrunken by fifty percent.

"This Gu formation is quite interesting." Right at this time, a voice entered Flood Extremity's ears.

"Who is it?!" Flood Extremity was shocked, his Gu Immortal aura burst out as he prepared to use his powerful methods.

"Little one, don't be afraid, and don't make a move." The voice said again.

At this moment, Flood Extremity could not move.

He felt like he was in a frozen river.

This person was powerful beyond imagination. He was a rank seven Gu Immortal, one of Longevity Heaven's Eight Extremities, but he could not react before he was suppressed completely!

"You are the descendant of master, as long as you do not attack me, I will not eat you. Hehehe." The voice said again.

Next, Flood Extremity saw a huge, hill-like beast revealing its figure in front of him.

This was a four legged beast with purple fur.

It looked like a ferret.

It was covered in shiny purple fur, its eyes were shining with a purple crystal-like color.

The most eye catching thing was its tail.

This was not a ferret tail, but a dog tail.

A giant ferret with a dog tail?

Flood Extremity was stunned, before he thought of an existence.

Indeed, at the next moment, South Desolation Immortal's letter came from an information path Gu worm in his immortal aperture — he could not leave now, this giant beast was sent here to help, it would deal with any enemy who dares to obstruct Longevity Heaven!

"You, you are the dog tail life extending ferret? Ancestor Giant Sun's steed?" Flood Extremity stammered.

The giant beast nodded before opening its mouth, speaking: "Stop calling me a steed, I have my own name too. I am Mao Li Qiu, you can call me Grandpa Mao."

"Mao, Grandpa Mao!" At the other end, Black Extremity was also tongue-tied, he was still in great shock.

"Okay, forget about this Gu formation. Let's go to Reverse Flow River and retrieve Ma Hong Yun and that love Gu!" The dog tail life extending ferret, Mao Li Qiu, slashed with its claws.

Intense winds blew, countless Gu worm auras were exposed, forming an immortal killer move.

The fate reversing refinement sub formation that Black Extremity had created with much difficulty broke apart, turning into rubble.

"This?!" Black Extremity's eyes almost popped out.

"Stop stammering, is it very fun to disrupt my sleep? Quickly finish this business, your Grandpa Mao has to go back to sleep!"

The giant ferret, Mao Li Qiu, said this as it breathed out deeply.

This breath flew rapidly, tying up Flood Extremity and Black Extremity.

The giant ferret jumped and its huge body flew into the sky.

Beside it, Black Extremity and Flood Extremity were pulled along by the special breath, going towards Reverse Flow River.

"What is going on?" The sudden change in Reverse Flow River affected all of the Gu Immortals in it.

After an intense change, the entirety of Reverse Flow River calmed down, the river water became smooth flowing and had small ripples in it.

"Reverse Flow River went back to normal?" Fang Yuan's eyes shone brightly, he felt the pressure intensifying in the river.

There was a large amount of junk unable to move on their own, they were washed down by Reverse Flow River.

Seeing this, at once, many Gu Immortals chose to go downstream and leave Reverse Flow River by getting to the end.

This was the only way to get out of Reverse Flow River.

"The situation is not looking good." Fang Yuan had not found Ying Wu Xie and gang, he continued moving forward.

In the sky, Bi Chen Tian and the other Central Continent Gu Immortals were looking down at Reverse Flow River.

These people were originally trying to swim forward, but Reverse Flow River kept returning to normal as the sub formation was destroyed.

Bi Chen Tian saw that this was not going well, he could continue, but the other Gu Immortals could not, they went downstream and left Reverse Flow River, flying towards the sky after they got out.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But this way, they became outsiders, any methods used on Reverse Flow River would be reflected back at them.

Bi Chen Tian soon found Fang Yuan, who was inside Reverse Flow River.

"Our fight can be disregarded, as long as you hand over affection Immortal Gu." Bi Chen Tian spoke to Fang Yuan.

"This is the rank seven Gu Immortal who could fight evenly with Lord Bi Chen Tian? How did he cultivate?" The other Central Continent Gu Immortals looked at Fang Yuan with shock and curiosity.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly, he ignored Bi Chen Tian.

One of the Central Continent Gu Immortals flew into a rage: "Such audacity! You dare to disrespect Lord Bi Chen Tian!"

Bi Chen Tian snorted coldly: "You think I can do nothing to you if you hide inside the river?"

"Before I get washed away, you should worry about yourselves. This is not Central Continent." Fang Yuan replied fearlessly.

Bi Chen Tian's key concern was pointed out, his face turned cold as he ignored Fang Yuan, he started to move in the upstream direction.

Fang Yuan was a small matter. What was important was Zhao Lian Yun and Ma Hong Yun.

Because the dog tail life extending ferret destroyed the sub formation, the complex situation at the surface of the river became easily observable now.

The junk was all swept away, only some Gu Immortals were left in the river.

Mu Ling Lan, Zhao Lian Yun, and Ma Hong Yun were at the front.

The second group were Old Ancestor Xue Hu, Purple Mountain True Monarch, and Lady Wan Shou.

The third group was rank eight Gu Immortal Wei Ling Yang, as well as some other Central Continent Gu Immortals.

The fourth group was Ying Wu Xie and gang, as well as some Snowy Mountain peak lords.

And the fifth group was Fang Yuan alone. When he was swept into Reverse Flow River, he was too far from Snowy Mountain blessed land, thus, he had fallen to the back of the river, even though he tried to swim upstream, the others were also working hard.

Honestly speaking, the situation was quite interesting.

"Quick, swim forward!" Mu Ling Lan looked at Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Purple Mountain True Monarch who were close behind, he spoke anxiously.

The floating mound earlier was already swept away, Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun had to swim forward to avoid getting captured by Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

The second group of Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Purple Mountain True Monarch were chasing after Ma Hong Yun to capture him.

The third group including Wei Ling Yang also did not want to give up. As long as they stalled Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Purple Mountain True Monarch, Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun would have the chance to go downstream and the crisis would be resolved.

Ying Wu Xie and the Snowy Mountain demonic path Gu Immortals also had the same idea as Wei Ling Yang, they were at the back but there was still hope.

"Quickly look, to the back!" Hei Lou Lan suddenly alerted.

Ying Wu Xie turned back and looked, his heart jumped: "He actually chased us to this place!"

This river was calm now, there was no junk left, everyone's field of vision was clear, thus Ying Wu Xie easily saw Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan still did not know about Purple Mountain True Monarch.

Even though he could see Old Ancestor Xue Hu at this position.

Purple Mountain True Monarch was a miniman, he was the size of a thumb and was sitting on Old Ancestor Xue Hu's shoulder, it was hard to see him clearly.

Fang Yuan had no idea what happened in Snowy Mountain blessed land. Even though he met Bi Chen Tian, he had only understood that a battle of rank eights happened here, as for who had the advantage, would Bi Chen Tian tell him?

Thus, Fang Yuan had always thought that killing Ying Wu Xie and gang would resolve his crisis regarding Shadow Sect.

Therefore, after seeing Ying Wu Xie, his eyes shone as he swam even more quickly towards Ying Wu Xie.

"He is our enemy?" A snowy mountain peak lord sneered at Fang Yuan: "Let's work together and kill him! Outside, the situation is complex with countless Gu Immortal methods available. But here, he is all alone, he is just one person!"

Once he said that, the Gu Immortals were ready to attack.

Ying Wu Xie was moved too.

If they could kill Fang Yuan now, and obtain his sovereign immortal body, it would be a great opportunity.

"However… the sovereign immortal body is not easy to deal with. I should meet up with Lord Purple first. Our main body is still in the dream realm after all!" Ying Wu Xie thought about it and decided to play safe.

"Come with us, we will meet up with Ancestor Xue Hu. He is not important, our biggest enemy is Central Continent." Ying Wu Xie did not expose Fang Yuan's foundation, he successfully diverted the attention of the Snowy Mountain Gu Immortals.

"That's right, let's meet with old ancestor!" Snowy Mountain's peak lords could not go downstream now.

Because a rank eight Central Continent Gu Immortal was in the sky. Once they left Reverse Flow River, they would need to face off against a rank eight Gu Immortal, they had to stay in Reverse Flow River for now.

But soon, they realized that it was not easy to stay in Reverse Flow River.

In this special environment, if they could not move forward, the river would push them backwards.

In the past, Ren Zu had failed in Reverse Flow River, he had failed at the final step before success.

Nobody thought that they could achieve what Ren Zu did. But in this situation, every wave of Gu Immortals had their own reasons to remain in Reverse Flow River!

"Ma Hong Yun… you cannot escape." Old Ancestor Xue Hu had a cold gaze as Lady Wan Shou smiled continuously.

"Quick, quick. They are catching up." Mu Ling Lan and Ma Hong Yun dragged Zhao Lian Yun along from either side.

"Fairy Lian Yun, hang on, we are going to reach soon!" Wei Ling Yang shouted.

Ying Wu Xie was behind them, waiting to strike. He felt a headache regarding Fang Yuan at the back, he needed to move forward more quickly, to fight for more time later.

"Ying Wu Xie!" Fang Yuan was shortening his distance with Ying Wu Xie.

Soon, the first person to be unable to persevere appeared.

It was one of Snowy Mountain's peak lords.

He had used up all his stamina, he floated backwards with a pale expression.

Fang Yuan avoided him.

Now was not the time for that, if he stopped for a moment, he would be pushed backwards as well, even if he killed the enemy, his progress would be greatly affected.

"Be careful!" In the sky, Bi Chen Tian shouted.

"I finally caught up. You little rats." Old Ancestor Xue Hu was already right behind Zhao Lian Yun's group.

Zhao Lian Yun knew that she had no strength left, if this continued, she would only burden Ma Hong Yun.

She gave Ma Hong Yun one last affectionate look, she suddenly mustered her strength and broke free from his grasp, swimming towards Old Ancestor Xue Hu instead.


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