Reverend Insanity
1275 Kicking a Rank Eight Great Exper
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1275 Kicking a Rank Eight Great Exper

Fang Yuan's grasp earlier had failed, he raised his arms and grabbed upwards.

His left arm missed but his right arm grabbed onto Bi Chen Tian's leg.

Bi Chen Tian was obstructed, his other leg kicked towards Fang Yuan's head like a fierce dragon.

This blow was heavy, if it landed, Fang Yuan would become dizzy and Bi Chen Tian would easily escape.

But Fang Yuan took out affection Immortal Gu and raised it up.

Bi Chen Tian wanted to curse, his leg stopped.

Fang Yuan managed to obtain some time to react, he moved his head backwards as his entire body went upside down in the water.

Originally, he was like Bi Chen Tian, they were floating upright.

But now that he grabbed Bi Chen Tian's leg, he became upside down.

Bi Chen Tian saw this and his heart sank, he gasped in his mind.

This was because Fang Yuan was grabbing onto his leg with one hand, while the other was holding affection Immortal Gu, he could not attack with strength.

But at this moment, in this scene, Fang Yuan had two legs to use.

Meanwhile, Bi Chen Tian's leg was held by Fang Yuan, he could only attack with one other leg.

Bi Chen Tian was shocked, the leg that was free moved around like a butterfly, it was extremely nimble, after kicking for several times, Fang Yuan could only see many shadows of his moving leg.

But Fang Yuan had no fear, he kicked with both legs, as he unleashed a flurry of kicks moving like shadows as well.

Both parties were fighting in the water, causing huge spirals to form around the river water, each time their legs collided, a loud sound was emitted in the river water.

Bi Chen Tian could only use one leg, how could he compete with both of Fang Yuan's legs?

During the process of fighting, he was often hit by Fang Yuan's legs.

Bi Chen Tian mainly defended himself, as he felt downcast: "I am a great rank eight Gu Immortal, to think that this would happen. Scoundrel! As long as I get to the surface and recover my breath, I will deal with you!"

His arms flailed furiously, dragging Fang Yuan towards the surface as well.

But at the next moment, Fang Yuan's eyes shined with brilliance, as he blocked Bi Chen Tian's kick with one leg, while his other leg kicked at a crucial location.


Bi Chen Tian was kicked by Fang Yuan, it landed on his crotch.

In an instant, his entire face stiffened, he stared with wide opened eyes, he was about to gasp out his last bit of oxygen left.

Bi Chen Tian was a rank eight great expert after all, he had superhuman endurance, he forcefully endured it and moved his arms, wanting to swim up to the surface.


Fang Yuan kicked again.

Bi Chen Tian's body shook, this time, he could not help but breathe out a chain of bubbles.

Boom boom boom.

Sensing his huge weakness, Fang Yuan continued to kick.

Bi Chen Tian's face was flushed red, his eyes were bloodshot, he no longer thought of getting to\ the surface, he wanted to kill Fang Yuan!

"Who would fight you to the death?" Fang Yuan let go, kicking Bi Chen Tian away with another blow.

At the same time, he was pushed away by the force, pulling some distance from Bi Chen Tian.

After getting free, Bi Chen Tian was dazed for a while before giving up on Fang Yuan, he went to the surface to recover his breath.

Fang Yuan turned around and escaped successfully from Bi Chen Tian.

Bi Chen Tian's head came up to the surface as he breathed in deeply continuously.

His crotch was hurting, waves of pain was assaulting his nerves, he felt himself getting dizzy.

"This accursed fellow! If I have a chance, I will tear out your tendons and burn you to ashes!" Bi Chen Tian watched at the river surface as Fang Yuan swam away rapidly, their distance was enlarging, he could not catch up.

Fang Yuan successfully escaped from Bi Chen Tian, he slowed down to recover his stamina.

His legs were numb.

Bi Chen Tian's crotch was not easy to kick. Fang Yuan had immense strength, but his legs still felt numb from kicking it.

Evidently, Bi Chen Tian had thought of defending his crotch, there were many wood path dao marks there.

At the final crucial moment, Fang Yuan did not fight with Bi Chen Tian.

He knew that with Bi Chen Tian's methods, even if he killed him, he would have to face a terrifying retaliation and would likely get heavily injured or end up dead.

Fang Yuan did not want this outcome.

He did not need to fight to the death with a rank eight Gu Immortal.

He had the sovereign immortal body, his future was bright. And his goal to begin with was Ying Wu Xie.

If he died with Bi Chen Tian, wouldn't Ying Wu Xie be laughing his head off? Even if only Bi Chen Tian died, Fang Yuan would still be heavily injured, he would lose the ability to kill Ying Wu Xie.

Of course, there was something crucial.

Even if he killed Bi Chen Tian, Fang Yuan could gain nothing!

Immortal apertures could not be opened here, Bi Chen Tian's corpse would be a burden. Fang Yuan could not carry this corpse around with him, even if he could, what if he met Ying Wu Xie? Even if he did not meet Ying Wu Xie, what would he do if he met Central Continent's Gu Immortals?

Rank seven Gu Immortal killing rank eight, this would be a grand feat that would grant him unparalleled honor and glory.

But this honor was worthless to Fang Yuan!

He continued to swim ahead, trying to find Ying Wu Xie.

"Fang Yuan, is that you?"

Ying Wu Xie heard this and turned around, expressing joy on his face.

"Come closer, I will pull you up." He quickly said.

After a moment, Ying Wu Xie dragged Tai Bai Yun Sheng onto a huge lotus leaf.

"This is the leaf of the king lotus, it can float on the surface of the water, to think that you are so lucky." Tai Bai Yun Sheng sighed deeply.

Ying Wu Xie laughed, thinking: "I am luck connected to Fang Yuan, how can my luck be bad?"

But soon, his smile faded as worry appeared on his face again.

He looked at the flowing river: "Reverse Flow River's state is really strange now, we cannot escape. We have to meet up with Purple Mountain True Monarch now, we might be able to take back Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun, and even kill that ancient sword dragon that was chasing us!"

At the mention of Purple Mountain True Monarch, Tai Bai Yun Sheng showed admiration on his face: "Yes, we should meet up with master."


Purple Mountain True Monarch sneezed loudly.

He had a bitter expression, sighing: "Oh, to think that I would end up like this so soon after waking up. Sigh, I am old, my body is weak now, I seem to be getting a cold just because of some water."

He was sitting on Old Ancestor Xue Hu's shoulder.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu was swimming, he looked around, trying to find something in Reverse Flow River.

Hearing Purple Mountain True Monarch's words, he snorted: "You are doing nothing but you are still complaining? Don't you have wings? Why don't you fly out of Reverse Flow River?"

Purple Mountain True Monarch was in his original form now.

Like how Fang Yuan turned back to a human from ancient sword dragon form, Purple Mountain True Monarch was a rank eight miniman Gu Immortal, he had turned large earlier using an immortal method. Now that he was in Reverse Flow River, he became a miniman again.

Precisely because of this, he could sit on Old Ancestor Xue Hu's shoulder.

"You think I don't want to? But this Reverse Flow River is affected by some power, it is very chaotic, I cannot leave the river. Hehe, who created this Gu formation for you?" Purple Mountain True Monarch asked.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu had a grim expression: "Sun Ming Lu."

Purple Mountain True Monarch responded with an 'oh'.

"It should be him. This was out of my expectations." Old Ancestor Xue Hu said: "He is a member of Longevity Heaven!"

Old Ancestor Xue Hu was astute, at this moment, it was not hard to guess where Sun Ming Lu came from.

Because Central Continent's Gu Immortals were already in danger, in the entirety of Northern Plains, who could have the ability and guts to deal with Old Ancestor Xue Hu?

Other than Longevity Heaven, there was no one else.

Purple Mountain True Monarch said: "Longevity Heaven is definitely after Ma Hong Yun, as well as Zhao Lian Yun. They must be in front."

"I need to find my wife!" Old Ancestor Xue Hu said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Purple Mountain True Monarch patted his shoulder: "Then we need to go ahead, Lady Wan Shou was right beside Ma Hong Yun at the time, she was swept away by the river along with them, she should be near them."

The fate reversing refinement sub formation was shining with a brilliant white-golden light.

The light burst into the sky, like a huge unconcealable pillar.

At this moment, Black Extremity was at the center of the Gu formation, manipulating it and directing the flow of Reverse Flow River. Flood Extremity was outside the Gu formation, preventing any intruders from approaching the pillar of light.


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