Reverend Insanity
1274 Fighting Rank Eight in the River
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1274 Fighting Rank Eight in the River

If possible, Fang Yuan wanted to use affection Immortal Gu to trade for Immortal Gu that suited him more.

But in Reverse Flow River, transactions were impossible.

Because no Gu worms could be used, information path methods that allowed two parties to engage in transactions were unusable.

Fang Yuan wanted to exchange for Immortal Gu, but Bi Chen Tian could not take out any Immortal Gu, because Gu worms hibernated while inside Reverse Flow River, let alone those in an immortal aperture, they would not respond to any of a Gu Immortal's summons even if they were inside their bodies.

Thus, Bi Chen Tian did not have any chips to use for trade.

Bi Chen Tian knew Fang Yuan's concern, but should he give up this chance and wait for the future?

Who knew what would happen in the future?

After Black Extremity's action, Snowy Mountain blessed land was gone, Central Continent's Edge Link Camp was destroyed as well, if Central Continent's group fought again, they would fall into an even deeper disadvantage.

Central Continent's Gu Immortals were barely able to defend themselves, once they escaped Reverse Flow River, wouldn't they flee immediately?

Thus, there was no chance to undergo trade with Fang Yuan.

If they did not do the transaction now, what about in the future?

Fang Yuan was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, while Bi Chen Tian was a Central Continent Gu Immortal, both were in different regions, even in treasure yellow heaven, Central Continent could not dictate Fang Yuan to do a transaction with them later.

What if he made a deal with someone else? What if he raised prices to an absurd level without fear?

There were worse situations possible.

Bi Chen Tian was someone with the foresight to consider bad outcomes in advance, seeing that he could not coax Fang Yuan to give the Immortal Gu, his killing intent rose!

"I am a rank eight Gu Immortal, even if I cannot use Immortal Gu here, with my dao mark foundation, how can I lose to a rank seven Gu Immortal?"

Thinking like this, Bi Chen Tian jumped into the river water and swam towards Fang Yuan.

At this moment, his hostility was obvious.

Fang Yuan sneered internally, as he charged towards Bi Chen Tian as well.

Bi Chen Tian saw this and became joyful, thinking: "This Northern Plains Gu Immortal looks like a battle maniac. He's simply brainless!"

The river water moved rapidly, but both parties had extraordinary bodies, they quickly met in the middle.

Boom boom boom.

Fang Yuan raised his fist and punched at Bi Chen Tian thrice.

Bi Chen Tian was a wood path Gu Immortal, he had great stamina and eyesight, he blocked all three attacks.

He was shocked: "This person looks so young, how can he have such strength? Does he cultivate strength path?"

He felt that his arm was numb from blocking.

But while he was shocked, Bi Chen Tian still retaliated with his other hand.

Both sides exchanged fists, they quickly got into a scuffle.

Fang Yuan's entire body was a weapon, his head, knee, elbow, and all sorts of jabs were used.

Bi Chen Tian was on the back foot, but soon, he held up evenly against Fang Yuan's attacks. Because he had incredible foundation, and his close combat skills were very deep. Even though he had rarely used these techniques after becoming a Gu Immortal, currently in actual battle, he was recovering his combat skills.

As for Fang Yuan, he had become a Gu Immortal more recently, many years ago, he was a mortal Gu Master roaming Northern Plains and Southern Border, he was familiar with close combat.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The two fought in the water, at times, they lifted their heads above the water and breathed roughly, temporarily resting.

Reverse Flow River moved rapidly, most of their energy was spent in swimming, they did not actually fight too much.

When they fought, the environment was very complex.

Because at times, logs or wild beasts would float down the river and force the two to evade them.

As a result, after tens of rounds of battle, both sides were breathing roughly, but they could do nothing to the other party.

"This rank eight Gu Immortal is truly deep in foundation. I wanted to kill a rank eight in Reverse Flow River, but now it seems to be wishful thinking."

Bi Chen Tian, however, was filled with shock.

"How can this be? This person is on par with me?!"

"I have used grass python Immortal Gu previously to gain a huge amount of strength."

"I have also used immortal killer move wood armor to carve dao marks in my body, my body has naturally strong defenses."

"I even turned my heart into a wood heart and turned my blood into green blood, giving me super healing abilities."

"These immortal killer moves and Immortal Gu, along with my dao marks as a rank eight Gu Immortal who has so many calamities and tribulations, I definitely outclass this rank seven."

"But why am I simply evenly matched with him?"

Bi Chen Tian stared at Fang Yuan, as if he was looking at a monster.

Speaking of which, Fang Yuan did not have as many dao marks as the rank eight Bi Chen Tian, but in fact, his dao mark accumulation surpassed most rank seven Gu Immortals. Even though he only became a rank seven Gu Immortal recently.

What resisted Bi Chen Tian was the sovereign immortal body.

The sovereign immortal body was not a normal human body, it was refined from a Gu worm. Be it Wei Ling Yang or Bi Chen Tian, they were humans. But Fang Yuan's body was made from a Gu worm.

It could therefore be said that Fang Yuan being a complete otherworldly demon was one of the reasons.

The sovereign immortal body made up for the difference in dao marks between him and Bi Chen Tian, allowing them to fight evenly.

Fang Yuan decided to retreat.

Even though he did not lose, his intention was to kill the huge threat Ying Wu Xie.

Earlier, when fighting with Bi Chen Tian, he wanted to test his strength, to see if he could kill a rank eight Gu Immortal.

But in fact, Fang Yuan was overly optimistic.

He could do nothing to Bi Chen Tian, Fang Yuan had to give up. He did not want to stall it out with Bi Chen Tian, his objective had not been met yet.

Fang Yuan wanted to leave, but Bi Chen Tian did not allow him to.

Even though Bi Chen Tian could not do anything to Fang Yuan, affection Immortal Gu was still with Fang Yuan.

"Even if I cannot win, I need to keep him here. If my companions come later, we can encircle him together. I cannot let him escape!"

"Damn it, this guy." Fang Yuan quickly frowned.

He wanted to retreat, but Bi Chen Tian's speed and strength were not inferior to his, even though Fang Yuan wanted to leave, Bi Chen Tian was preventing him from doing so.

This gravely affected Fang Yuan's plan.

"In that case, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with cold light.

Obstructed by the wild beast corpse ahead, Fang Yuan's speed fell and Bi Chen Tian reached him again.

Fang Yuan turned around to fight him.

Both were fighting with their fists and legs in Reverse Flow River, it was a draw, at the crucial moment, Fang Yuan stretched out his arm and placed affection Immortal Gu in front of himself.

Bi Chen Tian wanted to punch at Fang Yuan's torso.

If he hit, Fang Yuan would lose his oxygen supply and would need to go to the surface and breathe in fresh air.

This was one of the key points of fighting underwater.

But Fang Yuan suddenly took out affection Immortal Gu, and put it in front of Bi Chen Tian's fist.

Bi Chen Tian turned pale from shock, he quickly pulled back his fist and revealed a flaw.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly on the inside, he used this flaw and charged, Bi Chen Tian had made a mistake and could only block and defend himself, preparing to counterattack.

But Fang Yuan suddenly raised affection Immortal Gu in front of himself, causing Bi Chen Tian to be unable to attack and exposing a flaw.

With two flaws exposed, Fang Yuan made use of his advantage and kicked at Bi Chen Tian's stomach.

Bi Chen Tian was hit and immediately opened his mouth as air bubbles floated up.

He did not have enough oxygen now, he changed his tactics and wanted to escape to the surface.

But Fang Yuan did not allow this, he stretched out his arms and gripped with them like pincers, pulling Bi Chen Tian and preventing him from reaching the surface.

Bi Chen Tian suddenly twisted his waist and escaped with a difficult maneuver. He moved like a fish, bursting out with strength, Fang Yuan's left arm could not catch him.

Fang Yuan praised on the inside towards this response.

Bi Chen Tian was a Central Continent Gu Immortal, but his rank eight foundation really held no weaknesses. In terms of fighting underwater, he even slightly surpassed Fang Yuan.

There was a need to mention, Fang Yuan had lived in Eastern Sea for a long time during the five hundred years of his previous life.

This way, Bi Chen Tian instantly swam until he was on top of Fang Yuan.


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