Reverend Insanity
1270 Sub and Main Fate Reversing Sacrificial Refinement Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1270 Sub and Main Fate Reversing Sacrificial Refinement Formation

The miniman Gu Immortal thought briefly before using an immortal killer move, calling out: "Big, big, big."

Thus, his body rapidly expanded like a balloon, soon, he reached a normal human size.

Furthermore, the wings on his back vanished as well, on the outside, he looked just like a normal human.

Right now, the Gu Immortals present could finally see the appearance of this mysterious rank eight Gu Immortal.

He was an unimpressive old man, even looking a little dishevelled. His only special feature was his purple hair, so messy that he resembled a beggar.


Tai Bai Yun Sheng had tears flowing down his face, he knelt down as he shook in excitement, shouting: "Master!"

"Oh? It is you, I remember I gave you a time path true inheritance." The rank eight Gu Immortal smiled, exposing his uneven yellow teeth.

"Even though our sect's plan succeeded, many unexpected mishaps occurred. This was what happened…" Fighting against time, Ying Wu Xie went forward and transmitted many wills and thoughts to the purple haired old man.

In a moment, the purple haired old man understood everything.

"It was a pity, heaven's will won by a margin."

"But all hope is not lost."

"Ying Wu Xie, you did well, it has been hard on you."

"And Tai Bai Yun Sheng, stand up."

"Now, while I am still conscious, we will join with Xue Hu and take down these Central Continent Gu Immortals!"

The situation was dire, the purple haired old man noticed that the rank eight Gu Immortals were the key to this battle.

He did not hesitate, his body turned into a purple light as he flew into the sky, in a moment, he stood beside Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

"Friend, your name is?" Old Ancestor Xue Hu was not surprised, Lady Wan Shou had already used a Gu worm to inform him about everything that happened regarding the group from Shadow Sect.

With the help of the mysterious expert, Old Ancestor Xue Hu felt very excited.

"I have many names, but…" The purple haired old man said this and showed a smile with deep meaning: "Xue Hu, you may call me Purple Mountain True Monarch."

At this point, Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Purple Mountain True Monarch collaborated, dealing with the two rank eights from Central Continent, as well as Edge Link Camp.

Purple Mountain True Monarch had incredible strength, even though he only attacked sparsely, each of his attacks were extremely effective in turning the situation around.

Any ordinary rank eight could already help Old Ancestor Xue Hu turn this around. Not to mention the mysterious and unfathomable Purple Mountain True Monarch!

Wei Ling Yang and Bi Chen Tian fought desperately, they exerted all their efforts, but they could not stop the situation from tilting towards Northern Plains' favor.

After more than ten rounds of fighting, they were forced to return to Edge Link Camp, they could not defend against Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Purple Mountain True Monarch personally.

The peak lords saw this and cheered loudly.

Without Central Continent's Gu Immortals attacking the fate reversing sacrificial refinement formation, the result of this battle was obvious.

Zhao Lian Yun and the other four Gu Immortals who were trapped in Snowy Mountain blessed land had pale expressions. The battle had turned for the worse, their hopes of survival were dwindling.

What should they do?

Outside Snowy Mountain blessed land, an ancient sword dragon was hiding among the clouds.

"Shadow Sect actually has connections with Snowy Mountain…"

"Then why did Qin Bai Sheng not request for Snowy Mountain's help when he was fighting against Feng Jiu Ge in Luo Po Valley?"

"Or perhaps their relationship is not as deep as I think."

Qi luck sensation was telling Fang Yuan that Ying Wu Xie and the rest were inside Snowy Mountain blessed land, they did not leave.

Fang Yuan's pursuit was obstructed, he was unwilling to give up, he was waiting outside, to see if there was a chance.

And at a certain place a thousand li away, two Gu Immortals descended from the sky.

They were none other than Longevity Heaven's Black Extremity and Flood Extremity.

"This is the place." Black Extremity said as he used his Gu worms, causing a huge commotion.

The small slope that was in front of them started to shine in rainbow light.

Flood Extremity realized at once: "So you have set up a Gu formation at this place, you need me to control the Gu formation now?"

Black Extremity shook his head: "Wait until we get inside."

He took a large step ahead, entering the Gu formation, as Flood Extremity followed behind.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Once they were inside the Gu formation, Flood Extremity's expression changed, he said in shock: "This Gu formation has a grand aura, as expected of your personal arrangement, Black Extremity, I can tell that once activated, it will have incredible strength. But…"

Towards the end, Flood Extremity had a hesitant tone.

"But what?" Black Extremity looked at him with much interest.

Flood Extremity said in a profound tone: "But I feel that this formation is not complete, it is missing something. It is like a lake, there should be something connecting it to the sea."

Black Extremity heard this and his eyebrows rose, he praised and clapped: "As expected of a quasi-great grandmaster of water path, you are already proficient in comprehending other paths through your main path. That's right! This Gu formation is just a sub formation, there is a corresponding main formation."

"Then where is the main formation?" Flood Extremity frowned.

Before Black Extremity answered, he had an inspiration as he said in realization: "I understand! The main formation is the fate reversing sacrificial refinement formation in Snowy Mountain blessed land!"

"Indeed." Black Extremity laughed: "I was tasked earlier to act as Sun Ming Lu and get near Lady Wan Shou. Eventually, I created the fate reversing sacrificial refinement formation which used Reverse Flow River. Even though Old Ancestor Xue Hu is currently the strongest person in Northern Plains, he is not proficient in formation path, he could not tell that I had a backdoor."

"Right now, as long as I activate this sub formation, I can make the main formation in Snowy Mountain blessed land break apart, and draw the Reverse Flow River here."

"Once the Gu formation collapses, everyone and everything in the surrounding ten thousand li of Snowy Mountain blessed land would all be swept here."

Black Extremity said with an excited gaze.

Flood Extremity was shocked: "In this case, wouldn't those four rank eight great experts be sent here too?"

Black Extremity shook his head: "Reverse Flow River is a secluded domain of heaven and earth, it is not ordinary, it has an incredibly large number of dao marks. As long as one falls into Reverse Flow River, even rank eight great experts cannot use any Gu worms. In >, when Ren Zu traveled up the Reverse Flow River, he did not use any Gu worms within the river."

"Then wouldn't they be meat on the chopping block for us?" Flood Extremity was excited.

But Black Extremity shook his head: "We are outside Reverse Flow River, if we make any attacks, it will be reversed and reflect back at us. This is Reverse Flow River, the word reverse naturally has deep meaning."

Flood Extremity was confused: "In this case, how can we save Ma Hong Yun and capture Zhao Lian Yun?"

"Hahaha." Black Extremity laughed: "Did you forget that Reverse Flow River is still subjected to the influence of both my sub and main fate reversing sacrificial refinement formation."

"When the main formation collapses, Reverse Flow River would flow towards us. By then, the order of everyone in Snowy Mountain blessed land would be arranged by me, Zhao Lian Yun and Ma Hong Yun would be at the front of Reverse Flow River."

"Lady Wan Shou and the rest would be behind, while Central Continent's Gu Immortals would be even further back, those rank eight Gu Immortals would be at the end."

"Incredible!" Flood Extremity said with shining eyes, he clapped: "This way, in order to escape from Lady Wan Shou and the rest, Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun would desperately struggle and move forward, to pull ahead of the rest behind. But as long as they are ahead, we will be able to interact with them here and capture them alive."

"However…" Flood Extremity frowned: "If Zhao Lian Yun and Ma Hong Yun are unable to persevere, would they be like Ren Zu and be washed away by the river? If that happens, they would fall behind the other Gu Immortals, wouldn't it foil our plans?"

Black Extremity smiled bitterly: "This is the biggest flaw in the plan. But traveling in Reverse Flow River has nothing to do with cultivation level or strength, Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun are not at a disadvantage."

"But this is not an assured result." Flood Extremity was not satisfied with this.

Black Extremity shrugged: "Then what do you want from a rank seven Gu Immortal like me? This is the best way already, after all, we are not plotting against two rank seven Gu Immortals, but the entirety of Snowy Mountain blessed land and Central Continent's Gu Immortal experts, involving multiple rank eight great experts, a total of four at that!"

Flood Extremity was speechless, he nodded helplessly, this was their limit indeed.

In fact, it was already very impressive that Black Extremity could achieve this much.

"Don't worry, we are just part of the arrangements, Lord South Desolation has woken up, he definitely has other plans. We just need to do our part, that will suffice." Black Extremity patted Flood Extremity's shoulder in consolation.


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