Reverend Insanity
1268 Shadows in Snowy Mountain
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1268 Shadows in Snowy Mountain

Old Ancestor Xue Hu displayed the power that belonged to the strongest of Northern Plains!

In possession of such vast might that shook heaven and earth. His great power would drive off deities and scare off ghosts!

"Old Ancestor Xue Hu is indeed worthy of being called the strongest of Northern Plains!" Bi Chen Tian was not arrogant.

These experts were beyond ordinary. With just a few exchanges of moves, Bi Chen Tian knew he was not Xue Hu's match!

Edge Link Camp was shaking continuously and even looked like it could not bear Old Ancestor Xue Hu's tyrannical offense.

"Unfortunately, Old Ancestor Xue Hu, you are only one person, while we have two rank eight Gu Immortals." Wei Ling Yang sneered, and said to Bi Chen Tian, "I will leave the Immortal Gu House to you."

Bi Chen Tian transmitted his voice in reply: "You can rest assured, I can hold on! If something is wrong, I will call you back."

Wei Ling Yang used his methods to quietly fly out of Edge Link Camp.

He naturally could not resist the strength of the fate reversing sacrificial refinement formation by himself, but right now, most of the formation's power was being used to protect Snowy Mountain blessed land, so the pressure on Wei Ling Yang had decreased, and he was confident he could use his methods to go to each snowy peak.

Because he was a rule path Gu Immortal.

Rule path possessed a huge advantage in this aspect.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu was stronger than Wei Ling Yang, but he could not compare in this aspect.

However, Wei Ling Yang had only sneaked half the distance, when he was discovered by Old Ancestor Xue Hu's powerful investigative killer move.

"Where are you going?" Old Ancestor Xue Hu furiously shouted, as he waved his hand.

Immediately, a boundless blizzard rose up from thin air, heaven and earth changed colors, all living beings went silent, Wei Ling Yang was immediately overwhelmed.

Wei Ling Yang was not discouraged by being obstructed, he constantly changed his directions to break through Old Ancestor Xue Hu's obstruction, and with Bi Chen Tian's cooperation, it was a very good tactic of distraction!

Lady Wan Shou was breaking out in cold sweat, she did not have any mood to refine currently and was concentrating on this crucial battle.

If Old Ancestor Xue Hu won, everything would be safe, any danger would also take a turn for the better.

If Old Ancestor Xue Hu lost, then everything was lost, all their efforts would burst like a bubble.

Although Old Ancestor Xue Hu had high battle strength, the other side had two rank eight Gu Immortals and an Immortal Gu House, Edge Link Camp. On the contrary, the fate reversing sacrificial refinement formation was of limited help to a rank eight Gu Immortal like Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

Wei Ling Yang wanted to pincer attack, which no doubt attracted a lot of Old Ancestor Xue Hu's attention, causing the latter to find it hard to use his full strength.

"If one of the rank eight Gu Immortals attacks the snowy peaks, the consequences will be unimaginable!" Lady Wan Shou was filled with worries.

Right now, Snowy Mountain blessed land was already in danger that threatened its very existence!

"Lady Wan Shou, I have an idea which can let you resolve this danger." Right at this time, a message arrived in Lady Wan Shou's immortal aperture.

"This is?!" Lady Wan Shou was greatly shocked.

Because the Gu worm that had transmitted the message was one which Lady Wan Shou had all along kept in her immortal aperture and never used.

Many years ago, not long after Lady Wan Shou had underwent immortal ascension.

Inside a cave.

"Senior, so you were already here, this junior will leave, I don't dare disturb senior from taking this true inheritance." Lady Wan Shou's heart palpitated at the surging aura released by this mysterious Gu Immortal.

But who knew this mysterious Gu Immortal would suddenly say: "Little girl, you could become a Gu Immortal at such a young age, and also know your own limits, knowing when to retreat or advance, quite good. I don't have the qualifications to take this true inheritance. I am willing to give this true inheritance to you, but, after you inherit it, you need to tell its contents to me. You will also owe me a favor, if there is a situation in the future, you must help the person who uses this information path Gu worm."

Lady Wan Shou considered for just a moment before agreeing.

She actually had no other choice.

Because if she did not agree, she probably could not leave this place alive with her cultivation level.

If so, it was better to take a bet on this!

"Good. Come, we shall set the agreement." The mysterious Gu Immortal smiled brightly while stroking his beard.

This scene of the past quickly flashed in Lady Wan Shou's mind.

She immediately replied: "May I ask if you also have interest in fortune rivalling heaven Gu?"

That Gu worm quickly transmitted the reply: "Haha, Lady Wan Shou, it seems you have genuine feelings towards Old Ancestor Xue Hu. Rest assured, we don't have any ill intention towards you, we only need you to refine a Gu material. If you can do this, we will help you and your husband to force back these Central Continent experts."

"Then I shall welcome you, honored guests." Lady Wan Shou nodded after a bit of pondering.

After a while, a group of four Gu Immortals appeared before Lady Wan Shou.

They were Ying Wu Xie and the others!

"Hei Lou Lan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng!" Lady Wan Shou immediately recognized two of them.

The destruction of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had caused the culprits to be hunted everywhere, Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng had become 'famous' together with Fang Yuan.

Right now, Lady Wan Shou was very surprised to see these two great culprits.

After all, previously, such a huge super force like Hei tribe had taken the blame for Hei Lou Lan, and was besieged by various Huang Jin tribes, before being annexed by Bai Zu tribe in the end.

As for Bai Ning Bing and Ying Wu Xie, Lady Wan Shou naturally did not recognize them.

However, what made her even more surprised was that the leader of these four Gu Immortals was the weakest strength path immortal zombie, Ying Wu Xie.

"Distinguished guests, I wonder how you can help us repel the enemies?" Lady Wan Shou asked.

Ying Wu Xie smiled brightly, and spoke with assurance: "Lady Wan Shou, I know Old Ancestor Xue Hu had invited people to remove the alliance agreement on you from back then. But we indeed came with no ill intent, we both have mutual enemies, these Gu Immortals of Central Continent. We are the best allies you can have."

"At this moment, you let us in, it meant that you still acknowledge the favor from back then and that you realize the dangerous situation you are in. But as long as you help us refine an immortal material first, everything can be solved easily."

"What immortal material, take it out." Lady Wan Shou extended her hands.

However, Ying Wu Xie shook his head, giving a bitter smile: "This immortal material is inside your immortal aperture, Lady Wan Shou."


"It is that purple gold rock which Old Ancestor Xue Hu took from Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's graveyard in the past." Ying Wu Xie replied.

Lady Wan Shou's pupils shrunk slightly, letting out wisps of sharp light as she took out an immortal material: "This?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The four immortals looked at it, this rock was only the size of a palm and was shining in purple-gold light.

Ying Wu Xie heaved a sigh: "Yes, it is this rock."

"So you are members of Shadow Sect." Lady Wan Shou exposed the identity of Ying Wu Xie and the group.

Ying Wu Xie was not surprised, admitting frankly: "Fairy, you have great knowledge, I will trouble you."

Lady Wan Shou nodded.

As such, Central Continent's Gu Immortals were indeed enemies of her and these Shadow Sect Gu Immortals.

As the common saying went, the enemy of an enemy is a friend.


Lady Wan Shou glanced at the battle in the air, before turning her gaze to this purple gold rock: "What kind of immortal material is this? I was not able to identify it and even others did not know. I won't hide it from you, I have already tried to refine this purple gold rock, but I had no results."

Ying Wu Xie smiled brightly, his tone carrying some pride: "That is because this is a special method of my Shadow Sect, Lady Wan Shou, you don't know the correct procedures and methods, I will teach you, you just need to follow them and you will succeed."


An ancient sword dragon was flying above the clouds as it finally arrived at Snowy Mountain blessed land.

From the outside world, the scenes inside Snowy Mountain blessed land could not be seen.

Life and death battles were going on in the blessed land, storms and lightning razed the battlefield, but in the outside world, it was sunny and peaceful.

"They entered Snowy Mountain blessed land? Strange!"

Fang Yuan could not help but have some doubts.

He knew Old Ancestor Xue Hu had turned Snowy Mountain blessed land into a danger zone, to refine fortune rivalling heaven Gu.

Ying Wu Xie and the others actually entered it?

Was this true or an illusion?

Would it be like that time in Eastern Sea when Ying Wu Xie and the others made arrangements in the Gu formation, creating a facade and deceiving Fang Yuan's qi luck sensation?

But if it was true…

It signified too many things!

Fang Yuan hesitated.

He had the upper extreme heavenly eagle, but it was not wise to rashly charge in.

He decided to not to charge in for the moment, and simply wait and see.


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