Reverend Insanity
1265 Nightmare Demonic Colts
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1265 Nightmare Demonic Colts

After Fang Yuan killed the wave of yaksha octopuses, wall climbing demon apes started to appear. These apes similarly were beasts of Earth Trench, not inferior to yaksha octopus.

After this wave of wall climbing demon apes was eliminated, Fang Yuan was attacked by a large group of red flame snakes.

"These beast groups were probably all controlled by Northern Plains' Zombie Alliance division. For example, yaksha octopuses probably belonged to the rank seven immortal zombie Dragon Commander Ye Cha."

"The Zombie Alliance divisions in other regions were all besieged, only on Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's end did they rely on Earth Trench to remain until now."

"Not only these desolate beasts, looking at Hei Lou Lan's performance earlier, there probably are Immortal Gu as well!"

"If so, I will have to re-evaluate the battle strength of Ying Wu Xie and the others. However, it is not possible to grasp immortal killer moves in a short period of time, with just Immortal Gu, when there is conflict between dao marks…"

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At this time, a large group of horse desolate beasts galloped towards Fang Yuan.

These horses were extremely strange, they had a pair of sheep horns on their heads, their whole bodies looked like they were burnt charcoal, they were letting out dense smoke from their noses and their tails and limbs were burning with a dull red fire.


"Dream path desolate beast nightmare demonic colt!"

Fang Yuan was stunned, before recognizing it shortly afterwards.

"So it seems, nightmare demonic colts had already appeared during this time period…"

"Moreover, in such high numbers!"

Fang Yuan was greatly joyous.

Nightmare demonic colts were a dream path desolate beast, this desolate beast was extremely common during his first life of five hundred years. But now at this time, it was extremely rare, Fang Yuan thought this horse had yet to appear.

Times changed, humans were changing and the world was also changing.

Many Gu materials were extinct, leading to the decline of strength path, qi path and other paths. Similarly, many new Gu materials were constantly formed.

Dream path.

This path had just begun to flourish near the end of Fang Yuan's first life. At present, the Gu Immortals were all researching it, although they made some gains, they were extremely small and almost could not be considered anything.

Only after a few hundred years would many dream path Gu materials start to appear, nightmare demonic colts were one of them.

Fang Yuan had thus believed nightmare demonic colts did not exist at this time. But this group of nightmare demonic colts made him realize his estimation was completely wrong!

"Good thing I was wrong! I must get these nightmare demonic colts!" Fang Yuan was extremely happy.

What did dream path desolate beasts signify?

Large amounts of dream path Gu materials!

Why was Fang Yuan painstakingly going deep into his own dreams?

It was to gather dream path materials!

If he had these nightmare demonic colts, Fang Yuan could cut the meat of these desolate horses and refine large numbers of dream path mortal Gu, and even dream path Immortal Gu!

When he was exploring the giant dream realm in Southern Border, why could he not use unravel dream as much as he liked? Why did he have to plan carefully every time he used it?

Simply put, wasn't it because he did not have enough dream path mortal Gu?

The efficiency of refining dream path mortal Gu alone was truly too low.

"These nightmare demonic colts are all mine!"

Fang Yuan started to capture these nightmare demonic colts.

His ancient sword dragon form was extremely fast, maneuvering around these nightmare demonic colts with no obstruction.

Fang Yuan was trying to knock these nightmare demonic colt unconscious, and then raise them in the sovereign immortal aperture.

However, Shadow Sect had clearly prepared for it and had made some arrangements on these nightmare demonic colts.

Fang Yuan tried hard, but finally discovered he could not capture these nightmare demonic colt alive, at most, he could kill them and obtain their corpses.

But even so, Fang Yuan had a huge harvest.

After killing these nightmare demonic colts, Fang Yuan then slaughtered the next few waves of desolate beast groups, among which were ancient desolate beasts as well.

Fang Yuan's battle strength was already at the upper layers of rank seven, whether it be the desolate beast groups or the battlefield killer move, they were not a threat to Fang Yuan.

Dark Flow Giant City did not have an endless supply of desolate beast groups.

After a while, Fang Yuan had killed all the beast groups, and he spent some time in breaking the battlefield killer move, wrecking Dark Flow Giant City.

However, a lot of his time had still been wasted, Ying Wu Xie and the others had already left.

Sixth Hair had remained behind, like Shi Nu, to hold back Fang Yuan.

Sixth Hair's cultivation could not compare to Shi Nu's, but he had a huge advantage.

He looked at Fang Yuan with no fear: "Do you dare to kill me?"

"What use is there in killing you? Wait till I kill Ying Wu Xie and let you fall into despair and suffering." Fang Yuan gave a sinister smile, as his dragon body ascended and flew out of Earth Trench.

The ashen faced Sixth Hair was left behind, along with the ruined Dark Flow city.

Northern Plains was extremely huge, even though they had Omni-directional Travel, Snowy Mountain blessed land was at the extreme north-west.

Omni-directional Travel could not be used continuously, while Ying Wu Xie was hurrying towards Snowy Mountain blessed land, Fang Yuan caught up to them once again.

"Let's see who will help you this time?" The ancient sword dragon rushed over.

Lead soul into dream!

Ying Wu Xie activated his immortal killer move.

Fang Yuan was hit again.

However, this dream realm was unexpectedly deep, he had to use unravel dream to break the dream realm and return to reality.

"What is going on?" Fang Yuan immediately sensed something fishy.

This was somewhat beyond what he had expected, causing him to suffer a minor loss.

Ying Wu Xie laughed: "I sacrificed all those nightmare demonic colts earlier. Do you think these dream path immortal materials can be taken so easily? I will give you advice, don't chase us, if you continue chasing, even if you have the upper extreme heavenly eagle, you will lose your life."

"Hmph, crafty guy!" Fang Yuan snorted.

Regardless of what intention Ying Wu Xie had, whether it was provocation or probing, Fang Yuan decided to give up chasing for now.

The dream realm was constantly pestering him, he had to get through the entirety of the dream realm, only then could he be completely free of worries.

Undoubtedly, lead soul into dream was truly troublesome. Even though Fang Yuan had unravel dream, he could not resolve it in one attempt, and had to pass through all the stages of the dream realm.

Inside the dream.

Southern Border, dawn.

The wet dew and the dense cloud-like mountain fog produced a depressing feeling.

The merchant caravan did not continue moving, moving in this dense fog on the mountain was very likely to create problems.

The young Fang Yuan was sitting beside a simple bed.

Gu Master Big Beard was lying on the bed, and was already on the verge of dying.

"Fang Yuan, thank you for the medicinal herbs." Gu Master Big Beard spoke with an extremely weak voice.

Fang Yuan was feeling extremely stifled, as he sobbed: "Uncle Big Beard, you will get better."

Gu Master Big Beard shook his head: "How could I not be clear of my injuries? Don't cry, child, crying is of no use to us."

"I was once young like you, and had big dreams."

"Unfortunately, my aptitude was too bad, and I finally sank into this current state."


"This world is too big, while we are too small."

"When I was a child, I wanted to be a grand hero, like those legendary figures of the righteous path. When I was a youngster, I wanted to be a clan leader. When I was an adult, I was satisfied with becoming a clan elder. When I was a middle aged man, I was exiled from the clan, I felt that I could live by myself just as well, I was satisfied with just raising my Gu worms and myself."

"Do you know what I want now?"

Fang Yuan wept softly: "What?"

"I just want to quietly lie down inside a quiet room and slowly recall the past, until death comes to take me." Gu Master Big Beard had a self-mocking expression.

"Then, then should I leave?" Fang Yuan did not know what to do.

"Leave. Let me be here alone, I don't want others to see my dying appearance." Gu Master Big Beard said.

Fang Yuan slowly stood up and hesitantly walked to the door.

At this time, Gu Master Big Beard spoke once again: "You must have read >. There is a chapter which tells the story of the miniman walking out of Ordinary Abyss."

"We are all minimen, and we all want to walk out of Ordinary Abyss."


"You must continue on, Fang Yuan."

"Continue living, continue persevering."

"It is a pity that all my Gu were destroyed in the battle. This is my advice to you, my only gift. To us minor characters, crying is of no use, no one will hear us even if we shout, we can only persevere by ourselves."

"Persevere until you accomplish great feats, become extraordinary. Either that, or embrace death."


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