Reverend Insanity
1263 Blood Drain
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1263 Blood Drain

The fire staff completely absorbed this golden light. The golden light quickly moved around in the fire staff before finally stopping at the head of the staff, gradually turning into a sharp spear.

Right now, the fire staff had changed into a short crimson-golden spear!

Immortal killer move golden sun spear had finally activated successfully!

"It is time for you to die." Zhao Lian Yun let out a breath of air, she was filled with confidence. Her right hand slowly raised the golden sun spear and pointed at Zhao Pu, her willpower soaring high.

Zhao Pu was solemn as he fixed his gaze at the golden sun spear in Zhao Lian Yun's hand, praising it: "Impressive spear, both its temperature and radiance are well restrained, once it bursts out, it will definitely be terrifyingly powerful. But…"

He suddenly changed the subject, revealing a smile as if his scheme had succeeded.

He said to Zhao Lian Yun: "Don't you feel anything strange right now?"

"What?" Only then did Zhao Lian Yun sense something warm was flowing down the sides of her lips.

She lightly wiped with her left hand, it was blood!

Who knew when she had started to bleed.

"This is?!" Zhao Lian Yun's pupils immediately shrunk to pin size and her body started shaking.

"This is my killer move — Blood Drain. Hehehe." Zhao Pu laughed loudly.

"This can't be… you clearly…" Zhao Lian Yun had only spoken a few words, when blood started to flow out of her mouth, dying her white teeth red.

"Hahaha, you want to say that I did not show any signs of activating an immortal killer move? Actually, I had already activated it, I only changed the method." Zhao Pu laughed.

"Could it be the rumored technique — split move?" Yu Yi Ye Zi cried out in shock, his eyes wide open.

Zhao Pu glanced at him: "Kid, you are quite knowledgeable."

Gu Masters nurtured, used, and refined Gu, no matter which aspect, they were all very profound and deep.

Refining Gu involved all sorts of refinement methods. Using Gu naturally was also the same.

Among immortal killer moves, there were many extraordinary methods and techniques. For instance, the consecutive moves of Blazing Heaven Demoness. She could use two or more fire path immortal killer moves one after the other, achieving a stronger effect in the end.

Another example was Fang Yuan's variant moves. Myriad self, formed from the convergence of enslavement and strength path, could produce large numbers of strength path phantoms to battle. But Fang Yuan was able to create a variant move, myriad self first style, strength path giant hand. This variant move used myriad self as the foundation, but was able to produce an offensive effect that myriad self could not achieve by itself.

And the method Zhao Pu was using right now was a split move. If he directly activated blood drain, it would definitely be sensed by the highly vigilant Zhao Lian Yun, and she would either disturb him or evade. However, Zhao Pu split this immortal killer move into multiple parts, and used them as he fought. After he unleashed all of these split moves, he achieved the effect of blood drain.

The advantage of this method was clear. There was no indication of the move being used, which made it impossible to guard against!

"Damn it! So he had been hiding and pretending, he attacked multiple times but did not break my life locking silver chain's defense, it was actually because he was secretly plotting!"

Right now, Zhao Lian Yun found that she was not only bleeding from her mouth, blood was starting to flow continuously from her nose and ears as well. Her eyes were also filled with some traces of blood, causing her vision to become blurry.

Zhao Lian Yun's heart thumped loudly as she recalled Yu Yi Ye Zi's appearance.

"I was still hit by that move!"

"If it continues like this, would not I end up the same way as Yu Yi Ye Zi?"

"He is truly crafty!!"

In her agitation, Zhao Lian Yun threw the golden sun spear towards Zhao Pu.

But Zhao Pu was already prepared, he was extremely vigilant against Zhao Lian Yun's fire spear, Zhao Lian Yun's shoulder had just started to move, when he had already begun to move.

The golden sun spear did not have the ability to lock onto the target, but it was extremely fast, brushing past Zhao Pu.

Zhao Pu got a great fright, the golden sun spear pierced through the hall, shooting towards outside the hall before it exploded. A boundless heat wave swept over all directions. The dazzling golden light and the flames instantly formed a small sun-like sphere. But soon, this small sun disappeared completely.

"Such power, if it truly struck me…" Zhao Pu's body was soaked in cold sweat: "Fortunately, they have already been struck by my move."

"Oh." Yu Yi Ye Zi inwardly sighed, and walked towards Zhao Lian Yun, prepared to fight alongside her.

Zhao Lian Yun was downcast, her morale falling sharply. She had very little real battle experience, her state of mind was easily influenced. This immortal killer move, golden sun spear, was a valuable advantage, but now it was wasted by her.

"Your injuries…" Zhao Lian Yun worriedly looked at Yu Yi Ye Zi.

Yu Yi Ye Zi's injuries showed no signs of getting better.

Zhao Pu laughed: "Did you think I was intentionally letting you off when I let you rest and heal? Hehehe, as long as you are hit by my move, unless I personally cancel the effect, normal methods won't be of any use. You have already tried, do you see any effects?"

"But I am quite benevolent. I will allow you both to surrender, as long as you kneel and beg for mercy, giving me your Immortal Gu, I will take you as my slaves and spare your lives."

"Stop dreaming!" Zhao Lian Yun gritted her teeth, refusing Zhao Pu's invitation.

Zhao Pu ignored her and laughed: "The battle is decided, are you still unaware of your situation? A wise person submits to circumstances, you are still young, it is over if you die, but you will still have hope as long as you live."

Yu Yi Ye Zi sneered: "I am indeed unable to heal my injuries and can only let the blood continue to flow. But I have made some gains. I have already deduced that as long as we kill you, the injuries on our body will heal by themselves."

"Huh?" Zhao Pu's expression slightly changed, he sized up Yu Yi Ye Zi once again: "Kid, I have changed my opinion about you."

Yu Yi Ye Zi was a genius refinement path Gu Immortal, having extremely deep attainment level in refinement path. Even rank seven Gu Immortals often discussed Gu refinement matters with him, and even asked him for guidance.

Yu Yi Ye Zi was not only proficient in Gu refinement, he also was skilled in deducing Gu recipes.

Refinement path and wisdom path were close to each other and could coordinate with each other.

Yu Yi Ye Zi was able to deduce the truth from his injuries along with Zhao Pu's various behaviors.

"We must kill him before all our blood is drained. If he doesn't die, we will die!" Yu Yi Ye Zi transmitted his voice to Zhao Lian Yun.

They were already forced into a dead end. They had no options other than to fearlessly charge ahead and kill the enemy to have the right to survive.

"Charge!" Zhao Lian Yun called out, and charged forward without hesitation.

"Conceited brats, I will let you taste my true strength!" Zhao Pu laughed loudly, and valiantly charged forward, fighting as one against two.

Both sides went at each other, neither yielding a step.

Life locking silver chains shuttled back and forth, Zhao Pu had a bloody cloud above him and one below his feet, he avoided three chains and immediately spat blood towards the three chains coming from behind.

The blood dyed the silver chains, immediately turning them into a pool of blood.

"Eight refinement gates, third gate -hand gate - open!" Yu Yi Ye Zi took the chance to palm-strike towards Zhao Pu's back from afar.

Immediately, two exquisite palm silhouettes struck Zhao Pu's back with incredible speed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhao Pu gave a muffled groan, blood suddenly splashed out from his back and covered his injuries.

A slightly surprised expression flashed past his face, as he thought: "Strange, why is this kid's attack much stronger now?"

Yu Yi Ye Zi might be a refinement path Gu Immortal, but his battle strength was also extraordinary.

As long as he was given some time, he could target his opponent's weaknesses properly. Especially his immortal killer move — Eight Refinement Gates, it could change according to the situation and unleash some properties that were specially effective against the enemy.

Yu Yi Ye Zi and Zhao Lian Yun knew they had no way to retreat, and instantly burst out with remarkable battle strength.


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