Reverend Insanity
1261 Blood Path Demonic Immortal
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1261 Blood Path Demonic Immortal

"You are looking for death!" His dragon eyes stared at Shi Nu.

Shi Nu raised his head to look at Fang Yuan, shouting: "Master, leave quickly! Leave!"

"Shi Nu, I will remember your loyalty." Ying Wu Xie took a deep glance at Shi Nu, before leaving.

He took the other two immortals and quickly retreated.

Because Shi Nu risked his life to hold back Fang Yuan, Ying Wu Xie and the others were able to smoothly leave the licorice regional wall and enter Northern Plains.

The moment they stepped on the grass of Northern Plains, Ying Wu Xie took out Tai Bai Yun Sheng from his immortal aperture.

The latter had already woken up, but his injuries were extremely severe, his life was still in danger.

Combining the four immortals' power, they immediately activated the ancient battle formation Omni-directional Travel and disappeared from the spot.

Inside the dream realm.

The battle had already concluded.

The attacking demonic path bandits were all dead.

The merchant caravan did not have it easy as well, as they suffered many casualties and injuries.

Corpses were littered everywhere in the valley and blood filled the area.

"Uncle Big Beard, pull yourself together! Wake up!" The young Fang Yuan was beside Gu Master Big Beard, looking at the terrifying injury with shock and panic.

"Someone, someone save him!" Fang Yuan shouted, his voice somewhat hoarse.

But nobody came.

Fang Yuan quickly ran to the young master: "Lord, Uncle Big Beard was injured while saving you, he is going to die, please save him!"

"He cannot be saved, the injury itself is not a big problem, the main thing is that he has been struck by a poison Gu, we have no way of saving him." The young master shook his head and gave a rueful smile.

"No, you have a way. Weren't you also hit by the same poison Gu?" Fang Yuan persisted.

The young master's expression sank: "You want me to use a precious Gu worm for a mere outsider? Do you know this kind of healing Gu worm can only be used for a limited number of times?"

"But, Uncle Big Beard was injured to save you." Fang Yuan argued.

"Even if he did not save me, I have father's secret guards who would have ensured my safety." The young master sneered, waving his hand at Fang Yuan, "Get lost now, how could my healing Gu worm be used on ants like you guys?"

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth and stared at the young master with clenched fists, not moving from his spot.

"Are you looking to die?" The young master was getting furious.

"Fang Yuan…" At this time, Gu Master Big Beard woke up and softly called out.

Fang Yuan shook, quickly turning around and running to Big Beard's side: "Uncle Big Beard, you are awake!"

Fang Yuan was surprised and happy.

"Don't oppose young master, you will be the one to suffer. Don't keep on begging, how could such a precious healing Gu be used on people like us?" Big Beard smiled mockingly.

"But uncle, your injuries…" Fang Yuan was very upset, choking as he sobbed.


Shi Nu powerlessly dropped to the ground.

"Hehehe." He looked at the sword dragon hovering in front of him and laughed: "I succeeded! Master was able to escape, haha… Shadow Sect won't be defeated, long live Spectral Soul — ugh!"

Fang Yuan grabbed him with his claws and forcefully crushed him to pieces.

Loosening his dragon claws, rock fragments and debris were scattered over the ground with no signs of Shi Nu's original appearance.

"You're merely dying, what was the point of yelling." Fang Yuan sneered, picking up the most crucial piece from among the rock fragments.

He then flew out of the licorice regional wall and returned once again to Northern Plains.

He threw the crucial piece of rock to the ground, immediately, the immortal aperture inside began to absorb Northern Plains' heaven and earth qi and formed a blessed land outside.

Fang Yuan did not wait, instead activating qi luck sensation to check the locations of Ying Wu Xie and the others.

Fang Yuan immediately discovered that Ying Wu Xie and the rest were already extremely far away from him.

"Hmph! They used that ancient battle formation? But so what? You will all die at my hands, sooner or later."

"But this location, it seems to be in that Earth Trench under Zombie Alliance."

Fang Yuan returned to his human form, slightly frowning.

Of course, he was familiar with the location of Zombie Alliance's Earth Trench. Dark Flow Giant City was still hidden there, unfortunately, no one had found it yet. It was not strange for Ying Wu Xie and the rest to enter it.

"Southern Border Zombie Alliance has already been destroyed, Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance's headquarters were besieged, but Northern Plains Zombie Alliance is still hidden in the Earth Trench. Looks like Ying Wu Xie and the rest will once again go through a period of growth."

This was an expected situation.

Dark Flow Giant City's cultivation resources included all sorts of Immortal Gu from Northern Plains' immortal zombies.

However, Shi Nu was already dead, and they were injured, if they fought again, even if it was in Northern Plains and not the regional wall, Fang Yuan would still have the upper hand.

Shi Nu's blessed land had formed, Fang Yuan entered it but was unable to subdue the land spirit. His attainment in earth path was only at master level and not grandmaster, thus he could not annex this rank seven blessed land and could only leave it for the moment.

Inside the dream…

There was a kind of medicinal herb said to be able to relieve Gu Master Big Beard's poison, the young Fang Yuan chose to sneak out of the caravan and climbed the cliff to pick the medicinal herbs growing there.

The cold mountain wind blew at him, causing his body to shiver greatly.

The cliff was steep, and a careless step could lead to a brutal death.

"I will definitely get the medicinal herb and treat Uncle Big Beard!"

"He saved my life, how could I not repay this debt of kindness?"

"Persevere, Fang Yuan, don't be afraid, huff huff…"

Fang Yuan was breathing roughly as he stretched out his arm and after several attempts, he finally picked out a medicinal herb.

At daybreak, with a basket full of herbs and ragged clothes, he returned to the camp.

"Alright, this dream realm is finally over." Fang Yuan woke up from the dream realm.

He finally got rid of the dream realm's interference.

This dream realm was not completely without benefits, the dream path materials inside surpassed Fang Yuan's imagination. In the final scene, the basket of herbs Fang Yuan carried were actually all dream path Gu materials.

"If I dreamed by myself, there is no way I would have had such huge harvests. Could it be that Ying Wu Xie's lead soul into dream is not only an offensive ability, but is actually a killer move to get dream path Gu materials?"

Fang Yuan pondered over this as he flew.

Without the dream realm's interference, he once again began to chase after Ying Wu Xie.

Even if Ying Wu Xie ran to the ends of the world, Fang Yuan would give chase to nip this great problem in the bud!

Snowy Mountain blessed land.

"Fairy Lian Yun, don't use love Immortal Gu again. You have already paid the price and are now unable to speak. If you continue using it repeatedly like this, I really don't know what kind of price you will have to pay next!" Shi Zheng Yi tried to persuade.

Zhao Lian Yun shook her head, her gaze firm and determined.

In the dangerous battle with Zhao Da Niu, love Immortal Gu had displayed its might. But that time, love Immortal Gu did not take immortal essence as the price, instead it seized away a certain thing from Zhao Lian Yun.

This thing was Zhao Lian Yun's voice.

After the battle, Zhao Lian Yun was unable to let out any sounds. She was not even able to make crude grunts and noises that mute people could make.

"Hong Yun is still waiting for me! I cannot just wait here and watch from the sidelines. So what if I can't speak? I can still converse with all of you through Gu worms. It is not a big problem." Zhao Lian Yun transmitted her voice to Shi Zheng Yi.

Shi Zheng Yi sighed, unable to say anything, and could only let Zhao Lian Yun act on her will.

This time, however, no matter how Zhao Lian Yun called out, love Immortal Gu showed no signs of budging.

Helpless, Zhao Lian Yun could only walk out of the twelfth snowy peak's range, along with Shi Zheng Yi.

Once they walked out of this range, Zhao Lian Yun was sent to another snowy peak, separated from Shi Zheng Yi.

Different from before, there were sounds of an intense battle on this snowy peak.

"Who is fighting here? It should be either Yu Yi Ye Zi, Bu Zhen Zi or Mu Ling Lan, right?" Zhao Lian Yun was surprised and happy, as she quickly rushed towards the peak.

She soon reached the hall at the peak.

The stench of blood assaulted her nose, inside the crimson hall, a gorgeous young Gu Immortal was fighting a bitter battle with a Snowy Mountain Gu Immortal.

It was refinement path Gu Immortal Yu Yi Ye Zi!

"Yu Yi Ye Zi, hold on, I am coming to support you." Zhao Lian Yun transmitted her voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yu Yi Ye Zi was both surprised and happy, quickly replying: "Be careful, this is a genuine blood path demonic immortal!"

"What? Blood path!" Zhao Lian Yun got a huge fright. She looked at the enemy with dread and wariness.


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