Reverend Insanity
1254 Love Becomes The Problem
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1254 Love Becomes The Problem

Waiting was often long and difficult to endure.

Shi Zheng Yi was unable to sit still, pacing back and forth in the large hall.

Yu Yi Ye Zi was sitting cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed, he spoke with dissatisfaction: "Can't you rest properly, don't move back and forth."

Shi Zheng Yi yelled: "I have already rested enough, sigh, how long do we have to wait?"

"Until the other group arrives." Bu Zhen Zi spoke.

"If they don't come, do we continue waiting forever?" Zhao Lian Yun frowned, she was also somewhat impatient.

When fighting with Hair Mistress, the five immortals were all wholeheartedly focused and did not feel anything. Now that they were cooped up in here, every second became unbearable.

Zhao Lian Yun was feeling even worse, like a fire was burning her heart.

Bu Zhen Zi frowned and was about to speak.

But at this moment, Zhao Lian Yun spoke again: "You must have some thoughts. All of you have seen and even personally gone through the final moment in the spaceless tunnel. Do you think that perhaps the other Gu Immortals have died there?"

"Impossible!" Shi Zheng Yi was the first to refute it, as he glared at Zhao Lian Yun with anger.

His father, Shi Ge, was among those Gu Immortals. Zhao Lian Yun's words were like predicting his father's death.

Zhao Lian Yun ignored Shi Zheng Yi's attitude, continuing: "You are all aware that we came here because of love Gu's power. But the other Gu Immortals did not get such help. Even the Immortal Gu Houses were on the verge of destruction at that time, let alone Gu Immortals. If there are no reinforcements, how long do we wait for?"

The other Gu Immortals had slight changes in their expressions. They actually had such worries, but it was just that they did not take the initiative to speak up.

Now, Zhao Lian Yun had brought up this topic, Bu Zhen Zi thought and spoke in a deep voice: "Your speculation is not impossible. But even if there are no reinforcements, Central Continent's ten great ancient sects will send a second group of Gu Immortals."

Zhao Lian Yun continued: "The can the second group of reinforcements reach here? You have all experienced the difficulties and dangers we faced on our way. Can spaceless tunnel still be used a second time? Even if it can be used, can we be at ease using it again?"

Bu Zhen Zi firmly stared at Zhao Lian Yun's eyes, and spoke solemnly: "You need to believe in our sect, Zhao Lian Yun, you are Spirit Affinity House's fairy, the sect is your biggest backer. If you don't believe in even the sect, who can you trust?"

Zhao Lian Yun sharply sensed Bu Zhen Zi's displeasure.

But she disregarded it, and continued: "Even if the sect sends reinforcements and they reach here, what about the time? When will they arrive here? What price will they have to pay? Will there be mishaps again? This is Northern Plains, not Central Continent."

Bu Zhen Zi was silent.

He was unable to retort to Zhao Lian Yun's words.

Zhao Lian Yun let out a breath of air: "In short, I don't want to wait any longer."

"You have to wait even if you don't want to." Bu Zhen Zi frowned in anger.

He stared at Zhao Lian Yun, both did not retreat and were fixated on their own stance.

Zhao Lian Yun's eyes were soon filled with mist, she moved her sight and looked the other way: "If, during this time, Hong Yun is killed, what would we do? Can you make a guarantee?"

In truth, Zhao Lian Yun was feeling more and more afraid as she waited.

What she was afraid of was not her own safety.

Instead, under the situation where the reinforcements were far away, waiting could not solve the problem.

If during this time, Ma Hong Yun was harmed by Old Ancestor Xue Hu and successfully used as a Gu material to refine fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu, this would be Zhao Lian Yun's lifetime regret.

In the future, when she recalled it, she would be filled with extreme regret!

Regret that she had once been so close to Ma Hong Yun, charging into Snowy Mountain blessed land, and fate gave her a perfect opportunity but she did not take it.

The blurry view of the first peak could be seen from the ninth peak. It was such a short distance, but she just kept on waiting here, losing the final chance.

Zhao Lian Yun did not want to see such a thing happening, that result would make her feel sadness and pain that was worse than death!

The other three immortals did not find it convenient to meddle in the quarrel between Zhao Lian Yun and Bu Zhen Zi, after all, it was Spirit Affinity House's internal matter.

Bu Zhen Zi retorted: "Even if you don't want to wait, can you save Ma Hong Yun? Even if you are able to defeat other snowy peak lords, don't forget that you will have to face Old Ancestor Xue Hu in the end because Ma Hong Yun is kept at the first peak!"

"I know." Zhao Lian Yun clenched her fists, her voice becoming sharper, "But you said as well that before Old Ancestor Xue Hu, we will have to deal with the other ten or so snowy peak lords. We can get rid of them first, in any case, rank eight Gu Immortals cannot act against us in this Gu formation! With this, once our reinforcements arrive, we can directly attack the first peak, saving time and energy."

Bu Zhen Zi was furious, his expression turning dark: "Then I will speak frankly, this super Gu formation amplifies the enemy's power while weakening us. If we leave this place, we will be forcefully separated by the formation and transported to other snowy peaks. Will each of you be able to fight them alone? In the previous battle, Mu Ling Lan and I led the main attack, what help can you three rank sixes bring?"

Bu Zhen Zi spoke bluntly, but the three rank six Gu Immortals were not able to retort because what he said was a fact.

Zhao Lian Yun lowered her head in silence for a while, before she raised her head and said: "Then I am going to use love Gu again!"

Bu Zhen Zi scoffed: "Who do you think you are? Will Love Gu listen to you and allow you to control it? Back then, even Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was not able to refine love Gu."

"That is because he did not receive the acknowledgement of love Gu." Zhao Lian Yun retorted.

"So what you are saying is that all the other fairies of Spirit Affinity House were useless? Not even one of them was able to control love Gu?" Bu Zhen Zi sneered.

"How would I know without trying?" Zhao Lian Yun was persistent.

Bu Zhen Zi laughed, and was just about to speak when Zhao Lian Yun had already taken action, she called out in her heart: "Love Gu, oh love Gu, please display your might, take the five of us to another snowy peak!"

Love Gu did not even budge, as if it was dead.

Zhao Lian Yun was unwilling to give up, she continued to pray and beg in her heart.

Bu Zhen Zi noticed Zhao Lian Yun's stillness, and was about to speak, but right at this moment, love Gu's aura rose from Zhao Lian Yun's body and, at the same time, bright radiance covered Zhao Lian Yun.

The other four immortals were extremely shocked, all of their eyes were wide open as they stared fixedly at this sight.

Mu Ling Lan could not help but say: "This… it seems like the time when we left spaceless tunnel and appeared at Snowy Mountain blessed land, it was this aura and also the light."

"Continue, don't stop." Shi Zheng Yi urged.

At the next moment, the light moving around Zhao Lian Yun seemed to act on its own, as it spread towards the other four Gu Immortals.

"Like this, we can charge our way towards the other snowy peaks. Ah! Maybe it can directly take us out of Snowy Mountain blessed land." Shi Zheng Yi was hopeful.

Bu Zhen Zi's mouth was wide open, unable to say a word at this moment.

The shock he felt was much more intense than the others.

"Love Gu cannot be controlled, this is absolutely true from history! Even Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was left without options. But why? Why!"

"Why is love Gu so obedient in Zhao Lian Yun's hands?"

"Could it be that Zhao Lian Yun is the strongest fairy in the whole history of Spirit Affinity House?!"

"No, it is more likely because of her status. She is an otherworldly demon, could it be that otherworldly demons and love Gu complement each other? Others cannot control love Gu, but an otherworldly demon is an exception?"

Countless thoughts welled up in Bu Zhen Zi's mind, like surging waves in the sea.

While he was thinking, the space behind him suddenly ruptured and turned into a fist sized black hole. The black hole let out an unimaginable suction force, forcibly dragging in Bu Zhen Zi!

A person as strong as Bu Zhen Zi, a rank seven Gu Immortal, was unable to do anything and was directly dragged in, disappearing from the spot.

At the same time, the same thing happened to other Gu Immortals. In the blink of an eye, this large hall was empty and silent.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"We have left the ninth snowy peak!" Bu Zhen Zi held feelings of shock, as he sized up his surroundings the moment his feet landed on solid ground.

This was similarly inside a large hall. But this hall was different from the previous one, the previous hall was decorated and beautiful, and seemingly emitted feminine aura, while this hall was majestic and grand, with a masculine air emanating from it.

"Which snowy peak is this?" Bu Zhen Zi had this thought.

But shortly afterwards, his expression suddenly changed, as he shouted: "Damn it!"

He found that he was the only one in the whole hall. The other four Gu Immortals were nowhere to be seen.

He sobered himself up: Looks like I was overthinking it. Zhao Lian Yun might be an otherworldly demon, but how can she control love Gu? Love Gu is still unreliable and has countless abilities, who knows when it will act up.

"I was sent here, what about the others? Where are they? It would be best if they were together, Zhao Lian Yun would be slightly more safe then. But if Zhao Lian Yun is alone…"

Bu Zhen Zi did not dare to continue thinking.

Right at this time, an inky black shadow crept near him from the ground and silently attacked him.

Bu Zhen Zi's instincts set off warning signs, he quickly jumped back and dodged.

But the shadow was like a viper, extremely fast, and within a breath of time, it had pounced towards Bu Zhen Zi's feet.

Turn phantom!

At the crucial moment, Bu Zhen Zi used his specialty as a phantom path Gu Immortal, turning into phantom form.

The shadow helplessly passed through him, reaching behind Bu Zhen Zi.


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