Reverend Insanity
1250 Inside and Outside the Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1250 Inside and Outside the Formation

"Snowy Mountain blessed land?!" Zhao Lian Yun cried out in surprise.

She raised her head and saw a female Gu Immortal in front of her.

This person was lying on a cloud bed. She wore a silk dress, she had an ordinary appearance but her blue hair was extremely eye-catching, it was like a river that flowed from her head down to the cloud bed and covered the surface.

The female immortal saw that Zhao Lian Yun's emotions were not a facade, and asked, finding it somewhat strange: "It seems you five did not intentionally barge into Snowy Mountain blessed land?"

"Five?" Zhao Lian Yun looked around her, and only then did she find she was in a large hall and she was not alone, there were four of her Gu Immortal companions from earlier.

The four also woke up around the same time.

Zhao Lian Yun had just recently become a Gu Immortal, but she essentially recognized these four Gu Immortal companions.

The most familiar one was Bu Zhen Zi, he was a supreme elder of Spirit Affinity House, a rank seven Gu Immortal who was tasked to protect Zhao Lian Yun.

Yu Yi Ye Zi, this young handsome Gu Immortal came from Ancient Soul Sect, although his cultivation was only rank six, he had a high refinement path attainment and was widely acknowledged for it.

Shi Zheng Yi was similarly a young man, with thick eyebrows and large eyes. He had been at the top floor of Wind Sweeping Building with Zhao Lian Yun just earlier, and although Zhao Lian Yun had not talked with Shi Zheng Yi, she had seen his father who had become blind from the blind fire, this gave her a deep impression.

The final one was someone Zhao Lian Yun did not know and it was the first time she had seen him.

However, Shi Zheng Yi clearly knew this person, he immediately ran to this person's side and greeted: "Senior Mu Ling Lan, how did we appear here?"

This person was Mu Ling Lan, a water path Gu Immortal coming from Spirit Butterfly Valley and having rank seven cultivation.

"I am also baffled. Space suddenly shattered and threw you five out." The female immortal spoke lightly, "Entering Snowy Mountain blessed land without permission, I am still waiting for you people to clear my doubts."

"Snowy Mountain blessed land… this place is Snowy Mountain blessed land?" Shi Zheng Yi called out, he looked outside the window and saw the snowy white world outside, and in the distance were more than ten snowy peaks standing loftily.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At the same time, Shi Zheng Yi discovered he was currently in a hall on one of the snowy peaks.

Central Continent's Gu Immortals quickly reacted.

Bu Zhen Zi ran to Zhao Lian Yun's side, tensely looking at the female immortal before them: "If I am not wrong, you are Snowy Mountain blessed land's ninth peak lord, Hair Mistress!"

"Snowy Mountain blessed land… Hong Yun is here!" Zhao Lian Yun's eyes let out bright light.

The female immortal straightened her upper body, revealing a solemn and nervous expression: "So you really came for Ma Hong Yun!"

"That's right, hand over Ma Hong Yun!" Zhao Lian Yun shouted.

Hair Mistress took a deep glance at Zhao Lian Yun: "Ma Hong Yun is not at my place, if you want to find him, you probably need to charge to the first peak. But that peak has Lady Wan Shou and Old Ancestor Xue Hu staying guard, you five probably won't even be able to make a ripple."

"Where there is a will, there is a way!" Shi Zheng Yi telled with clenched fists.

"Even if I die here, I am going to save Hong Yun!" Zhao Lian Yun was resolute.

Mu Ling Lan took a few steps forward: "Us five are only the first to reach here, there are still rank eight Gu Immortals behind us. Although your Snowy Mountain blessed land has the territorial advantage, you only have one rank eight Gu Immortal in the end."

Mu Ling Lan was bluffing.

In truth, the outcome of the Gu Immortals who remained in the spaceless tunnel bode ill rather than well.

It might be that the only people who were saved were their group of five.

Relying on love Gu's power and under Zhao Lian Yun's obsession, the five Gu Immortals directly arrived at Snowy Mountain blessed land.

Hair Mistress's expression slightly changed, she was only a rank six Gu Immortal, while the group before her had the numerical advantage and there were also two rank sevens present.

Snowy Mountain blessed land had a total of fifteen snowy peaks.

Hair Mistress was at the ninth peak, she had never expected her peace would abruptly be broken, and five Gu Immortals would appear in front of her without any warning.

"I will be the main attacker, the rest of you retreat to the back." Mu Ling Lan secretly transmitted his voice, he shouldered responsibility and stepped forward.

Hair Mistress saw things going awry, quickly stretching her arm: "Wait, we are friends, not enemies."

"What do you mean?" Bu Zhen Zi stopped the eager Mu Ling Lan.

Hair Mistress: "You think I will willingly lay down my life for Old Ancestor Xue Hu? For his own private interests, Old Ancestor Xue Hu forcibly commanded us to gather immortal materials, we have suffered a lot but are helpless in front of Old Ancestor Xue Hu's might."

"As a matter of fact, I had already wanted to surrender and was thinking of when Northern Plains' righteous path Gu Immortals would attack, but I had never expected the ones to come would be all of you from Central Continent."

"I don't want to fight with you, you want to find trouble with Old Ancestor Xue Hu, I welcome you to do so."

"Eh? It was like that…" Bu Zhen Zi and Mu Ling Lan glanced at each other with some doubts.

Hair Mistress continued: "Since you are attacking Snowy Mountain, you must have gathered relevant information. I won't hide from you, there is already discord within the members of Snowy Mountain, Old Ancestor Xue Hu has become crazy in his desire to refine fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu and completely disregarded the feelings of us, the snowy peak lords. Regretfully, we are under his control and cannot rebel, we can only wait for external forces to help us."

Central Continent's five Gu Immortals did not speak, they had not expected such a development.

Mu Ling Lan spoke: "Since you want to surrender, just this information won't be enough. Join our ranks and then we can be sure of your sincerity."

Hair Mistress smiled bitterly: "If I could attack, I would have already rebelled. You do not have to probe, would you believe me even if I joined you? There is not only one way to help you, I am willing to tell you of the defense arrangements of Snowy Mountain."

"Oh? Speak." Mu Ling Lan nodded.

Hair Mistress gazed at the five immortals in front of her, before speaking slowly: "Old Ancestor Xue Hu has recklessly modified Snowy Mountain blessed land to refine fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu, not long ago, he invited Sun Ming Lu to arrange a super Gu formation here."

"This super Gu formation is extremely powerful. With the snowy peak lords as the formation cores, it links to Reverse Flow River. The invaders have to charge through each peak. And the peak lords guarding each snowy peak would receive the Gu formation's amplification; rank six cultivation can display rank seven strength. On the other hand, the charging Gu Immortal would be greatly suppressed. With this contrast of strengthening and weakening, every snowy peak is a difficult hurdle. Even if rank eight Gu Immortals come, unless they can destroy this Gu formation, they will have to spend some time in here."

"How do we know if your information is true or false?" Mu Ling Lan asked.

Hair Mistress smiled bitterly again: "All my words are true, if you don't believe, you can test me."

"Good!" Mu Ling Lan flicked his sleeve, and a wave of water appeared in the air and rushed towards Hair Mistress.

Hair Mistress did not panic, she slightly willed and a strand of hair suddenly sprang up, turning into a dam that blocked the wave.

Mu Ling Lan frowned, he saw through the issue with one attack, and did not make another move.

The other four Central Continent immortals looked at each other.

Just like Hair Mistress said, she could display rank seven battle strength here, while Mu Ling Lan himself was a rank seven Gu Immortal, but his attack was weakened greatly. His powerful offensive method was actually blocked easily by Hair Mistress.

"This Gu formation is too powerful." Shi Zheng Yi exclaimed in shock.

Bu Zhen Zi directly questioned: "Then where is the flaw of this Gu formation?"

Hair Mistress shook her head: "I am not familiar with this Gu formation, but over these days of feeling around, I have some experiences that I can tell all of you."

"First of all, the Gu formation isolates what is inside from outside, you cannot even connect to treasure yellow heaven. Currently, only Old Ancestor Xue Hu can contact us snowy peak lords, while the snowy peak lords cannot communicate with each other."

"Secondly, each snowy peak lord is a formation core of the Gu formation, we can seemingly only defend from our main halls at the peak and are unable to leave our peak. This point is my guess, but it should be pretty accurate."

"Finally… it is time for you guys to die!"

Hair Mistress's expression suddenly changed, her blue hair suddenly rose up to entangle the five Gu Immortals.

Mu Ling Lan was vigilant the whole time, instantly flying out of the hall.

With Bu Zhen Zi's help, Zhao Lian Yun was also able to escape.

Inside the hall, the dense blue hair quickly wrapped around Shi Zheng Yi and Yu Yi Ye Zi, forming two thick blue cocoons.

"Treacherous witch! Attack!!" Mu Ling Lan was alarmed and furious.

Before he spoke, Bu Zhen Zi and Zhao Lian Yun had already attacked.


The ninth snowy peak emitted thunderous noises.

The battle had instantly started.

Eastern Sea.

Dragon breaths that resembled white sword lights shot at the Gu formation, shaking the whole Gu formation.

"Fang Yuan is too careful, he is not entering the Gu formation, what do we do now?" Bai Ning Bing asked Ying Wu Xie.

Ying Wu Xie sighed, transmitting his voice: "I had planned to use this super Gu formation to match against Fang Yuan's upper extreme heavenly eagle, and probe his exact strength. Who could have expected him to only attack from afar, not giving us any opportunity at all."

A concealed sword was the most terrifying.

Fang Yuan naturally could rely on the upper extreme heavenly eagle to move through space and get inside the Gu formation. But if he did so, he would be revealing the fact that his upper extreme heavenly eagle only had rank six power.

How could Fang Yuan reveal his own weakness?

"Although we have the Gu formation's protection and are secure, Fang Yuan has the initiative. He is using a transformation path killer move, while we are using the super Gu formation, our immortal essence is expending at an extremely fast rate." Bai Ning Bing spoke.

Shi Nu requested to battle: "Why don't I go out to battle and lure him in?"

Bai Ning Bing disdainfully sneered: "Fang Yuan is a crafty old scoundrel, how could he be provoked by you and rashly enter the Gu formation?"

Shi Nu furiously glared at Bai Ning Bing: "Then what do you think we should do?"

"Forget it." Ying Wu Xie spoke: "Wait for me to make some arrangements and leave behind a cover to confuse him. We will then quietly use the ancient battle formation Omni-directional Travel to leave this place. As long as we make haste, we will reach Northern Plains and meet with the rank eight Gu Immortal, that would be the time to turn around and deal with Fang Yuan."

Bai Ning Bing's expression was heavy: "You asked me to arrange this Gu formation only to give it up? Forget about the mortal Gu, but you want me to give up the Immortal Gu used in it as well?!"


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