Reverend Insanity
1249 Reappearance of Ghost Face
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1249 Reappearance of Ghost Face

While speaking, Ying Wu Xie felt the luck on top of his head shaking intensely.

Earlier, Fang Yuan elevated qi luck sensation greatly, even if Ying Wu Xie hid inside an immortal aperture, he could not evade detection.

But Ying Wu Xie was not someone who passively waited for death, he thought about it and decided to make use of this.

Previously, he had tried to conceal himself and his aura. Now that this was not possible, Ying Wu Xie decided to strengthen the luck sensation instead.

Everyone had their luck connected, Fang Yuan could use this to activate qi luck sensation and find them. Then Ying Wu Xie could also do the reverse.

Thus, Ying Wu Xie had researched a brand new Gu worm combination recently to use his own luck's vibration to deduce his distance from Fang Yuan.

Ying Wu Xie named this immortal killer move luck vibration distance.

This way, Fang Yuan's familiar face could not be used, it could not deal with Ying Wu Xie's methods.

Ying Wu Xie was a split soul of Spectral Soul, even though he lost his memories, after getting replenishment inside the River of Time, he did not lack attainment level.

Attainment level was the most important thing.

Precisely because of thing, Ying Wu Xie could think of new Gu worm combinations at any time, to deal with all sorts of situations.

Of course he had to have enough attainment level, and the creation needed to be given time for experimentation and practice.

"Get into formation! We will use the tactic we discussed to repel Fang Yuan." Sensing that Fang Yuan was getting close, Ying Wu Xie ordered this, the five Gu Immortals stopped moving, assembling their formation.

After successfully convincing Bai Ning Bing to join the alliance, Bai Ning Bing's inheritance in Bai Xiang grotto-heaven also caused Ying Wu Xie's group to rise greatly in strength.

This immortal level Gu formation was the powerful method used to trap Ying Wu Xie and gang earlier, now, Fang Yuan was going to be the one facing it.

"He's here." Bai Ning Bing suddenly said.

She was the owner of Bai Xiang grotto-heaven, her wealth rose drastically, she had very useful Immortal Gu and her investigative methods were far superior than before, she surpassed Ying Wu Xie, Hei Lou Lan, and the others, becoming the first person to notice Fang Yuan's traces.

The other four immortals looked at where she directed.

Only to see that waves were forming at the southern sea area.

A sword dragon was moving its body, flying past the clouds nimbly.

Its sharp dragon horn was piercing towards the sky, its scales were shining with silver light, its dragon claws were sinister and sharp, its dragon teeth were glowing with an eerie cold light.

Ying Wu Xie and the rest were ready to face this strong foe.

Bai Ning Bing took a step forward: "Do you dare to enter our formation?"

Fang Yuan saw Bai Ning Bing, even though she was a dragon lady now and was even more beautiful than before, her overall appearance was still similar, Fang Yuan was slightly stunned.

He did not think that he would meet Bai Ning Bing under such circumstances.

In fact, Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing had not met for a long time. Even during the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Bai Ning Bing was not involved too deeply, they did not meet.

After Three Kings blessed land, Bai Ning Bing betrayed him and Fang Yuan separated from her, until now when they met again.

But everything had changed already.

The two surviving young Gu Masters from Qing Mao Mountain were now Gu Immortals.

Bai Ning Bing, who was known as a genius with a bleak future, possessing one of the ten extreme physiques, Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique, had become a rank six dragonman Gu Immortal, and owned Bai Xiang grotto-heaven.

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan's experiences were even more bountiful, he had first become the owner of Hu Immortal blessed land, and after causing havoc in Northern Plains and destroying Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and Imperial Court blessed land, he went to Eastern Sea, Central Continent, and Western Desert. Eventually, he appeared during the battle of Yi Tian Mountain and took away the fruit of Shadow Sect's hundred thousand years of preparation — sovereign immortal fetus Gu.

Using this Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan's cultivation level rose like a rocket, he grew at an unthinkable speed, being a rank seven Gu Immortal already. Using dream realms, he even became a grandmaster in six paths.

The two were known as the Black and White Demons during their time in Southern Border as Gu Masters, they had worked closely together, but this time, their reunion was as enemies.

"Good, I will kill you as well." Fang Yuan was filled with killing intent, he roared as he shot out his dragon breath.

The white dragon breath was extremely sharp, as a bright light, it traveled rapidly and reached Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing did not dodge, she smiled lightly.

At the next moment, the sword light dragon breath landed on an invisible wall of light, dealing no damage to her.

The Gu formation able to trap Ying Wu Xie and the others was naturally not simple.

"Gu formation?" Fang Yuan thought.

At this point, he did not have many ideas.

Formation path.

Fang Yuan had little knowledge about formation path, even during the five hundred years of his previous life, it was like this.

To break the Gu formation, he either needed to have formation path attainment or use wisdom path deductions.

Fang Yuan was a wisdom path grandmaster, but he lacked a useful wisdom path Immortal Gu that could deduce the flaw in this Gu formation, it would not be easy.

The sword dragon flew in the sky, observing without advancing.

Ying Wu Xie and the rest were inside the Gu formation, awaiting Fang Yuan's attack.

At once, Fang Yuan was filled with thoughts on how to deal with this situation.

"The other party set up a Gu formation, this means that they cannot conceal their traces, but are already able to find out my location."

"In the probing earlier, it can be seen that this Gu formation is not simple at all."

"Since they set up this formation, they must have confidence in dealing with me."

"A broken ship is still better than a plank, after such a short time, Ying Wu Xie already possesses such a method."

Fang Yuan did not attack rashly.

He could not decipher this Gu formation, he would have to be an idiot to charge in recklessly. But there was a possibility that Bai Ning Bing and gang were putting up a front, this Gu formation might be weak on the inside and only strong against a direct attack.

Thus, Fang Yuan had to continue probing.

While Fang Yuan and Ying Wu Xie's group were fighting, inside black heaven.

Inside the spaceless tunnel.

Three Immortal Gu Houses were traveling slowly.

Myriad Tidal Dragon had already woken up, he looked at the scene inside the spaceless tunnel as he sighed: "Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's method is truly unthinkable. He has already vanished for so long, but this immortal killer move created three hundred thousand years ago can still be used effectively. If I was not experiencing this myself, I would not believe it."

Wei Ling Yang smiled: "Alright, since you are awake, we will not stay any longer, let's go!"

It turned out that the Central Continent Gu Immortals could have left the spaceless tunnel long ago, but they purposely stayed inside to wait for Myriad Tidal Dragon to wake up.

Myriad Tidal Dragon had used an immortal killer move to escape and fell into slumber.

After he woke up, Central Continent's Gu Immortals regained their full strength with three rank eight Gu Immortals!

The three Immortal Gu Houses moved quickly.

This was the final bit of distance in the spaceless tunnel.

Central Continent's Gu Immortals were enthusiastic, they were focused and awaiting the future battles.

"Hong Yun, hang on, I am coming!" Zhao Lian Yun's eyes shone with determination as she prepared herself mentally.

But right at the final part of the tunnel, a change occurred.

A giant ghost face suddenly appeared, obstructing the three Immortal Gu Houses, completely blocking the entire spaceless tunnel.

"What is going on?"

"This is Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's…"

The three rank eight Gu Immortals were still shocked when the ghost face opened its mouth, roaring without emitting a sound.

As it roared, the entire spaceless tunnel started to collapse, countless dao mark fragments of the spaceless tunnel flew everywhere, a terrifying space crack spread out like a spider web.


With a loud sound, the Central Continent Gu Immortals found that the tunnel that they were in broke into countless pieces, like a shattered mirror.

"Defend!" Myriad Tidal Dragon shouted.

"Hang on." Bi Chen Tian and Wei Ling Yang activated their Immortal Gu Houses to their limits.

However, even the three Immortal Gu Houses were weak and fragile, as if they were planks facing a tsunami, there was nothing they could do.

At once, the three Immortal Gu Houses which had been together were separated and scattered by the space path chaotic currents.

A giant hole suddenly formed, it was like a huge beast's mouth, devouring everything around it.

Myriad Tidal Dragon controlled Canary Pavilion, he did not even last several breaths of time before this hole devoured it, vanishing without a trace.

Wind Sweeping Building and Edge Link Camp were hanging on desperately, Edge Link Camp was like a bun getting shaved layer after layer by the space path dao mark fragments, Wind Sweeping Building was also breaking apart, the powerful Immortal Gu Houses looked so fragile here.

Spaceless tunnel was Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's immortal killer move, together with Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's methods, there was the power of two Demon Venerables here.

The Central Continent Gu Immortals did not expect that the spaceless tunnel shortcut they were using was a fatal trap!

Three hundred thousand years ago, when the Medieval Antiquity Era's Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable traveled in black heaven, he left behind spaceless tunnel.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Next, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable failed to refine love Gu and left behind many methods.

Then in Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's era, he seemed to have noticed the former's plan, or because of some other reason, he left behind an immortal killer move here as well.

Duke Long did not understand these venerables' secrets, even Fairy Zi Wei could not deduce such a thing.

Right now, the Central Continent Gu Immortals were facing the threat of getting wiped out!

"Am I going to die? Will I die here? No, no! I need to save Hong Yun, how can I die here? Help me, please help me, love Gu!"

Zhao Lian Yun cried out in her heart.

As if sensing her unwavering love and determination, love Immortal Gu started to shine with an immensely bright light in her phantom aperture.

This light spread out with Zhao Lian Yun at the center.


Wind Sweeping Building had completely broken apart, the Gu Immortals were screaming loudly, activating their defenses.

But many people did not last for even a few breaths of time before they were cut into pieces by the space path chaotic storm. Only Zhao Lian Yun was covered in a thin layer of light, completely protected.

Not just that, this layer of light was expanding to the four people around her.

A hole formed before Zhao Lian Yun's eyes.

At the next moment, love Gu emitted a strong force and entered the hole with Zhao Lian Yun and the other four Gu Immortals.

Their vision changed.

"Where is this?" Zhao Lian Yun realized that she was standing on firm ground.

"This is naturally Snowy Mountain blessed land." A voice said.


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