Reverend Insanity
1246 Spaceless Tunnel
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1246 Spaceless Tunnel

Every moment in the star cloud storm was hard to endure.

After a long time.

A certain Gu Immortal in Wind Sweeping Building realized something, saying: "Everyone… for some time already, there have been no stars crashing at us?"

As he said that, the tornado pillar surrounding Wind Sweeping Building vanished instantly.

The immortals saw that in the calm dark night, far away, the star cloud storm was moving away with imposing might.

Wind Sweeping Building was silent for a moment before exploding with cheers.

"We made it!"

"So close, even with an Immortal Gu House defending us, being in immemorial black heaven still poses a danger of dying."

"Thanks to Lord Bi Chen Tian, otherwise, we would have died in this star cloud storm."

The Gu Immortals talked with great joy.

Bi Chen Tian had a hazy gaze, he thought: "We were able to escape the star cloud storm all thanks to Zhao Lian Yun's love Immortal Gu."

At the crucial moment, love Gu emitted an aura that led Bi Chen Tian towards the correct direction.

Bi Chen Tian controlled Wind Sweeping Building, he followed this direction and quickly escaped from the star cloud storm.

And within the star cloud storm, star path dao marks were filling the area, with conflicting dao marks, Bi Chen Tian's methods were very ineffective.

Bi Chen Tian's expression was still gloomy.

"We have already escaped danger, but Wei Ling Yang does not have love Gu, I wonder if they are still struggling inside the star cloud storm."

After losing contact with the other two Immortal Gu Houses, Bi Chen Tian did not continue on his journey, he moved around the area, searching for them.

Thankfully, half a day later, he successfully contacted Wei Ling Yang.

Wei Ling Yang led Canary Pavilion and charged through the star cloud storm with difficulty. They had left the star cloud storm after Bi Chen Tian, but unfortunately, they were ambushed by a sky chief beast group.

After being informed of this, Bi Chen Tian manipulated Wind Sweeping Building, bringing the Gu Immortals with him to rescue them.

After getting to the ambush site, the Gu Immortals saw Canary Pavilion and Edge Link Camp, they gasped loudly.

These two Immortal Gu Houses were surrounded by sky chief beasts.

Sky chief beasts lived in basically all of the immemorial nine heavens. Each sky chief beast was at least a mutated beast king, they were on par with ordinary beast emperors. And the kings of each sky chief beast group were desolate beast level. Beast emperors among them were at least ancient desolate beasts.

Within this sky chief beast group, there were a hundred ancient sky chiefs, and over a thousand desolate beast sky chiefs, the remaining sky chief beasts were overwhelming in number, they were uncountable.

Edge Link Camp and Canary Pavilion were at the center, surrounded by countless sky chiefs. Even though they defended themselves, they were heavily damaged and were in great danger.

Bi Chen Tian could not waste any more time, he charged ahead with Wind Sweeping Building.

At this time, both sides could communicate again, Wei Ling Yang immediately moved Edge Link Camp towards Canary Pavilion and Wei Ling Yang, cooperating with them to break out of the encirclement.

The sky chief beast group roared loudly, the sound waves were like a tsunami, it was shocking.

Both sides engaged in fierce combat, countless immortal killer moves were sent out like fireworks, displayed among the sky chief beast group.

The sky chief beast group died in batches after batches, but they were quickly replaced with even more beasts.

The sky chief beast group was too huge, it did not mind such losses.

And those desolate beast sky chiefs and ancient sky chiefs could last much longer in battle.

During this time, Edge Link Camp suddenly burst with strength, silhouettes of sharp horns were formed, shooting out in all directions.

This was an incredibly strong attack in which even desolate beast sky chiefs would be unable to withstand. Even ancient sky chiefs did not dare to take the attacks head on.

Wind Sweeping Building created a jade wind pillar again, as Canary Pavilion emitted the cries of a thousand birds.

The three Immortal Gu Houses worked together, opening a path within the sky chief beast group and meeting at the convergent point.

Next, the three Immortal Gu Houses turned around and fled, in a few minutes, they were free from the pursuit of the sky chief beast group.

"The situation is horrible!" Bi Chen Tian and Wei Ling Yang communicated in a grim tone: "The three Immortal Gu Houses are heavily damaged, half of Canary Pavilion is completely unstable now. We need to rest and recover, Myriad Tidal Dragon is unconscious, and my immortal essence has already been depleted by more than half."

Immortal essence affected the Gu Immortal's battle strength to a great extent.

Bi Chen Tian used more than half of his immortal essence, so did Wei Ling Yang.

Even though Immortal Gu Houses were powerful, they consumed a lot of immortal essence.

This was why Fang Yuan had never planned to construct any Immortal Gu Houses.

Even though he knew most of Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage's composition (of course, he forgot a portion), and also the entirety of Sacred Feather City's structure. But he did not have Giant Sun's immortal essence anymore, with his own immortal essence, he could not sustain the use of an Immortal Gu House.

Immortal Gu Houses used too much immortal essence, only rank eight Gu Immortals could sustain the consumption alone. Rank six and seven Gu Immortals had to work together to display their might fully.

Most importantly, the Central Continent Gu Immortals still had half the journey left.

"It seems we can only use spaceless tunnel now." Wei Ling Yang said grimly.

Bi Chen Tian was stunned before nodding, agreeing: "That is the only way to cross half of the distance and reach our destination!"

The two rank eight Gu Immortals were determined figures, the greater the setbacks, the greater their fighting spirit, they had never thought of retreating.

And their encounters might not have been expected, but Heavenly Court's wisdom path Gu Immortal Fairy Zi Wei had already prepared other plans for them in advance.

Spaceless tunnel was one of them!

Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace.

Through this rank eight Immortal Gu House, the experiences of Central Continent's three Immortal Gu Houses could be seen by Yao Huang.

"Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace affects the luck of heaven and earth. All that happens within immemorial black heaven, the direction where the lightning storms go, cannot be affected by even heaven's will. But Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace can interfere with it. This is an invincible defense, with this palace, who can invade Northern Plains?!" Yao Huang was extremely excited, his tone was heated and he had great admiration towards Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Yao Huang looked at South Desolation Immortal, saying: "Lord, I finally understand why you are so calm now. With Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace here, nobody can think of invading Northern Plains!"

South Desolation Immortal laughed: "Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace has been stationed here for three hundred thousand years. What does that mean? It has already deeply affected immemorial black heaven, even immemorial white heaven has been influenced. This is the supreme power of heaven and earth luck!"

Yao Huang thought of Ma Hong Yun, saying: "Heaven and earth luck is so incredible, then all living being's luck cannot be lacking in comparison. But now, fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu's user is in Old Ancestor Xue Hu's hands."

Yao Huang had no other options against Old Ancestor Xue Hu, but South Desolation Immortal was different.

Especially when Yao Huang saw the power of Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace and the sorry states of these three Central Continent Immortal Gu Houses, thus he was moved and wanted to incite South Desolation Immortal to deal with Old Ancestor Xue Hu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But South Desolation Immortal shook his head and smiled: "Ma Hong Yun has our Huang Jin bloodline, and is a descendant of Ancestor Giant Sun, there is no problem with him getting fortune rivalling heaven Gu. It will not be easy for Old Ancestor Xue Hu to snatch it away."

Yao Huang was worried: "That Old Ancestor Xue Hu has already been refining it for so long, with just fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu's power, can it really make the refinement fail?"

South Desolation Immortal shook his head: "Of course not, even though fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu has quasi-rank nine power, it cannot resist the rank eight Gu Immortal Old Ancestor Xue Hu. Furthermore, he has the aid of Lady Wan Shou, one of the four great refinement path experts in Northern Plains. Do you think my Longevity Heaven has done nothing? We will not let Fortune Rivalling Heaven end up in the hands of others, we made our arrangements long ago. If Old Ancestor Xue Hu cannot find them, he will not succeed in this refinement."

Yao Huang realized that Longevity Heaven had taken action long ago, but its method was too impressive, everyone was deceived, even Xue Hu and Wan Shou could not notice.

"Amazing, truly amazing! Compared to Longevity Heaven, even Old Ancestor Xue Hu was toyed in our palms." Yao Huang was truly impressed in his heart.

His gaze towards South Desolation Immortal changed again, he felt that South Desolation Immortal was unfathomable, he truly had the demeanor of a senior.

But at the next moment, South Desolation Immortal's expression changed suddenly.

South Desolation Immortal was confused, he called out: "What happened? These Central Continent Gu Immortals vanished all of a sudden?!"


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