Reverend Insanity
1245 Watching A Meteor Shower With You
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1245 Watching A Meteor Shower With You

The star cloud storm's range was too huge, it was fast and powerful.

The three Immortal Gu Houses from Central Continent could not escape from it.

The stars flew over endlessly, lightning clouds were rumbling as starlight shot out continuously, it was a magnificent sight, but one could only feel weak and helpless, expressing nothing but shock at this.

"I will charge ahead with Edge Link Camp, the rest of you follow me." At the crucial moment, Wei Ling Yang decided this.

The three Immortal Gu Houses flew towards the star cloud storm.

The huge Immortal Gu Houses were like tiny ants in front of the star cloud storm.

Heaven and earth was growling loudly.

The star cloud storm was like a prehistoric whale, swallowing the three Central Continent Immortal Gu Houses easily.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The three Immortal Gu Houses were unable to satisfy the appetite of this star cloud storm.


Wind Sweeping Building was shaking intensely.

Zhao Lian Yun could not stand stably, she fell to the ground. Outside the window, countless glaring starlight specks were shining in, turning the entirety of Wind Sweeping Building blue.

Zhao Lian Yun felt like she was on a plank in a stormy sea, she was enduring the might of the tides and strikes of lightning.

Her mouth was dry, she was scared, even with Gu Immortal battle strength, she could not resolve this problem.

She could only rely on the Immortal Gu Houses, on the three rank eight great experts.

Zhao Lian Yun did not know that among the three rank eight Gu Immortals, Myriad Tidal Dragon was sleeping now. Thankfully, Wind Sweeping Building was under Bi Chen Tian's control, the situation was better than Canary Pavilion.

But even so, Bi Chen Tian was covered in sweat, he was concentrating and did not dare to relax his mind.

He moved Wind Sweeping Building and traveled in the star cloud storm, continuously avoiding the huge stars.

These stars moved quickly, if Wind Sweeping Building crashed into them, it would suffer huge damage. Even though Wind Sweeping Building was an Immortal Gu House, and would not break apart from just a few stars, in this situation, once Wind Sweeping Building loses control of its movement, it would slow down and be hit by endless number of stars. If that happened, it would be destroyed inside this star cloud storm, everyone would die.

"Gu Immortals are powerful, and Immortal Gu Houses are useful, but against the might of heaven and earth, we are still minuscule and insignificant." Bi Chen Tian gritted his teeth: "Oh no!"

He could not react in time, Wind Sweeping Building finally got hit, a hill-like star crashed into Wind Sweeping Building with the ferocity of a storm.

Wind Sweeping Building's entire size was less than ten percent of the star.

But it was an Immortal Gu House, it was sturdy.

It was the star which shattered instead of Wind Sweeping Building.

But the impact of the star's collision sent Wind Sweeping Building flying far away through brute force.

The three Immortal Gu Houses were working together and flying alongside each other earlier, but now, the other two Immortal Gu Houses dodged the star while Wind Sweeping Building was pushed away from the group.

"Bi Chen…. quick….." Wei Ling Yang's voice could be heard.

But in this star cloud storm, fragments were everywhere, the uncountable number of star path dao marks were disrupting the information path communication method of Wei Ling Yang and Bi Chen Tian.

Bi Chen Tian could only hear a short and incomplete message.

But he knew what Wei Ling Yang wanted to say.

Wei Ling Yang wanted him to try and catch up with them!

In the star cloud storm, Wei Ling Yang could not stay behind or even have any strength to reinforce Bi Chen Tian. Because around him, Canary Pavilion also needed to be taken care of.

Bi Chen Tian had to rely on himself.

"Let's do it." Bi Chen Tian shouted, his eyes shone with endless brilliance, his rank eight aura surged like a tornado.

Wind Sweeping Building shone with a jade green light, which quickly turned into fierce winds rapidly.

The winds moved and howled shrilly.

These deep green colored winds joined together, forming into a strong and sturdy tornado pillar.

Immortal Gu House Wind Sweeping Building stabilized, the surrounding stars were all pushed away by the wind pillar.

"This is Wind Sweeping Building's strongest method!" Yu Yi Ye Zi was roused, his eyes shone with light as he said excitedly.

Wind Sweeping Building was at the center of the wind pillar, it was completely peaceful here, as if they had left the terrible tsunami and landed on a shore.

The Gu Immortals inside Wind Sweeping Building erupted into cheers.

Zhao Lian Yun had just crawled up from the floor when a huge star crashed into the tornado wind pillar, before breaking in and assaulting Wind Sweeping Building.

At the crucial moment, Bi Chen Tian had a timely response, he controlled Wind Sweeping Building and lowered their altitude.

This huge star grazed past Wind Sweeping Building.

Some Gu Immortals by the window could see that at the moment near collision, the star had countless holes on the surface, they could be seen due to the close proximity.

The Gu Immortals who were normally graceful and elegant screamed again, they were like mortals who were experiencing natural disasters.

Wind Sweeping Building moved with difficulty inside the star cloud storm.

Even though this Immortal Gu House used its strongest method, against the star cloud storm, it was not enough.

Some huge stars approached forcefully, directly crashing into the tornado wind pillar.

And between the stars, there was a chaotic magnetic field, these fields repelled, attracted, and crushed Wind Sweeping Building.

Wind Sweeping Building had to dodge those stars while under the might of these magnetic fields, thankfully it was the rank eight Gu Immortal Bi Chen Tian holding the fort, any rank seven Gu Immortal would falter for sure.

However, even Bi Chen Tian was covered in sweat, his rank eight immortal essence was rapidly expended, his expenditure far surpassed any battle he had ever had.

"This will not do, this star cloud storm is too huge, I do not know when I can escape!" Bi Chen Tian had a thought as he ordered for the Gu Immortals to send their immortal essence into Wind Sweeping Building.

The Gu Immortals quickly contributed their efforts, including Zhao Lian Yun.

She had a phantom aperture, but she had refined immortal essence stones before and accumulated some immortal essence.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

From time to time, huge stars would crash into the wind pillar, most would be dodged by Wind Sweeping Building, but some still hit.

The magnetic fields were everywhere, like a cruel giant toying around with Wind Sweeping Building.

Inside the Immortal Gu House, the Gu Immortals did not speak, they were infusing their immortal essence into Wind Sweeping Building wholeheartedly.

The atmosphere was tense.

Every time a giant star crashed, many Gu Immortals' bodies shook.

Zhao Lian Yun's heart was in trepidation. She had never been faced with such danger, she would not be surprised if she died at the next moment.

"Hong Yun, Hong Yun…" She thought of Ma Hong Yun's name, each time she mentally muttered it, her heart returned to peace slightly.

After countless times, Zhao Lian Yun's mental state became completely peaceful.

"Hong Yun, you had once risked your life for me, do you know? I am doing the same now."

"Even if I die here, I have no regrets. I am coming to save you!"

"When I meet you, I will tell you that the starlight here is very fierce and dangerous beyond your imagination, it is not romantic at all."

In a daze, Zhao Lian Yun recalled the past.

At that time, Zhao Lian Yun's father had died in the battlefield, she was all alone, forced to marry someone else, she had to rely on Ma Hong Yun.

On a small mound.

It was night time, Ma Hong Yun was lying on the grassland with her.

"Lady Xiao Yun, quickly look, it's a meteor shower!" Ma Hong Yun pointed at the sky as he shouted.

"Boring, you brought me here to see this?" Zhao Lian Yun rolled her eyes: "What is so nice about this?"

"Guh." Ma Hong Yun scratched his head: "I don't find it nice either, but they said that to make a girl happy, I need to watch a meteor shower with her. At this time, in Northern Plains, we can often see meteor showers at night."

Zhao Lian Yun mentally sighed, thinking: "I am so old already, I am afraid only young girls would like this. Hmm? Wait a minute, my body is still young, I am still a young girl."

At this time, Ma Hong Yun asked: "Lady Xiao Yun, after looking at this meteor shower, has your mood improved?"

Zhao Lian Yun mentally sighed once again, she said in a coaxing tone: "I am much better now, I am so happy, look, this meteor shower is so beautiful, huh."

Ma Hong Yun's body shook, he quickly waved his hand: "Lady Xiao Yun, don't say that, I am getting goosebumps."

Zhao Lian Yun stood up in an instant, stomping at Ma Hong Yun: "Learning how to woo women out of all things, and you want to flirt with me, you are actually flirting with me."

Ma Hong Yun was screaming out in pain from getting kicked, shouting: "Lady Xiao Yun, stop, stop it! What is flirting? I have done no such thing. If I did something wrong, I will change it, okay? Stop kicking, stop kicking me!"

Zhao Lian Yun ignored him as Ma Hong Yun rolled around from getting kicked. Eventually, Zhao Lian Yun worked up a sweat, she placed her arms at her waist as she looked at the scurrying Ma Hong Yun, laughing smugly.

Ma Hong Yun heard her laughter and thought: "Lady Xiao Yun is finally laughing, at expected, the meteor shower made her mood better. Gasp… but it is so painful for me."

Her memories flashed right before Zhao Lian Yun's eyes.

Unknowingly, Zhao Lian Yun had started smiling.

"Hong Yun, after I save you, I will kick you countless times to celebrate it." Zhao Lian Yun thought. Right at this time, love Gu inside her phantom aperture actually emitted a profound aura on its own.

The aura was colorless and formless, it spread rapidly.

Ordinary Gu Immortals could not sense it, but Bi Chen Tian's body shook, his eyes shone with brilliance, he subconsciously thought: "Is this the power of love Gu?"


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