Reverend Insanity
1241 Journey in Black Heaven
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1241 Journey in Black Heaven

Zhao Lian Yun stood at the top of the Immortal Gu House, Wind Sweeping Building, looking outside.

Only to see that black heaven was covered in darkness, a dark veil was shrouding the surroundings.

But there was light.

Small specks of blurry lights appeared in Zhao Lian Yun's vision, they seemed far away.

Black heaven was huge, or rather, the immemorial nine heavens were all huge, every layer of the heavens would have the collective size of the five regions.

But because of Ren Zu and his ten children, only black heaven and white heaven were left now.

"We finally got past the heavenly wind qi wall and entered black heaven."

"This is black heaven? It seems peaceful."

The surrounding Gu Immortals started conversing.

There were more people on this floor than Zhao Lian Yun and Bu Zhen Zi.

"We entered black heaven." Wei Ling Yang transmitted to the other two rank eight Gu Immortals.

Right now, the three Immortal Gu Houses changed their positions again.

Edge Link Camp was at the lead, flying in front, while Canary Pavilion and Wind Sweeping Building were at its sides respectively, slightly towards the back.

The other rank six and seven Gu Immortals have never entered black heaven before, they did not know the dangers. Wei Ling Yang, Myriad Tidal Dragon and Bi Chen Tian were very clear about them.

The immemorial nine heavens were usually places only rank eight Gu Immortals could enter and explore for resources.

There were special rank seven Gu Immortals like Feng Jiu Ge and Chu Du, they could enter but at a high risk.

Regardless of anything else, after entering black heaven, the three Immortal Gu Houses became much slower.

Furthermore, the Immortal Gu Houses no longer shined brightly, they were grey and dusty, like three lifeless rocks.

The surrounding Gu Immortals' discussions came to a stop.

The entirety of this floor in Wind Sweeping Building went into silence.

It was completely silent.

The first impression that black heaven gave to Zhao Lian Yun was that it was really huge.

"It seems that we were quite lucky." Bi Chen Tian said.

"We should remain careful, the journey has just started." Myriad Tidal Dragon kept up his vigilance.

Wei Ling Yang suddenly said: "Careful, there is a beast group ahead."

The three Immortal Gu Houses went even slower now, even with such a strong lineup, the three rank eight Gu Immortals were careful and moved with vigilance.

Loud sounds soon entered Zhao Lian Yun's ears.

"What are those things?"

"It seems like a group of boars."

Many Gu Immortals leaned on the windows, looking outside.

Soon, the immortals gasped in succession.

With the power of the Immortal Gu Houses, the Gu Immortals could see past the dark veil, noting that a large group of boars were below them.

Pigs were flying in the sky, was it quite funny?

No, the Gu Immortals had different feelings.

They were all shocked!

"These are astral wind flying heavenly boars, my goodness, there are so many."

"It is hard to imagine that each astral wind flying heavenly boar is an ancient desolate beast that has rank seven Gu Immortal battle strength. It is rare to see one in the five regions, but here there are hundreds."

"Thankfully, desolate beasts have low intelligence, they do not have the intelligence of humans."

The Gu Immortals felt gladness amidst their shock.

These astral wind flying heavenly boars were snorting loudly as they flew in the sky. Under the immortals' gazes, the leading boar king who had the largest body suddenly charged and stomped its feet into the heavenly wind qi wall.

Immediately, the astral wind flying heavenly boars behind the boar king did the same.

They were agile like flying fish, they had agility incomparable with their boar bodies, they charged into the heavenly wind qi wall.

Soon, the large group of astral wind flying heavenly boars vanished from sight.

Bu Zhen Zi stood beside Zhao Lian Yun, sighing: "Nature is wondrous and incredible. Us Gu Immortals have such difficulty passing the heavenly wind qi wall. But for these astral wind flying heavenly boars, it is incredibly easy. The heavenly wind qi wall is like water for fish in the sea."

At this time, a voice said: "Actually, long ago, Gu Immortals of the past had realized this. They eliminated the astral wind flying heavenly boars and used the immortal materials gathered from their bodies to refine qi path Immortal Gu. These qi path Immortal Gu were useful in helping the Gu Immortals pass the heavenly wind qi wall."

Bu Zhen Zi and Zhao Lian Yun turned around, only to see a young male Gu Immortal as beautiful as a female, he stood before them quietly, smiling.

Bu Zhen Zi's eyes shined, he recognized this person.

The young male Gu Immortal cupped his fists and greeted: "I am Yu Yi Ye Zi from Ancient Soul Sect, greets to senior Bu Zhen Zi, and Spirit Affinity House's Current Generation Fairy Zhao."

"Yu Yi Ye Zi, you may have rank six cultivation level, but you are extremely talented, often, rank seven Gu Immortals would approach you to refine Immortal Gu, or research Immortal Gu recipes, you are one of the top rank six Gu Immortals." Bu Zhen Zi replied with a praising tone, but most importantly, he was explaining this to Zhao Lian Yun.

Zhao Lian Yun obtained a phantom aperture and placed love Gu inside, after intense training, she finally joined the circle of Gu Immortals.

She was not very familiar with Central Continent's Gu Immortals.

"Hello, Yu Yi Ye Zi." Zhao Lian Yun nodded at the young Gu Immortal, before asking: "Since you said that, why did we not use those Immortal Gu when we passed the heavenly wind qi wall?"

Yu Yi Ye Zi laughed: "That is because the era where qi path was strong is over. Right now, countless qi path Gu recipes are lost, and Gu materials used to refine them have gone extinct. Think about it, how many people can enter the immemorial nine heavens? Almost all Gu Immortals can only explore this place after reaching rank eight. Thus, having such an Immortal Gu has little effect on them to begin with."

Zhao Lian Yun nodded, expressing her understanding.

At this time, clamors could be heard from the immortals by the windows.

Zhao Lian Yun turned around and looked, only to see that a huge patch of black clouds narrowly moved past Wind Sweeping Building.

"Black clouds are very common in black heaven. The ones we are seeing are among the smallest in black heaven. The real giant black clouds are like floating continents in the sky. Deep within the black clouds, there are terrifying fierce beasts or plants." Yu Yi Ye Zi explained.

Even these smallest black clouds took several minutes for the three Immortal Gu Houses to fly past.

Yu Yi Ye Zi was really knowledgeable, he knew many things that even the rank seven Gu Immortal Bu Zhen Zi was unsure of, and could explain them clearly.

He answered almost all of Zhao Lian Yun's questions.

The two conversed more as time passed, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

In the following journey, the three Immortal Gu Houses encountered several black clouds along the way. These black clouds were not very evident in black heaven, without a strong investigative killer move, one would unknowingly fly into them.

The black clouds were like lone islands in the sea, the surface of the black clouds and even the interior were not empty, there were living beings residing there.

The three rank eight Gu Immortals were very careful, they did not move their Immortal Gu Houses into the black clouds.

They would rather take a detour and spend more time to avoid the clouds.

But sometimes, even when you avoid trouble, trouble still comes to you.

Hissing could be heard as a large group of dark venomous snakes flew out of the black clouds, attacking the three Immortal Gu Houses.

These dark venomous snakes were all desolate beast level, while the king snake was an ancient desolate beast.

"How can this be? At this distance, we should not be in the territory of the dark venomous snake group." Wei Ling Yang was surprised.

"Fight or retreat?" Bi Chen Tian asked.

Wei Ling Yang thought about it: "Retreat, we should avoid fighting to preserve our battle strength, the journey ahead is very long."

"But retreating won't be easy, these are dark venomous snakes." Inside another Immortal Gu House, Myriad Tidal Dragon transmitted.

The dark venomous snakes held grudges, once they lock onto prey, they would not give up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The three Immortal Gu Houses flew rapidly, but even after a distance, the dark venomous snake group still trailed behind them.

Not only this, more and more dark venomous snakes were emerging from the black clouds.

"So many snakes!"

"That black cloud is like a snake den."

"I wonder how our three rank eight lords will deal with this?"

"In my opinion, we should fight, we have three Immortal Gu Houses after all!"

"That's right, these dark venomous snakes have poison path dao marks, and their snake guts are the best immortal material to refine healing Immortal Gu."

The Gu Immortals inside the Immortal Gu Houses talked to each other, expressing their views.

But the three rank eight Gu Immortals continued to escape, they did not follow their wishes to fight.

They continued flying like this.

The three rank eight Gu Immortals tried to avoid as they retreated, in their following journey, they encountered another group of dark venomous snakes, the size was even larger than before. Other than that, they even encountered bear mosquitoes.

These mosquitoes were huge like bears, they had terrifying mouths. But most importantly, their numbers were huge, far greater than the dark venomous snakes.

The bear mosquito group was very large, on one occasion, the three Immortal Gu Houses were surrounded by a group of bear mosquitoes, they had to fight.

Each bear mosquito had desolate beast battle strength.

Tens of thousands of bear mosquitoes attacked at once, what did that mean?

It was terrifying!

After that battle, the Gu Immortals who wanted to fight all shut up, they realized how dangerous black heaven was.

Thankfully, they had three Immortal Gu Houses and the protection of rank eight Gu Immortals, otherwise, they would all die under the attacks of the bear mosquitoes.

After flying for a while more, they started seeing starlight ahead.

Above a black cloud, there was star fragment grass growing with countless insect groups living on top of the grassland.

The three Immortal Gu Houses stopped for the first time, several Gu Immortals were sent out to harvest the star fragment grass and other resources.

"Did you all feel it?" Wei Ling Yang transmitted.

"That's right, this journey in black heaven is especially smooth, I have never encountered this when exploring black heaven." Bi Chen Tian sighed.

Myriad Tidal Dragon continued: "Perhaps the most crucial thing currently in saving Ma Hong Yun is Zhao Lian Yun's existence, it affects our luck. These clouds in the immemorial nine heavens normally float randomly, they have no fixed pattern, even heaven's will cannot interfere with their movement. Whatever we encounter is up to luck."

Wei Ling Yang nodded: "I think so too."


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