Reverend Insanity
1234 Rank Ten Immortal Gu!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1234 Rank Ten Immortal Gu!

Central Continent, Spirit Affinity House.

"Immortal killer move — Meteor Rain!" Zhao Lian Yun called out, a bright light bursting out of her body.

This light flew out of her body, in the blink of an eye, it entered the sky, vanishing.

At the next moment, the pale white space created by a Gu formation seemed to be covered in blue ink, turning deep blue.

Swish swish swish…

Countless meteors were falling from the sky, raining down like a storm of arrows, it was a majestic sight!

The meteors rained down on a hill-like desolate beast tortoise.

The tortoise's four limbs and head retracted into its shell.

Meteors landed on the desolate beast tortoise's back, fragments were created in large numbers, but the remaining meteor rain landed around the desolate beast tortoise, creating huge pits encircling the tortoise.

The meteor rain lasted twenty breaths of time until it stopped.

Zhao Lian Yun was covered in sweat, she was breathing roughly.

A voice came from within the Gu formation: "Not bad, Zhao Lian Yun, you are very proficient in meteor rain already. Next, go train your defensive killer move."

As this was said, the desolate beast tortoise broke apart and turned into black crows.

There were tens of thousands of crows.

They were like black arrows, flying around as they shot towards Zhao Lian Yun.

Zhao Lian Yun's eyes shone, she gritted her teeth as she used her defensive Immortal Gu before the crows hit her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Suddenly, her body was covered in a layer of silver light.

The layer of thin silvery light successfully protected her from the impact and beaks of the countless crows.

Splat splat splat…

Zhao Lian Yun's tiny little body was soon covered entirely by the black crows.

Large numbers of crows were attacking the silver shield, loud crisp sound were resounding endlessly.

Zhao Lian Yun had a heavy expression.

She could feel her immortal essence expending rapidly.

"I have to think of a plan!" Zhao Lian Yun had an idea as she started using a defensive killer move.

At her first try, she successfully activated the defensive killer move.

Immortal killer move — Life Locking Silver Chain.

From the silver shield around her body, six silvery chains flew out.

The chains moved like dragons, they were extraordinary as they flew around in the crow group, stabbing and killing endlessly.

Many crows died, soon, in the ten li of space around Zhao Lian Yun, no crows were alive.

The silver chains also turned into a round cylinder, protecting Zhao Lian Yun, forming a tight defense. Any attacking crow would be ripped to shreds.

"This immortal killer move is amazing, it can attack and defend at once." It had incredible effect in this first battle, Zhao Lian Yun was extremely pleased.

The Gu Immortal controlling the Gu formation sighed internally: "This Zhao Lian Yun is an otherworldly demon indeed, her cultivation level was raised to rank five peak stage using relic Gu. After being given a phantom aperture, Immortal Gu, and immortal essence by Heavenly Court, she immediately showed her talent. Her battle talent is not weak at all, after so little practice with her immortal killer moves, she became proficient already."

Of course, these immortal killer moves were specially chosen for Zhao Lian Yun by Heavenly Court. They were very powerful and easy to control, they also used few Gu worms, the steps for activating them were simple.

"Alright, next, we will train your healing methods. you will get injured, but don't worry or panic, as long as you perform normally and use your immortal killer move, you will recover." The Gu Immortal controlling the Gu formation said.

Zhao Lian Yun nodded, seeing the crows vanish around her.

There was worry in her expression as she asked: "I have already trained for half a year in this Gu formation, when can I set off to Northern Plains for the rescue mission?"

The Gu Immortal controlling the Gu formation explained: "Don't worry, this is a time path Gu formation, a day outside is a year in here. Your time is very tight, battles between Gu Immortals are not just affected by training, there are also many situations that can occur in actual combat."

"Then give me some actual combat training!" Zhao Lian Yun shouted.

This time path super Gu formation was placed in Spirit Affinity House.

But everything inside was observed by Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court.

Fairy Zi Wei watched Zhao Lian Yun start her combat training as worry appeared on her face: "Lord Duke Long, do you really think that such training will allow Zhao Lian Yun to adapt to the battlefield? This is too rushed, her battle strength cannot be relied on."

Even though he drank half a kilogram of true dragon heavenly water, it only managed to save Duke Long's life, barely.

He was still very old and weak.

Right now, he was sitting in front of Fairy Zi Wei, there was a chessboard between them.

This chessboard had a huge origin, it was an Immortal Gu House personally created by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable — Star Constellation Chessboard, it most excelled in wisdom path deductions, it was the number one wisdom path Immortal Gu House!

Fairy Zi Wei was not qualified enough, but after Duke Long woke up, he immediately took out this legendary Immortal Gu House from Heavenly Court's treasury and gave it to Fairy Zi Wei, allowing her deduction capability to reach a terrifying level.

Hearing Fairy Zi Wei's doubts, Duke Long smiled lightly: "We cannot depend on Zhao Lian Yun, but I am not depending on her anyway."

Fairy Zi Wei's gaze shined: "Lord Duke Long is counting on love Gu."

"That's right." Duke Long nodded: "Love Gu is very unique, even among rank nine Immortal Gu, it is extremely special. Most Immortal Gu have only one effect, one type of ability. But love Gu is the opposite, it can unleash all sorts of effects and expend a variety of resources beyond immortal essence. Most importantly, the power of love can resist fate and luck."

"Resist fate and luck?" Fairy Zi Wei muttered, slightly shocked.

"That's right, love can resist fate to an extent. If not for that, how could Red Lotus Demon Venerable damage fate Immortal Gu back then?" Duke Long exposed some shocking secrets, when he mentioned Red Lotus Demon Venerable, he had a solemn tone and complex expression.

Fairy Zi Wei was slightly shocked: "What? Back then, did Red, Red Lotus Demon Venerable obtain the acknowledgement of love Gu as well?"

"Precisely." Duke Long confirmed this: "Red Lotus was not an otherworldly demon, how could he have damaged Fate. It was because love Immortal Gu was with him, allowing him to damage fate Immortal Gu in the end."

"After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Zombie Alliance was wiped out, only a few Shadow Sect members are left, and Spectral Soul is trapped inside the giant dream realm. So many fate escapees have been destroyed, this allowed the repairing of fate Immortal Gu to be much easier than before."

Speaking until this point, Duke Long needed to catch his breath, after resting for a while, he continued: "However, even if fate Immortal Gu is repaired completely, our Heavenly Court cannot regain its former glory."

"This… is because of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable?" Fairy Zi Wei deduced and got an answer immediately.

Duke Long breathed in deeply: "Yes, because after Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, luck path appeared in the five regions. In the past, Fate was unchangeable, as long as we repaired fate, Heavenly Court would return to the apex again. But now, we have luck path. Fate is certain while luck is uncertain, good luck is a positive uncertainty for oneself while bad luck is a negative uncertainty for oneself."

"Even if we repair fate Immortal Gu completely, we can only control certainty, we cannot control the uncertainty. Only by controlling luck path as well, can we allow Heavenly Court to rule the five regions and two heavens completely."

"Thus, Lord Duke Long, you gave an order to gather elite Gu Immortals of all ten great ancient sects to go to Northern Plains, in order to snatch fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu. If we get Fortune Rivalling Heaven, will Heavenly Court be able to control luck?" Fairy Zi Wei asked.

Duke Long nodded before shaking his head: "Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's entire life of cultivation had three stages, self luck, all living being's luck, and heaven and earth luck. Fortune Rivalling Heaven is the apex of all living being's luck. Its true effect is to allow the possessor to continuously absorb the luck of all lifeforms around them."

"Like right now, looking at Ma Hong Yun, fortune rivalling heaven Gu's effect is related to the people near him. It continues to absorb their luck, collecting them on Ma Hong Yun, that is why Xue Hu and Lady Wan Shou continue to fail. Especially in refining a rank eight Immortal Gu, the chances are simply too low."

"Fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu might be rank eight, but it actually has quasi-rank nine power. With enough time, and if the affected individuals have enough luck, fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu would be able to absorb even more luck and gather it into one person. This is also why Giant Sun Immortal Venerable named it Fortune Rivalling Heaven. The meaning was: by absorbing the luck of all living beings, and gathering it into one person, supreme luck that rivals heaven and earth would be born!"

"So that's it." Hearing Duke Long's detailed explanation, Fairy Zi Wei had a realization.

Even though Duke Long was from the Olden Antiquity Era, over the process of his hibernation, he had woken up several times, he knew many precious lost secrets.

Duke Long continued: "If we can obtain Fortune Rivalling Heaven now, we would gain the accumulations in cultivation of half of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's life."

"In the future, if we have the chance, we can search for heaven and earth luck and self luck, to control all of these luck path Immortal Gu, including Fortune Rivalling Heaven."

"When fate Gu is repaired, Heavenly Court will reign supreme in the world."

"If we have a chance to go further and refine the luck path Immortal Gu with fate Immortal Gu, we might be able to create the legendary rank ten Immortal Gu — Destiny! By then, Heavenly Court will understand the complete profundity of heaven's will, we will act in the capacity of heaven, we will become the eternal rulers of the universe!!"

Duke Long spoke softly, but towards the end, his eyes were shining, he showed a fanatical and heated gaze.

"Rank ten Immortal Gu?" Even a Gu Immortal at Fairy Zi Wei's level was tongue-tied upon hearing such secrets.

"Above rank nine, there really is rank ten realm?" Fairy Zi Wei asked in complete shock and disbelief.


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