Reverend Insanity
1232 Body Refinemen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1232 Body Refinemen

"However, the mortal Gu for unravel dream were expended greatly. Right now, I can use less than ten unravel dreams."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan frowned lightly.

This was a problem.

Unravel dream was very effective, but the expenditure of dream path mortal Gu was huge.

And because these dream path mortal Gu were all refined by Fang Yuan solely, he could not raise their production.

Give these dream path Gu recipes to Lang Ya Sect and get the hairy man Gu Immortals to refine Gu for him?

Fang Yuan did not even consider this.

At this time period, the value of these dream path mortal Gu was higher than Immortal Gu!

Of course, Fang Yuan believed that Lang Ya land spirit could afford to pay this, but there was no absolute secret in this world, if it was exposed, the impact would be too big.

Fang Yuan was at the peak of the five regions in terms of dream realm exploration, if these dream path mortal Gu recipes were known to others, his advantage would be gone.

This was what Fang Yuan did not want to see.

Thus, he would rather refine them himself, even though the production was lower, he had to keep it strictly to himself. As long as he did not expose it, who would know?

"I cannot get others to help, but I can make use of things like spring dream fruit trees to raise the efficiency of my dream path mortal Gu refinement." Fang Yuan thought of the spring dream fruit tree again.

Spring dream fruit trees were a very special type of plant.

It existed in dreams and did not have solid form. But it needed a real living tree as its foundation to survive.

Fang Yuan knew of one spring dream fruit tree, it was at the base of a nameless mountain in Central Continent.

This volcano erupted every several hundred years, the large amounts of volcanic ash created fertile soil in the surroundings. Thus, many people lived there.

Fang Yuan had once harvested the fruits of this spring dream fruit tree, they helped him greatly.

But Fang Yuan could not transplant this spring dream fruit tree.

The spring dream fruit tree at the base of the volcano was residing with a thousand year fire date tree. If Fang Yuan moved it, the spring dream fruit tree would be destroyed.

And Central Continent was a lions' den to Fang Yuan now, he could not go there.

Familiar face could allow him to disguise himself, but he could not avoid wisdom path Gu Immortals' deductions. Dark limit Immortal Gu could help him, but it was only rank six, that was not enough.

Fang Yuan could not solve this problem currently, it was out of his abilities.

And he also could not find a second spring dream fruit tree, he had no such methods, he could only give up.

After resting for a while, Fang Yuan did not rush into the dream realm.

He needed to deduce the eighth scene.

He was a wisdom path grandmaster, deducing things in advance could help him to explore the dream realm.

This was his advantage, he obviously made use of it.

In terms of wisdom path, he did not lack attainment level, but Immortal Gu instead. Unravel Mystery was his only wisdom path Immortal Gu, it was alone without any accompanying wisdom path killer moves, thus, Unravel Mystery had little use.

Right now, Fang Yuan was barely making use of it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In terms of wisdom path, he was not focusing on developing it currently, so Fang Yuan was keeping things in this state.

Deductions were not just for dream realm, but also Fang Yuan's current environment and situation.

"If I guessed correctly, Ba clan is my biggest enemy. Earlier, they looked for many ways to find trouble with me but I solved it all, now it seems that they want to observe on the sidelines."

Ba clan's passive state was making Fang Yuan feel wary.

If they did not do anything, Fang Yuan would not know what they were thinking, preparing, or scheming. If they took action, Fang Yuan could sense their plan and deal with it, resolving whatever problems they sent to him.

"All in all, the situation is quite good, Wu Yi Hai's identity is really useful now."

"The weakness of the immortal opportunity business was no longer an issue after my arrangement, it became a scheme displayed right in front of me. Maybe I can trap some stupid Gu Immortals?"

After all, wisdom path Gu Immortals were few in numbers.

Even if there were wisdom path Gu Immortals, they might not be righteous, if they did not know the rules of the righteous path, it was impossible.

As for Wu An or Wu Liao, they were doing their work properly, Fang Yuan did not have to bother with them.

Wu Liao had come to report some matters to Fang Yuan earlier, but Fang Yuan was determined to leave the work to them, he said that he was not to be bothered unless there were major matters.

Wu Liao was extremely disappointed, thinking that Fang Yuan was the same as the previous rank seven, his attitude towards Fang Yuan turned cold.

Fang Yuan sensed this easily but ignored it.

This giant dream realm was expanding slowly at all times.

When Fang Yuan secretly explored it, the dream realm would shrink, but to the entire dream realm, it was just a small portion, it only would slow down the speed of the dream realm's expansion.

He could easily conceal it.

Those demonic path and lone immortals who explored the dream realm through the immortal opportunity business were Fang Yuan's greatest concealment.

These people usually met with difficulties in the dream realm, but there were one or two of them who could bring out dream path materials even though they failed the exploration.

These dream path materials could naturally refine dream path Gu worms.

These Gu Immortals treated them like treasure, even though only a small number had gains, the remaining Gu Immortals were extremely excited.

The righteous path clans were also secretly purchasing the Gu materials from these Gu Immortals.

Wu clan was no exception.

However, the Gu Immortals who gained dream path Gu materials rarely chose to sell them, they kept them as valuables.

Wu clan only purchased around ten Gu materials, Fang Yuan did not dare to touch these materials, Wu clan was keeping a close eye on them.

After resting for a while, Fang Yuan went into the dream realm.

It was not the giant dream realm, but his own dream.

To get dream path Gu materials, one's own dream realm was the best and safest option.

Unfortunately, these Gu Immortals did not know that.

Southern Border, Bai Xiang grotto-heaven.

At the center of a huge Gu formation, Bai Ning Bing sat down with difficulty.

Bai Xiang heavenly spirit was in the air, manipulating the Gu formation.

The Gu formation operated silently, multi-colored lights were flickering from time to time, gathering in a stream, or splitting up like flowers, flying around aimlessly.

Bai Ning Bing had a pale expression, but his aura was much more stable than before.

This was because the Gu formation was enduring a portion of the pressure for him. He used his body to contain the raging wave rising dragon fire, it was truly too reckless, his life was on the line.

"Next is the most important step, we will target the raging wave rising dragon fire in your body!" Bai Xiang heavenly spirit had a solemn expression: "Young master, you need to persevere and be completely focused, you need to coordinate with the Gu formation and suppress the raging wave rising dragon fire. The entire process will take forty-nine days. During that period, you will not get any rest, if I do not say stop, it would not have ended yet. Even at the final moment, if you lose concentration, you will die for sure."

Bai Ning Bing's eyes were seeing stars, he felt dizzy, almost unable to sit properly.

In this situation, not to mention forty-nine days, he would not even last half a day.

In this critical junction, his lips curled up, he was smiling.

"Hehehe, this is so fun."

"According to my current condition, this is an impossible task…"

"This can test the true limits of my body."

"Even if I die like this, it is very interesting!"

His body was tired, but he was very energetic in his mind.

Breathing in deeply, Bai Ning Bing called out to Bai Xiang heavenly spirit: "Why are you waiting, aren't you going to start?"

Bai Xiang heavenly spirit smiled as he thought: "I had waited so long for this young master to arrive, he seems to be quite capable, he has no fear towards death."

Thinking so, Bai Xiang heavenly spirit activated the Gu formation.


At the next moment, brilliant lights burst out of the Gu formation, spreading over the entire place.

"Ah—!" Bai Ning Bing screamed as he raised his head.

A huge flame burst out of his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

Raging flames spread over his body, turning Bai Ning Bing into a human shaped fire pillar.

Pain, pain, pain!

Bai Ning Bing was someone who would not frown even if he was heavily injured, but now, he had no such composure, he screamed loudly in pain.

Simply because the pain was too intense, he had to do this to vent the anguish.

Bai Ning Bing was originally expecting the pain of a burning fire. But in fact, it was not like this.

While screaming, he realized something: This humans alike dragons Gu refinement method not only targeted the raging wave rising dragon fire but Bai Ning Bing himself. Be it his body or soul, or the dao marks in his body, they were all melted and separated under the humans alike dragons Gu refinement method.

This was the same as processing Bai Ning Bing as an immortal material, the pain was simply too immense to describe.

"Hang on, hang on!" Bai Xiang heavenly spirit screamed anxiously.

Bai Ning Bing's eyes already had turned over to show the whites, the intense pain sent him into despair, he was in a state of being close to unconsciousness.

If he fainted, at that very moment, he would be burnt to a crisp by the raging dragon fire!

Northern Plains, Snowy Mountain first peak.

Ma Hong Yun was also screaming.

"Ahhhh!" The veins on his neck were popping.

Intense lightning danced in his body, Ma Hong Yun's body was shaking intensely, he seemed to be spasming or dancing frantically.

After a moment, the lightning faded, as Ma Hong Yun breathed roughly with sweat pouring out of his pores, he did not have any strength left.

"Failed again?" Lady Wan Shou frowned, feeling slightly angry.

Ma Hong Yun had already been lightning refined countless times, even though he suffered each time, he did not lack any limbs, he was still intact. Furthermore, his cultivation level had risen to rank five peak stage.

This made Lady Wan Shou speechless.


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