Reverend Insanity
1228 Duke Long
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1228 Duke Long

Bai Ning Bing knew that a land spirit or heavenly spirit was formed by the Gu Immortal's obsession fused with the immortal aperture's heavenly power, it was a mystical existence.

Because of the obsession, land spirits and heavenly spirits had an ownership acknowledgement requirement, and they could not lie.

But although land spirits and heavenly spirits could not lie, that did not mean they could not spout nonsense.

If land spirits or heavenly spirits obtain wrong information, but they think it is real, when they say it, it is not a lie.

Bai Xiang heavenly spirit's words were quite unbelievable.

Bo Qing was Bo Qing because he was a type of person rarely seen in human history.

What was Bo Qing's title?

The pseudo-Immortal Venerable who split the five regions with his sword, it was fortunate for the people in the world that love changed him!

He was publicly recognized by all Gu Immortals across different eras that he was at a level second to only rank nine Gu Venerables.

Such a person was extremely dazzling, like the moon in the night sky, even over the span of history with countless geniuses. If this Duke Long was a great expert at the level of Bo Qing, how could he not be in historical records?

Bai Ning Bing was full of doubts.

But at this time, Bai Xiang heavenly spirit did not answer his doubts, he asked: "Young master, your life is in great danger. We can only use the humans alike dragons Gu refinement method to turn yourself into a dragonman and resolve your crisis."

"However, this method is rather dangerous."

Bai Xiang heavenly spirit said this as he frowned, sighing as he said: "You must know that Gu refinement has very strict requirements towards the materials. A proficient refinement path expert would consider all of the dao marks that were inside each Gu material."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"And the humans alike dragons Gu refinement method uses the Gu Immortal themselves as the immortal material. But immortal materials like these vary from person to person. Every Gu Immortal has different number of dao marks of differing paths. Thus, this Gu refinement method has a low chance of success."

"If young master had the Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance Physique, or if you cultivated transformation path or refinement path, there is a greater chance. But you are on the other extreme, being the Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique!"

"Sigh… if you use this method, the chance of surviving is extremely minute. During the Gu refinement process, all of your dao marks will be affected. Young master, all of the ice and snow path dao marks in your body might vanish completely."

Bai Ning Bing's eyes shined brightly instead!

"My ice and snow path dao marks will vanish, does that mean the information path alliance agreement on me, and the transformation path dao marks, will also vanish?"

He was very stirred up.

All along, what troubled him most were the transformation path dao marks.

Back then, in Southern Border's Qing Mao Mountain, because of yin-yang rotation Gu, he turned from a guy to a girl. Now, once he used the phantom aperture, he would turn into a Gu Immortal, his transformation path dao marks would be suppressed and he would become a male again. If he did not use the phantom aperture and turned back to a mortal, his transformation path dao marks would turn him into a girl again.

Of course, the dao marks from Shadow Sect's information path alliance agreement were Bai Ning Bing's biggest restraint at the moment.

Was Bai Ning Bing someone who would submit to others?

All along, he merely had no methods or ways to break free.

"Use, this, method!" Bai Ning Bing did not hesitate, he struggled intensely and uttered three words.

Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

A female immortal was holding an information path Gu worm and inspecting it carefully.

She had a graceful figure with hair that extended to her waist, and was adorned in a beautiful purple robe. Her eyes were like deep pools, with a sense of sorrow shrouding her face.

It was the wisdom path great expert who replaced Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, the temporary leader of Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei!

She retracted her attention from the information path Gu worm as her lips curled into a smile.

"Love Gu actually acknowledged Zhao Lian Yun? Interesting."

Fairy Zi Wei was not surprised.

She knew many historical secrets, love Gu had never been reliable in history. In the past, it could acknowledge the inkman Mo Yao, and now, was it really that strange that it acknowledged the otherworldly demon Zhao Lian Yun?

"Spirit Affinity House's supreme elders cannot decide on this matter, so they are pushing the decision to me? They have gotten smarter."

Fairy Zi Wei sighed to herself.

Spirit Affinity House was not having a good time recently.

During the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Bo Qing, even though he was dead, had become an immortal zombie, playing a crucial role in that battle. Long ago, he had joined Spirit Affinity House as Sword Immortal Bo Qing. Bo Qing's sword lights rampaged over Central Continent, it caused great damage to Central Continent, the ten great ancient sects, and even Heavenly Court. After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain ended, Spirit Affinity House endured immense pressure because of it.

Whether they should make Zhao Lian Yun the current generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House, these Spirit Affinity House supreme elders could not decide. It was a hard decision regardless of whether they make her the fairy or not.

Pushing this difficult problem to Fairy Zi Wei, they could avoid the responsibility themselves.

Fairy Zi Wei did not feel angry about it.

Because she was from Spirit Affinity House in the past.

Fairy Zi Wei was once a Gu Immortal from Spirit Affinity House, because of her great talent, after she became rank eight, she was accepted into Heavenly Court.

Even though the ten great ancient sects were lower level sects of Heavenly Court, their relationship was not as simple as superiors and subordinates.

Because many Heavenly Court Gu Immortals did not forget their roots, the sect that they came from, when descendants from these sects enter Heavenly Court, they would become natural political allies of these Gu Immortals.

Thus, Fairy Zi Wei sided with Spirit Affinity House, and was willing to settle this problem for them.

In fact, she and Fairy Bai Qing had some bloodline relationship.

And Fairy Bai Qing was Feng Jin Huang's mother, and Feng Jin Huang was vying with Zhao Lian Yun for the position of fairy, neither would relent.

If Spirit Affinity House's supreme elders acknowledged Zhao Lian Yun, they would be denying Feng Jin Huang the position, thus, they gave this problem to Fairy Zi Wei and let her decide.

This problem was a small matter to Fairy Zi Wei.

She was about to use the information path Gu worm to reply when she suddenly felt a tremor.

This tremor was mild, Fairy Zi Wei almost thought that she was imagining things.

But soon, a tremor occurred again, at an even greater intensity than before.

Fairy Zi Wei stood up in shock.

She had to be shocked.

Because she was in Heavenly Court now, this was such an important place that was managed for countless years, the defense was extremely tight, how could tremors occur for no reason?

The tremors continued, this situation attracted the attention of many Gu Immortals.

Granny Sha stopped refining Gu, she had an expression of shock.

Wei Ling Yang walked out of his hall and looked around.

Fairy Zi Wei could not sit anymore, she left the hall and heard some dragon roars vaguely in the tremors.

The dragon roars were getting louder, Heavenly Court was shaking with even more intensity now.

Under Fairy Zi Wei's shocked gaze, a dragon shaped pillar of light soared to the sky from deep within Heavenly Court.

"That place, is that deep within the immortal graveyard?" Don't tell me, a senior has awakened?" Fairy Zi Wei frowned.

At this time, Granny Sha and Wei Ling Yang came to her.

"Such a scene inside the immortal graveyard, it must be a senior from Heavenly Court. But I wonder which one?" Granny Sha deduced.

Wei Ling Yang said: "The immortal graveyard is unfathomable and mysterious, even we do not know how many Gu Immortals are slumbering in it. But Heavenly Court has experienced such huge tremors, this person who woke up must be very extraordinary!"

Granny Sha nodded, she was also someone who had woken up from hibernation, but when she woke up, Heavenly Court was peaceful and quiet, without any commotion. It was a clear contrast to now.

Fairy Zi Wei breathed in deeply: "We'll know if we go and see."

The three immortals flew deep into the immortal graveyard, only to see a huge pit that had formed on the plain grassland.

Inside the pit, there was a withered and weak old man.

The old man saw the three Gu Immortals and quickly opened a slit of his eyes with much difficulty, saying weakly: "Water, water…"

Fairy Zi Wei quickly went ahead and used her healing methods.

Granny Sha and Wei Ling Yang looked at each other, the commotion was huge, but to think that this person was so weak when they saw him.

This was really surprising.

"My healing methods are not working." At this time, Fairy Zi Wei frowned as she spoke.

Wei Ling Yang quickly went ahead and used all his methods, but nothing was working on the old man.

Wei Ling Yang said solemnly: "Not good, this senior's body is very strange, my methods are not working. Senior's life force is dwindling, at this rate, he will die in less than a few minutes."

Fairy Zi Wei's eyes shined, she analyzed: "Earlier, senior said water, it must be a method to save him. Ordinary water would not work, then what water does he need?"

Granny Sha was a refinement path expert, she used her healing methods as she said: "There are three fires in this world, and also three waters. They are all rank nine immortal materials, Heavenly Court has stock of all of them, bring them here."

But the three types of water had no effect.

The old man could barely breathe, he was dying.

The three immortals were anxious, what should they do?"

Fairy Zi Wei suddenly pointed at the old man's head: "Senior's forehead had two protrusions, what are these rock-like things?"

Granny Sha was reminded as inspiration flashed in her mind: "I know what water it is!"

She took out the true dragon heavenly water, pouring this rank eight immortal material into the old man's mouth.

The old man obtained this water and his life force surged, his body started inflating, soon, his throat started moving, he had the strength to drink this water himself.

The result was immediate!

The three immortals were overjoyed.

After the old man drank five hundred grams of true dragon heavenly water, he pushed Granny Sha's hands away.

Granny Sha understood and stopped feeding him.

The old man stood up shakily.

He was different from before.

His dry skin had been puffed up, his entire facial shape had changed, he no longer looked like a skeleton.

He opened his aged eyes as he looked at the three immortals, sighing: "This is the last time I can awaken, true dragon heavenly water is not effective now, five hundred grams is enough, any more is a waste. I sensed that someone was using the humans alike dragons Gu refinement method, I can smell traces of fate, I had no choice but to wake up."

"You, you are Duke Long?!" Fairy Zi Wei stared with wide opened eyes, tongue-tied.

"That would be me."


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