Reverend Insanity
1221 Love Comes!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1221 Love Comes!

Hearing that his 'brother' was arranging for him to claim Immortal Gu from the treasury, Fang Yuan smiled.

In his case, he did not lack Immortal Gu. Forget about rank six Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan even had many rank seven Immortal Gu. As for rank eight, Fang Yuan had attitude Gu, years flow like water Immortal Gu, and wisdom sword Immortal Gu. Right now, the most important one was attitude Gu. Wisdom sword Immortal Gu needed rank eight immortal essence, while Years Flow Like Water had a huge drawback of attracting immemorial year beasts.

But in terms of numbers, Fang Yuan had more rank eight Immortal Gu than Wu Yong.

He even had rank nine wisdom Gu.

Although, strictly speaking, wisdom Gu did not belong to Fang Yuan.

Inside Wu clan's treasury, there were indeed many useful or powerful Immortal Gu, and there was a high chance that many Immortal Gu suited Fang Yuan's needs.

But deep down, Fang Yuan clearly understood — At this juncture, there was one thing that he needed the most.

Dream realm!

As long as he could enter the dream realm, Fang Yuan could use unravel dream to rapidly raise his attainment levels.

When his attainment levels rise, he would be able to annex more immortal apertures.

Unlike now, he was restricted by his attainment levels, he could not annex many blessed lands.

There were relatively few Gu Immortals.

In a single region, there were merely several hundred Gu Immortals, most of them were rank six, few were rank seven, and rank eight Gu Immortals were usually the ones at the peak.

Among these Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan could only annex some of the rank six and seven immortal apertures. And among these, only those which he had suitable attainment levels could be annexed. He could not go to Central Continent. As for the other four regions, there were many Gu Immortals that Fang Yuan could not touch. Like those with close relationships to rank eight Gu Immortals, or those who were hard to find, or people like Feng Jiu Ge and Shi Lei.

Therefore, at the end of the day, Fang Yuan did not have many immortal apertures to annex.

Earlier, he could annex a lot and raise his cultivation level, on one hand, it was Fang Yuan's accumulation, he had killed many Gu Immortals and obtained a lot of information, but on the other hand, Fang Yuan had sufficient luck.

Raising his attainment levels in all the different paths had great benefits for Fang Yuan.

It increased the range of his choices drastically.

He would be able to annex even more immortal apertures.

"Earlier, I annexed immortal apertures and raised my cultivation level from rank six to seven. But after reaching rank seven, annexing rank six immortal apertures to skip calamities and tribulations has a far smaller effect."

"My cultivation level is rising at an unavoidably slower speed. But after raising my attainment levels in different paths, my rank seven cultivation level would start to climb up rapidly again. The speed would not be as fast as before, after all, rank seven immortal apertures are very rare, but compared to normal cultivation, it is still extremely shocking!"

Of course, Fang Yuan could not estimate the actual speed.

Because it depended on the situation.

If he was lucky enough, he would be able to annex many rank seven blessed lands at once. With enough of them, he would rise to rank eight, it was not impossible.

This was the power of the sovereign immortal aperture.

Spectral Soul had spent a hundred thousand years, sacrificing Shadow Sect and Zombie Alliance to create this Immortal Gu, there was good reason for it.

For ordinary Gu Immortals, this cultivation method was impossible.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"However, there are not many rank seven blessed lands even if I add up all five regions, I can forget about advancing to rank eight for now."

Fang Yuan thought about it, the chances of becoming rank eight immediately were too slim.

He had a clear mind.

Fang Yuan was not overly greedy, he knew what was important, and what was less of a concern.

Thus, facing Wu Yong, he said: "I do not need to go to the treasury, I know what I want."

"Oh?" Wu Yong was surprised.

Next, Fang Yuan said the names of two Immortal Gu, one was rank six, the other was rank seven.

Wu Yong was even more surprised now, he looked at Fang Yuan deeply, having understood what he wanted. But he still pretended to be unaware: "These two Immortal Gu are part of the super Gu formation, they have been used already to encircle that giant dream realm. Are you sure you want them?"

Fang Yuan nodded without any hesitation, showing that he had made his decision.

In order to create the super Gu formation and protect the dream realm, the righteous path forces in Southern Border had contributed both manpower and resources. Wu clan put in six Immortal Gu, there was no need to conceal this information.

Fang Yuan had learned about it from Qiao clan's Gu Immortals.

As for why he chose these two Immortal Gu, it was because they were extremely crucial to the operations of the super Gu formation.

One could say, if Fang Yuan became the owner of these Immortal Gu, he would have the biggest say in the super Gu formation.

Fang Yuan continued to speak earnestly: "Brother, you have been in the clan since your were born, you have the support of Southern Border's strongest super force. But I am different, I grew up in Eastern Sea without anyone's help. I am a lone cultivator, you have never been a lone cultivator, you will not know our pain."

"Therefore, this time, I thought of coming to Southern Border, to join Wu clan, I do not want to go back to Eastern Sea anymore."

"I admit that I have my ambitions, but which Gu Immortal has no ambition?"

"Brother, I will speak the truth. You are a rank eight Gu Immortal, you have rank eight Immortal Gu, you are the first supreme elder of Wu clan, you live freely in Wu clan. As for me, I came from Eastern Sea, I only have rank seven cultivation level, I have some transformation path methods, but how can I compete against you? I have never thought of fighting with you."

"I merely want my cultivation journey to continue. Qiao clan has an alliance agreement with me, therefore they supported me to come here. I was forced to, without Qiao clan's help, I could not even attend mother's funeral."

"But I am still a Wu clansman, Wu clan's bloodline flows within me. My mother might have left me when I was a baby, but she had asked me to return in her final days. No matter what she thinks, she is still my birth mother all along."

"These last few days, I have been thinking, the dream realm's location is where I want to go. I am willing to leave Wu clan and cultivate there forever. All I want is some support from the clan, so that I would not be without cultivation resources. That way, I will be satisfied."

Fang Yuan spoke with sincerely, it was a moving speech.

Towards the end, his eyes even turned red, he bowed deeply to Wu Yong.

Wu Yong was moved.

He left his seat, going towards Fang Yuan and grabbing his shoulders.

"My brother!" He spoke, his voice was trembling, his expression was agitated.

"You are my younger brother, we have the same mother."

"I understand your intentions. I understand your hardships, and I am glad that you understand my difficulties."

"Since that is so, I will agree to your request. Do not forget what you said today!"

"Elder brother!" Fang Yuan choked, tears falling down from the corners of his eyes: "I will not forget today's words! Brother is granting my wish, I will support you fully. In the future, unless brother agrees, I will not act on my own and step into Wu clan's headquarters at all. I will also not interact with Wu clan's Gu Immortals excessively."

Wu Yong grabbed Fang Yuan's hands, patting the back of his hands: "You will not let me down, and I will not let you down!"

A moment later, Fang Yuan left the hall.

"Finally, I can go to the super Gu formation and openly explore the dream realm." The excitement in his heart could not be described to others.

Meanwhile, Wu Yong sat down on his seat, having a deep gaze in his eyes.

"My younger brother knows what's best for him, he is clear of the current situation. Not bad, not bad indeed."

"He did not mention the Immortal Gu inheritance at all, and even volunteered to leave Wu clan's headquarters. With his absence, I will be able to control the clan as rapidly as possible."

"The dream realm is also very useless. Current methods cannot excavate this mountain of treasures. As long as he guards the super Gu formation quietly, and cultivate in peace, without trying to gain authority in Wu clan, so what if I have to give him many more times the cultivation resources he is asking for?"

"The dream realm is like this now, but the future is not certain. After all, this is a prophecy regarding Great Dream Immortal Venerable… Hehe, speaking of which, my younger brother's ambitions are not small."

"However, just as he said, who has no ambitions? It is not scary to have ambitions, it is scary if your ambitions are so big you cannot recognize your own limits, and do something stupid beyond your abilities. For example, Qiao clan… hmph!"

Central Continent, Spirit Affinity House.

Zhao Lian Yun knelt on the ground like a statue.

The house in front of her was shut tight, there was no disturbance.

Feng Jin Huang no longer lived here.

Zhao Lian Yun knew this, but she still continued to kneel here.

Because she knew that this was her only hope! She had to grab onto it, because other than this, there were no other options.

At this moment, Zhao Lian Yun's legs were numb, she was so tired she felt dizzy, in her daze, memories of the past surfaced in her mind.

There was a grassland with budding wild flowers.

"This flower is for you, Lady Xiao Yun, they say that women love flowers." Ma Hong Yun brought a bunch of flowers with him as he stood in front of Zhao Lian Yun, smiling sheepishly.

"It stinks!" Zhao Lian Yun covered her nose, saying in disgust: "What flowers did you pick? These smelly fly flowers only grow on top of animal faeces. Take them away, take them away from me."

Ma Hong Yun was stunned, he answered: "Precisely because they grow on faeces, they are big and strong."

Zhao Lian Yun was rolling her eyes, she stepped on Ma Hong Yun's leg angrily: "Get lost! Fool! Why are you finding me flowers, you should think of how to please your young master! You idiot!!"

Ma Hong Yun was jumping from the pain, he said meekly: "I wanted to thank you, thanks for lying for me, otherwise, I would have been executed for stealing shoes."

Scenes of the past faded gradually, Zhao Lian Yun returned to the cold hard reality.

"Big fool!"

"But, what am I doing now, I seem like a fool too huh."

"To think that I, Zhao Lian Yun, would act so foolishly as well!"

"You always do foolish things, but the results always end up good. I am not you, but, this is the only thing that I can do… I am just a normal person."

Thinking of this, tears rolled down Zhao Lian Yun's eyes, the grief and agony in her heart could not be described with words.

At this time, in her blurry vision, she saw a Gu.

Rank nine —

Love Gu!

It was flying in front of Zhao Lian Yun.


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