Reverend Insanity
1220 Presence in Southern Border
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1220 Presence in Southern Border

Fang Yuan continued to say: "This supreme elder should have some status, and he needs to have a firm attitude! Because during this period, Wu Yong is likely to side with me, acting as if I am already confirmed to be his brother to deny this suggestion. Thus, the person we choose needs to be able to stand the pressure of a rank eight Gu Immortal!"

Qiao clan's first supreme elder shrugged: "This is too difficult. After all, Wu Yong is not only a rank eight Gu Immortal, he is also Wu clan's first supreme elder, he inherited Wu Du Xiu's Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan did not even turn around, he still looked outside.

His words turned cold and firm: "Don't tell me Qiao clan does not have such a person. If you don't, why do you have ambitions towards Wu clan? Just give up and sleep, you might have more success in your dreams. I, Wu Yi Hai, will not cooperate with such a clan!"

Qiao clan's first supreme elder was slightly stunned, he assessed Fang Yuan again.

From his angle, he could only see Fang Yuan's side view.

Outside the window, the rays of the setting sun shone on Fang Yuan's face, like a layer of blood.

Fang Yuan's expression was firm like steel, his blue eyes were brimming with life.

"This man… hehe, interesting. As expected of Wu Du Xiu's son." Qiao clan's first supreme elder sighed to himself internally, before agreeing: "We will go with your idea."

Even though Wu Du Xiu was dead, at her funeral, there was a peculiar and interesting scene.

Wu Du Xiu's illegitimate son from Eastern Sea, Wu Yi Hai, had appeared, wanting to pay respects to his mother.

All of the Gu Immortals from different forces watched quietly without interfering.

After all, these were Wu clan's internal affairs.

Among them, many Gu Immortals could see some things beyond the surface.

But when Wu clan's third supreme elder, Wu Qiao, spoke, multiple gazes landed on him.

Wu Qiao seemed unfazed, showing an attitude of being impartial and upright. He was Wu clan's third supreme elder!

Qiao clan could infiltrate Wu clan to this extent, Fang Yuan was shocked.

Of course, he was one of the parties involved, he knew more and had clearer judgment. People not in the know, without knowing the reasons behind this, would not be able to tell what Wu Qiao's stance was.

Was he siding with Wu clan or Qiao clan?

Even though Wu Yong noticed this possibility, he could not ascertain the facts.

Wu Yong spoke: "Alright, we will hold the acknowledgement of my brother's heritage here at my mother's funeral. I am sure that my mother would be very glad to see this happen."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He did not rebuke them, he directly agreed to it.

Fang Yuan looked at Wu Yong deeply, this person was not simple!

Qiao clan's first supreme elder was also slightly surprised by Wu Yong's reaction, his evaluation of Wu Yong rose by a level.

Evidently, Wu Yong had noticed that he could not stop Fang Yuan from the acknowledgement of his heritage. If he continued to reject it, he would lose his reputation and image, he might as well agree and allow this matter.

"All of the immortals here can bear witness to it, bring the Immortal Gu!" Third supreme elder Wu Qiao stood up, he needed to be the host of this event, to prevent Wu Yong and the rest from tampering with it.

Soon, Wu clan brought the Immortal Gu.

Wu Qiao stood before Fang Yuan, holding an Immortal Gu in his hand, saying: "This is a rank seven blood path Immortal Gu, Bloodline, my Wu clan obtained it from killing a blood path demonic immortal, it is our trophy of victory, it can be used to certify second young master's identity."

As he said this, the Gu Immortals present internally rolled their eyes.

Blood path was not tolerated, it was too dangerous.

But the truth was, every righteous path force was secretly researching it. Because blood path could increase one's battle strength the quickest.

Evidently, this bloodline Immortal Gu was the product of Wu clan's research, but they called it their loot from battle.

"Second young master, please provide a drop of blood!" Wu Qiao said.

Fang Yuan was tense.

It was a rank seven blood path Immortal Gu!

This was out of his expectations.

A drop of blood was different from examining his body, it was hard to tamper with.

Under everyone's supervision, Fang Yuan followed what he said and squeezed out a drop of blood to Wu Qiao.

Wu Qiao used the Immortal Gu and aimed towards the blood in his hand, as a dark red light shone.

There were no issues.

Fang Yuan let out a sigh of relief.

"Thankfully, blood asset Immortal Gu recovered, and I added it into familiar face to disguise my bloodline. Last time, I deceived measures in Hei Fan's true inheritance, while this time, I got past the rank seven blood path Immortal Gu Bloodline."

Thankfully, it was only rank seven, if it were rank eight, he might not be able to deceive it.

Fang Yuan was quite lucky in this aspect.

Of course, Wu clan was not going to be so wasteful as to raise a blood path Immortal Gu to rank eight.

Refining a rank eight Immortal Gu had too high of a cost, it could dry up a super force's assets without assurance of success.

But this was not all.

Next, Wu Qiao asked Fang Yuan many crucial questions.

Some of these questions, Fang Yuan knew the answers, while some he did not, he answered honestly.

Among the questions, some were traps, events that had never happened were used to trick him.

But Fang Yuan had searched Wu Yi Hai's soul, he could deal with these questions.

The true danger was the rank seven Immortal Gu Bloodline, he had already passed that, there was little difficulty left.

Hundreds of questions were asked, Wu Qiao was still expressionless.

But the other Wu clan supreme elders nodded, some of them were smiling, looking at Fang Yuan, showing that he had already passed the test.

"Actually, we also had to inspect your soul and bones, but Lady Wu Du Xiu has passed away, we will skip that." Wu Qiao said, making Fang Yuan feel extremely glad.

Thankfully, he was not greedy regarding those rank eight Immortal Gu.

If he was questioned by her in person, his soul path and bone path methods were not impressive, there was a high chance of him showing a flaw.

"I heard that when Wu Du Xiu died, her body turned into specks of light, none of her body remained. Even her hair and other things left behind had dissipated as well. She really died completely without leaving a trace, it is a good death!" Fang Yuan was overjoyed at his luck.

Next, Wu Qiao reported his findings to Wu Yong.

Needless to say, everyone had already seen the result.

Wu Yong nodded, while the other Wu clan supreme elders also agreed.

Thus, Wu Qiao took out life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu, asking Fang Yuan to refine them. These Gu worms would be left in Wu clan's ancestral hall, they were the symbol of Fang Yuan's acknowledgement into the clan.

After all this, Fang Yuan had finally used Wu Yi Hai's identity to step into Southern Border's Gu Immortal world.

After paying respects to Wu Du Xiu, Fang Yuan cried profusely, showing off a fantastic performance with incredible acting.

As it was now Wu Du Xiu's funeral, Wu clan could not hold a banquet. But after the ceremony ended, Fang Yuan interacted with many Wu clan Gu Immortals, even though they only drank tea and talked for a while, Fang Yuan benefited greatly.

Of course, Gu Immortals asked to spar with Fang Yuan, but he rejected them all.

His status was very high now!

He had rank seven cultivation level, he was the brother of Wu clan's first supreme elder, the rank eight Gu Immortal Wu Yong.

Even though these brothers were of separate minds, on the surface, it seemed that their bloodline bonded them together.

Seven days later, the funeral ended, Fang Yuan stood beside the Wu clan Gu Immortals, sending off the guests who came, like he was an important part of the clan.

These Southern Border Gu Immortals remembered Fang Yuan well.

Many of them listed him as someone they could not trifle with, not because of Fang Yuan's cultivation level, but because he was blood related to Wu Yong.

Wu Yi Hai's name spread in Southern Border. Even though it could not be said that everyone knew about it, he was not far off.

Three days later.

Dawn, the sun rose slowly in the sky.

Fang Yuan was standing on the peak of Bear Mountain, quietly looking at the beautiful sunrise.

After the acknowledgement of his heritage, he was assigned by Wu clan to live on this Bear Mountain.

This was not within the blessed land serving as Wu clan's base, Fang Yuan claimed that he wanted to live outside as well. Bear Mountain was a well known place, there were large numbers of wild beasts on this mountain, all sorts of bears were living here.

Wu clan directly gave this mountain to Fang Yuan, from now on, this was Wu Yi Hai's territory.

But Wu clan did not assign Fang Yuan any relevant roles.

Wu clan's Gu Immortals were all supreme elders, Wu Yong was the first supreme elder, followed by the second supreme elder, third supreme elder, and so on. They had different positions, and differing authority and power.

In this aspect, Qiao clan's first supreme elder was very anxious and concerned about it.

Because Qiao clan helped Fang Yuan in order to get him to become an authoritative figure among the higher-ups of Wu clan. So that he could contest for Qiao clan's benefits.

For this purpose, Qiao clan needed Fang Yuan to gain more power in Wu clan, that way, he could speak up for Qiao clan and make firm decisions.

Qiao clan's help was not for free, Fang Yuan had already made alliance agreements with Qiao clan's first supreme elder secretly.

But Fang Yuan was not in a rush.

He pretended to look at the sunrise, but he was actually thinking about the giant dream realm.

He had already obtained his righteous path identity, how could he enter the super Gu formation openly now, and use the giant dream realm to raise his attainment level?

Fang Yuan was thinking of this problem, when an information path Immortal Gu flew towards him, bringing Wu Yong's summons.

Right now, Fang Yuan had perfectly assimilated into the clan, the process was seen by countless Gu Immortals in Southern Border, Wu Yong could not harm his life anymore.

The ship had set sail, it was far too late now.

Especially when he was inside Wu clan's territory, Wu Yong needed to protect this 'younger brother' of his.

Fang Yuan followed the instructions of the information path Immortal Gu and met with Wu Yong in a hall.

Wu Yong said: "You are my younger brother, you have just returned to the clan. According to our clan rules, every newly advanced rank six Gu Immortal may pick a rank six Immortal Gu. After becoming rank seven, they may pick a rank seven Immortal Gu. Bring along this information path Immortal Gu with you and go to the clan's treasury to choose your two Immortal Gu."


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