Reverend Insanity
1209 Looting Another Place
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1209 Looting Another Place


A figure flew in the sky, tearing across space as a shrill sound could be heard.

It was Fang Yuan.

Right now, he was still in the ancient sword dragon form, he was using sword escape Immortal Gu and flying rapidly.

This speed was terrifying!

Back then when he killed Ye Lui Qun Xing, almost none of the Gu Immortals managed to react.

Of course, his burst of speed at that time was shocking! But now, Fang Yuan was traveling a long journey, his speed was lower now, compared to his peak burst of speed.

Even so, he was very fast.

"My speed is top tier even in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world. Of course, I cannot compare to Hui Feng Zi. Chu Du's body strength travel is far below me now."

Hui Feng Zi was most skilled in speed, he was known as the fastest person in Northern Plains. Disregarding any hidden cultivators, Hui Feng Zi was truly worthy of this. Because there was once a rank eight Gu Immortal who chased him but failed to capture him.

Fang Yuan was still far inferior compared to him.

This was the case for both straight distance travel and nimbleness.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But Chu Du's body strength travel had indeed been faster than Fang Yuan's sword escape Immortal Gu in terms of straight distance travel.

Now, Fang Yuan turned into the ancient sword dragon, his original flying speed with his dao mark amplification caused Fang Yuan's speed to surpass Chu Du.

Not to mention that Chu Du's immortal killer move, body strength travel, had a major flaw, it could only fly straight, it could not turn and had low nimbleness.

"If compared to rank eight Gu Immortals, how would I fare?" Fang Yuan had a question in his mind.

Immediately, he shook his head.

Rank eight Gu Immortals were all unfathomable, if they wanted to pursue Fang Yuan, he would be in danger. His initial burst of speed might surpass them and pull some distance, but in a long distance chase, he would definitely become slower.

And pursuing methods were not just about speed. Rank eight Gu Immortals had a wide variety of methods, they could do other things like Gu formations, teleportation, long range attacks and others.

"I have just destroyed Liu tribe's Bone Burial Field, and even killed an enslavement path Gu Immortal of Liu tribe, Liu Yong. When he was alive, he had already informed his tribe, as a super force, Liu tribe will definitely send Gu Immortals to pursue me."

"However, Liu tribe's available fighters are all at the blood battle martial competition. The remaining Gu Immortals are at the resource points, or have missions to attend to, it is not easy to send people out, especially people who are able to deal with the expert Liu Guan Yi, time is needed."

"After they get to Bone Burial Field, they will still need some time to chase me. They would not think that instead of retreating, I actually went to the southeast direction and plan to rob the jade light pit next. In this case, these Liu tribe pursuers might waste even more time."

"With all this wasted time, I can definitely devour the whole of jade light pit."

Fang Yuan had been collecting information about the outside world while he was cultivating.

Liu tribe was big and eye-catching, a lot of their resource points in the outside world were known to all. Sometimes, in order to display their own strength and foundation, Liu tribe's Gu Immortals would expose intel about these places themselves. For example, the Bone Burial Field's production of mortal Gu, and how many profits they derived.

Fang Yuan had been very interested in Liu tribe's jade light pit.

Because of attitude Gu.

To feed attitude Gu, he needed a vast number of flowing light fruits.

The higher the rank of the Immortal Gu, the longer the interval of feeding, and the greater amount eaten each time.

Fang Yuan had already bought a lot of flowing light fruits in treasure yellow heaven earlier, he had planted them in sovereign blessed land, using fruits to bring about more fruits.

Right now, he needed huge amounts of dazzling light Gu between his flowing light fruits to increase the amount of light. With intense light, brand new flowing light fruits would form.

This method was not only efficient, it was simple and easy for Fang Yuan to control.

And inside the jade light pit, there were all sorts of light Gu. For example, jade light Gu, reflect light Gu, borrow light Gu, return light Gu, all sorts of colored light Gu, like blue light Gu, red light Gu, black light Gu, and others. Dazzling light Gu was one of them.

Fang Yuan raced against time, right now, they were already alerted, his time was very precious.

"There is a cloud layer in front." Joy flashed across the ancient sword dragon's eyes.

At this time, he was already near the jade light pit, a huge cloud layer was able to conceal Fang Yuan's traces.

"I am quite lucky, to think there was a cloud layer here. If the Liu tribe Gu Immortal defending the jade light pit is careless, I might even be able to sneak attack!"

Fang Yuan carried anticipation as he rushed into the cloud layer.

The thickness of the cloud layer completely concealed the ancient sword dragon's body.

But the truth was not as nice as Fang Yuan had hoped.

In the jade light pit, Liu tribe Gu Immortal Liu Luo felt something, she stared with wide opened eyes: "An enemy!"

This Liu Luo was nearly two hundred years old, but she had the body of a young child, her eyes were watery and bright, her petite body was so cute and delicate, people would want to protect her.

She was the Liu tribe Gu Immortal guarding the jade light pit, she was very alert now.

All because of Liu Yong's report, all of Liu tribe's Gu Immortals were notified, they were all on guard.

The jade light pit's defensive Gu formation did not have any Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan's transformation, the ancient sword dragon, easily tore the defense and got in.

"It is Liu Guan Yi indeed, he did not escape, he is here to attack my jade light pit!" Seeing the ruthless ancient sword dragon, Liu Luo was furious and shocked.

"I cannot escape, my speed is not as fast as the ancient sword dragon."

"Thankfully I planted many seeds here! I can only persevere and wait for reinforcements."

"Brother, save me quickly…"

Liu Luo quickly analyzed, at the same time, she muttered as the ground of the jade light pit tore open, dozens of vines resembling dragons or pythons drilled out.

Next, countless trees expanded like jade umbrellas, becoming larger and larger until a huge forest was formed!

Liu Luo hid herself in the forest and vanished.

"It seems that they are on guard." Fang Yuan took a glance and saw Liu Luo, before she vanished from his perception.

"Rank six wood path… but this forest was meticulously created, it is quite troublesome to deal with." Fang Yuan was strong, but this was a tough nut to crack.

Because this forest was an immortal battlefield killer move.

Liu Luo was a rank six Gu Immortal, but she had an immortal battlefield killer move, this was atypical.

But Fang Yuan felt no surprise.

From Liu Yong's soul, he obtained a lot of information. Liu tribe had Liu Chang and Liu Luo, these two siblings, because of their father's protection, both of them became Gu Immortals.

Liu Chang was a rank seven Gu Immortal, his battle strength was not lower than Ye Lui Qun Xing. But this time, to get rid of the mud monster group in Liu tribe's great mud pit, he could not spare any time outside.

Liu Chang had great battle strength and status, especially when Liu tribe had no rank eight Gu Immortals.

Liu Chang doted on his little sister Liu Luo since a young age, he even gave her lifespan Gu.

This wood path battlefield killer move was obtained by Liu Chang for Liu Luo to have a strong trump card defending her.

Fang Yuan thought about it, he did not deal with this forest, he charged straight for the Gu worms in the pit.

Countless Gu worms were taken by him, kept into his immortal aperture.

Liu Luo watched with much fear, gritting her teeth. This Liu Guan Yi was robbing her in her face, this proud female immortal felt extremely humiliated and angry.

"This Liu Guan Yi is truly too daring!"

"He dared to kill my Liu tribe's Gu Immortals and even steal our cultivation resources!"

"It is a pity I do not have enough strength, otherwise, I would make you pay the consequences."

Liu Luo hid inside the battlefield killer move and did not dare to show herself.

Even after Fang Yuan left, she did not reveal her traces.

Not long after, there was white light in the sky.

The light was painful to the eyes, it suppressed even the sun's radiance.

As the white light charged down, it formed into a male Gu Immortal.

He had a skinny body and a sharp face, he had bean-like eyes, and showed anxiety and rage on his face.

"Brother!" Liu Luo saw this person and immediately appeared between the trees, feeling elated.

"Sister, you are safe!! I was so worried about you!" The person who came was Liu Chang, he saw that Liu Luo was fine and calmed down, the anxiety on his face turned into joy.

Liu Luo was also overjoyed, but she was still very cautious: "Brother, let's match our secret code, before I let you in."

There was no issue, Liu Chang entered the battlefield killer move and the siblings hugged each other tightly upon meeting.

"Sister, you must have been shocked, right? Don't worry, brother is here."

"Brother, that Liu Guan Yi is so terrible, he took away all of the Gu worms inside the jade light pit, not a single one is left. I failed to defend them, the tribe is definitely going to punish me."

"No need to worry, no need to worry, with me here, I will protect you. Don't be afraid, cheer up, I will back you up no matter what." Liu Chang doted on his sister, even though she was actually nearly two hundred years old.

He touched Liu Luo's head as he consoled: "Brother will go kill this bad person and avenge you, sister."

In fact, he was sent by Liu tribe to capture Fang Yuan to begin with.

Liu Chang's battle strength was not inferior to Ye Lui Qun Xing's. He cultivated light path and was specialized in speed and movement, he could retreat or advance easily.

Between Gu Immortals, once one party had advantage in speed, they would gain initiative in the battle. Whether they fought or retreated, it would be up to them.

While the siblings interacted, more Liu tribe Gu Immortals arrived.

Just now, Fang Yuan killed Liu Yong and took Liu tribe's resources, the entire tribe was furious!

Not only did they send Liu Chang, they also sent two more Gu Immortals to assist him and ensure that they succeeded.

"My goodness, our tribe's jade light pit was completely robbed by Liu Guan Yi!"

"KIll him, we have to kill him, otherwise, our Liu tribe's anger will not be appeased!!"

The two new Gu Immortals who arrived screamed.

"Stop screaming, you are so loud, what if you scare my sister?" Liu Chang raised his head and yelled back.

The two Liu tribe Gu Immortals knew about Liu Chang and quickly lowered their volume.

Among them, one used an investigative method and quickly found traces of Fang Yuan: "He escaped there, let's chase him!"

"You guys go first, I will escort my sister back." Liu Chang said.

The other two Gu Immortals were dazed: "To and fro, how long would you take? If we do not start chasing now, we will not catch up to him."

"Then what if we leave and Liu Guan Yi comes back and harms my sister? If anything happens to my sister, I will take it out on you both!" Liu Chang shouted loudly.

"Brother is the best." Liu Luo was joyous.

The two Liu tribe Gu Immortals looked at each other, they could see the bitterness in each other's faces.


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