Reverend Insanity
1207 Doing Something Bad
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1207 Doing Something Bad

"Hah!" Hao Zhen flew to the sky and spat out a thunderbolt.

This thunderbolt shrunk into a ball, with the color of lapis lazuli, and charged towards Hao Zhen's opponent with a speed that seemed to be slow but was actually fast.

His opponent was a Gu Immortal of Murong tribe who had a burly stature, with muscles that were like layers of rocks, he had a wide nose bridge, large chin, and small forehead, making his head look like a triangle.

Seeing the thunderbolt approach him, he actually did not dodge and let the thunderbolt land on his body.


The thunderbolt exploded, lightning splashed out everywhere, dazzling the spectating immortals' eyes for a moment.

After the lightning dissipated, the Murong tribe Gu Immortal was standing on the same spot without even budging.

There was a patch of burnt color on his chest from which white smoke was still rising.

But, the effect was only that.

"This is your strongest attack? Hmm, you have burned some of my hair, it is a little more powerful than before." This Murong tribe Gu Immortal spoke in a tranquil tone without a hint of frustration.

"You!" Hao Zhen's eyes seemed to spout fire from anger, but he was not able to retort.

His strongest killer move had no effect on this opponent.


"He is indeed the Gu Immortal famous for his defense in Northern Plains."

"Murong Gang… this guy has not attacked at all and is only taking the beating passively. Elder Hao Zhen's offense actually could not show any results."

Both sides' Gu Immortals exclaimed in surprise.

Fang Yuan killing Ye Lui Qun Xing had been an extremely heavy blow to the righteous path.

To turn the tide of the situation and raise morale, Gong Wan Ting immediately took measures to make Murong tribe's strongest expert among their current group take action.

It was this burly man who seemed to be forged from steel — Murong Gang!

Chu Du was frowning again.

He sighed internally: "Just now, Ye Lui Qun Xing was killed, now there is Murong Gang. These Huang Jin tribes are indeed the overlords who have ruled Northern Plains for so many years, their accumulation is truly powerful."

At this moment, Hao Zhen admitted his defeat and returned with a pale expression: "I am ashamed, I could not live up to your expectations."

Chu Du consoled him with a few words.

Fang Yuan had not left for long, and he had fallen into the same awkward situation like before.

He looked at the immortals behind him, but found he had no capable people to send.

"In my opinion, the strongest person among us is you, supreme elder. But, you cannot easily take the stage, I think you need to call back Elder Liu." Immortal Wang suggested.

His suggestion was immediately approved by many Gu Immortals.

"Right, Elder Liu's strength is unfathomable, he can kill Murong Gang!"

"Elder Liu killed Ye Lui Qun Xing easily, killing Murong Gang won't be a problem for him."

"Elder Liu's ancient sword dragon breath is too powerful."

Even Murong Gang spoke: "Domination Immortal, don't send other minor characters. Besides you, the only one who can enter my, Murong Gang's, eyes, is Liu Guan Yi. Bring him out, I would like to experience the power of his dragon breath."

"Damn it! He is actually looking down on us." Chou Lao Wu was furious.

Hao Zhen clenched his fists: "If it were two on two, we could use wind thunder roar and wipe them out!"

After seeing Fang Yuan's power, Hao Zhen and Chou Lao Wu had no more dissatisfaction towards their position of third and fourth supreme elders.

Hao Zhen was only saying this to retain some face.

Actually, he was aware that his and Chou Lao Wu's wind thunder roar was powerful, but it was not easy to use it and it required a safe environment.

Like before, when Heavenly Lord Bai Zu attacked Hei Fan grotto-heaven, they were able to use wind thunder roar because they were protected by other Gu Immortals.

Everyone was anticipating Fang Yuan's reappearance.

Chu Du's side hoped Fang Yuan could raise their might again.

The righteous path's side hoped they could kill Fang Yuan. Avenging Ye Lui tribe was secondary, the main thing was that they wanted to kill this person to salvage their face!

Chu Du naturally also hoped Fang Yuan would take the stage again.

But Fang Yuan had not given any reply.

Chu Du could only smile bitterly at this, and could do nothing about it.

His and Fang Yuan's relationship was of mutual benefits and they held equal status.

Lang Ya blessed land, inside a secret room in a cloud city.

Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged on a prayer mat, his divine sense entering his immortal aperture.

He was merging green grape immortal essence and refining them into red date immortal essence.

This merging method was widely popular and was not anything new.

Countless mortal Gu was moving on their specific trajectories, some were standing still, some emitted light, while some flew continuously.

Under the effect of these Gu worms, beads of green grape immortal essence were slowly but surely merging together.

Tens of thousands of green grape immortal essence were piled in this enormous mortal Gu formation.

With Fang Yuan's continuous effort, there were already two beads of red date immortal essence produced at the bottom of the green grape immortal essence.

"Hmm? Chu Du sent a letter again, it is still that Murong Gang… this is already the sixth letter." Fang Yuan's attention slightly diverted.

Shortly afterwards, he threw this information path mortal Gu aside, having no interest to even reply.

What blood battle martial competition, I don't give a f*ck!

Screw off.

In any case, Fang Yuan's agreement with Chu Sect was extremely loose. Besides some fundamental interests and principles, even if he suddenly did not want to do a task, or his interest waned, or he betrayed the sect, or he voluntarily left Chu Sect, he would receive no backlash.

What was the nature of this blood battle martial competition?

Fang Yuan knew it was a political compromise.

This was a stage which Heavenly Lord Bai Zu and Yao Huang, two rank eights, had discussed and created. It was to restrict the scope of the conflict between one another. The basic purpose was to ensure both sides' interests did not suffer loss beyond their bottom-line.

Yao Huang knew clearly that since Bai Zu tribe was already established, it could not be destroyed. At least, he alone was not able to do it.

Because on the opposing side was a rank eight Gu Immortal, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu. As long as he existed, Bai Zu tribe was as stable as a rock.

Unless Longevity Heaven sent a powerful reinforcement, for example, a rank eight Gu Immortal.

When he received the Longevity Edict, he was already reluctant. All he needed was to provide an explanation to deal with Longevity Heaven.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu did not want to provoke trouble, he had just created his tribe and wanted everything to move smoothly. However, the situation did not permit it. He could only swallow the bitter pill and face the Huang Jin tribes' allied offense.

Just this competition would do. They would not truly fight to the death!

Chu Du had seen through these two sides' thoughts, and because he was coincidentally squeezed in between, he took a huge step forward and established Chu Sect, using Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's might to test the response of Northern Plains' righteous path. If it was accepted, he could expand Chu Sect, if it was not accepted, he would disband Chu Sect. The losses wouldn't be huge and were of no concern.

From Longevity Heaven's standpoint, they naturally did not like seeing other bloodlines mixing in among the righteous path. All along, Northern Plains had been the world of the Huang Jin tribes. They were even more unwilling to see Chu Sect's existence! The master-disciple relationship, compared to the bloodline system, were two different ideologies. Systems based on either one were always sensitive and on guard against the other.

Longevity Heaven's Gu Immortals were clear that once the master-disciple system was spread, it would greatly shake their tribal forces and benefits.

Central Continent was a clear example and the best evidence of this.

"But Longevity Heaven is dreaming if they want to rely on just the Longevity Edict to destroy the alliance between Chu Sect and Bai Zu tribe."

"Unless they become more resolute and send out rank eight experts to kill Heavenly Lord Bai Zu!"

"This world is all about strength."

"Hei tribe did not have a rank eight Gu Immortal to suppress the situation and had also lost their Immortal Gu House, with just some excuses, their fellow Huang Jin tribe members destroyed them."

"Bai Zu tribe is an outsider and not of Huang Jin bloodline, but there is Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, making it a completely different situation."

"Strength… strength…"

Fang Yuan's thoughts lingered over this word.

Rank seven cultivation level.

This was an accomplishment, but to him, it was only another starting point.

"The blood battle martial competition does not match my interests."

"I have the sovereign immortal aperture and can annex other immortal apertures, skipping calamities and tribulations to raise my cultivation and strength. This is a shortcut for cultivation, filled with slaughter and blood. But… I like it."

"I want chaos, the more chaos, the better!"

"But the five regions chaotic war is still over four hundred years later! It is too far away, I can't wait that long."

"I need to think of a way to make them fight. The blood battle martial competition is too gentle, how many can be killed? If there are no deaths, there won't be blessed lands."

"There is also Lang Ya Sect and the four races alliance, hehe, if I let Northern Plains' human Gu Immortals know of them, what will their response be? Regretfully, I am bound by alliance agreements. Although there is 'Do Not Care', it cannot resolve the underlying problem!"

Fang Yuan's only worry was that the world wouldn't be chaotic, sinister and dangerous thoughts started to rise up in his mind.

He did not intend to go to Blood Plain.

The sect's enthusiastic anticipation and the enemy's provocation, what value did they have?

Fang Yuan had to spend all his effort to kill Ye Lui Qun Xing. If his actions had slightly slowed, he would have lost the opportunity. Would those three Immortal Gu Houses just stay there like decorations?

Especially that Murong Gang, he was a tough foe, it would not be easy for Fang Yuan to defeat him, let alone kill him.

Since the start of the battle, Chu Du's side had lost many times, while the righteous path had not even lost one-third of the time.

Hehe, there definitely would be some internal conflicts of the sect involved in this.

This was a trick righteous path Gu Immortals liked to play.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fang Yuan had first thought of going to Southern Border.

Over these last days, he had adjusted his cultivation plan, using almost all his time and energy in refining dream path mortal Gu.

It was all preparation for that giant dream realm in Southern Border.

But he thought and thought, and felt the opportunity at this blood battle martial competition was truly too rare.

Adding on that on Southern Border's end, it was occupied by the righteous path whom had arranged a super Gu formation to tightly defend the giant dream realm, Fang Yuan felt it would be very difficult for him to meddle in and did not have any opening currently.

Thus, after Fang Yuan refined all the green grape immortal essence into red date immortal essence, he quietly left Lang Ya blessed land and arrived at Liu tribe's territory.

He was going to do something bad.


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