Reverend Insanity
1206 Becoming Rank Seven!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1206 Becoming Rank Seven!

Fang Yuan had already thrown the matter of the blood battle martial competition to the back of his mind.

He absolutely would not let go of Ye Lui Qun Xing's immortal aperture. Even if he could not annex it right now, he could do so in the future.

As for the righteous path's demand for Ye Lui Qun Xing's corpse and soul, Fang Yuan thought about it and was willing to satisfy a portion of the request, regarding the body.

His focus was the immortal aperture, Ye Lui Qun Xing's soul also could not be transacted, he could soul search and obtain many of Ye Lui tribe's secrets. After the soul search, he could still hand over this Gu Immortal soul to Lang Ya Sect and earn sect contribution points.

"The urgent matter right now is to test whether I can annex this immortal aperture or not."

Fang Yuan flew rapidly.

He took twists and turns, guarding against heaven's will.

A few hours later, he arrived at Tai Qiu.

Tai Qiu was not too far away from Blood Plain.

If looked from Northern Plains' map, Blood Plain would be at the left side and Tai Qiu would be at the right side, the territory in between was Hei tribe's Iron Eagle blessed land.

Blood Plain, Iron Eagle blessed land and Tai Qiu, if these three were connected in two lines, they would form an irregular V shape.

Entering Tai Qiu, Fang Yuan changed his appearance and sneaked inside.

He was familiar with the route, and soon, he arrived at the super Gu formation he had arranged previously.

Through the super Gu formation, he arrived at Lang Ya blessed land.

"Fang Yuan has returned!" Sixth Hair immediately paid close attention to Fang Yuan's every move.

"Ever since he left after exchanging for dragon breath Immortal Gu, this is the first time he has returned. What did he use dragon breath Immortal Gu for?" Sixth Hair was constantly guessing.

He did not know that hours ago, Fang Yuan had used ancient sword dragon transformation to kill a rank seven Gu Immortal expert, Ye Lui Qun Xing.

This person was at the same level as Pi Shui Han and Unfettered Scholar.

Fang Yuan's strength was now already able to compare favorably to these characters.

Since the failure at Yi Tian Mountain, Shadow Sect was in an extremely disordered state, Sixth Hair might very well be the only survivor of Shadow Sect left in Northern Plains, his information gathering was much slower than before.

But the news of Fang Yuan killing Ye Lui Qun Xing could not be covered up. This news was too shocking and would soon spread throughout the whole of Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world, and even Central Continent's Gu Immortals would hear of it.

After all, Central Continent's ten great ancient sects were also paying attention to this blood battle martial competition.

"Eh? Fang Yuan is leaving again?" Sixth Hair was astonished.

The super Gu formation flashed again as Fang Yuan left.

Sixth Hair did not know what Fang Yuan was doing, coming and going in such a hurry. But he intuitively felt something amiss, and was somewhat panicked. He felt Fang Yuan was going to obtain enormous benefits at this time.

Fang Yuan's growth rate was increasing rapidly, and to Shadow Sect, this was very bad news.

Fang Yuan used Lang Ya blessed land to teleport.

He wanted to annex the immortal aperture, for that, he had to first place the aperture.

He could not place the immortal aperture in Blood Plain, the commotion would be huge and it would attract countless gazes, and that was not good for Fang Yuan.

"It was not easy to obtain this rank seven star path immortal aperture, I naturally want the process of annexing it to go without any mishaps!"

When Fang Yuan appeared in the other Gu formation outside, he was already very far away from Blood Plain.

He had already planned his actions, and had already chosen a location.

Exiting the teleportation Gu formation, he hid his tracks and flew rapidly, arriving above ordinary grassland not long later.

After inspecting and not finding anything wrong, Fang Yuan took out Ye Lui Qun Xing's corpse.

The pitiful fellow's head had already been sliced off entirely.

Fang Yuan used temporary measures to handle the headless corpse, ensuring the immortal aperture would still exist.

This method had its own history.

When Fang Yuan had seen Blazing Heaven Demoness' method of retrieving apertures, he had also inquired her for some research results of Old Immortal Kong Jue. Adding on to Fang Yuan's methods from his first life, he had created his own method in preserving an immortal aperture.

Ye Lui Qun Xing's soul was already taken out by Fang Yuan and sealed properly.

The situation was a little troublesome.

Ye Lui Qun Xing's soul had similarly suffered from his dragon breath and its injuries were not light. Fortunately, Fang Yuan had guts Gu.

Although this Gu worm was only a mortal Gu, it was created from a secluded domain of heaven and earth, and was among the best methods of soul strengthening in this world. Fang Yuan was the owner of Dang Hun mountain, thus he had large reserves of them with him.

After using many guts Gu, despite Ye Lui Qun Xing's soul being on the verge of dissipation, it was finally rescued.

Fang Yuan released the seal he laid out and threw the corpse onto the grassland.

The mighty Ye Lui Qun Xing, who had enjoyed boundless glory while alive, was treated so casually after dying. If Ye Lui tribe's Gu Immortals were to see this, they would definitely jump out in anger to stake their lives against Fang Yuan.

Several breaths later, there was turbulence in heaven and earth qi.

The immortal aperture began to land on the ground, causing a huge commotion.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan had Dog Shit Luck and was not as unlucky as before, when it seemed like he might even die from choking when drinking water.

Without any surprises, the immortal aperture's entrance opened in front of Fang Yuan.

Despite having the upper extreme heavenly eagle, he still took the chance to enter Qun Xing blessed land through the entrance.

Ye Lui Qun Xing's blessed land was rather peculiar.

The sky was a scene of darkness, but the ground below emitted dim blue light.

The moment Fang Yuan glanced, his mind shook.

He discovered, the ground of this blessed land was actually covered with countless star fragments. The large ones among these star fragments were as big as shells, while the small ones were the size of pebbles, and they gave a rustling sound when stepped on.

The blessed land seemed endless in size, its surface was vast and its terrain was level.

Fang Yuan wanted to fly, but felt a powerful magnetic force that firmly kept him to the ground.

The ground suddenly protruded up, then a basin sized star core floated in front of Fang Yuan.

This azure star core was like a dark blue crystal ball, it was this blessed land's land spirit.

It was bright and colorful, and was slowly revolving on its own axis, emitting all kinds of light rays, making Fang Yuan mentally associate them to the rays of light in those perfect diamonds back on Earth.

Amidst soundless communication, Fang Yuan learned about this blessed land's ownership condition.

To ordinary Gu Immortals, this condition was quite difficult.

Because the land spirit's request was to show the true, complete version of the immortal killer move, myriad star fireflies, to it.

While alive, Ye Lui Qun Xing had all along been pondering on myriad star fireflies. The immortal killer move he created also imitated myriad star fireflies heavily.

His obsession was about this.

After death, his obsession combined with the heavenly power in the immortal aperture, to form this land spirit.

"My luck is overflowing, it cannot be stopped, hahaha." Fang Yuan immediately took out the whole contents of myriad star fireflies and gave it to the land spirit.

He was the killer of Dong Fang Chang Fan and had searched Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul countless times, sometimes also torturing him. In the end, he had handed Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul to Lang Ya land spirit like it was rubbish, and exchanged it for sect contribution points.

After a while, Fang Yuan became this blessed land's master.

"Now is the most crucial moment. Let's see if I can annex this blessed land."

Fang Yuan rested for a while before beginning.

Immortal apertures could annex one another, and summarizing the experiences of predecessors, there were three main conditions for this.

First, annexing an immortal aperture required specific attainment level.

Second, a smaller immortal aperture could not engulf a bigger one.

Third, dead apertures could not be annexed.

Fang Yuan already satisfied two conditions for annexing Qun Xing blessed land. But there was still one condition left which was somewhat ambiguous.

A smaller immortal aperture could not engulf a bigger one. The question here was, what was small and what was big?

If it was cultivation level, rank six immortal apertures were small and rank seven immortal aperture were big, then Fang Yuan would not be able to annex this Qun Xing blessed land.

If it was based on the immortal aperture's foundation and so on, Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture absolutely surpassed Qun Xing blessed land, and could devour it.

Fang Yuan had already wanted to test this and verify it.

The regretful thing was that there were very few rank seven immortal apertures among the immortal apertures he knew of, and he was also unable to fulfill the attainment level conditions.

Until now, when Fang Yuan seized Qun Xing blessed land.

Fang Yuan had both skills and boldness, he began to test; with the land spirit's help, he began to annex Qun Xing blessed land.

The process was smooth beyond expectations.

He simply did not encounter any obstacles!

The test succeeded!

After annexing Qun Xing blessed land, not only did the sovereign immortal aperture have an enormous star fragment plain, more importantly, many of Fang Yuan's calamities and tribulations were passed, letting him officially ascend to rank seven from rank six.

Rank seven Gu Immortal!

"From this moment on, I am a rank seven Gu Immortal. I have finally become a rank seven…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fang Yuan was filled with emotions.

In the five hundred years of his first life, he had only been at rank six second heavenly tribulation level. Naturally, the current Fang Yuan knew that heaven's will had intentionally suppressed his cultivation level.

Heaven's will required an otherworldly demon as a tool to deal with Shadow Sect. Fang Yuan was chosen by heaven's will, naturally it carved and sculpted Fang Yuan to make him a qualified chess piece. At the least, his cultivation level could not be too high, if he was too strong, heaven's will would find it more difficult to control Fang Yuan. He also could not be too weak, otherwise, even with rebirth, he could not be of any use. Rank six was just right.

This was a long term plan of heaven's will!

But at present, because of all kinds of fortuitous encounters as well as his own efforts and perseverance, Fang Yuan had finally broken through heaven's will's restrictions and charged to rank seven.

Its significance was huge!

Rank six Gu Immortals were considered bottom tier, they were numerous.

Rank seven Gu Immortals were mid-tier, they were the elites among Gu Immortals and had high statuses.

Rank eights were rare, their every move could create a storm in a region.

Reaching this level, Fang Yuan had already become an elite among Gu Immortals, an expert. If a rank six saw him, they would have to detour around him. Even among rank seven Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan was only wary of Ye Lui Qun Xing, Unfettered Scholar, Nu Er Gu, such characters of this level.

Chu Du? Fang Yuan estimated he was still somewhat below him. Fortunately, Chu Du was currently his ally.

At this moment, the sovereign immortal aperture began to produce red date immortal essence.

Shortly, Fang Yuan would possess his own red date immortal essence.

At the same time, he could also merge his accumulated green grape immortal essence and turn them into red date immortal essence.

One hundred beads of green grape immortal essence could merge into a bead of red date immortal essence.

"I need to merge them!"

"If green grape immortal essence was used to activate rank seven Immortal Gu, there would be at least thirty percent additional expenditure. After merging them into red date immortal essence, there won't be any meaningless loss in this aspect."

"Once some time passes, I will have reserves of red date immortal essence and will no longer have to fear battles of attrition. The difficult situation when Heavenly Lord Bai Zu attacked Hei Fan grotto-heaven will be completely behind me!"


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