Reverend Insanity
1200 Dragon Breath Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1200 Dragon Breath Immortal Gu

"That's right, this is my advantage, I need to prioritize my strengths from now on and make full use of my talents in battle."

"I can use this to break the deadlock and drive up my cultivation speed."

"According to this development, my strength will continue to grow and the sect will need me more often. When I have strength like Elder Fang Yuan, the sect contribution points will be solely mine to take!"

"Cheer up, these days will keep on improving, Twelfth Hair, you need to continue working hard and reach your peak in life!"

Twelfth Hair's mood changed, and his fighting spirit gradually returned.

As he thought of Fang Yuan, he subconsciously glanced at the first name of Lang Ya Sect's contribution list.

Last time, because of the four races alliance, Fang Yuan had obtained a thousand sect contribution points which had caused the hairy man Gu Immortals' mouths to water in envy.

But recently, because Fang Yuan had issued large numbers of Gu refinement tasks, his sect contribution points had been continuing to dwindle, and quickly at that.

Fang Yuan's name still occupied first on the list, but the gap with the second ranked hairy man Gu Immortal was getting smaller and smaller.

A lot of hairy man Gu Immortals were waiting for the time when Fang Yuan's name was surpassed.

Fang Yuan was a human Gu Immortal possessing rank eight battle strength, surpassing him at the contribution list would give a different sensation to the hairy man Gu Immortals.

It would be an enormous glory!

However, the next moment, Twelfth Hair's whole body suddenly stiffened.

He remained still like a stone statue.

Because he saw the number behind Fang Yuan's name.

"Over fifteen thousand sect contribution points, how could it be?!" Twelfth Hair almost felt like he was hallucinating.

Ever since Lang Ya Sect was established, there had been no one who had obtained so many sect contribution points.

At most, at one time, Fang Yuan's sect contribution points had reached above two thousand, before it started rapidly falling.

Now, Fang Yuan's sect contribution points had passed fifteen thousand!


This was an unprecedented record!

Twelfth Hair's heart shook wildly, but the following scene made him even more shocked.

Fang Yuan's sect contribution points were continuously rising!

Fifteen thousand, eighteen thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand… fifty thousand, sixty thousand…

The number kept on rising steeply!

"It surpassed… eighty thousand!" Twelfth Hair was stupefied at the sight. What made him even more astonished was that Fang Yuan's sect contribution points still showed no signs of stopping!

When it reached over ninety thousand, suddenly, Fang Yuan's total sect contribution points decreased by over seventy thousand!

Only over ten thousand was left now.

"What is happening?"

"Could it be, I actually refined Gu so much that I am starting to hallucinate?"

"This, this is a dream?"

"Ah, no!"

Twelfth Hair suddenly shook and snapped back to awareness.

"Over seventy thousand sect contribution points suddenly disappeared, Fang Yuan definitely exchanged for an Immortal Gu. No, he did not exchange for my beast enslavement Immortal Gu, right?"

Twelfth Hair quickly took out another information path Gu worm and placed his consciousness in it.

After inspecting, he let out a heavy breath of relief: "So he did not exchange for beast enslavement Immortal Gu, but a rank seven Immortal Gu. It is good as long as it is not beast enslavement Immortal Gu."

That was seriously a huge scare!

Twelfth Hair patted his chest, his whole body easing up.

But the moment he relaxed, his eyes rolled backwards as he fainted on the spot.

He had suffered injuries during the Gu refinement process, and his mood had swung up and down at this moment, he naturally would fall unconscious after relaxing.

Achieving his target, Fang Yuan returned to his cloud city.

Inside a secret room, he took out a completely new Immortal Gu.

This Gu resembled light purple colored fog in the form of a dragon, it did not have a fixed shape and was floating around.

Rank seven Immortal Gu — Dragon Breath!

Fang Yuan had finally chosen sword dragon transformation because Lang Ya Sect's treasury had this Immortal Gu.

To exchange for this Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan had to sell all his Gu Immortal souls along with large amounts of cultivation information he had obtained from soul searching.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Naturally, Fang Yuan had withheld some of the contents. Like Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path methods, Hei Fan true inheritance's important details, and so on.

This had sharply raised Fang Yuan's sect contribution points to above ninety thousand. In the near future, this amount would be Fang Yuan's peak, difficult to surpass.

Then, Fang Yuan used over seventy thousand sect contribution points to exchange for the rank seven transformation path Immortal Gu, Dragon Breath.

In just a short while, his sect contribution points had fallen to over ten thousand.

But he still occupied first place on the contribution list.

The second ranked Gu Immortal on the contribution list only had four digits in terms of contribution points.

The gap had been widened by a huge margin.

Fang Yuan's position was firmly in place like a mountain.

Naturally, Fang Yuan did not care about the sect contribution list.

He also did not know Twelfth Hair had received a great impact from this event and had fallen unconscious.

If he knew, Fang Yuan would think he was over-thinking it.

Not all Immortal Gu in Lang Ya blessed land could be exchanged. Beast enslavement Immortal Gu was on the exchange list, but Lang Ya land spirit had clearly left it behind for Twelfth Hair.

Even if Fang Yuan wanted to exchange for it, he would not be able to.

Besides this, rank seven Immortal Gu Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus was also not for sale.

This Immortal Gu was originally Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's Immortal Gu, later it was refined by Long Hair Ancestor up to rank eight and was merged into the rank eight Immortal Gu House Refinement Cauldron.

Some time ago, Shadow Sect had invaded Lang Ya blessed land, destroying Refinement Cauldron and seizing many of the core Immortal Gu. Although Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus remained, it had been damaged and had fallen from rank eight to rank seven.

If Fang Yuan wanted to exchange for this Immortal Gu, he would have to pay a very large price that could move Lang Ya land spirit's mind.

However, Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus would not be of much help to Fang Yuan. He had calculated that after he raised his cultivation to rank seven and his immortal essence started producing red date immortal essence, it would be sufficient.

It was not worth it to pay a greater price for just Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus.

Fang Yuan spent some time before he successfully integrated this rank seven dragon breath Gu into his immortal killer move, sword dragon transformation.

Transformation path immortal killer moves were essentially very simple. Dragon breath Gu was a natural component of sword dragon transformation.

What's more, Fang Yuan was a transformation path grandmaster.

With this rank seven dragon breath Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan simply did not need any dragon breath mortal Gu.

Like in Hei Fan's true inheritance, Hei Fan had really wanted to obtain immortal level day Gu and month Gu. Because then, when he activated days pass like years and similar immortal killer moves, he would not need to spend so many mortal day Gu and month Gu.

Having a relevant Immortal Gu made it extremely convenient.

It also reduced the difficulty of controlling the killer move.

Its effect would also have a large boost!

Taking a deep breath, Fang Yuan tried sword dragon transformation again.

Silver light burst out, shining towards the sky.

Just looking at this, Fang Yuan knew that sword dragon transformation's might had increased by multiple times.

From within the silvery light, a sword dragon revealed its figure. Its body was more than double the size of before, reaching over forty feet.

Its eyes were still white, its scales were much wider and thicker than before, there were now two more claws, reaching a total of four claws now. The dragon horn protruded out further, piercing towards the sky.

Fang Yuan inspected all over and saw that every aspect had received a huge boost in quality.

"After adding the rank seven dragon breath Gu, this is now an ancient desolate beast level sword dragon." Fang Yuan was well aware.

As such, this immortal killer move could be used at the blood battle martial competition.

The previous sword dragon transformation would not work.

It could only be used to bully some ordinary rank six Gu Immortals.

The current ancient sword dragon had the qualifications to match against rank seven Gu Immortals.

Next was the most important part.

Fang Yuan was unavoidably a little nervous.

He lightly stretched out his dragon body and flew to a completely new dark inkstone.

Dragon breath!

Fang Yuan opened his mouth and breathed out.

In that instant, a pure white sword light flashed past.

Crack, a crisp sound was heard, as the dark inkstone was cut in two.

Not only this, the sword light still had strength remaining to destroy the whole secret room.

Fang Yuan's cloud city shook intensely, giving off muffled noises as large numbers of Gu worms that formed the secret room died instantly.

"I have already controlled my strength, the dark inkstone already bore most of the dragon breath, only a small part of its power was leaked out." Intense joy flashed past the ancient sword dragon's eyes.

Fang Yuan had only displayed a small portion of his strength, but his surrounding environment actually was unable to endure it.

Although the cloud city's structure was exquisite and hairy man Gu Immortals had spent immense mental effort to make it, it was after all only a mortal Gu house, and could not endure the remaining power of the ancient sword dragon's breath.

Green grape immortal essence continued to be consumed to maintain the form of the ancient sword dragon.

Clearly, the immortal essence expenditure had increased by many times.

Where there are gains, there are losses.

After all, adding rank seven Immortal Gu dragon breath had increased the level of the immortal killer move, sword dragon transformation, immortal essence being expended rapidly was an inevitable outcome.

"I can no longer practice in the cloud city. Lang Ya blessed land has many observers, but if I go out of Lang Ya blessed land I will receive even more attention from heaven's will."

"It seems I still need to place my sovereign immortal aperture and properly test the limits of ancient sword dragon transformation."

"The dragon breath I send out has already reached rank seven battle strength, its effect is outstanding and the expenditure is still small. How powerful will it be when I use sword marks targeting death, dark assassination and triple layered sword wave in my ancient sword dragon form?"

Fang Yuan was feeling anticipation.

He resolutely took action, immediately flying out of the cloud city, going through the super Gu formation and teleporting to the outside world.

"Fang Yuan has left. He actually exchanged for dragon breath Immortal Gu, what is the reason?" Sixth Hair was secretly activating investigative methods, paying close attention until the super Gu formation activated and Fang Yuan's figure disappeared from his perception.

After Sixth Hair knew the change in the sect contribution points list, he was filled with unease.

Fang Yuan's development speed had surpassed his expectations again. Moreover, he did not understand the direction of Fang Yuan's growth.

"Fang Yuan naturally won't exchange for an Immortal Gu that has no use to him. No, I need to report this information to Lord Ying Wu Xie quickly." Sixth Hair was filled with worries.


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