Reverend Insanity
1193 Gong Wan Ting
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1193 Gong Wan Ting


When the first ray of sunlight shone, the flowers and grass were still wet with dew.

A blood thorn snake slithered out of its cavern after the unbearable cold night, greedily absorbing the warmth of the sunlight.

Ordinary snakes were cold-blooded, but the blood thorn snake's blood was warm.

As its temperature rose, it gradually regained its nimbleness. It stretched out its body and flicked out its tongue, as it started to look for food.

It needed to get enough food today and digest them to cope with the next cold night.

In this world, all living beings were struggling and fighting for every aspect of survival.

The appearance of the blood thorn snake was terrifying, but its nature was gentle. It did not eat meat and it fed on blood jaspers.

Its tongue darted in and out, and soon, it discovered its food.

Blood jaspers were translucent, like rose stones, hanging on the tips of stalks of grass. It was the dew from flowers and plants which had certain probabilities of transforming under the rays of dawn.

If this blood jasper managed to avoid the blood thorn snake's hunt and endure through the cold nights, after seven days and seven nights, it would transform into a small rank one blood jasper Gu.

The blood thorn snake quickly slithered over.

Rustle rustle….

The dense shrubs were shaking continuously, showing traces of a line. Within several breaths of time, the blood thorn snake crossed a thousand steps of distance and neared this blood jasper.

The snake's head rose and was about to devour this delectable food when suddenly, a loud explosion sounded from the horizon.

The blood thorn snake shook in fear, its whole body fell down to the ground without any trace of strength left.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions reverberated through the landscape like war drums.

An enormous hall moved through the clouds and descended above this grassland, like the ruler of the world.

This hall had a broad structure and magnificent appearance, with lightning snakes coiling around it and countless thunderbolts raining down beside it.

Inside the hall, Nu Er Gu laughed heartily: "Sure enough, Loud Thunder Hall is extremely powerful! In this blood battle competition, my Nu Er tribe has this hall to suppress the situation, we will definitely kill the enemies. Hahaha!"

He was a famous rank seven Gu Immortal expert of Northern Plains' righteous path, specializing in sound path and had impressive battle achievements. His battle strength stood at the same level as Guan Chou of Guan tribe, Unfettered Scholar and Pi Shui Han.

Nu Er Gu had a small head and big belly, his body was disproportional, his eyeballs were popping out, while his limbs were dry as twigs, he had pale skin resembling a sick person, without any hint of blood in his face.

Right now, Nu Er Gu was controlling Loud Thunder Hall, experiencing the overflowing strength of this Immortal Gu House.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was extremely excited!

Along with Nu Er Gu were several of Nu Er tribe's Gu Immortals.

Among them, a girl did not conceal her frown, covering her ears as she shouted: "Alright, Nu Er Gu, stop using thunder sound. It is truly noisy, if you use it again, I will turn you into a toad."

Nu Er Gu who had been in high spirits, heard the girl's threat, his demeanor immediately disappeared without a trace.

"Great-aunt, I made a mistake!" He quickly turned around and bowed in apology.

The girl waved her hand: "Little Gu, you need to behave, we can't stand out in this blood battle martial competition. Yao tribe, Guan tribe and Liu tribe are the ones nearer to Chu Sect and Bai Zu tribe. If we put too much effort, they will just watch from the sidelines and reap the benefits."

"Yes, great-aunt, you are right. I shall listen to great-aunt's arrangement." Nu Er Gu quickly patted his chest and assured.

The other Nu Er tribe Gu Immortals almost could not hold back their laughter.

According to bloodline seniority, this Gu Immortal with the appearance of a little girl was indeed Nu Er Gu's great-aunt.

The crucial point was that she was very powerful and had a trump card immortal killer move, which she had tested on Nu Er Gu since he was young. The trauma on Nu Er Gu was extremely huge from this, and he had developed a fear of his great-aunt.

"Hmm? Gong tribe's people are also coming." The girl suddenly turned around, under the amplification of Loud Thunder Hall, her gaze easily pierced through an enormous distance, seeing another Immortal Gu House.

This Immortal Gu House was similarly a hall, it was Gong tribe's Golden Dawn Hall, shining with brilliant golden radiance.

When Nu Er Gu saw a female Gu Immortal standing at the entrance of the Golden Dawn Hall, he immediately frowned: "Why is it her?"

This woman looked to be in her late twenties, she was clad in dazzling palace attire with the lower hems touching the ground, her black hair was tied up high with jade and gold ornaments. Her skin was snow white, her eyebrows slender, her gaze sharp, and her chest was voluptuous and perky. She looked stately and beautiful, giving a feeling that she could not be offended.

"Gong Wan Ting?" Nu Er tribe's girl exclaimed in slight surprise, before quickly adding, "Come with me."

Nu Er tribe's Gu Immortals immediately flew out of Loud Thunder Hall and went up to the entrance of Golden Dawn Hall.

The girl greeted first in a cordial tone: "Elder sister Wan Ting, hope you have been well."

Gong Wan Ting lightly smiled: "Little sister Nu Er Qian, good day to you."

The two Immortal Gu House stopped above Blood Plain, this was a rare scene in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world.

Next, the third Immortal Gu House appeared, making this scene even more colorful.

Divine Light Hall!

Yao tribe's Immortal Gu House.

A Gu Immortal of Yao tribe, Yao Yuan Ying, flew out of the Immortal Gu House and greeted Gong Wan Ting first before greeting Nu Er Qian.

Nu Er Gu could not help but secretly transmit his voice to Nu Er Qian: "Great-aunt, it looks like Gong tribe came prepared this time. Sending Gong Wan Ting over, even the current holder of the Longevity Edict, Yao tribe, is overwhelmed."

Nu Er Qian transmitted back her reply: "Gong Wan Ting is Prince Feng Xian's official wife, who can dare to not respect her? Even if Yao Huang were to be present, he would also have to be somewhat courteous to her. But the person Yao tribe sent this time is actually Yao Yuan Ying. Her nature is gentle and she is not proficient in fighting and killing, but is specialized in healing. It seems Yao tribe also does not have the intention to put in much effort."

Just looking at these Gu Immortals, one could have some clues to the thoughts of each tribe.

Last time, Gong tribe had suffered the most in the battle at Iron Eagle blessed land, when Gong Er returned to the tribe, he had been punished. This time, Gong tribe wanted Prince Feng Xian to show up, but their ploy was seen through by Prince Feng Xian. Gong tribe could only choose the next best option, sending Gong Wan Ting.

She was Prince Feng Xian's wife, she had rank seven cultivation, with powerful battle strength, and was a genuine expert. Gong tribe's main objective this time was to revitalize their prestige.

Yao tribe sent Yao Yuan Ying, a healing Gu Immortal who was not good at fighting, and she had been appointed by Yao Huang. Yao Huang was friends with Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, so he came up with the blood battle martial competition as an explanation to Longevity Heaven, his main focus was still on refining Gu. Some combative Gu Immortals of Yao tribe had been suppressed by Yao Huang, and could only grit their teeth with nothing they could do about it.

Nu Er tribe sent Nu Er Qian and Nu Er Gu as the main forces. Nu Er Gu's nature was erratic and was very aggressive, while Nu Er Qian was stable, experienced and very reliable. The main thing was that she could restrain Nu Er Gu.

However, Nu Er tribe also had the intention to forge ahead this time. So they did not stint on mobilizing the tribe's Immortal Gu House, Loud Thunder Hall.

But the final decision was in Nu Er Qian's hands.

Next, Huang Jin tribes appeared one after the other.

Liu tribe, Ye Lui tribe, Chanyu tribe, Meng tribe, Yuan tribe, Nian Er tribe, Murong tribe, Guan tribe.

A total of eleven Huang Jin tribes, super forces who ruled over territories, and had undisputed influence to Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world.

There had been two more tribes previously.

One was Dong Fang tribe, it was a pity, Dong Fang Chang Fan made it flourish, and it also was destroyed because of the failure of his plan to resurrect.

It could be said that Dong Fang tribe rose because of Dong Fang Chang Fan, and also suffered their downfall at Dong Fang Chang Fan's hands.

Another was Hei tribe. Hei tribe had many surviving Gu Immortals, but they were annexed by Bai Zu tribe, their tribe name was discarded and they no longer were acknowledged by other Huang Jin tribes, even being cast aside and disdained upon.

"Greetings to Fairy Gong Wan Ting." Like Yao tribe and Nu Er tribe, the Gu Immortals of different tribes also greeted Gong Wan Ting.

Gong Wan Ting's own battle strength made her an undisputed leader of the righteous path, and more importantly was her status, she was Prince Feng Xian's wife!

Even if she were a mortal, just this status alone was worthy for these Gu Immortals to have such an attitude.

"Gong tribe actually sent Fairy Wan Ting over, such a ruthless move, they clearly want to suppress Yao tribe."

"Gong tribe's people like to look down on others, to be honest, I like Yao tribe a bit more. After all, Lord Yao Huang is of our Huang Jin bloodline."

Each tribe's Gu Immortals acutely sensed the undercurrents in the righteous path forces, they were all secretly discussing, and looking forward to how Yao tribe would react.

"With Fairy Gong Wan Ting here, how could I, Yao Yuan Ying, command this edict?" Beyond most of the Gu Immortals' expectations, Yao tribe's representative Yao Yuan Ying directly handed over the Longevity Edict.

Gong Wan Ting, however, refused with a smile.

Yao Yuan Ying offered a second time.

Gong Wan Ting again refused, except her attitude had eased up by a lot.

Yao Yuan Ying offered the third time, and only then did Gong Wan Ting accept, looking like she was forced to.

And the moment she took it, she placed it at the center of the plaque on the entrance of Golden Dawn Hall.

Gong Wan Ting then continued: "Everyone, please come inside the hall. My tribe has already prepared some light wine and delicacies."

The immortals all accepted her invitation.

Previously, Gong Er had also invited others, but no one gave him face. Gong Wan Ting, however, was different, all the immortals knew that behind her was Prince Feng Xian. Even though the rumors of marital discord between them had spread for a long time, the immortals could not be careless.

Each tribe's immortals entered the hall.

Yao tribe was seated first from the left side, because left had the highest status, followed by right and center.

Nu Er tribe was first from the right side because they had brought Loud Thunder Hall.

Other tribes were arranged according to the strength of the forces that they sent over.

Who could have thought such an arrangement would make one person extremely dissatisfied.

"Why is my Nian Er tribe last? Does Gong Wan Ting look down on us?" Nian Er Ping Zhi was outraged, as he transmitted his voice to the tribe's senior Gu Immortal beside him.

Right now, it was not just Nian Er Fu who came, but also wood path Gu Immortal Nian Er Yi Fang.

When he heard the words, he placed his aged hand on Nian Er Ping Zhi's shoulder, and spoke expectantly and with encouragement: "Ping Zhi, if you are dissatisfied, kill some opponents in the blood martial competition, at that time, when we mention changing our positions, no one will stop us, and it will also show our Nian Er tribe's prestige."

"Elder Yi Fang, you are right! I will do so then!" Nian Er Ping Zhi clenched his fists, his eyes brightened with a sharp luster.

From the main seat in the middle, Gong Wan Ting was secretly observing everyone, and when she saw Nian Er Ping Zhi's expression, she smiled lightly in her mind.Yeah don't question the Chinese rules.


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