Reverend Insanity
1189 Huge Rise in Cultivation Level
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1189 Huge Rise in Cultivation Level

Fang Yuan's heart jumped, he realized that his performance had gone overboard.

But this was just a small mistake, it was not a problem.

"Let's continue moving, we can set the alliance agreement before talking more!" Not Immortal smiled, his attitude was much warmer than before.

Fang Yuan's earlier performance made Not Immortal's evaluation of him rise by several levels.

The three traveled in the land of dao marks with much difficulty.

As they moved forward, dao marks were denser, the obstruction was greater.

Of course, this was referring to Not Immortal and Chu Du. But Fang Yuan also faced a lot of difficulty, having to pretend he was having a tough time, so that Chu Du and Not Immortal would not be suspicious of him.

The three immortals walked and rested, the short journey took them fifteen minutes.

Eventually, they came to a rock.

"A newcomer?" The rock suddenly spoke, as smoke rose up from the rock before vanishing.

The rock had turned into a skinny and short Gu Immortal.

He had a goatee, he was at the height of Fang Yuan's knee, and his tiny eyes were shining brilliantly.

"This is one of the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics, wisdom path Gu Immortal Secret Schemer." Chu Du introduced at an appropriate timing.

Fang Yuan gasped in his mind: "This person is actually Secret Schemer!"

He concealed his expression perfectly, acting like he had heard it for the first time, immediately greeting: "Hello, I am Liu Guan Yi of transformation path."

A day later.

"Brother Liu, Brother Chu, you are leaving so soon, aren't you staying for a few more days?" At the first layer of Crazed Demon Cave, Not Immortal tried to ask them to stay.

"No." Chu Du smiled bitterly and rejected: "You also know about Northern Plains' situation, I recently created Chu Du and allied with Bai Zu tribe. Right now, the righteous path is targeting our lone cultivator sect, they cannot stand us, they are gathering members to deal with us."

Not Immortal sighed: "These are external worldly affairs, what is there that you cannot part with. Fame and reputation, will they still remain after death? In >, after Verdant Great Sun died, his soul went to the door of life and death, he stayed in pacifying soul lake as reputation Gu left him. Only eternal life is the worthy goal and pursuit of us Gu Immortals."

Chu Du had a determined expression: "I will make sure strength path flourishes, this is a promise I made to someone, if I cannot achieve it, I will not live in peace!"

Fang Yuan could not help but look at Chu Du.

This was the first time he had heard Chu Du say his aspiration.

Chu Du's expression of sincerity did not seem to be fake.

"It seems that there is a story behind Chu Du cultivating strength path." Fang Yuan was thinking about this, when Not Immortal asked him.

"Brother Liu, you have a lot of potential, why don't you stay here?"

Fang Yuan smiled: "I came here this time to sign the Crazed Demon Agreement. Now that it is done, I have other matters to settle."

Not Immortal actually thought more highly of Fang Yuan.

Mainly because Fang Yuan's performance this time left a deep impression on him.

Fang Yuan was more confident than Not Immortal in this aspect.

He felt that he could even run freely in the third last layer's dao mark landscape.

But if he did that, it would be too shocking, the jaws of the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics would drop!

"I have not seen the bottom and second last layers yet, I cannot assess them. But the third last layer is not a problem. Derivation Gu is at the bottom layer, but with the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics guarding it, I cannot act alone." Fang Yuan felt it was somewhat of a pity.

One day, he would return to Crazed Demon Cave, using his advantage to explore the place.

But now was not the time.

He had to raise his cultivation level, that was the most important matter.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As for derivation Gu, even if Fang Yuan obtained it, what use would it have? It was a rank nine Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan thought back to wisdom Gu, he could neither use it, nor would he know how to, it would be a huge burden if he actually obtained it!

"Other than eternal life, everything else is temporary. Brother Liu, how long would you need?" Not Immortal asked. He did not want to let a useful person like Fang Yuan go.

Fang Yuan's gaze shined, looking at Chu Du: "Actually, I am a member of Chu Sect, right now the Huang Jin tribes are attacking Chu Sect, I need to help them."

Chu Du knew that Fang Yuan was using him as an excuse, but hearing this, he still felt warmed internally.

"Sigh, you guys… never mind." Not Immortal saw that he could not convince Fang Yuan and gave up.

Fang Yuan and Chu Du said goodbye to Not Immortal, before flying towards the sky.

On the way back, Fang Yuan asked Chu Du about the situation in Northern Plains, as well as the difficulties Chu Sect was currently facing.

Fang Yuan had also undergone the Crazed Demon Agreement, his relationship with Chu Du had deepened again.

Chu Du did not conceal it from him, he smiled bitterly: "Right now, I feel great pressure too. Even though Chu Sect allied with Bai Zu tribe, we are against an enemy with tens or hundreds of times our strength! But they are not unified and have their own territories, they can only deploy limited Gu Immortals. And they are in the righteous path, they talk about rules and reputation… we still have a chance."

"When are they coming?" Fang Yuan asked the crucial question.

Chu Du chuckled: "Far from now. Even though they are spreading news everywhere and saying harsh words, they are still far from setting off. These Huang Jin tribes have their own conflicts and disagreements, they need to consider a lot of things, things are not as simple for them as us demonic path members."

Fang Yuan nodded.

Chu Du's words made him gain even clearer insight and analysis of the current situation in Northern Plains.

Chu Du looked at Fang Yuan: "This might sound presumptuous, but Brother Liu, your transformation path has already reached great grandmaster attainment level?"

"What? Not yet." Fang Yuan replied.

"Even if you are not a great grandmaster, you are at least quasi-great grandmaster." Chu Du said with much self confidence.

Fang Yuan laughed, asking instead: "How did you know?"

Chu Du chuckled: "I deduced it from your performance with the dao marks. The higher your attainment level, the easier it is to explore Crazed Demon Cave. Not Immortal was shocked by my improvement, that was because I had recently attained a qualitative improvement in my strength path attainment level."

Chu Du stared at Fang Yuan, his gaze contained deep meaning.

Fang Yuan knew that he was trying to ask about the killer move immortal tribulation tempering aperture.

After all, Chu Du was only using calamity beckoning Immortal Gu to gain some benefits from Fang Yuan.

The core method that could draw out Reckless Savage's true meaning had been kept secret by Fang Yuan, he did not reveal any of it.

Fang Yuan knew what Chu Du was trying to ask, but he pretended not to know, saying: "Oh, I see."

After saying those three words, there was no follow up, they continued traveling quietly.

Disappointment flashed deep in Chu Du's eyes.

He had been desiring immortal tribulation tempering aperture all along, but in this situation, that was no longer the focus.

Thus, Chu Du asked very vaguely, he knew that a clever person like Fang Yuan would understand what he was trying to say.

But Fang Yuan replied with three words — oh, I see.

Chu Du immediately understood, Fang Yuan had rejected him.

Like how Chu Du asked very subtly, Fang Yuan's answer was the same.

"Oh, I see." It meant that Fang Yuan's method to draw out true meaning was not for sale, he rejected a transaction.

"I can only forget about it for now." Chu Du felt it was a pity, but he was very rational. In this situation, he had to deepen his cooperation with Fang Yuan, he could not worsen their relationship.

Fang Yuan did not return to Hei Fan grotto-heaven with Chu Du.

Halfway through the journey, he parted with Chu Du.

Fang Yuan flew towards the southwest direction, some days later, he landed on an ordinary looking mound.

"According to Xue Song Zi's memories, this is the place." Fang Yuan looked around, confirming that he had arrived at the right place.

He started to activate his Immortal Gu, after a while, the immortal killer move activated successfully, and he found the location of a blessed land accurately.

His Immortal Gu and immortal killer move were borrowed from Heavenly Lord Bai Zu. For this, he paid a huge price.

However, it was completely worth it for Fang Yuan.

"Found it!" Fang Yuan's eyes shined, he summoned the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle carried Fang Yuan and flew in a circle a few times, before piercing through space and bringing him into a new blessed land.

The owner of this blessed land had cultivated earth path during his life, thus, this blessed land was covered in black rotten mud.

Many small mud monsters were rolling around here.

From time to time, a desolate beast giant mud monster would jump up from the soil, like a huge black tidal wave.

A small mudman with a green strand of grass coming from its head floated and came to Fang Yuan.

"Bababa." The small mudman spoke, talking to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan listened and understood what it was saying.

He could not help but look at the mud below him, muttering: "To become the owner of the blessed land, I need to defeat five desolate beast mud monsters at once? Heh, easy."

The acknowledgement requirement of this earth path blessed land was difficult for most rank sixes.

But for Fang Yuan, it was very simple.

Fang Yuan was not unfamiliar with earth path, in fact, due to his previous life's experiences, his earth path attainment level was at master level.

After annexing this earth path blessed land, his Mini Western Desert gained a huge swamp.

For the following month, Fang Yuan went around everywhere, finding blessed lands and annexing them.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle displayed immense value, Fang Yuan easily got into blessed lands to explore them.

The information of these blessed lands was basically obtained from the Gu Immortals souls that Fang Yuan captured.

Dong Fang Chang Fan, Zheng Ling, Xue Song Zi, and the nine Gu Immortals in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, as well as the countless Gu Immortal souls from the turbulent flow sea area, and of course, Hei Cheng who was alive.

Counting them all, Fang Yuan had a large number of Gu Immortal captives!

These captives had been soul searched many times, he obtained all of their intel.

Fang Yuan's cultivation level rose tremendously, he skipped calamities and tribulations time and time again. The space and resources in the sovereign immortal aperture also increased each time he succeeded, rising time and time again.

Fang Yuan had long since passed his first heavenly tribulation.

By the time Fang Yuan returned to Lang Ya blessed land, in this short period of time, he had already passed two heavenly tribulations, he was a rank six Gu Immortal who was only three earthly calamities away from his third heavenly tribulation!


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