Reverend Insanity
1185 Unexpected Joy
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1185 Unexpected Joy

"What is going on?" Fang Yuan was confused.

Under the cooperation of the blessed land's pinkish red spirit snake, he successfully annexed Han Dong blessed land, turning it into a portion of the sovereign immortal aperture.

Thus, a shallow rock beach appeared in Mini Northern Plains, within the sovereign immortal aperture.

In the shallow beach, there was clear jade green water, with all sorts of fish and prawns in it, they could be seen swimming in the clear water. Between the crevices of the rocks, algae and seaweed flowed with the waves, there were even seashells and conchs.

There was a great number of pinkish red spirit snakes, some were moving alone, exploring the crevices. Some formed into groups, swimming in the green water, resembling a ball of red threads as they moved together. Some spirit snake groups moved in hundreds, it was a grand sight.

What was worth mentioning was that there was a desolate beast pinkish red spirit snake.

It was resting in a crevice between some rocks, it seemed to be in deep sleep.

Even when the entire blessed land was engulfed, it did not wake up.

Fang Yuan moved the whole of Han Dong blessed land over, the assimilation was simply perfect.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Normally, if Fang Yuan took out these resources and planted them into his sovereign immortal aperture personally, he would need to dig rivers and create their habitat.

In that case, because of the change in environment and difference in dao marks, much of these resources would wither and die. Like what happened when Fang Yuan took away Hei Fan grotto-heaven's resources, he had to constantly sell the resources in the outside world.

Because these resources could not grow in the sovereign immortal aperture.

It was not worth the effort in trying.

But now, Fang Yuan directly annexed the immortal aperture, he saved a lot of trouble.

The resources in Han Dong blessed land, be it the fish, prawns, or plants, did not need to adapt to a new environment. Because Fang Yuan moved the entire environment over directly!

This way, Fang Yuan had completely, with one hundred percent efficiency, taken over all of Han Dong's accumulation of resources over his life, and instantly absorbed them.

"Han Dong blessed land only produces one valuable thing, that is the spirit snakes. He can already nurture desolate beast level spirit snakes, even though this blessed land is low grade, to reach this extent of development is already outstanding."

Thus, Fang Yuan could inherit Han Dong's business and sell the spirit snakes.

Spirit snakes were a type of mutated beast, but they had a high ceiling of growth, they could reach a peak of ancient desolate beast level.

Fang Yuan assessed it, this rock beach was the foundation for raising spirit snakes. The profits it generated for him slightly exceeded the star fragment grass fields that were in Mini Blue Heaven.

Fang Yuan put these resources aside for now.

There were other, stranger matters.

Firstly, Han Dong blessed land's land spirit, that pinkish red spirit snake, was still around in the rock beach.

It did not die!

"Hiss hiss hiss?!" The pinkish red spirit snake twisted its delicate body, shaking its head, even the land spirit itself was confused.

The blessed land was annexed, the land spirit would die, this was common knowledge in the Gu Immortal world. But when it came to the sovereign immortal aperture, logic was meant to be defied.

Fang Yuan did not expect this at all, he was mentally prepared to sacrifice the blessed land's land spirit.

But to think that this happened.

Fang Yuan's will descended to the rock beach, forming into a human shape.

THe pinkish red spirit snake slithered over, happily hissing at Fang Yuan: "Hiss— hiss hiss hiss!"

"Master, master! What is going on, I actually did not die. I am still alive, master, master, you are amazing!"

Fang Yuan's will laughed: "Of course, this is my secret art, solely created by me, it is unique in this entire Gu Immortal world. You think I wanted to harm you? But you are truly loyal, you were willing to sacrifice yourself, and give everything to me."

The pinkish red spirit snake's eyes were shining, it had deep admiration towards Fang Yuan: "Hiss hiss hiss!"

"Wow, my master is so amazing, master's talent is higher than heaven! I am truly so blessed to have a master like you."

Fang Yuan's will nodded in agreement: "Alright, even though I have created a secret art to annex immortal apertures of others, this is the first time I used it. How much control do you have over this rock beach?"

The spirit snake answered: "Same as before, master, master, you are so amazing!"

"Oh?" Fang Yuan's will pondered, before saying: "Then, little spirit snake, can you control any other areas?"

The spirit snake tried and shook its head: "No master, I cannot."

"It can only control its original territory huh…" Fang Yuan's will thought and said: "Then, can you try and leave this rock beach?"

The spirit snake was very obedient, it immediately tried.

Unfortunately, as Fang Yuan had predicted, it could not leave the rock beach at all.

"Thus, the little spirit snake can only manage this rock beach in the future…" Fang Yuan felt a slight pity.

He lacked a capable individual to manage the sovereign immortal aperture for him. Earlier, he had hoped that there would be someone like Little Hu Immortal to manage the place for him.

After all, the sovereign immortal aperture was just too big, Fang Yuan's divine sense needed time to just look over it completely, it was a hassle to manage. It used up a lot of his time and energy over typical days.

The appearance of the pinkish red spirit snake was a somewhat unexpected and joyful surprise.

Fang Yuan had wanted to let it manage the sovereign immortal aperture for him, but now it seemed, forget about the sovereign immortal aperture, it could not even manage the whole of Mini Northern Plains.

Because it could only move around in its original territory.

"Forget it. This rock beach can be taken care of by the pinkish red spirit snake, it can sense any issues immediately if they occur. Why must I be unsatisfied?"

Fang Yuan quickly got over it and continued thinking calmly.

The pinkish red spirit snake was not destroyed, it still existed, this was just one aspect that shocked Fang Yuan.

The other aspect was in dao marks.

"I annexed Han Dong blessed land, but I actually absorbed all of the dao marks of the blessed land, what is going on?" Fang Yuan was puzzled.

According to the logic of the Gu Immortal world, when Gu Immortals annex immortal apertures, the dao marks they gain would be greatly reduced from the total amount.

But Fang Yuan obtained everything!

Before annexing the blessed land, Fang Yuan had used perceivable dao Immortal Gu to inspect the number of dao marks in Han Dong blessed land. Its transformation path dao marks were the highest in number, about seven thousand, followed by water and earth path dao marks, about a thousand each. Time path, space path, fire path, and other dao marks were mixed in and varied in numbers, some were less than a hundred, some were a few hundred.

These dao marks were all absorbed by Fang Yuan. As Han Dong blessed land completely fused with him, it became a part of the sovereign immortal aperture.

Results by testing with perceivable dao Immortal Gu proved this point.

"I kind of understand why." Fang Yuan thought for a while, realizing something.

What caused this situation was very likely to be the trait of non-conflicting dao marks that the sovereign immortal body had!

Ordinary Gu Immortals, even those of the ten extreme physiques, when annexing immortal apertures, would face conflicts between different dao marks. The Gu Immortal's dao marks were like the owners of the house. And the annexed dao marks were like guests.

If guests want to enter the house and refuse to leave, even attempting to become the new owners of the house, the original owners would chase them away.

Eventually, the original owners will take in a batch of guests that they like, and these guests would suit the nature of the owners, they would be of the same path. As for the other paths' dao marks, they would be chased out, few of them could enter the house and become new owners.

But Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal body was different.

This house was open and invited any guest to stay. Because dao marks did not conflict, the original owner could allow any newcomer to stay without any issues!

"It is all encompassing. Not only are dao marks non-conflicting, even land spirits can be taken in, it is like the huge world outside, there is nothing it cannot contain." Fang Yuan suddenly felt a trace of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's incredible fortitude and resolution.

The sovereign immortal body was formed from sovereign immortal fetus Gu, it was deduced by Spectral Soul singlehandedly, expending a great amount of time, effort, and resources, eventually refined through great danger.

This Immortal Gu was the embodiment of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's beliefs and mindset.

Fang Yuan could not help but praise internally: "Spectral Soul Demon Venerable reached the apex through killing, he created soul path and was invincible in the world. But after he died, his soul went to the door of life and death, he went a step further and broke the limits he faced during his lifetime, reaching a state of being akin to that of a sea which all rivers flow into, becoming an all-encompassing being, he was truly incredible!"

Non-conflicting dao marks made Fang Yuan's body very fragile, but the advantages greatly outweighed the disadvantages.

Fang Yuan could use strong defensive methods to negate this weakness. But the great benefits it brought could not be replicated through other means!

After annexing Han Dong blessed land, Fang Yuan's final gain was also his main objective — skipping calamities and tribulations.

He succeeded.

Originally, his sixth earthly calamity was impending.

But after annexing Han Dong blessed land, not only was the sixth earthly calamity skipped, the countdown until the next calamity, and he even jumped forward by four calamities.

"I have already passed five earthly calamities, with the sixth coming soon. Now that I skipped four, I have already passed the ninth earthly calamity, and my first heavenly tribulation would be next!"

Gu Immortals pass tribulations time and time again, it is like they were obtaining the acknowledgement of heaven and earth.

The achievements of predecessors would be enjoyed by the person who annexed their immortal aperture.

Even though Fang Yuan was not very clear on the reasoning behind this, it was proven countless times in history by many Gu Immortals: Annexing other people's blessed lands would allow one to skip their tribulations.

This was also a way to undergo tribulations, but in actuality, there were huge restrictions and tough conditions to meet.

And the disadvantages were not small.

"Sigh, after annexing this strength path immortal aperture, even though I gained a lot, I lost a lot of future potential in exchange for the current gains." Inside Southern Border's Jade Pot Mountain, Hei Lou Lan had also annexed an immortal aperture.

But her expression was very gloomy.


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