Reverend Insanity
1183 Entering a New Blessed Land
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1183 Entering a New Blessed Land

Fang Yuan successfully returned to Lang Ya blessed land.

At this moment, his divine sense was in the sovereign immortal aperture.

"I have inspected it eighteen times, there should be no problems. But even if any problems occur, the newly hatched upper extreme heavenly eagle is only at the power of a desolate beast, even if it rebels, there is no danger."

Fang Yuan thought in his mind.

He was inside Mini Purple Heaven in the sovereign immortal aperture.

An ordinary eagle nest was floating in the sky.

Inside the nest, other than an upper extreme heavenly eagle egg, there was nothing else.

Within the surrounding hundred li, Fang Yuan had placed many strength path immortal zombies, desolate beasts, and even the walking meat tree here temporarily, to ensure there were no accidents.

He hatched the upper extreme heavenly eagle once again!

Fang Yuan began to move.

A large amount of fresh blood was taken out by the strength path immortal zombies, before activating Gu worms and fusing the fresh blood perfectly into the upper extreme heavenly eagle's egg.

Fang Yuan had done this once before.

But back then, Fang Yuan used Hei Cheng's blood. This time, Fang Yuan was amply prepared, not only did he change the upper extreme heavenly eagle's memories, he even did some changes to Hei Fan's arrangements left on the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

This way, Fang Yuan could use his own blood to hatch the upper extreme heavenly eagle. It was not like before, using familiar face to conceal himself and become close with the upper extreme heavenly eagle, obtaining the acknowledgement of this immemorial desolate beast.

He went step by step, smoothly progressing, there were no unexpected mishaps.

Eight days and nights later in the immortal aperture, the upper extreme heavenly eagle hatched again, as the baby upper extreme heavenly eagle emerged.

"Chirp, chirp."

The upper extreme heavenly eagle saw 'Fang Yuan' and immediately jumped at him affectionately.

This 'Fang Yuan' was not Fang Yuan's real body, it was a strength path immortal zombie, using familiar face to turn into Fang Yuan's appearance.

Even though it had just hatched, it was not small, when it raised its head, it had the height of a youngster.

The young eagle treated Fang Yuan as its parent, it surrounded him and flapped its wings, chirping and jumping around, extremely happy.

"Alright, alright." Fang Yuan smiled warmly, stretching out his hand and stroking the upper extreme heavenly eagle's head.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle obediently stayed still, its chirping became softer and more intimate.

"Come, eat." Fang Yuan took out a thick and long heavenly crystal.

The heavenly crystal was white and gold, in a translucent state, placing it in front of the young eagle, all of its attention was drawn to it.

Its dark eagle eyes shined with bright light. It began to peck the heavenly crystal, as it broke apart like tofu, the young eagle ate it and swallowed the crystal very quickly.

The young eagle trusted Fang Yuan deeply, it did not hesitate in consuming the heavenly crystal in Fang Yuan's hands.

After eating six heavenly crystals, it stopped in satisfaction.

Its tummy was bloated, the young eagle had become plump, it sat on the ground and chirped, slapping its tummy with its wings continuously, it was very cute and lovable.

"Full?" Fang Yuan smiled warmly, sitting down while leaning on the eagle.

The eagle felt a strong sense of safety, it let down its guard, shutting its eyes as its head lowered, lying on Fang Yuan's lap as it fell asleep.

Fang Yuan stretched out his hand, stroking the young eagle's feathers.

Its newly born feathers were yellow and soft, together with its body warmth, it was very comfortable to touch.

In the following days, Fang Yuan manipulated the strength path immortal zombie as he stayed by the upper extreme heavenly eagle's side.

Other than deepening their relationship, he was also keeping a close eye on it, in case of accidents.

"I have enough heavenly crystal eagle nests." Fang Yuan's divine sense left the eagle nest.

Taking a look, in the surrounding hundreds of li, there were many eagle nests.

There were nearly a hundred eagle nests, Fang Yuan had taken them from Iron Eagle blessed land.

Fang Yuan chose the largest eagle nest as the temporary home for the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

The original heavenly crystal eagle nest had already been completely eaten by the previous upper extreme heavenly eagle, nothing was left.

But now, even though the heavenly crystals in the nests could not nurture the upper extreme heavenly eagle, there was still a pile of them, taller than an adult.

Among these heavenly crystals, a small portion came from Lang Ya land spirit. Fang Yuan had exchanged for them from Lang Ya land spirit using sect contribution points.

The bulk of them were obtained from Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, after Chu Du and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu allied, Fang Yuan had transacted with Heavenly Lord Bai Zu through Chu Du.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was a rank eight Gu Immortal, he had a grotto-heaven, he had a huge stock of heavenly crystals.

In order to get this transaction, while revealing the secrets of the variant human in the northern icy plain to Chu Du, Fang Yuan also told him about the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

Actually, this was already no secret.

Chu Du might have known, while Heavenly Lord Bai Zu definitely knew, because he had taken in the supreme elders of Hei tribe as his subordinates.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu desired the upper extreme heavenly eagle greatly, but currently, he needed Chu Du as an ally. And Chu Du wanted to deepen his cooperation with Fang Yuan, because of all these reasons, Fang Yuan easily succeeded in getting this transaction.

Fang Yuan paid a lot of resources.

But these resources were originally from Hei Fan grotto-heaven anyway. To purchase these heavenly crystals, Fang Yuan sold them all without hesitation.

Be it Chu Sect or Bai Zu tribe, they needed these resources greatly.

Because of their battle, both sides had expended a lot of their foundation, they needed replenishment. And the even better thing was, these resources were originally produced in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, they suited the environment and did not need to adapt.

After successfully hatching the upper extreme heavenly eagle, Fang Yuan settled down and observed it for some more days.

After he confirmed that the upper extreme heavenly eagle had no issues, Fang Yuan immediately left, using Lang Ya Sect's teleportation Gu formation to get to Tai Qiu.

The sixth earthly calamity was about to arrive, there was little time, why was Fang Yuan going to Tai Qiu?

He could not undergo tribulation in Tai Qiu.

Because it was too dangerous.

Ancient desolate beasts and ancient desolate plants lacked intelligence, they were easily influenced by heaven's will, and would form into a giant beast tide.

Fang Yuan followed a route and moved.

He used familiar face, constantly changing his appearance, disguising himself as ancient desolate beasts or desolate beasts to travel, moving in Tai Qiu.

Fang Yuan did not dare to go to the center of Tai Qiu, it was extremely dangerous, there were many wild Immortal Gu there and even immemorial desolate beasts!

Thankfully, his destination was not at the center of Tai Qiu, it was at the fringe.

Three days later, he successfully reached his destination.

The ground in front of him was uneven, even though there was a lot of giant grass, it could not conceal the traces of battle here.

Some mangled corpses were scattered here.

Fang Yuan's gaze swept through the surroundings, he did not discover any danger, he let out a breath of air and relaxed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"In the previous earthly calamity, I gained a lot of dark path dao marks. This time, I used Dark Limit to hide from heaven's will, the effect is many times better! Thus, I am still safe."

"Then next is…" Fang Yuan mobilized his Gu worms, inspecting the surroundings.

He was very careful, he searched meticulously.

There was a rank seven Immortal Gu in his immortal aperture, Fang Yuan had specially borrowed it from Heavenly Lord Bai Zu. Lending Immortal Gu was also part of Fang Yuan and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's deal. Other than this, there was an immortal killer move.

With this rank seven Immortal Gu as the core, Fang Yuan used the immortal killer move.

Not long after, he had a discovery.

"Good, I recalled correctly! It is here!"

The immortal killer move allowed Fang Yuan to discover a blessed land. It was hidden in empty space, concealed here in the air.

"Good eagle, it is up to you now." Next, Fang Yuan opened the immortal aperture, letting out the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle had grown multiple times in size after these days, but it was still young, it had shiny feathers and sharp eagle eyes, it was quite strong and vigorous looking.

It flew in the sky, carrying Fang Yuan on its back as they flew multiple times in a circle, under Fang Yuan's guidance, it sensed something and changed directions, aiming towards the ground and about to crash.

When it was three meters from the ground, the upper extreme heavenly eagle suddenly went through an entrance, as it vanished from Tai Qiu along with Fang Yuan.

At the next moment, Fang Yuan arrived at a completely new blessed land!


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