Reverend Insanity
1174 Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1174 Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics

Of course, since Chu Du was asking Fang Yuan to go and invite people from Crazed Demon Cave, he had also given Fang Yuan some methods to defend against the demonic sounds, and some information regarding the patterns, strengths and weaknesses of these sounds.

"Regardless, I have to go."

Chu Du and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu were competing over Hei Fan grotto-heaven, this originated from Fang Yuan's actions. He had benefits linked with Chu Du, he was also involved with the attack on Iron Eagle blessed land, all in all, he was deeply related to the issue.

Fang Yuan acted quickly, immediately setting off.

Using the super Gu formation, he teleported out of Lang Ya blessed land, heading towards Crazed Demon Cave.

There were no issues along the way.

More than ten days later, Fang Yuan stopped in the air, looking down.

On the ground of flat yellow soil, there was a huge cave. The surroundings of the cave were a circular shape, spanning hundreds of kilometers. There was a thick rainforest in the cave, having both yellow and green colors. From time to time, desolate beasts growled, large numbers of featherless birds flew out, their red bodies made Fang Yuan think of pterosaurs.

It was a scenery of wilderness.

Fang Yuan descended, as the cave got bigger in his vision, until it eventually filled it up.

As he went down, Fang Yuan was completely shrouded by the rainforest in the cave.

Entering the rainforest, the humid and moist air enveloped Fang Yuan.

The branches of the trees were thick and large, but sunlight was very intense. Vines were hanging on the tree trunks, or intertwining on them, Fang Yuan could not find a place to land at times.

Creak creak…

Far away, many strange monkeys with grey fur were chasing each other on the trees.

Suddenly, a motionless 'vine' moved up, openings its bloodthirsty mouth as it swallowed dozens of grey monkeys into its stomach.

In truth, this was a desolate beast tree python that had successfully hunted its prey.

The grey monkey group was in a commotion, they called out loudly, their voices attracted the king of the monkeys, it was also a desolate beast.

The desolate beast tree python continued to retreat, it was already full, its goal was achieved, it did not want to fight the grey monkey king.

The grey monkeys were not insistent on revenge in nature, the monkey king saw that the tree python was leaving and did not chase it, only calling out loudly.

But at this time, there was a sound echoing in the place.

"Oh no, demonic sound." Fang Yuan quickly used his Gu worms, using Chu Du's method to defend against the demonic sound.

Ordinary methods could not block demonic sounds.

But Chu Du's method worked against it with immediate effect. Fang Yuan felt like the demonic sound was gone, as if it never existed.

The vocalizations of the monkey king and the tree python could be heard now.

Influenced by the demonic sound, the two desolate beasts which were going to leave suddenly engaged in combat like they had gone crazy.

This was not just an intense battle, it was a battle to the death.

The two desolate beasts fought to the death, they were entangled, rolling around as many trees were snapped, countless living beings died.

The monkeys around them also went crazy, not only did they attack their allies, they even self-mutilated, banging against hard rocks or digging out their own eyes with their fingers.

The peaceful rainforest became chaotic, there was roaring everywhere, many life forms went into madness, fighting each other as dust clouds rose, an intense bloody smell was emanating.

Fang Yuan maintained his composure and calmness.

But the surrounding birds were all attacking him, even the ants and bees nearby were suiciding as they attacked him.

"This is Crazed Demon Cave…" Fang Yuan sighed internally, using Gu worms to defend himself.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was clear-minded, he had many strong methods to survive in this crazy environment, he did not feel much pressure.

After all, these crazy life forms were not targeting him alone, they were attacking at will, acting like maniacs.

The demonic sound continued for a while before vanishing.

The noisy rainforest became silent at once.

The wild beasts that were mixing around earlier were corpses now, they had severed limbs and incomplete corpses scattered all over the rainforest. At some places, their blood formed into small rivers, nourishing the ground. Countless snapped trees obtained sufficient nutrients and rapidly grew again.

Far away, the two desolate beasts who fought had died.

The tree python's thick and long body was coiled around the monkey king multiple times, while the final loop was around its neck, snapping it completely.

But the monkey king struggled before dying, tearing apart the python's stomach. All of the monkeys that it had eaten were freed, but they were all dead.

The tree python was near death, as the demonic sound faded, it regained clarity, before the light in its eyes faded.

It lost its life.

Fang Yuan had a thought as he rushed to the battlefield, keeping these two dead desolate beasts in his own immortal aperture.

"If I were you, I would not waste my effort. The life forms in Crazed Demon Cave, be it flying birds or land-based beasts, even Gu worms and plants have no value. The corpses of these desolate beasts cannot be sold in treasure yellow heaven, because the dao marks in their bodies are completely chaotic." A voice could be heard.

"Who is this?" Fang Yuan was shocked.

Even though he had been using familiar face, and the time path killer move three breaths future vision, the latter could only let him see events related to himself three breaths later.

'See' was not 'hear'.

Three breaths future vision had its flaws.

Like right now, Fang Yuan could not foresee voices.

But soon, Fang Yuan 'saw' the future, a white robed Gu Immortal with a middle aged appearance came out of nowhere, he was behind and towards Fang Yuan's right, about ten steps away.

Fang Yuan was fully focused, but he was still looking around.

Three breaths of time later, towards his back, at the right, a white robed Gu Immortal appeared in that very spot.

This Gu Immortal had a pale face and black beard, he had long wide sleeves and eyes that were shining like stars, his disposition was extraordinary.

Fang Yuan quickly turned around, looking at this foreign immortal with a nervous expression.

The white robed Gu Immortal smiled as he said: "Don't be afraid, friend, I am Not Immortal."

Fang Yuan was exposing rank six aura now, but the white robed Gu Immortal was rank seven, his aura was not concealed.

"What?" Fang Yuan was perplexed.

"My title is 'Not Immortal', I live in Crazed Demon Cave. The Gu worm that you have is the token that us Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics gave to Chu Du." The white robed Not Immortal smiled.

Fang Yuan realized, hearing Not Immortal's words, there were two other people in Crazed Demon Cave. He quickly greeted: "Junior greets senior, I came here without an invitation because we need senior's help to assist Lord Domination Immortal."

"Hehehe, us Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics have lived here for hundreds of years without bothering with the outside world, if Chu Du wants to join us, we will gladly welcome him. But if he wants us to leave Crazed Demon Cave, that is absolutely impossible." Not Immortal smiled.

"Oh?" Fang Yuan had an anxious expression, but he felt nothing on the inside.

Regardless of whether Not Immortal was saying this to elevate his own value, just Domination Immortal Chu Du alone was not someone who toyed around.

Chu Du definitely had a close relationship with the three immortals here, he had a plan if he asked Fang Yuan to come.

"Since Chu Du gave you the Gu worm, I suppose he has also given you many methods and the traveling route as well?" Not Immortal asked.

"Yes." Fang Yuan nodded.

Not Immortal assessed Fang Yuan involuntarily, to make Chu Du entrust him like this, what capabilities did this Gu Immortal junior have?

"In that case, follow me. Hehe, you were quite lucky, I came out here for a breather. Crazed Demon Cave is getting more dangerous in recent years, the routes are changing, follow me, if you take a wrong step, you will face the consequences yourself." Not Immortal said as he entered the rainforest.

Fang Yuan hesitated, before moving and following him.

The two entered deep into the rainforest and went into a hole, arriving at the second layer.

Crazed Demon Cave had nine layers, the second layer was an incredibly hot land of burning rocks. A large amount of rocks were piled up together, big and small, the large ones were like huge elephants, the small ones were like pebbles.

A moment later, the two immortals arrived at the third layer.

The third layer was covered in white fog, a large number of fog Gu were living here, along the way, Fang Yuan saw figures of large fierce beasts moving about in the fog.

There was a very large quantity of cloud bamboo.

It was this special bamboo, on the same scale as the rainforest in the first layer, that created the endless fog here.

Next, Fang Yuan saw the image of a city in the fog.

A tall city with markets and vendors, countless people were moving about rapidly, but there was no sound, it was a peculiar scene.

"That is Fog City, the vengeful souls who died gather and form here, there is no point looking at it." Not Immortal, who was in front, informed.

Fang Yuan was slightly shocked, he knew about Fog City, this was the first time he saw it. Souls that could form Fog City were at least Gu Immortals, and a large number at that. With Fang Yuan's current strength, if he entered it, he would definitely die, there was no way to escape.

Crazed Demon Cave was one of the ten great fierce areas in Northern Plains, it was naturally very dangerous.

The Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics including Not Immortal were living here permanently, their strength was naturally not low.

Under Not Immortal's lead, Fang Yuan entered deep into the cave without much danger, he got to the sixth layer.

"Even we do not dare to enter the bottom three layers casually, it is too dangerous. Come, let me bring you to Gu Immortal Pang Shan, he has the most interaction with Chu Du, he was the one who recommended Chu Du in the first place. Chu Du knows our rules, but he still asked you to come here, he definitely has his objectives. Pang Shan should know."

Under Not Immortal's lead, Fang Yuan met with Gu Immortal Pang Shan at a small valley in the sixth layer.

A huge person!

Pang Shan was dozens of meters tall, he was situated in the valley, he was using the valley as his chair, he was in a half lying down position.

He made Fang Yuan think of that Leshan Giant Buddha back on Earth.

Pang Shan opened his eyes slightly, waking up from his sleep.

"Oh? Chu Du is asking for reinforcements… hmm, we did have an agreement before." Pang Shan said in a deep tone, speaking very slowly.

"As expected. What agreement?" Not Immortal stroked his beard and asked.

"Lend him Immortal Gu and killer moves to resolve his alliance agreements." Pang Shan replied slowly.


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