Reverend Insanity
1173 Crazed Demon Cave
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1173 Crazed Demon Cave

Inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Tens of thousands of Heavenly Lord Bai Zu figures floated in the air, looking down towards Chu Du.

The expression and attitude of the Heavenly Lord Bai Zu figures were completely different from before, all of their faces were grim and heavy.

"Chu Du! Hand over the murderers and Hei Fan grotto-heaven, I can spare your life."

Tens of thousands of mouths spoke at once, the loud volume reverberated in Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Chu Du stood on the ground, raising his head and looking.

Compared to the numerous Heavenly Lord Bai Zu figures in the sky, he was all alone, seemingly lonely and weak.

However, his body was upright and straight like a spear, his domineering aura shrouded his body, he could resist Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's imposing display without wavering.

"Hmph! You are attacking my grotto-heaven, and you want me to surrender? So what if that Bai Zu tribesman died, this is your punishment and a price to pay for attacking me."

Chu Du spoke plainly, his voice was echoing in the grotto-heaven.

The group of Heavenly Lord Bai Zu figures still wanted to speak, but Chu Du activated his immortal killer move at the next moment.

Inner strength self detonation!

The immortal killer move's range covered the entirety of Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Inside the Heavenly Lord Bai Zu bodies, inner strength was appearing out of nowhere, it expanded until it reached its limit.

Next, all of the Heavenly Lord Bai Zu clones self-detonated at the same time, it was an incredible sight.

At once, the overwhelming army was completely destroyed by Chu Du in one move.

"Domination Immortal!" Outside the grotto-heaven, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's true body frowned as he gritted his teeth, fuming with rage.

Not long ago, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu had received a letter from his tribe, he was informed of Bai Zu Wei's death.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was naturally very upset, and also furious.

Bai Zu Wei was nurtured by him singlehandedly, he was like a child that he had raised.

To think that after building the tribe, and having just having started building their foundation in Northern Plains, he died, it was truly regretful.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu quickly noticed that if this matter was not dealt with properly, it would cause a huge crisis!

"If I do not take down Hei Fan grotto-heaven and kill the murderers, my reputation would fall drastically, people would think I am weak, Bai Zu tribe would be pushed aside."

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu would not allow that to happen.

But his earlier call for surrender did not work.

"Domination Immortal Chu Du! This person is as tough as a rock on the seashore, just waves alone cannot stop him. Then let me show him a tsunami." Heavenly Lord Bai Zu had a firm expression.

Inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

"Lord Domination Immortal, it is my, Hao Zhen's, greatest honor to be acquainted with you!"

"Lord Domination Immortal, I, Chou Lao Wu, admires you and solely you alone."

Somehow, at some point in time, Hao Zhen and Chou Lao Wu were brought into Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

They were hidden underground, after Chu Du killed all of Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's illusory clones, they showed themselves.

Originally, they were worried, but Chu Du rejected Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's offer of surrender with a firm tone, their doubts were dispelled, they felt deep admiration towards him.

"You two." Chu Du faced them, having a sincere expression: "You both got into trouble because of me. If I submit to the threat of a rank eight Gu Immortal and abandon you, I will be letting down my title as the 'Domination Immortal'. That is definitely not my style and demeanor as Chu Du!"

"Lord Domination Immortal, what do we do now?" Chou Lao Wu asked.

Chu Du smiled lightly: "Don't worry, this Hei Fan grotto-heaven is not ordinary. Earlier, I alone was able to defend it. With the help of both of you, we have no worries."

Chou Lao Wu and Hao Zhen nodded, but the worry in their faces did not go away.

Chu Du continued: "Of course, simply defending will eventually lead to failure, right now, we are in a passive situation. I have already sent a letter out, I am inviting friends to fight with Heavenly Lord Bai Zu once and for all!"

Hao Zhen and Chou Lao Wu finally cheered up.

The former said: "Lord Domination Immortal, you can firmly control the situation, we are at ease."

The latter added: "Fame and reputation attracts people. Relying on Hei Fan grotto-heaven to defeat a rank eight Gu Immortal is definitely an incredible achievement. If we use benefits and fame to attract them, Gu Immortals will surely come to help us."

Saying this, Hao Zhen and Chou Lao Wu looked at each other, before saying loudly to Chu Du: "We are willing to shoulder the cost of inviting help."

Domination Immortal laughed: "No need for that, this was my problem to begin with, how can I watch without paying a price?"

Saying this, he held the hands of Hao Zhen and Chou Lao Wu, saying in a moved tone: "Fortune and disaster comes together, whether it ends up as fortune or disaster will depend on our hard work. If we can defend the grotto-heaven, I am willing to give up sixty percent of the space here to both of you. It was fate that brought us together, from today onwards, I hope that the three of us can go through thick and thin together, regardless of poverty or wealth!"

A huge amount!

Chu Du promised that after success, he would give sixty percent of Hei Fan grotto-heaven to Hao Zhen and Chou Lao Wu directly.

At once, Hao Zhen and Chou Lao Wu's eyes shined, their hearts were pounding.

This was Hei Fan grotto-heaven, it had no calamities and tribulations.

As long as they defended it, Chu Du would give them sixty percent, they would get thirty percent each!

This was simply a godsent fortune.

Hao Zhen's body shook, he had a look of excitement: "Through thick and thin together, regardless of poverty or wealth!"

Chou Lao Wu was so moved his eyes were red: "Meeting Domination Immortal is the greatest blessing in my life."

The two of them had no alternatives to begin with.

Chu Du not only took them in, he even gave them great benefits, at once, their passions were burning!

Bzzz bzzz bzzz….

Waves of buzzing noises entered their ears.

A change occurred, large numbers of distorted shadows appeared in Hei Fan grotto-heaven's sky, some even appeared on the mountains and in water.

Next, from these distorted shadows, figures of Heavenly Lord Bai Zu walked out one by one, there were even desolate beasts, some were ruthless two-legged beasts while others were flying with flapping wings.

The three immortals had solemn expressions.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was an enslavement path cultivator, he could not enter Hei Fan grotto-heaven, but he could send a large number of desolate beasts in.

No, not just desolate beasts, even ancient desolate beasts.

There were even ancient desolate plants, their roots entered the soil as they changed the terrain into their temporary camps.

"Heavenly Lord Bai Zu is finally using his true methods!"

"We have to take action, kill, kill, kill!"

Chu Du called out loudly: "Good, both of you, go kill these fierce beasts. I will manage the situation, I will prevent Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's main body from entering the grotto-heaven."

If Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's true body came in, they could not compete.

There was an enormous difference in strength between rank seven and eight.

The reason why Chu Du could resist Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was because he was using Hei Fan grotto-heaven as a barrier!

Lang Ya blessed land.

Inside the cloud city's secret room, Fang Yuan was seated as an Immortal Gu moved to his side.

This Immortal Gu, in terms of width and length, was the size of an adult's finger, it was silver and blue in color, shining with bright light. It was like a centipede, but instead of having multiple pairs of legs, it had soft and thin hair instead.

This was the rank seven Immortal Gu Sword Eyebrows.

At this moment, Fang Yuan was using sword eyebrows Immortal Gu to increase his sword path dao marks.

The secret room was dark and eerie, but sword eyebrows Immortal Gu was shining with silver light, it was flying around Fang Yuan as it drew a beautiful arc of dazzling light in the darkness.

A while later, Fang Yuan stopped his cultivation for now.

After the fifth earthly calamity, Fang Yuan had been using sword eyebrows Immortal Gu to increase his sword path dao marks.

He also had fixed times for cultivation daily, going to Luo Po Valley to cultivate his soul.

All in all, sword eyebrows Immortal Gu was quite useful, but it was a rank seven Immortal Gu, unfortunately.

Fang Yuan was only rank six, using a rank seven Immortal Gu had a huge burden on his green grape immortal essence.

Thus, Fang Yuan could not freely use sword eyebrows Immortal Gu. It was because his pressure from the calamities had decreased to the extent after the fifth earthly calamity, along with his good financial status in earning immortal essence stones, that he could undergo this cultivation.

"Oh? Chu Du sent a letter." Fang Yuan had just stored sword eyebrows Immortal Gu into his immortal aperture when he felt something, he sensed a letter Gu.

Through treasure yellow heaven, Fang Yuan retrieved the letter Gu, his consciousness entered it as his expression changed.

Chu Du had told Fang Yuan about the situation inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, he also told Fang Yuan his firm attitude.

When Chu Du wrote this letter, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu had not asked him to surrender yet, and had not sent in his army of beasts, but Chu Du had anticipated it.

In the letter, he said: "The might of a rank eight cannot be resisted. Even with the grotto-heaven's help, the inevitable failure is only delayed."

"He is quite aware, I see." Fang Yuan praised before continuing to read.

Chu Du asked for Fang Yuan's help in inviting reinforcements for him to resist Heavenly Lord Bai Zu. At the same time, he told Fang Yuan about his following plans.

Inviting reinforcements to defend Hei Fan grotto-heaven so that Heavenly Lord Bai Zu could not have any gains was not the important point.

The important thing was that other forces and Gu Immortals were not happy with Bai Zu tribe. As long as Heavenly Lord Bai Zu realized that he could not continue to attack Hei Fan grotto-heaven, if he did not return to stabilize the situation, the Bai Zu tribe that he had worked so hard to create would break apart.

That was the only way to get Heavenly Lord Bai Zu to leave.

Lone cultivator Heavenly Lord Bai Zu did not have this weakness. But after taking over Hei tribe and creating the righteous path super force, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu had to defend it.

Undoubtedly, this plan would work, it was also the only way to deal with Heavenly Lord Bai Zu.

Fang Yuan had thought of it earlier as well, Chu Du's plan and his were the same.

"Who is Chu Du asking for help? This letter shows much confidence, but he is only asking me to go to Crazed Demon Cave to ask for reinforcements. There must be some capable people."

Crazed Demon Cave!

One of the ten great fierce areas in Northern Plains.

Who was cultivating in seclusion there, who would make Chu Du think of drawing support from their power?

Immediately, Fang Yuan felt a strong sense of curiosity.

Because Crazed Demon Cave was different from the other fierce areas.

If it were Tai Qiu, even though it was dangerous, it was still possible for people to cultivate there in secret. Lang Ya Sect was already doing that now.

But Crazed Demon Cave was created by Limitless Demon Venerable singlehandedly, the cave was filled with demonic sounds, other Gu Immortals would go crazy uncontrollably, before losing all their senses. In history, even a rank eight Gu Immortal had lost their reasoning because of it and became a lunatic.


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