Reverend Insanity
1164 Fifth Earthly Calamity
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1164 Fifth Earthly Calamity

"Heavenly Lord Bai Zu has a method to invade grotto-heavens, but his main body cannot come in, he can only send clones."

"Hei Fan grotto-heaven has a huge space, and the brass bell heavenly spirit was destroyed by Liu Guan Yi, I cannot see the entire place, I do not know how many Heavenly Lord Bai Zu clones there are at this moment!"

"Every time I am about to kill a clone, new ones come in. This shows that he definitely has more than three, they have already formed and are ready to enter battle. Once I understand their methods and gain the advantage, when I am about to deal the killing blow, they would show up to save the other clones, this is definitely him trying to stall for time!"

Thoughts flashed in Chu Du's mind, he felt a bad sensation.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was stalling for time, he definitely had his motives!

Even though Chu Du could not decipher his true motive, there was one unquestionable point — he could not fight according to the enemy's tempo.

Thinking of this, Chu Du erupted, his body expanded rapidly, turning into a ten meter giant.

Immortal killer move — Battle Strength Transpiration!

His entire body turned red, all of the pores on his body opened up, as his sweat turned into steam, surrounding his body.

Next, he raised his right hand to face the sky palm up, his left hand was facing the ground, he chanted softly: "Try this move — Heaven and Earth Combined Strength."

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's three clones could not move, they felt like the entire world was sending an unparalleled strength that restricted them, crushing towards them from all directions.

Chu Du did not feel well either.

The muscles in his entire body were tense, he had used all of his strength. Within the steam, his face was bright red, his eyes were bloodshot, especially his two arms, they were bulging with beings resembling moving earthworms, it was quite terrifying.

His right arm moved down, his left arm moved up, as if two hills were converging towards the center with great difficulty.

In his immortal aperture, red date immortal essence expended rapidly.

As Chu Du did this, the three Heavenly Lord Bai Zu clones felt horrible. They felt that the force around them was increasing, they were almost getting crushed.

Seeing that these three clones were about to explode, at the crucial moment, the fourth, fifth, and sixth clones came to save them.

Boom boom!

With two loud sounds, the first clone and second clone were completely smashed by Chu Du, they were reduced to dust, but their Immortal Gu and immortal essence were missing, they were not destroyed.

"What an amazing killer move, it can attack, defend, and even immobilize multiple targets, it is almost like an incomplete battlefield killer move!" The third clone was saved, but it still felt lingering fear.

"No matter how many clones come, it is useless! I prepared this next move for rank eight existences. Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, if you refuse to show up, you will not be able to save these clones." Chu Du shouted, preparing his attack.

He had spread out his arms and legs in a '大' shape, his hands were facing heaven, palms upward, aura of Immortal Gu and mortal Gu were emanating from his body, changing constantly, just the aura alone was far superior than the heaven and earth combined strength earlier, it was truly shocking.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's clones all moved back, they used their defensive killer moves, preparing themselves.

Boom boom boom.

At the next moment, the Heavenly Lord clones self-detonated without any warning.

"What move is this?" Outside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's main body frowned deeply.

Even though his clones were all destroyed, he still had memories of the battle, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu could learn about Chu Du's mystical attack.

"This killer move is formless and covers a range. Once one is within range, from within, an internal strength would be produced and detonate the body. Hmm? The area that it covers is actually so huge!"

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu frowned deeply.

Inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, Chu Du covered his mysterious strength path killer move over the entirety of Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

It caused all of Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's clones to self-detonate.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu smiled: "Interesting, it seems that I cannot deal with Chu Du unless I enter personally."

Once he said that, he used an immortal killer move.

A profound white centipede figure flew out of his body, it drilled into space, causing a huge distorted shadow to appear in Hei Fan grotto-heaven instantly.

Next, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu took large strides, stepping into the shadow.

"Want to come in?" Chu Du laughed, stomping his feet.

A strength path leg flew out and kicked the distorted shadow, sending Heavenly Lord Bai Zu out.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was stunned, before showing a furious and helpless expression: "This Hei Fan grotto-heaven is easy to defend and hard to attack, I will need twenty breaths of time to enter it. In this process, there is enough time for Chu Du to stop me. If I send clones in, they will instantly self-detonate, they are useless…"

Chu Du was completely defending, hiding inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu felt difficulty against this well defended fortress.

"Heavenly Lord Bai Zu is attacking Hei Fan grotto-heaven?" Fang Yuan held Chu Du's letter of emergency support as he let out a breath of air.

His worry was lifted.

Even though Chu Du was his ally, in order to defend Hei Fan grotto-heaven, using the properties of the grotto-heaven to contest with Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, there were great advantages for Fang Yuan in this.

Lang Ya land spirit wanted to recruit Chu Du, it was very difficult. But if it succeeded, and Chu Du joined Lang Ya Sect, it would greatly affect Fang Yuan's current status. If he failed, Fang Yuan's relationship with the variant humans would be exposed, the situation would be unthinkable.

Fang Yuan could only stall it, one day at a time.

Because of the alliance agreement, Fang Yuan could not lie to Chu Du, especially in terms of the tribulation. Fang Yuan could not continue to undergo tribulation in the northern icy plain, this way, Chu Du would make guesses, it would expose the snowmen and rockmen under the northern icy plain. If this was settled poorly, and Chu Du attacked the tribe, Fang Yuan would be trapped in the middle, the situation would be very awkward and dangerous.

Thus, he could not make alliances casually, in fact, most Gu Immortals were very wary when making alliances.

Fang Yuan had originally intended to use his time path killer move to slow the time in his immortal aperture, and inform Chu Du about it.

This was not lying, it was the truth.

Next, Fang Yuan would hasten his immortal aperture's time, before starting his tribulation, he would inform Chu Du that the situation had changed. This way, Chu Du would not make it in time, even though it would ruin his relationship and trust, it was the best way.

Chu Du was very astute, there were no loopholes in his alliance agreement, Fang Yuan could only think of this roundabout way.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This method was very troublesome however, not only would it waste Fang Yuan's immortal essence, it would also cause a rift between Fang Yuan and Chu Du.

All in all, it was troublesome.

But now, Chu Du was forced to defend Hei Fan grotto-heaven, he was engaging Heavenly Lord Bai Zu in battle, he could not leave.

Fang Yuan mentally praised: "Heavenly Lord Bai Zu really came in the nick of time, he solved a huge problem for me!"

"For that to have happened, my luck was pretty good."

Fang Yuan started to reply using the information path mortal Gu.

In the letter, he expressed concern and sympathy for Chu Du's encounter, he showed his intense fury and hatred towards Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's invasion. He said that he would definitely help Chu Du and would not break the alliance agreement. But!

His tribulation was coming, he had to get through this first before helping Chu Du, and getting rid of the huge threat, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu.

He hoped that Chu Du would understand.

Chu Du quickly replied. He showed his understanding and told Fang Yuan: It was not hard to deal with Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's invasion, he had already rallied allies to support him, he hoped that Fang Yuan could settle his problem and quickly help.

Fang Yuan quickly replied: He would do his best, and all that he could, he hoped that Chu Du could hold on!

A few days later.

Fang Yuan left Lang Ya blessed land, using the super Gu formation to teleport out.

Next, he rushed to Earth Trench without stopping, choosing an appropriate location to place his immortal aperture.

The main part of Northern Plains' Earth Trench had seventeen sections, they were managed by Zombie Alliance. But after the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Zombie Alliance was used by Shadow Sect and sacrificed, used to refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu, it caused the Zombie Alliances in all five regions to vanish overnight.

However, Shadow Sect also had their arrangements.

For Northern Plain Zombie Alliance, the headquarters, Dark Flow City, had sunken into Earth Trench, other than the remaining members of Shadow Sect, nobody could find it.

Fang Yuan came to an Earth Trench, it was not the one in Zombie Alliance. There were large numbers of lone immortals and demonic immortals there, they were all trying to look for Dark Flow City. Ying Wu Xie and the rest might have even gone to the secret base there, unless Fang Yuan was a fool, he would not undergo tribulation there.

Most parts of Earth Trench were split up by super forces, or were occupied by Gu Immortal experts.

The part Fang Yuan chose had been completely excavated, nobody wanted it anymore, after countless battles, it was barren and empty, nobody came here anymore.

Fang Yuan chose this place purely because this place had rich earth path dao marks, as well as many dark path dao marks too.

Immortal tribulation tempering aperture!

Fang Yuan successfully activated this immortal killer move.

Next, he opened his immortal aperture's entrance, as heaven and earth qi rushed in.

Soon, the fifth earthly calamity formed.

The sky turned dark, a huge skeletal shadow covered up half of the sky.

The skeleton cackled, opening its mouth and spitting out a dark current that resembled a black python.

The dark current flew rapidly, everywhere it went, the soil became corroded, in an instant, they melted completely and turned into puddles of black rotten water, emitting a foul smell.

Earthly calamity — Corrosive Dark Current!

Fang Yuan recognized the earthly calamity, he quickly dealt with it.

The corrosive dark current was hard to deal with, Fang Yuan did not have any methods that resisted it, he could only fight it using his strong offensive methods.

The skeleton continued to spit, as waves of corrosive dark current rushed towards Fang Yuan like seas of snakes.

Heaven's will had purposely raised the calamity's power to its limit, Fang Yuan was in a difficult state.

This earthly calamity did not have Reckless Savage's true meaning. It was completely controlled by heaven's will, thus, it was multiple times as powerful than before.

However, Fang Yuan had grown drastically in strength, forget about the Eastern Sea information path inheritance, he had also obtained Hei Fan's true inheritance, he had many time path immortal killer moves to use. Even though he looked distressed, rushing around frantically, he had been preserving his strength to deal with unexpected situations.


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