Reverend Insanity
1162 Soul Path Trap
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1162 Soul Path Trap

After testing out perceivable dao Immortal Gu, it was time for Fang Yuan to cultivate his soul again.

He flew out of his cloud city, and went to Luo Po Valley.

However, the usage of perceivable dao Immortal Gu was not over.

Fang Yuan multitasked.

Sovereign immortal aperture, Mini Southern Border.

There were ample forests, it was no longer barren. Ordinary mountains were evenly distributed across Mini Southern Border in different places.

A strength path immortal zombie was controlled by Fang Yuan, carrying some immortal essence and perceivable dao Immortal Gu as it flew in the air.

A moment later, it slowly descended, landing on a small mountain.

Fang Yuan named this mountain Heaven Sealing Mountain.

The name was very grand, but the mountain was short and uninspiring. The mountain peak was being modified by Fang Yuan, there was a huge Gu formation on it, as the interior of the mountain was empty, it was sealing an immortal zombie body.

It was Fang Yuan's original body.

The strength path immortal zombie entered the interior of the mountain and came to the center of the sealing Gu formation.

Fang Yuan's original immortal zombie body was six meters tall, it had a miniature pair of bat wings on its back, it had a green face and sharp fangs, its eyes were shut. Its eight arms were all different, other than his two original arms, there was the asura arm, heavenly demon arm, blood wight arm, nightmare arm, plague arm, and the earth chief arm.

At this moment, the eight arms were spread out like a peacock's tail, their fingers were tightly stabbed into the ground.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Because it was sealed, the immortal zombie's heartbeat was very slow, there was only one beat every few minutes.

Light was emitting from the Gu formation, blowing on the immortal zombie body like a clear breeze, this showed that the sealing Gu formation was working fine.

Fang Yuan manipulated the strength path immortal zombie as he activated perceivable dao Immortal Gu, starlight gathered into flowing water as it covered the body of the immortal zombie.

A moment later, Fang Yuan got his results, he mentally snorted: "Something was done to it after all!"

His caution was truly wise.

Ying Wu Xie had left about ten thousand soul path dao marks in the immortal zombie body, it was more than Fang Yuan's original strength path dao marks inside the body.

After storing away perceivable dao Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan manipulated the strength path immortal zombie, opening a slit in the sealing Gu formation as the strength path immortal zombie pulled something out of its body.

A Gu Immortal's soul shrieked as it was dragged out by the strength path immortal zombie.

"Spare me, spare me!"

"I will acknowledge you as my master, please spare my life!!"

The Gu Immortal's soul struggled intensely, it seemed to have sensed its doomsday.

Fang Yuan manipulated the strength path immortal zombie expressionlessly as his demonic claws controlled the Gu Immortal's soul, preventing it from moving.

In the dark space in the mountain, the sealing Gu formation shone with light, not only did it not bring the warmth of light, it gave the environment a cold eerie feeling.

The Gu Immortal's soul cried out, it made the atmosphere even more creepy.

The strength path immortal zombie moved slowly, pressing the Gu Immortal soul into Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body.

The Gu Immortal soul was unwilling, but Fang Yuan was amply prepared, he forcefully stuffed it into the immortal zombie body.

Soon after, Fang Yuan used the Gu formation, activating the sealing Gu formation.

Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body did not move, it lay on the ground like a statue. But after the Gu Immortal soul entered it, the body started to shake.

Soon, the shaking intensified.

Suddenly, the shaking stopped entirely, Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body stopped moving, he opened his eyes, they were red like blood!


He opened his mouth and growled, the loud noise was echoing in the mountain's interior, like the rumbling of thunder.

Fang Yuan sneered, the strength path immortal zombie that he controlled did not move, it looked down at the immortal zombie body.

Indeed, due to the Gu formation's restrictions, and the arrangements done to the Gu Immortal soul earlier, Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body struggled to get up but could not, feeling weakness all over.

"What are you doing, what are you trying to do?" The Gu Immortal soul screamed.

He did not understand Fang Yuan's intentions, he felt an utter wave of fear and horror.

Soon, the Gu Immortal soul screamed in a high pitch tone: "You, what did you do to me? My soul is melting, you have a vicious heart, I only have my soul left, and you still refused to let me off!!"

Fang Yuan controlled the strength path immortal zombie, he watched with concentration, he ignored the Gu Immortal soul's screaming and crying.

"The soul would melt if they enter huh…" Fang Yuan investigated with all sorts of methods.

"Oh, this is an amazing soul path method. This Gu Immortal soul could not even last a short period of time!" Fang Yuan gasped, at his will, the strength path immortal zombie stretched out its right arm, trying to pull out the Gu Immortal soul from the immortal zombie body again.

But at the next moment, a ghost face appeared on the chest of Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body, cackling at Fang Yuan loudly!

An immense strength burst out as the strength path immortal zombie took three steps back.

Looking at it again, the ghost face had vanished.

Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body stopped moving, returning to the state of a statue.

Fang Yuan controlled the strength path immortal zombie, carefully getting closer, Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body did not move at all.

Fang Yuan continued to probe.

The Gu Immortal soul that he stuffed into the immortal zombie body earlier had completely melted, not even a bit of it was left.

"The melting speed is really fast, once the soul goes in, it is like a deep trap. Even if I pull it out, it cannot escape from the trap!"

Fang Yuan analyzed mentally.

Ying Wu Xie's trap was incredibly vicious, the method was extraordinary.

Fang Yuan was glad that he was vigilant, he did not take a risk to enter the body, otherwise, the consequences would be severe.

After several inspections, Fang Yuan used perceivable dao Immortal Gu again, inspecting his immortal zombie body.

"What is going on? The soul path dao marks did not decrease, they even rose by two thousand!" Fang Yuan was shocked.

At this moment, Fang Yuan was completely stunned by Shadow Sect's incredible soul path methods.

Melting the Gu Immortal soul was a huge problem, but Fang Yuan could deal with it.

The simplest and crudest method was to use Gu Immortal souls and constantly stuff them into the immortal zombie body so that the trap would weaken after several activations, before breaking down eventually.

But Ying Wu Xie's trap was not normal!

It not only prevented the soul that entered Fang Yuan's immortal body body from leaving, it even melted the soul and after that, strengthened itself, to replenish its expenditure and become stronger!

"Truly impressive! In this case, my action of sending Gu Immortal souls to probe it is restricted. Unless I have a method that can truly target the soul path dao marks in this body. Otherwise, I would only be making this trap more powerful!"

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth.

Actually, the Eastern Sea information path inheritance would have had many methods that targeted dao marks.

This could be seen from the information path dao mark insignia in flying sword Immortal Gu. Flying sword Immortal Gu was a dao mark fragment of sword path, but information path dao marks were added to it, the conflict between different paths was resolved. It was very difficult to achieve this, even rank eight Gu Immortals might have problems with it.

Furthermore, the quasi rank eight skeleton that Fang Yuan obtained was also clear evidence.

After a Gu Immortal dies, their path's dao marks would go into the immortal aperture as it forms a blessed land outside. If a blessed land did not form, these dao marks would scatter into nothingness and return to the five regions.

But this information path Gu Immortal could actually directly carve this bone path Gu Immortal's dao marks into his skeleton. The method was very special, it was rather unthinkable.

In the end, perceivable dao Immortal Gu even proved that this information path Gu Immortal had special methods that targeted dao marks.

"The complete information path true inheritance might have really had methods against dao marks. It is a pity I obtained this true inheritance too late, most of the Gu worms are dead, and the information path methods are lost."

How could everything be perfect in this world?

Fang Yuan could obtain Hei Fan's complete true inheritance, it was already very lucky.

The Eastern Sea information path inheritance had been there for too long, and the information path Gu Immortal had just killed his enemy, he created the inheritance on the verge of death. The contents of the true inheritance could not be preserved for long.

Even though he obtained perceivable dao Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan still needed to get more information path methods that could prevent him from being restricted by his alliance agreements.

"Searching for an information path Immortal Gu that can break alliance agreements is one way. But I need to keep it a secret, I cannot find Lang Ya Sect for help on this. Let alone getting Lang Ya land spirit to help me refine such an information path Immortal Gu."

Information path inheritances would not be easy to obtain, and Fang Yuan's information path attainment level was at ordinary level, he could not design his own Immortal Gu recipe and innovate.

In this trip to Eastern Sea, even though his gains were not few, Fang Yuan's original goal was not achieved.

He still sought out and lacked information path methods.

As his focus turned away from the sovereign immortal aperture, Fang Yuan began to focus on his soul path cultivation.

An hour later, he left Luo Po Valley.

He rigidly stuck to daily soul path cultivation. Because his soul path foundation grew rapidly, Fang Yuan could stay inside Luo Po Valley for a fifty percent longer time now.

However, now that Fang Yuan saw the trap inside his immortal zombie body, he was wavering on his plan of cultivating his soul.

Ying Wu Xie knew that Fang Yuan had Luo Po Valley and Dang Hun Mountain, how could he not consider this? Cultivating his soul was not a wrong decision, but by the time Fang Yuan gained enough soul foundation to resist the trap, a long time would have passed, he would have to put in a huge amount of effort!

And Fang Yuan's time and energy were not unlimited. He needed to spend a lot of time and effort in planning, devising ways to advance his cultivation and development.

"But I have to leave the matter of information path for later. The fifth earthly calamity is coming."

This earthly calamity was different from the previous four.

The last four times, Fang Yuan used immortal tribulation tempering aperture to undergo tribulation in the northern icy plain. But now, Fang Yuan could not stay in the northern icy plain, he had to find a new tribulation location.

What location should he choose?

A few days later, Chu Du sent him a letter, saying that he would help Fang Yuan undergo tribulation, in exchange for Reckless Savage's true meaning.

At once, Fang Yuan was in a situation with his hands tied!


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