Reverend Insanity
1159 Development of the Sovereign Immortal Aperture
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1159 Development of the Sovereign Immortal Aperture

Several days later, Fang Yuan waited for Immortal Hua Die to arrive.

"There is a trace of the River of Time indeed, it is very recent!" Immortal Hua Die inspected and felt overjoyed. With this clue, she could definitely locate the tributary of the river of time.

"Chu Ying, we have truly troubled you. To think that you really found this tributary of the River of Time, we searched for decades without finding any useful clues!" Immortal Hua Die was very excited, she could finally give Miao Ming Shen good news.

"Go ahead and track it. I do not need any compensation, I might need Lord Miao Ming Shen's help in the future. I will take my leave."

Fang Yuan was understanding and kind, Immortal Hua Die had a good impression of him.

Before leaving, she advised again: "Be careful, blood path demonic immortal Ding Qi has appeared, engaging in battle with Zhou Li and Tang Song. If you meet them, you should avoid them, there is no need to get involved in this."

"Fairy, I will remember your words, thank you." Fang Yuan showed a moved expression.

Immortal Hua Die had no idea: It was this person who had killed Ding Qi, Zhou Li, Tang Song, and everyone else. But the turbulent flow sea area was very complex, it was normal that they all went missing, nobody felt anything strange.

There were often Gu Immortals who went missing for months or years before appearing suddenly again.

Half a month later.

Fang Yuan returned to Lang Ya blessed land.

In this journey to Eastern Sea, even though his goal was not achieved, he had great gains.

In the cloud city's secret room, Fang Yuan quietly sat as his divine sense activated, inspecting his entire sovereign immortal aperture.

The sovereign immortal aperture had changed greatly. In the past, it was barren and empty. But now, it had a lot of resources. At a glance, it was no longer so empty and boring.

Actually, all of these resources that Fang Yuan gathered could not fit inside ordinary blessed lands.

But the sovereign immortal aperture was simply too huge, after placing these resources, there was still a lot of space left.

In Mini Northern Plains, half the area was covered in snow and frost. The other half had green grass, on this grassland, Fang Yuan placed a few desolate beasts, like the giant horned sheep and shark fin wolf that he had since long ago.

In Mini Western Desert, there were already eleven eerie fire dragon python dens. Because of his aperture's rate of time being at sixty times, along with Dong Fang tribe's superb method of rearing, the eerie fire dragon pythons were reproducing at a rapid rate.

In Mini Eastern Sea, Fang Yuan had created several artificial lakes, putting dragonfish groups, air bubble fish groups, literature carp groups and others. Now, with more of the common resources obtained from killing the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, he had great gains. Even though they were not particularly precious, the quantity was high, he could develop using this foundation.

In Mini Central Continent, there was a huge area of mirror willows, it had formed a giant forest spanning a hundred li. Speaking of which, Fang Yuan had originally planted mirror willows inside Hu Immortal blessed land, after relocating them, these mirror willows were moved into Mini Central Continent. And because of the sovereign immortal aperture's time flow, although Fang Yuan had never put effort in them, with just their own growth rate, the forest reached this scale.

Other than mirror willows, Mini Central Continent also had a huge underground blood zhi forest, its scale was only slighter smaller than the mirror willows.

Mini Central Continent was too huge, mirror willows and the blood zhi forest had no competitors, they could grow freely.

The most flourishing region was Mini Southern Border, which was overflowing with life.

The resources obtained from Hei Fan grotto-heaven were mostly relocated here.

However, Mini Southern Border was not filled up.

Large numbers of musical trees and tea streams were seen, there were also the qi death bird groups bringing immense vitality to Mini Southern Border.

More than ten mountains had appeared in Mini Southern Border already.

The tallest mountain was Five Light Mountain, it was bright and grand, followed by Immortal Succession Mountain, it had many stone pavilions on it, the scenery was good.

Mini Southern Border's most important resource was the regretful spider group, it had already grown in scale multiple times already.

Above the five regions were the nine heavens.

In Mini Orange Heaven, there were profound lights, they were emitting from the flowing light fruits, this was the result of Fang Yuan's previous effort in farming them.

In Mini Yellow Heaven, there was a gold fragment river, it was not big, but better than nothing.

In Mini Azure Heaven, there was azure fog, it was the pill azure incense that Fang Yuan bought. There was also the storage pool of the heavenly crystals, it was temporarily placed here without any use.

In Mini Blue Heaven, large clouds were floating with star fragment grass and arrow bamboo forests on them, producing star path mortal Gu for Fang Yuan. There was also a young ancient desolate beast falling star hound, it was saved by Fang Yuan and was playing around in Mini Blue Heaven.

In Mini Purple Heaven, the heavenly crystal eagle nest was eaten by the upper extreme heavenly eagle, only an upper extreme heavenly eagle egg was left. There were also some heavenly crystal fragments. These were all exchanged from Lang Ya land spirit.

In Mini Black Heaven, there was a walking meat tree.

In Mini White Heaven, there were three remnant heavenly dogs, and a group of eagle hounds, as well as some multicolored overlord flowers, the light was making the environment quite conducive already. Earlier, because Fang Yuan killed some light path Gu Immortals, the light path dao marks in the immortal aperture had increased.

"Unfortunately, I did not bring back City Well into the sovereign immortal aperture."

Fang Yuan was still thinking about City Well, inside the turbulent flow sea area.

Even though City Well was damaged greatly, Fang Yuan could use Landscape as Before to restore it.

The destroyed buildings could not be repaired, but Miniscule Mountain could definitely be reformed.

It turned out that this legendary mountain had been destroyed during the battle of Yi Tian Mountain when Fairy Li Shan died. However, Fang Yuan thought of a way to restore it.

According to >, Miniscule Mountain was a part of City Well.

"If I had City Well, I could raise large numbers of variant human groups inside the well. It is a pity…"

There were three stages in managing an immortal aperture.

The initial stage was when the Gu Immortal grows enough resources to fulfill the needs of their Immortal Gu's food.

The middle stage would be to develop more resources in addition to the Immortal Gu's food, to help the Gu Immortal in cultivation while also selling them for immortal essence stones.

The upper stage would be raising variant humans inside the immortal aperture, or even humans. This had huge significance to the Gu Immortal and has many benefits as well.

For example, earlier, Fang Yuan bought hairy man slaves in Hu Immortal blessed land to refine Gu for himself. This saved him a lot of time and effort.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Among the other variant humans, minimen could grow flowers and grass, rockmen could develop underground space, snowmen could produce ice tears and survive in the icy plains…

Pure bred humans had the greatest intelligence, they could reproduce rapidly and create things with their wisdom, large numbers of Gu recipes and killer moves could be created without the Gu Immortal making deductions themselves.

If one developed well, the immortal aperture might even have Gu Immortals or human Gu Immortals. They would be extremely loyal because they grew up in there. This would be a great help for the immortal aperture's owner.

Currently, Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture was at the initial stage.

Because he had gained a few more Immortal Gu, and had not fulfilled their feeding needs. Attitude Gu, wisdom sword Immortal Gu, and the other rank eight Immortal Gu were hard to feed. Fang Yuan could only devise a plan, he had solved a portion of them, but these problems were not resolved yet.

However, in terms of the middle stage, he had incredible achievements.

Because he had obtained countless resources from Star Form blessed land, Dong Fang tribe, and Hei Fan grotto-heaven. Most normal resources, like star path mortal Gu, regretful spiders, musical trees and others, they were all sold outside and provided profits.

Not to mention Dang Hun Mountain, guts Gu has always been Fang Yuan's greatest source of profit, it earned him revenue daily.

Horses need extra grass to grow healthy, humans need windfalls to get rich.

What made Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture so wealthy were the countless windfalls that he had obtained.

And these resources were Fang Yuan's great assurance in cultivating.

Without these resources, no matter how high Fang Yuan's battle strength was, he would not feel assured.

Currently, Fang Yuan could not raise variant humans in large numbers.

Of course, he could do the same thing as in Hu Immortal blessed land, buying large numbers of variant humans to work inside the immortal aperture for him. But that was not the proper way.

The true way was to allow these variant humans to grow and reproduce naturally, they would be real members of the immortal aperture, living inside peacefully.

Only like this, they could grow healthily and produce great profits in the future.

If he bought variant human slaves and made them work, Fang Yuan would only incur losses. He had already learned this lesson in Hu Immortal blessed land. Fang Yuan's stone nests had hairy man slaves dying from Gu refinement almost every day. The hairy man slaves had no time to reproduce or rest, their numbers dwindled, Fang Yuan could only make a loss as he continued to buy slaves to replenish them.


If he had City Well, it would be different.

City Well was a special environment isolated from the outside world, it was very suited for raising humans or variant humans. The reproduction and deaths of variant humans inside City Well would also have an effect of nourishing and elevating City Well itself.

Forget about this mystical property for now.

All in all, with City Well, Fang Yuan could instantly start his upper stage developments while still in the initial stage, he would obtain great gains.

This would undoubtedly allow his cultivation journey to be smoother, and his cultivation level would grow many times faster.

Fang Yuan ended his inspection of the sovereign immortal aperture.

There were areas where he was pleased, and areas where he was not satisfied.

What made Fang Yuan satisfied was, the sovereign immortal aperture's dao marks had grown favorably. For example, earth path dao marks, even though they were still lacking, they had improved greatly compared to earlier.

He was not satisfied with the fact that other than Mini Southern Border, the rest of the regions were still quite empty and had little resources. The sovereign immortal aperture was just too big.

Having huge space was a good problem.

The current situation would cause conflict between his resources in the future.

For example, the mirror willows, they were growing rapidly in Mini Central Continent. If another type of plant also grew quickly, and the two types met, an intense conflict would occur.

Conflict between plants was quite mild. But what about beast groups? If two fierce beast groups met, wouldn't they fight to the death?

If the blessed land was small, the Gu Immortal could adjust it quickly. But Fang Yuan's blessed land was too big, by the time he noticed their conflict, his losses would be severe.

To prevent this situation, Fang Yuan could only start planning early with great foresight.

The sovereign immortal aperture was not easy to manage.

Fang Yuan not only had to consider his current gains, he also had to think about the future.


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