Reverend Insanity
1154 Immortal Hua Die
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1154 Immortal Hua Die

Since he could not locate them, Fang Yuan wisely chose to give up on pursuing them.

Ever since reviving, this was the second time Fang Yuan was up against Shadow Sect. The first time, Ying Wu Xie had no choice but to undergo transactions with Fang Yuan, in the end, Fang Yuan took great advantage of it.

In the second contest, Fang Yuan only had a slight edge. Even though Fang Yuan's strength had grown immensely due to Hei Fan's true inheritance, in the end, he did not achieve his goals, he only killed one member of Shadow Sect, he slightly weakened Ying Wu Xie and the rest.

Fang Yuan was growing fast, but Ying Wu Xie was also increasing in strength!

And Fang Yuan's growth was uncertain and unstable. After all, benefits like Hei Fan's true inheritance were once in a thousand year encounters, they were not easy to get.

Conversely, Ying Wu Xie's growth in strength was very steady.

Because he could go and obtain Shadow Sect's inheritances in all five regions, these originally belonged to him, they were reliable and predictable.

Based on this point, it was wise of Fang Yuan to kill them preemptively.

If he did not use this chance to act, the disparity between them would grow more obvious. Once Spectral Soul was successfully rescued, Fang Yuan's doomsday would arrive.

Ying Wu Xie's immediate retreat was shameless, but it was the wisest and most resolute choice.

For Ying Wu Xie, as long as he continued to gather Shadow Sect's remnant forces, he would grow rapidly in strength. Accumulating them, he eventually would grow to become quite powerful!

In the turbulent sea area, even though both sides did not fight, they had competed against each other across a vast distance.

Fang Yuan obtained a lot of information regarding Ying Wu Xie and the rest, he even saw the ancient battle formation, Omni-directional Travel, as well as Ying Wu Xie, Hei Lou Lan, and the others' situations.

Meanwhile, Ying Wu Xie identified Fang Yuan's investigative killer move, even though he only resolved it temporarily, and did not solve the problem, his advancement was not halted, his plan could still continue smoothly.

Fang Yuan and Ying Wu Xie were bound to engage in a battle of life and death.

But now was not the time, Ying Wu Xie chose to retreat.

One day, between Fang Yuan and Ying Wu Xie, one would die. Their enmity was far from resolved.

Fang Yuan turned around, going back to the turbulent flow sea area.

Vast clouds and turbulent sea water, it was a chaotic sight.

Fang Yuan was about to go in, when a female immortal suddenly came from the west, calling out: "Please wait."

Fang Yuan turned around, only to see that this woman was dressed in a raiment, her sleeves were fluttering, she wore light pink. Her eyes were clear and shiny, she was extremely beautiful.

Immediately, Fang Yuan stopped moving, his eyebrows raised as he waited for the female immortal to arrive: "So it is Immortal Hua Die. I wonder why you called out to me?"

Immortal Hua Die smiled, her tender pink lips parted to show her pearl-like teeth: "I am ashamed, you know my name but I am unaware of your name?"

"I am Chu Ying." Fang Yuan casually said a name, his current appearance was disguised as well.

Chu Ying, it sounded like remove for visiting.

Taking this into consideration, the blue dragon whale was naturally more important than merely Immortal Hua Die, Fang Yuan dispelled the thought of killing her.

There was another advantage in becoming friendly with Miao Ming Shen.

Eastern Sea had the most cultivation resources among the five regions. Eastern Sea Gu Immortals often held meet-ups to exchange resources between each other. These resources were very precious, they had great value, lifespan Gu were used for transactions. In comparison, treasure yellow heaven was an open market, it was not a private auction location.

Miao Ming Shen was a common guest in these private auctions. With his approval, Fang Yuan would be able to enter these events as well.

Immortal Hua Die did not know that she had just barely escaped death, because of her relationship with Miao Ming Shen, she narrowly avoided a terrible fate.

She smiled lightly as she said: "Chu Ying, since you know about me, you must know about Lord Miao Ming Shen as well. Lord Miao Ming Shen has observed the turbulent flow sea area for years, he wants to find a tributary of the River of Time among these chaotic currents. If you have the opportunity to find that tributary of the River of Time, I hope that you can locate it and inform us, we will definitely thank you for it."

As for why a space path Gu Immortal like Miao Ming Shen was searching for a tributary of the River of Time, Immortal Hua Die was not going to explain it.

"So that's it." Fang Yuan agreed: "I have long since heard of Lord Miao Ming Shen. I would not ask for a great reward, I would simply like to be on good terms with both of you."

Fang Yuan was so tactful, Immortal Hua Die's smile became even wider.

Fang Yuan was not the first person she had talked to, in fact, Immortal Hua Die, Gui Qi Ye, and Feng Jiang would guard the turbulent flow sea area in turns at regular intervals. When they see any Gu Immortals approaching the turbulent flow sea area, they would talk to them and ask for their help.

Some rejected, but most people would agree.

The reason was naturally Miao Ming Shen's method to expand immortal apertures.

Thus, Fairy Hua Die was not surprised that Fang Yuan agreed.

"Then I will wish you good luck, friend." Immortal Hua Die turned around and was about to leave, she did not think highly of Chu Ying.

Because she had never heard of this person before.

Of course, Eastern Sea had no lack of hidden cultivators. But Immortal Hua Die had many connections, Chu Ying was someone who was completely unknown, and he only had rank six cultivation level, how strong could he be?

"Lord Miao Ming Shen is searching for the tributary of the River of Time, it does not require cultivation level, but luck instead. Maybe this Chu Ying might be able to find it? Oh, I have such thoughts each time. But more than ten years have passed, we have not even seen a trace of that tributary."

Immortal Hua Die sighed internally, saying goodbye to Fang Yuan.

However, a while after leaving, Immortal Hua Die used an information path mortal Gu and transmitted to him.

"I almost forgot to tell you. A blood path demonic immortal, Ding Qi, has recently come to the turbulent flow sea area. This person's younger brother, Ding Yan, had once held the clues to an information path inheritance, he was attacked by Liu Qing Yu, Zhou Li, and Tang Song. Ding Yan is dead, Ding Qi wants revenge, because he heard that Liu Qing Yu had come to the turbulent flow sea area, as if to obtain the information path inheritance, he rushed here. Blood path demonic immortals are ruthless and crazy, they are unlike us, their minds are completely insane. When they see a Gu Immortal, they would first think about whether they should kill that person to increase their own strength. If you encounter him, you should be careful."

Fang Yuan kept the information path mortal Gu, rubbing his nose.

Immortal Hua Die gave him some friendly advice, she was a kind person. But she did not know that the person she was talking to was a blood path demonic overlord, a person bearing great sins, he had once casually slaughtered countless lives in Central Continent!The name he used is Chu Ying (楚瀛), which sounds similar to 'chu ying' (除影), meaning remove shadow


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