Reverend Insanity
1152 Obtaining Five Light Mountain
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1152 Obtaining Five Light Mountain

Quack, quack!

Inside Liu Qing Yu's blessed land, there was a dorky duck calling out to Fang Yuan.

This was the land spirit that was formed using heavenly power after Liu Qing Yu's death.

Appearances of land spirits differed drastically, a duck land spirit was nothing peculiar.

Fang Yuan listened attentively.

Even though all he heard was the duck quacking, in his mind, it was translated into words that Fang Yuan could understand the meaning of.

In fact, Hei Fan's heavenly spirit was a brass bell, but it could communicate with people as well. Unfortunately, before Hei Fan died, he had allowed his immortal aperture to absorb a fragment of immemorial azure heaven, it caused heaven's will to enter and caused his heavenly spirit to lose intelligence.

"The condition of inheriting this Qing Yu blessed land and becoming its owner is actually this…" Fang Yuan's eyes flashed, he showed a look of joy and surprise.

Even though Liu Qing Yu was killed by Fang Yuan, his obsession was not to find Fang Yuan for revenge. He was not trying to locate Ying Wu Xie and find trouble with him either.

It was — the whereabouts of the crucial clue to the information path inheritance.

"The clue to the information path inheritance is carved in flying sword Immortal Gu." Fang Yuan took out flying sword Immortal Gu, showing it to the duck land spirit, explaining the situation to it.

A moment later, the duck land spirit circled around Fang Yuan, using its beak to peck Fang Yuan's white shoes, it was very fond of him.

Fang Yuan was now the owner of the blessed land!

However, this blessed land was quite desolate.

It was not that Liu Qing Yu had poor foundation, but after he joined Shadow Sect, the resources inside his immortal aperture were all taken away by Ying Wu Xie.

Ying Wu Xie did not take Liu Qing Yu's two Immortal Gu, that was because he wanted to preserve his battle strength and make him work like a slave.

But Ying Wu Xie took away his cultivation resources, this was leaving him no way out, in the future, when Liu Qing Yu wanted to continue cultivating, he would lack resources, he could only rely on Shadow Sect.

Fang Yuan only had to think for a bit before understanding this.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As for Liu Qing Yu's Gu worms, they had already been destroyed.

This applied to the two Immortal Gu and the mortal Gu, nothing was left for Fang Yuan.

"What is left in this blessed land?" Fang Yuan looked around, asking the land spirit as he frowned.

Qing Yu blessed land was completely ransacked, it was left in a state similar to Hei Fan grotto-heaven when Fang Yuan took over it.

At this moment, Fang Yuan could somewhat feel what Chu Du had gone through at that time.

The duck land spirit: "Quack, quack, quack!"

Fang Yuan turned around: "Bring me there."

The duck land spirit could not teleport, it brought Fang Yuan to the destination.

A rainbow colored mountain which was neither tall nor short was displayed before Fang Yuan.

The mountain rocks were giving off green, red, yellow, blue, and white lights. There were no trees on the mountain, but there were many different types of grass. These types of grass had ten colors, they shone together, they were more beautiful than a sea of flowers, it was a dazzling sight.

"Five Light Mountain, ten colored grass." Fang Yuan muttered.

These were resources that light path Gu Immortals often cultivated.

The special environment would cause this mountain to produce large numbers of light path mortal Gu.

Evidently, this Five Light Mountain was heavily developed by Liu Qing Yu, it was quite big.

"Ying Wu Xie does not have pulling mountain Immortal Gu, he had no methods to move this mountain, he could only leave this here." Fang Yuan guessed the truth.

Trees had tree roots, mountains had mountain roots too.

Mountains were not easy to move, using brute strength would only cause the mountain to collapse.

And methods to move mountains were very rare in the world.

Back then, when Fang Yuan was able to move Luo Po Valley, even the rank eight Gu Immortal Prince Feng Xian was shocked.

Even though Ying Wu Xie inherited a portion of Shadow Sect's wealth, he lacked a method to move Five Light Mountain.

He originally had pulling mountain Immortal Gu, but in those transactions, it was sold to Fang Yuan.

When he saw this Five Light Mountain and could not move it, he must have felt annoyed.

All in all, this Five Light Mountain was now Fang Yuan's property.

Without hesitation, Fang Yuan used pulling mountain Immortal Gu and moved this Five Light Mountain into his own sovereign immortal aperture.

He placed this mountain into Mini Southern Border.

Mini Southern Border had many mountains, it was a place with rich earth path dao marks to begin with. With the addition of Five Light Mountain, all of the mountains from Hei Fan grotto-heaven were outmatched, Immortal Succession Mountain could only become the second tallest mountain.

After all, Immortal Succession Mountain was used as an inheritance ground, the inheritances were all gone now. Five Light Mountain was now the biggest mountain in Mini Southern Border.

"I had some gains at last." Fang Yuan let out a breath of air.

If he did not have Five Light Mountain, his losses would be severe.

Even though he won this battle, from Fang Yuan's perspective, victory had no value, the loot after winning did.

It was a pity, even after taking Five Light Mountain, Fang Yuan concluded that in this battle against Liu Qing Yu, he still made losses.

It could not be helped.

He was using green grape immortal essence, and most of his Immortal Gu were rank seven, he also had to use many immortal killer moves.

In every battle, his green grape immortal essence expenditure was severe!

Of course, blessed lands could annex each other.

However, Liu Qing Yu cultivated light path, this blessed land was a light path blessed land. Fang Yuan's light path attainment level was only ordinary, this was a rank seven blessed land, he could not annex it.

In the following period, Fang Yuan asked the duck land spirit, he obtained a lot of intel.

The duck land spirit still remembered many details from when it was alive, this allowed Fang Yuan to become quite aware of the trap that Ying Wu Xie set.

And also regarding the information path true inheritance, Fang Yuan also obtained some information.

After obtaining the intel, Fang Yuan left behind some mortal Gu for the duck land spirit, and ordered that without his permission, it was never to open the blessed land's entrance. If any enemies attacked, it had to inform Fang Yuan using treasure yellow heaven immediately.

Liu Qing Yu's rank seven red date immortal essence was still left behind, Fang Yuan did not take them, he gave them to the duck land spirit.

"Quack, quack." The duck land spirit had tears in its eyes, it flapped one wing, saying goodbye to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not look back, he left the blessed land.

The blessed land's entrance closed after he left.

"This rank seven blessed land, as long as the entrance is shut and it is hidden well, it should not be discovered."

"However, if heaven's will wants to harm me, it will have many ways of dealing with this blessed land."

"It would be great if I can keep this rank seven blessed land, but even if I can't, it is fine. It has too little value anyway."

Fang Yuan did not have the time to raise his light path attainment level, and his cultivation level was still far from reaching rank seven.

To continue to pursue Ying Wu Xie?

Fang Yuan was hesitant.

From the duck land spirit, he had obtained a lot of information, he had a clearer understanding of their strength.

Ying Wu Xie had four Gu Immortals including himself. A rank seven Gu rockman Gu Immortal named Shi Nu, he cultivated earth path. Hei Lou Lan was now a strength and fire path cultivator. Tai Bai Yun Sheng had lost his time path Immortal Gu, but he now had cloud path Immortal Gu, he had originally been secondarily cultivating cloud path.

As for Ying Wu Xie, he still had a strength path immortal zombie body. He still used soul path Immortal Gu, he had the lowest cultivation level, but his battle strength was likely to be the highest or second highest.

If Fang Yuan had the immemorial upper extreme heavenly eagle, he would pursue them immediately!

But now, the upper extreme heavenly eagle was just an egg, even though Fang Yuan had many Immortal Gu, looking at it, with his strength and intelligence, against Ying Wu Xie's group, it was difficult to predict the winner.

"How long has it been! Ying Wu Xie and the rest have already gained so much strength, it is truly out of my expectations."

Fang Yuan's growth shocked Ying Wu Xie and the rest. But Ying Wu Xie and the rest also grew at a rate that shocked Fang Yuan.

He had originally thought that Ying Wu Xie and the others had suffered a huge setback after the transactions. To think that not long after, they had already recovered.

Shadow Sect was already in shambles, but it was still not to be underestimated.

Ying Wu Xie and the others were truly huge threats from Fang Yuan's perspective!

Because of sovereign immortal fetus Gu, Shadow Sect and Fang Yuan had an unresolvable conflict.

Ying Wu Xie was not dealing with Fang Yuan now, it was because saving his main body was more important, he was making a wise decision.

Fang Yuan did not deal with Ying Wu Xie earlier because he had insufficient strength, he needed to deal with the earthly calamities and try to develop his sovereign immortal aperture.

Now that he had Hei Fan's true inheritance, with enough strength, he came to find Ying Wu Xie straight away.

Once Ying Wu Xie saved his main body, Fang Yuan knew that he would no longer have any chance of victory. Because the other party was one of the ten venerables, even though he had died before, Fang Yuan was not his match.

Of course, there was still a crucial point.

That was wisdom Gu.

Wisdom Gu was not lost, it was currently in Lang Ya blessed land. Fang Yuan regained his former strength path immortal zombie body, there was just one key point, he was afraid that inside this immortal zombie body, there was a trap set by Ying Wu Xie which targeted his soul.

Fang Yuan did not dare to act rashly.

He had thought of using other Gu Immortals' souls and putting them inside the immortal zombie body to test it out.

But there were many flaws with this.

Firstly, he had to undergo such experiments secretly, he could not take out his immortal zombie body openly, this would reveal many secrets to Lang Ya land spirit.

Secondly, even if he used Gu Immortal souls to test it, they were unreliable. Because Fang Yuan was not clear if Ying Wu Xie had set up traps that targeted weak or strong souls, or was it a trap specifically targeting otherworldly demons?

The problem of using wisdom Gu was the greatest restriction towards Fang Yuan's development.

Thus, Fang Yuan thought of the plan in Eastern Sea.

His main objective was to deal with Ying Wu Xie.

If he succeeded, he might be able to check from Ying Wu Xie whether this immortal zombie body had any traps. If there was a trap, how would he resolve it?

Ying Wu Xie wanted to suppress Fang Yuan's growth speed, but Fang Yuan was also afraid that Ying Wu Xie would grow too quickly and save his main body.

Thus, when he came to Eastern Sea now, the information path inheritance was secondary.

He went straight for the main objective.

Ying Wu Xie was his main goal!


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