Reverend Insanity
1149 Desiring the Information Path Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1149 Desiring the Information Path Inheritance

The great winds blew, carrying the salty flavor of the sea water.

Fang Yuan sat on top of a cloud, he traveled quickly while splitting his attention towards the information path mortal Gu in his hand.

This mortal Gu was from Bing Zhuo.

The snowman Gu Immortal who dual wielded spears and was skilled at close combat, he told Fang Yuan in the letter: the ice tear had significant meaning to the snowman tribe, it was not just a Gu refinement material, it was the token of one's love.

"Hmph." Fang Yuan smiled coldly, he crushed that information path mortal Gu in his hands.

Pure white clouds carried him on his journey. The wind caused his hair to flutter in the sky, he had a fair face like jade, he was extremely handsome, almost enchanting, his dark abyss-like eyes looked down at the deep blue sea, showing traces of cold flickering light.

How could Fang Yuan not know about the meaning of the ice tear to the snowmen?

Don't forget, he was someone who had lived for five hundred years, even though his cultivation level was not high, his knowledge was definitely vast.

Not just the ice tear, Fang Yuan had deep knowledge regarding the wine culture of variant humans.

During the earlier banquet, Sixth Hair accused Fang Yuan of not knowing about the variant human drinking culture. In fact, Fang Yuan was just pretending to not know, he was probing the attitude of the snowmen and rockmen.

Sometimes, acting ignorant allows someone to have more options.

The matter of the ice tear was like this. Fang Yuan pretended to be unaware, but he knew it clearly on the inside.

Accepting the ice tear was accepting Xue Er's love. But if he did not accept it, he would ruin the cooperative relationship between himself and the snowmen and rockmen.

Getting together with Xue Er?

The disadvantages were greater than the advantages!

The snowman tribe was after Fang Yuan's rank eight battle strength, from the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

Disregarding how much benefits Fang Yuan could gain from the snowman tribe, just this point alone, he could not fulfill it.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle had already become an egg.

Even though Fang Yuan spent a portion of his Lang Ya Sect contribution points to get some heavenly crystals, the amount was not enough. He could not hatch the upper extreme heavenly eagle egg yet.

"Marrying Xue Er would tie me closely to the snowman tribe. We would be sure to establish a marriage agreement. Right now, I already have Lang Ya Sect's agreement and Chu Du's alliance agreement, there is also the alliance agreement of the four races, my freedom is greatly limited now. If I add in the marriage agreement, aren't I just finding problems for myself?"

While Fang Yuan benefited from these alliance agreements, he also had to undergo missions for them in return.

For example, if Lang Ya blessed land was attacked by enemies, Fang Yuan would have to reinforce them and fight to his death if needed.

Lang Ya land spirit followed the rules, because the land spirit was not crafty like humans, it followed the rules of Lang Ya Sect closely and did not restrict Fang Yuan.

But the snowman tribe was different.

They were variant humans, their intelligence was lower than humans. But after being suppressed for so many years, and living pitifully in the northern icy plain, the immense pressure for survival had honed their strong battle strength and keen perception.

If Fang Yuan wanted to marry a snowman, the snowman tribe would do everything they could to squeeze out Fang Yuan's value!

By then, Fang Yuan would unable to help himself.

"The snowmen and rockmen live under the northern icy plain. The rockmen have the immemorial rock dragon, it has rank eight battle strength, but the snowmen do not. Thus, they want me to marry Xue Er, so that they can also have rank eight battle strength and contest evenly with the rockman tribe."

Do not look at how cohesive the rockmen and snowmen were when attending to Fang Yuan.

Were they really living in such harmony?

The two sides were living under the icy plain, sharing a tiny area together, how could there not be conflicts? They were two different races after all.

But because of the big picture, they maintained reason and tolerated each other.

One could imagine that the rockman tribe with the immemorial rock dragon would usually win when there were conflicts. The snowmen must have suffered many losses, but they endured it all along.

The rockman tribe had greater status after all.

This could be seen from many small details during the alliance.

For example, the Gu Immortal Shi Zong usually was the first to speak, instead of the snowman Gu Immortals.

"If I marry Xue Er, no, even if I just accept her feelings, it would mean that I am siding with the snowmen. Unavoidably, I would be involved in the conflict between both the rockmen and snowmen."

Once there were internal conflicts, Xue Er would find Fang Yuan and hope that he would mediate their conflicts, as an ally, he could not reject them.

But the rockman tribe gave Fang Yuan more benefits.

After all, they were trading guts Gu.

How could Fang Yuan ruin his relationship with the rockmen just because of a woman, and cause his gains to be smaller?

These last days, not just Bing Zhuo's letter, he had also obtain letters from other inkman, snowman, and rockman Gu Immortals.

Including Xue Er.

Their intent was to rope in Fang Yuan.

Rank eight battle strength was simply too alluring!

The reason why Fang Yuan left Northern Plains and went to Eastern Sea was to avoid these Gu Immortals. It also meant that he could avoid many problems in the future.

"I am purely making use of these variant humans. But our relationship is uncontrollably deepening. Once any mishaps happen, I will die along with them. I need to leave and gain freedom, so that I can retreat with ease." Fang Yuan was well aware of the situation.

Furthermore, Lang Ya land spirit was showing the intention of recruiting Chu Du, this made Fang Yuan feel great threat.

Should Chu Du join, it would greatly affect Fang Yuan's status in Lang Ya Sect.

The reason why Lang Ya land spirit wanted to recruit Chu Du was also worth considering.

Even though Lang Ya land spirit gave him this mission, Fang Yuan decided to stall it. He was not going to be so stupid as to wholeheartedly try recruiting Chu Du.

"Eastern Sea information path inheritance…" Fang Yuan thought to himself.

This was one of the reasons why he was in Eastern Sea.

If Fang Yuan could obtain a method from this information path inheritance to get rid of the restrictions of the alliance agreements, that would be best.

Fang Yuan would gain the complete initiative within his alliances.

However, this information path inheritance was only his secondary objective, Fang Yuan had another primary goal.

Several days later.

Eastern Sea, turbulent flow sea area.

"Spare me, I surrender!" Liu Qing Yu was kneeling on the ground, he was covered in injuries, he had no will to fight.

He was a rank seven lone immortal, he even collaborated with with three rank six comrades just now.

To think that they would be ambushed in this turbulent flow sea area, the three rank six Gu Immortals that he invited were already dead.

Their enemies were four mysterious Gu Immortals.

Liu Qing Yu was considerably knowledgeable, but he had never heard of these four strong experts in the entire Eastern Sea Gu Immortal world!

These four were all very unique.

The one with the highest cultivation level had rank seven aura, but he was a rockman Gu Immortal.

The other three were rank six Gu Immortals, one was a beautiful and bold female immortal, one was a kindly old man, and one was an ordinary looking immortal zombie.

No matter which one, they were formidable Gu Immortal experts. But the strange thing to Liu Qing Yu was, their leader was not the rockman Gu Immortal or the bold female immortal or the old man, it was the ordinary rank six immortal zombie!

"Oh? Surrendering, hehe, you know your place." The rank six immortal zombie rubbed his chin, saying as he chuckled.

If Fang Yuan were here, he would know who this person was.

That's right, it was Ying Wu Xie!

"Hmph, a spineless coward, no wonder he was not my match. We should kill him and give Shi Nu some earth path dao marks." Hei Lou Lan was covered in orange flames.

The rockman Gu Immortal Shi Nu had no expression, he looked at Ying Wu Xie as he said slowly: "I will listen to master."

"No, no!" Liu Qing Yu quickly shouted, he had a frantic and helpless expression: "Even though I am a rank seven Gu Immortal, my Immortal Gu are only rank six. However, fairy, you have rank seven Immortal Gu and even so many fire path killer moves, it was no wonder I could not defeat you!"

Ying Wu Xie laughed, waving his hand: "Right now, my Shadow Sect needs members, I will give you a chance to live. Do not resist, I will use an immortal killer move to make the alliance agreement!"

"Thank you lord for sparing my life, thank you lord for sparing my life!" Liu Qing Yu was overjoyed, he was crying as he kowtowed continuously.

Ying Wu Xie's alliance agreement was extremely strict. But Liu Qing Yu wanted to survive, everything else was secondary.

"It is a soul path method indeed…" Hei Lou Lan observed on the side, Ying Wu Xie used a soul path method to achieve the effects of information path. It was like Fang Yuan's hundred years harmony, it could unleash the effects of another path.

"From now on, you are a member of Shadow Sect, get up." After making the alliance agreement, Ying Wu Xie smiled.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Lord, I am willing to offer my Immortal Gu." Liu Qing Yu did not get up, he held his two rank six Immortal Gu above his head.

Ying Wu Xie laughed: "I do not care for these two Immortal Gu, you can keep them, in the future, if you perform well, I can grant you rank seven Immortal Gu or even true inheritances, that is not a problem."

"Thank you, lord, for your kindness!" Liu Qing Yu was overjoyed with tears.

"Speaking of which, this place is so remote, and there are many islands around us, why are you here at this island?" Ying Wu Xie asked, he was suspicious that his movements were exposed.

Liu Qing Yu heard this and smiled bitterly: "Lord, this is all a misunderstanding. I was just trying to find a place to rest. Sigh, I will have to explain from the start. In this turbulent flow sea area, I found the clues to an information path true inheritance…"

It turned out that back then, Liu Qing Yu chased after the blood path demonic immortal, wanting to get his information path inheritance clues. In the end, he killed this person and had no gains, the two other rank seven Gu Immortals became suspicious of him instead.

Thinking about it, he felt that Fang Yuan was the most suspicious, the information path true inheritance clues were likely in his hands.

Liu Qing Yu could not let it go, he brought a group of Gu Immortals and entered turbulent flow sea area secretly, attempting to find the clues or wait for Fang Yuan to arrive.

After hearing Liu Qing Yu's story, Hei Lou Lan, Ying Wu Xie, and the others smiled.

This Liu Qing Yu was simply too unlucky.

He wanted to find a place to rest, but he ended up going towards Shadow Sect's secret base instead.

Ying Wu Xie's expression suddenly changed: "Wait, the Gu Immortal who you were suspicious of earlier, what was his appearance?"


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