Reverend Insanity
1148 Temporary Res
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1148 Temporary Res

Fang Yuan's divine sense was roaming in treasure yellow heaven.

"Oh?" His divine sense stopped for a moment.

A Gu Immortal's will was at the side, with a mountain of goods behind him.

"These are all slippery soil?" Fang Yuan took the initiative and asked.

Han Yu's Gu Immortal will awakened from slumber, seeing a customer, he quickly said: "These are all slippery soil!"

After reporting the price, he asked: "Sir, how much are you buying?"

Slippery soil was a type of rank five material, the soil was very fertile.

Fang Yuan nodded mentally, this was a very appropriate price, it was even lower than the normal market price. He needed this soil anyway, he said: "I'll take them all."

Han Yu's will shook: "Everything? I have a huge stock."

Fang Yuan confirmed: "Yes, everything. Two hundred and two immortal essence stones, that is the price, right?"

Han Yu's will quickly nodded: "Yes, yes."

Inside treasure yellow heaven, any form of goods would have treasure light emitting from them.

Fang Yuan could estimate the price by looking at the treasure light and the goods themselves.

He was a wisdom path grandmaster, after all.

"Let's trade." Fang Yuan said quickly.

"Alright, alright." Han Yu's will quickly nodded and responded.

The situation was out of his expectations.

He was only a rank six Gu Immortal who had passed one heavenly tribulation, he was trying hard in developing his blessed land. He wanted to sell the slippery soil in his blessed land, and because of his past experiences, he even lowered the price by a little, to think that it was going to be sold out so quickly!

This was great news to him.

Han Yu's will carried two hundred and two immortal essence stones, the entire will's body was shaking, he was very excited.

"In my previous life, I was just like this." Fang Yuan saw this and sighed internally.

Han Yu was the norm among most rank six Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan, during his previous life, had even been inferior, because he was a blood path Gu Immortal.

But it was different now!

Just the guts Gu trade, which was a monopoly, was bringing him immense profits.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After taking the resources of Hei Fan grotto-heaven, Fang Yuan's own wealth had reached an unprecedented level. Not just two hundred immortal essence stones, he could take out two thousand without batting an eyelid.

All in all, Fang Yuan's financial situation was quite good now.

After buying the slippery soil, Fang Yuan moved his divine sense around and went to buy several types of soil.

After reaching his goal, Fang Yuan withdrew his divine sense and brought the soils back to the sovereign immortal aperture.

He controlled the strength path immortal zombies, they scattered the soils into different areas of Mini Southern Border in the sovereign immortal aperture.

The scenery in Mini Southern Border had already drastically changed.

Forests were everywhere, causing greenery to overwhelm the lands. Tall ancient trees and pine trees, the straight cottonwood, the short shrubs, and an uncountable number of grass and flowers made Mini Southern Border vivid and full of life all of a sudden.

These were just ordinary plants, there were lots of high grade resources mixed in among them.

Like the musical trees, they were in the greatest quantity!

This type of tree had curvy branches, they were quite unique. There were birds on the branches, mostly qi death birds, they had distinct calls and chirped loudly.

Originally, Mini Southern Border was completely empty, but it was quite lively now.

Other than birds, there were lots of deer, squirrels, monkeys, snakes, tigers, and other animals, they formed into a proper ecological cycle.

Originally, Mini Southern Border only had a few mounds.

But now, there were more than ten mountains here.

These mountains were all moved in by Fang Yuan from Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Ordinary Gu Immortals could not move mountains, but his pulling mountain Immortal Gu could be used for this.

Right now, among the mountains, the tallest one was Immortal Succession Mountain.

The stone pavilions were still on the mountain, Fang Yuan did not remove them, but the inheritances inside were all taken away.

After a long time, Fang Yuan finally finished controlling all of the immortal zombies to scatter the soil at their proper locations.

Fang Yuan observed for a while, before stopping in satisfaction.

"With these soils, these plants would be able to grow well for some time."

Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture had few earth path dao marks, the space was also very big, it had five regions and nine heavens, Mini Southern Border could not have many earth path dao marks after they were distributed.

With few earth path dao marks, Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture would not have mountains forming, the soil would not be thick or fertile.

The vegetation in Mini Southern Border was almost completely from Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, these plants and trees were growing well, they were dense and green.

But after moving into Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture, because of the sparse earth path dao marks, they were drying out, and appeared to be lacking nutrients.

Fang Yuan could only buy lots of fertile soil, like slippery soil, to scatter them in Mini Southern Border, resolving the problem.

"But this does not solve the underlying issue!"

"These different soils will turn into ordinary soil after some time, the earth path dao marks in them would dissipate."

These soils were just mortal Gu materials, they had fragmented earth path dao marks in them. After the grass and trees absorb the nutrients, these scattered earth path dao marks would mostly vanish.

"Only by undergoing tribulation or absorbing the dao marks of an earth path Gu Immortal, to increase the earth path dao marks in the immortal aperture, can I resolve the problem." Fang Yuan knew this clearly.

Fang Yuan could not undergo the fifth earthly calamity in the northern icy plain anymore. This time, he could choose to go Southern Border, or any place with rich earth path dao marks for his tribulation, hoping to encounter an earth path earthly calamity.

Once he encountered an earth path earthly calamity, after going through it, Fang Yuan's problem would be alleviated.

As for killing an earth path Gu Immortal to absorb their dao marks, it was not easy.

Earth path Gu Immortals with low cultivation level did not have many earth path dao marks. And those with high cultivation level were too strong, there was too great of a risk for Fang Yuan to deal with them.

Until now, Fang Yuan had already gone through four earthly calamities.

The first was the snow monster calamity, there were iron crown eagles, ruin bats and others. The second was the wind flowers and snow moons calamity, the third was the spring dawn jade orioles and giant disaster blazing trees, the fourth was the profound white flying salt calamity.

Because the sovereign immortal aperture surpassed the ten extreme physiques combined, heaven's will was wary of it, during each earthly calamity, it would increase the strength of the earthly calamity to the greatest limit allowed.

Earthly calamities of such difficulty greatly surpassed other Gu Immortals, by several or even over a dozen times.

Thus, Fang Yuan also made incredible gains, he obtained more than a dozen times the dao marks each tribulation!

As a result, Fang Yuan had the highest number of ice and snow path dao marks, followed by transformation path, strength path, qi path, rule path, there were also some from luck path, blood path, and others.

The entire sovereign immortal aperture had improved drastically after obtaining Hei Fan grotto-heaven's resources.

Because the space was huge, at the moment, only Mini Southern Border was quite lively, even though the other areas had some resources, they did not have such a complete ecosystem as Mini Southern Border.

There were many desolate beasts, giant horned sheep, shark fin wolves, dragonfish, eagle hounds and others. In terms of ancient desolate beasts, he had remnant heavenly dogs and a falling star hound (infant). He also had an immemorial desolate beast, that was the upper extreme heavenly eagle, but it had turned into an egg already.

There were some desolate plants too, he even had an ancient desolate plant, that was the walking meat tree.

All in all, Fang Yuan's accumulated resources currently matched Gu Immortals at the peak of rank seven. Chu Du was probably similar to Fang Yuan now. As for Feng Jiu Ge, he was heavily nurtured by a super force, Fang Yuan was still inferior to him.

After scattering the soil, Fang Yuan's concentration returned to soul searching the captive Gu Immortals' souls.

Fang Yuan's immortal aperture had many Gu Immortal captives, in fact.

There were many Gu Immortal souls.

The focus of his soul search this time was on the nine Gu Immortal souls in Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Feng Jun's luck path true inheritance and Chen Le's concealment method were quite impressive, Fang Yuan was interested in them.

"You are not Hei Cheng! Who are you?"

"You unscrupulous scoundrel, kill me if you dare!"

"Spare me, please spare me, as long as you resurrect me, I will be your most loyal servant!"

Among these Gu Immortal souls, some questioned him, some cursed him and wanted to die, while some wanted to survive.

Fang Yuan did not conceal himself as Hei Cheng anymore, after all, familiar face also needed to consume immortal essence, and attitude Gu needed to use his mental energy.

Towards these Gu Immortals' cries, Fang Yuan ignored them, he soul searched them without pause.

Every day, he would soul search them for a period of time.

"In about three days, I will be done searching the memories of these souls, I would know everything about them."

After his soul searching, Fang Yuan collated his gains, retracting his mind.

He left the cloud city, moving towards Luo Po Valley.

There, his soul went out of his body, as he underwent tough soul path cultivation.

Fang Yuan had already used Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley for some time, his soul foundation had already reached dozens of times as before!

However, he was still not confident of placing his soul into his original body.

"This problem is the most troublesome."

"Even if my soul foundation increases, it is still hard to avoid Shadow Sect's possible hidden methods."

"Who knows, Ying Wu Xie's arrangements might become stronger if my soul has greater foundation. Perhaps the stronger my soul, the deeper Shadow Sect's trap."

"Ying Wu Xie knows I have Luo Po Valley and Dang Hun Mountain, when setting the trap, there is no way he did not consider these details."

His daily soul cultivation ended, Fang Yuan's soul returned to his body, he stood up shakily.

He had a grim expression.

As long as he could use wisdom Gu, his strength would increase at an explosive rate!

Many development problems he was facing now were related to wisdom Gu.

As long as he could use wisdom Gu, many problems would be resolved instantly.

"I have wisdom Gu, and the strength path immortal zombie body, I just need that final key!" Fang Yuan mentally sighed helplessly.

Just like this, Fang Yuan stayed in Lang Ya blessed land for seven days.

He cultivated unceasingly, he did not relax for even a minute.

His soul foundation grew again, he completely searched the souls of the nine Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan also used half of his Lang Ya Sect contribution points to trade for some heavenly crystals and even put up some Gu refinement missions.

Self will Gu, year Gu, month Gu, day Gu, as well as all the other mortal Gu, he needed a huge quantity of them.

He would rather spend sect contribution points to get these mortal Gu, getting the hairy man Gu Masters and Gu Immortals to refine them for him. This could save him a lot of time and energy.

Seven days later, he left Lang Ya blessed land, heading for Eastern Sea!


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