Reverend Insanity
1147 Making Chu Du Change Sides?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1147 Making Chu Du Change Sides?

Ice tears were not an immortal material but was still precious, widely loved by both Gu Masters and Gu Immortals.

Ice tears originated from snowmen.

Snowmen survived in icy environments. Snowmen normally did not cry or laugh, so their tears were very rare. The majority of the snowmen would never experience crying from joy or pain in their lives. But if they shed tears, the tears would immediately condense into ice tears.

Snowmen could shed tears at most three times in their lives and the number would not surpass sixty drops. Every time they shed tears, the snowman's lifespan and life essence would decrease by a huge amount. If the snowman shed too many tears, they would rapidly age, quickening their death.

So ice tears were rare as well.

Transactions of ice tears had always been flourishing in treasure yellow heaven. Long ago, Xue Song Zi had particularly engaged in selling snowmen, supplying them to other Gu Immortals to torment and get the ice tears.

As far as human Gu Immortals were concerned, ice tears were a precious Gu refinement material.

But to snowmen, ice tears had another significant meaning.

That was — a token of love!

That's right!

Snowmen, this race had male and female genders, unlike rockmen who were purely male.

During the marriage of snowmen, they would often exchange ice tears. This action had extremely huge meaning to snowmen.

"This is an ice tear." Fang Yuan's eyes brightened, holding it in front of his eyes and making detailed observation.

"Don't, don't look at it like that, quickly place it down…" Xue Er's voice was soft and anxious. There were many people present, holding the ice tear like that in public was sure to be noticed!

Sure enough, the next moment, Xue Er heard those Gu Immortals' surprised sounds.

Xue Er quickly lowered her head, her face flushing red with shyness.

She handed the ice tear to Fang Yuan, which was as good as expressing her love. Although she had mustered her courage before, now that so many people were looking at her, she was truly, truly embarrassed!

"Speaking of it, I have heard of this strange Gu material long ago. I have now finally seen it personally. Thank you Xue Er, this gift is pretty good. Maybe I should refine it into some Gu worm?" Fang Yuan cheerfully spoke.

Xue Er's body visibly shook.

Fang Yuan turned a blind eye to it, continuing: "But a drop of ice tear is still too little, it would be good if there were some more. Why are there no transactions of ice tears? It is truly regretful."

As Xue Er listened, the shy redness in her face had already dissipated, replaced by pale white. Her head was lowered even more, her sight turning blurry as tears started to form in them.

"This, this fool!" Bing Zhuo could not see it continue, as he inwardly cursed and walked over.

The other variant human Gu Immortals were tongue-tied, not knowing what to say.

Xue Er suddenly raised her head, her back facing Fang Yuan as she called out to Bing Zhuo: "Brother Bing Zhuo!"

Bing Zhuo gritted his teeth, an intense pity rose up in his heart as he saw Xue Er's pale white expression. He knew Xue Er was shy, it had already taken a lot of her courage to hand over the ice tear just now, maybe she had also felt an impulsive urge in her mind. Fang Yuan did not know the meaning of the ice tear, if he criticized Fang Yuan now in front of everyone, would it not put Xue Er in an even more embarrassing situation?

Thinking of this, Bing Zhuo could only swallow the words that were in his mouth, saying something else: "Elder Fang Yuan, I had many gains from battling you. Next time, we should spar properly again!"

When he mentioned sparring, he intentionally made his voice heavier, along with some gnashing noise.

Xue Er was young and beautiful, her talent was outstanding and her cultivation was high, she had all along been receiving the attention and favor of the tribe. It was just that there was no man in the same generation worthy of her.

This time, she felt feelings for Fang Yuan, although he was a human Gu Immortal, the snowman Gu Immortals felt they could accept him.

Rockmen had their Earth Mother, could our snowmen not have a Snow Father?

If Xue Er could marry Fang Yuan, the snowman tribe would possess the backing of an immemorial desolate beast.

But who could have thought Fang Yuan to not be aware of the tradition of these variant humans, treating the ice tear as a common Gu material, making the whole situation awkward. Even Xue Er was put on the spot.

Fang Yuan smiled and patted Bing Zhuo's shoulder: "Alright, I promise you if there is an opportunity in the future, we will spar again. Okay, everyone, I am taking my leave. No need to send me off, we shall meet again in the future. Hahaha."

Fang Yuan laughed heartily and walked away. Adorned in a white robe with long black hair, he looked handsome and extremely carefree.

Xue Er's gaze even turned somewhat dazed.

Bing Zhuo, however, gnashed his teeth, wanting nothing more than to chop this kid Fang Yuan into pieces.

"This can't do! When he has gone far enough, I need to send him a letter, telling him the meaning of the ice tear properly!"

The journey back to Lang Ya blessed land was smooth and without any obstacles.

Seeing Lang Ya land spirit again, the attitude of the first supreme elder of Lang Ya Sect towards Fang Yuan had underwent a huge change.

"You truly inherited Hei Fan's true inheritance? You possess methods to slow the time of an immortal aperture? Also, you actually have an immemorial upper extreme heavenly eagle, quickly take it out!" Lang Ya land spirit excitedly asked.

Fang Yuan shook his head bitterly, and took out the corpse of the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

Lang Ya land spirit was stunned on the spot.

Fang Yuan informed Lang Ya land spirit of the whole event.

"A grand immemorial desolate beast was actually starved to death by you?! You… but fortunately, you still have the egg, that's good, that's good, the upper extreme heavenly eagle's special point is this."

Lang Ya land spirit came back to his senses, and looked at Fang Yuan with a burning gaze: "Sell this upper extreme heavenly eagle's egg to me, we can make a deal!"

Fang Yuan laughed: "I can sell this egg!"

Lang Ya land spirit was joyous.

Fang Yuan continued: "But I am afraid you don't have any heavenly crystals to raise it. Even treasure yellow heaven has very few transactions of heavenly crystals."

"Naturally. Heavenly crystals can only be produced in grotto-heavens or the immemorial nine heavens. This is a very precious and rare rank eight immortal material! Right now, only black heaven and white heaven remain from the immemorial nine heavens while the number of rank eight Gu Immortals have always been few. Moreover, among these rank eight Gu Immortals, some are unable to produce heavenly crystals."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As he spoke until here, Lang Ya land spirit shifted his words: "But you don't have to worry about this. My Lang Ya blessed land was once Lang Ya grotto-heaven, it had once produced heavenly crystals, besides this, in the past, my main body had also hoarded a large batch of heavenly crystals from the immemorial nine heavens."

"Ah, since that is the case, I can rest at ease. I will sell it to you." Fang Yuan nodded.

Lang Ya land spirit laughed heartily: "Fang Yuan, since you are one of us, I absolutely won't let you suffer a loss. Luck path true inheritance, Thieving Heaven true inheritance or Long Hair true inheritance, choose as you please."

Fang Yuan's tone sank: "What? I am not too interested in these things. Moreover, isn't this price somewhat low to exchange for a rank eight battle strength?"

Lang Ya land spirit's smile stiffened, he thought for a bit and nodded: "It is indeed so. Then… how about exchanging with my Luo Po Valley?"

Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley were secluded domains of heaven and earth, unique in the whole world. But compared to rank eight battle strength, Lang Ya land spirit would not hesitate to give up on the former and choose the latter!

"Price is too low, not selling, not selling." Fang Yuan refused.

Lang Ya land spirit scratched his head: "How about this, I am willing to give up Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus as well as the incomplete Immortal Gu House Refinement Cauldron in exchange for your upper extreme heavenly eagle!"

Fang Yuan's heart jumped but he still shook his head: "It is still not enough, not selling."

Lang Ya land spirit was furious: "Then give me a price, how much will you sell it for?"

Fang Yuan smiled, emphasizing: "This is of rank eight battle strength!"

Lang Ya land spirit naturally was not foolish, as he retorted: "It is indeed of rank eight battle strength, but it needs to be fed. Do you have heavenly crystals? Also, even if you raise the upper extreme heavenly eagle, will it listen to you? To tell you the truth, you were really lucky this time, starving the upper extreme heavenly eagle to death. If not for this, according to my understanding, this upper extreme heavenly eagle only needs to have some strength left to directly crush you, an ant who tried to enslave it, to death."

Fang Yuan smiled: "If so I am willing to use sect contribution points to exchange for heavenly crystals to raise the upper extreme heavenly eagle. Anyway, I am a supreme elder of Lang Ya Sect and also one of the members of the four races alliance. In the future, if the sect needs me, I will naturally appear."

Lang Ya land spirit was stumped, pondering upon it before he pointed at Fang Yuan's nose and scolded: "Good brat! You had no intent to sell it in the first place and were just making things difficult for me!"

Fang Yuan immediately showed a serious expression, speaking earnestly: "How could I easily give up a rank eight battle strength? But making things difficult for first supreme elder, how could I have such thoughts! It is just that the price is indeed too low."

As he said this, he suddenly thought of another intention of Hei Fan.

Even if Hei Fan's true inheritance was inherited by one of the Gu Immortals in the grotto-heaven, Hei Fan had left the upper extreme heavenly eagle in Iron Eagle blessed land.

With this immemorial desolate beast, even if there was not an inheritor, it would be an extremely huge gain to the tribe!

Lang Ya land spirit sighed, knowing well that Fang Yuan was not wrong, so he stopped persisting on buying.

On one hand, the upper extreme heavenly eagle had already become an egg, making him greatly disappointed. On the other hand, Fang Yuan was not only bound by Lang Ya's alliance agreement, he had also joined the four races alliance, which put Lang Ya land spirit at ease. Finally, he, more or less, knew Fang Yuan's nature.

"Such an ambitious and audacious guy like you absolutely won't easily give up on a rank eight battle strength! But if you want to use sect contribution points to exchange for Lang Ya Sect's heavenly crystals, it won't be easy! Heavenly crystals are rank eight immortal materials, the contribution points you have are many, but you would still not be able to afford them." Lang Ya land spirit's mood became better as he said this.

With heavenly crystals at hand, he could entice Fang Yuan to work for Lang Ya Sect.

By now, Lang Ya land spirit had no choice but to admit Fang Yuan was strong and resourceful, much more useful than other hairy man Gu Immortals!

"Then I will exchange for some first. We can slowly go about this." Fang Yuan intentionally revealed a distressed expression.

Fang Yuan's current sect contribution points were indeed a lot.

He had solved the matter with the falling star hound, earning a thousand sect contribution points at once. And this time, he had discovered the allied tribes of snowmen and rockmen, and succeeded in spurring the four races alliance, the sect contribution points for this were also nearly a thousand!

As such, Fang Yuan's Lang Ya Sect contribution points numbered over two thousand points.

But calculating it, two thousand contribution points were still too little to exchange for the rank eight immortal material, heavenly crystals.

At this moment, Lang Ya land spirit suggested another mission for Fang Yuan: "Aren't you familiar with Domination Immortal Chu Du? Rope him in to our Lang Ya Sect, make him rebel against the humans and become one of us. I can give you another thousand sect contribution points if you do this!"


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