Reverend Insanity
1139 Deadly Situation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1139 Deadly Situation

"There was not much time to practice luck whirlwind properly." Fang Yuan thought as he sighed.

If luck whirlwind was activated on its own, the success rate of its activation was eighty to ninety percent.

But when put in real battle, it was a different situation.

For instance, Fang Yuan had to maintain bloodstained conqueror's robe, familiar face, three breaths future vision, and other immortal killer moves, these killer moves involved large numbers of Gu worms and needed enormous mental energy.

In this situation, activating 'luck whirlwind' which he was not proficient in, and being able to activate it twice successfully already showed Fang Yuan's luck was quite good.

Immortal killer moves had outstanding effects, but their expenditure of mental energy was very high. Let alone in life and death battle, where one had to maintain their attention on the enemy, consider battle tactics as well as making appropriate responses in time.

As a result, it was not the case that the more immortal killer moves activated in battle, the better.

If the mind was burdened over the limit, one might not be able to give a correct response to an enemy's sudden attack or might not even be able to react in time, leading to their defeat and death. That would truly be laughable.

In fact, there were countless such laughable ends in the history of Gu Immortals.

Examples of extremely powerful killer moves failing in activation and causing the Gu Immortal to die were not few.

"To resolve this issue, I can only raise my battle strength even further!"

"Besides adding in more practice and modifying the immortal killer moves to make them simpler, wisdom path can be used to solve it."

Immortal killer moves were created from the combination of countless Gu worms.

Activating each Gu worm expended at least one thought of the Gu Immortal. Successfully activating one immortal killer move would expend thousands or even tens of thousands of the Gu Immortal's thoughts!

Wisdom path was a path that was specialised in solving this issue.

Wisdom path Gu Immortals were often able to use a greater number of and more complex immortal killer moves than Gu Immortals of other paths.

"Among the wisdom path inheritances I have obtained, the most important one is still Dong Fang Chang Fan's Wisdom Star true inheritance. It is specialized in deducing and is not specialized in controlling Gu worms and activating killer moves. But I am now a wisdom path grandmaster, I can fully use this foundation to develop on this aspect and make a breakthrough."

After Fang Yuan sent the ancient eagle hound escaping away, he examined his own shortcomings while returning, and decided he had to progress on wisdom path next.

Descending on the ground, Fang Yuan patted his stomach and opened the entrance to his immortal aperture.

The entrance opened, revealing a part of the landscape in the sovereign immortal aperture.

Sixth Hair stared fixedly, but how could he be able to see properly from outside the entrance?

He only saw a desolate icy plain.

That was Mini Northern Plains of Sovereign blessed land.

Sixth Hair let out a sigh of relief at this.

'It seems he focused on raising his battle strength, while the management of the immortal aperture has fallen. It's no wonder, after all this sovereign immortal aperture faces calamity once every two months.'

Sixth Hair simply did not know Fang Yuan had completely plundered Hei Fan grotto-heaven, he thought Fang Yuan was still a pauper, little did he know that the other areas of Sovereign blessed land were beautiful mountains and rivers, lush forests, and shocking amounts of rich resources.

"Regardless, this is genuine rank seven battle strength.' Sixth Hair's eyes twitched as he gazed at the chicken year beast: 'Fang Yuan might only be rank six, but he already holds rank seven strength. Adding on to another rank seven battle strength… this, I definitely need to report this matter to Lord Ying Wu Xie!"

The chicken year beast clucked in happiness.

Fang Yuan fed it large numbers of year Gu, making it extremely satisfied.

Finally, it flapped its wings and jumped into the River of Time, slowly disappearing from sight.

Taking in the eagle hounds one after the other into his immortal aperture, along with the falling star hound, and after sending away the chicken year beast, Fang Yuan turned around and faced the hairy man Gu Immortals.

"This mission should be considered done by me, right?" Fang Yuan lightly smiled, using an inquiring tone to ask these hairy men.

The hairy man Gu Immortals nodded, their expressions were more or less filled with reluctance, helplessness and embarrassment.

This was the fact.

Without Fang Yuan making a move, their lives would have been in danger.

Twelfth Hair opened his mouth as if to say something, but even after moving his mouth multiple times, he did not manage to say a word.

He thought of his meager performance and how he had an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities, he could not help feeling ashamed.

Sixth Hair was observing the others' expressions, and spoke with a sinister smile: "Elder Fang Yuan, you are truly amazing, you were able to defeat the eagle hound group by yourself! If we had not seen it personally, none of us would have believed it. If you had made a move earlier, the falling star hound or whatever would have been nothing difficult, right?"

The hairy man Gu Immortals heard this and their expressions changed slightly, feeling even more complicated.

"I have my own problems, I don't want to explain to you. First supreme elder knows about them." Fang Yuan chuckled, he then gazed at everyone before looking at Twelfth Hair: "Alright. This matter is over now, let us return."

With the teleportation Gu formation, everyone returned to Lang Ya blessed land.

After hearing everyone's report, Lang Ya land spirit's attitude softened by a lot.

He was not very shocked at Fang Yuan's battle strength.

Because he knew Fang Yuan had once possessed Spring Autumn Cicada and had reborn. A rank six possessing rank seven battle strength was rare, but for Fang Yuan, it was not hard to understand.

Having eased his relationship with Lang Ya land spirit, and obtaining the thousand contribution points from completing the falling star hound mission, Fang Yuan was able to smoothly borrow Gu worms to use immortal tribulation tempering aperture.

Over the following days, Fang Yuan cultivated in peace.

He mainly cultivated his soul using Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley, secretly trained the new killer moves like luck whirlwind, and in his free time, he looked after the newly obtained infant falling star hound and the group of eagle hounds.

Regarding these desolate beasts and the ancient eagle hound, they only needed to slightly adapt to the new environment and could live in peace.

Regardless of where they lived, they were still living, right?

This was the behavior of those without intelligence.

As for the countless resources moved over from Hei Fan grotto-heaven, Fang Yuan placed most of them in Mini Southern Border.

Because Mini Southern Border's environment was rather similar to Hei Fan grotto-heaven's.

Despite this, because the dao marks of Fang Yuan's immortal aperture could not compare to Hei Fan grotto-heaven, many resources had reduced production and some were even on the verge of dying.

As a result, Fang Yuan still had a concern, which was to quickly sell these resources that he could not grow.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Besides transacting with Lang Ya land spirit, the focus was on treasure yellow heaven.

In a short period of time, Fang Yuan accumulated a large number of immortal essence stones. After using a portion of the resources, the slightly insufficient immortal essence reserve was no longer a worry, and now it had become Fang Yuan's strong point.

"So much green grape immortal essence! I don't have to worry even if I activate triple layered sword wave a hundred times."

Fang Yuan had never possessed so much green grape immortal essence.

This made him even more confident for his fourth earthly calamity.

Time passed, finally it was time for Fang Yuan to pass another earthly calamity again.

He left Lang Ya blessed land and came to the northern icy plain.

After choosing an area, he placed down his immortal aperture and opened its entrance, absorbing heaven and earth qi.

This time, the duration of the absorption of heaven and earth qi was tens of times as long as before!

The reason was that the resources inside Fang Yuan's immortal aperture had increased by hundreds of times, expending large amounts of heaven and earth qi of the immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan then arranged immortal tribulation tempering aperture.

Everything was handled with ease.

After finishing the preparations, Fang Yuan closed the blessed land's entrance, and welcomed the fourth earthly calamity.

It was still at Mini Northern Plains.

Fang Yuan encountered endless flying frost.

"This is… profound white flying salt calamity?"

Fang Yuan was stunned, before recognizing it.

He was slightly surprised.

This calamity was not strong, instead it was the type which could be passed rather easily.

Yellowish clouds started forming in the sky.

Large amounts of frost salt slowly fell down from the sky. The whole process was silent, the salt was like snow and there was not any wind.

The endless salt fell down on the ground, and melted the ice and snow on the ground.

Some cold-resistant wild grasses and flowers that had grown on the snow were submerged by the salt, and were wilting rapidly before completely dying.

"It is trying to destroy Mini Northern Plains' ecology?" Fang Yuan was slightly perplexed. For the moment, he did not move and only looked on from the side.

Although there were some losses, most of his resources were currently gathered in Mini Southern Border.

Mini Northern Plains was the area Fang Yuan had been using to pass tribulations, Fang Yuan could completely bear these losses before, let alone now when he had harvested Hei Fan grotto-heaven's accumulation, and had become extremely wealthy.

After a while, snowmen started to appear from the endless salt and frost.

This was the influence of Reckless Savage's true meaning.

So long as Fang Yuan killed these snowmen, he could obtain Reckless Savage's true meaning, rapidly raising his transformation path and strength path attainment levels.

This time was not like the previous time where he shared with Chu Du, Fang Yuan was going to enjoy it all by himself.

Fang Yuan quickly made a move.

These snowmen had just appeared when they were melted by the flying salt. The intention of heaven's will manifested at this moment, it wanted to reduce Fang Yuan's benefits from the earthly calamity, as much as possible.

Fang Yuan and heaven's will raced to strike at the snowmen.

Myriad self was activated, eliminating these snowmen. Naturally, there were also other methods used.

These had to be done by Fang Yuan himself.

Other existences, whether they be Gu Immortal or desolate beasts, whoever killed the snowmen would be the one to obtain Reckless Savage's true meaning.

Waves of Reckless Savage's true meaning entered Fang Yuan's mind, quickly raising his attainment level.

As for the profound white flying salt, they were inexorable and not something Fang Yuan could directly get rid of.

This fourth earthly calamity continued for a long time. Even when the duration of the previous three earthly calamities were added, they would not even be one-tenth of this earthly calamity.

Three days later, profound white flying salt's scale began to slightly decrease.

"Is this a battle of attrition?" Fang Yuan frowned, somewhat puzzled.

Several days went by again, the profound white flying salt calamity finally stopped.

Fang Yuan gazed at the frost salt that had covered the land, the doubt in his mind intensifying.

According to his previous deduction, the fourth earthly calamity should have been even more strong and even more difficult to handle. But the reality was, the profound white flying salt calamity had been mild from start to finish, it descended gradually; Fang Yuan did not feel any pressure at all.

He was even able to destroy almost all of the snowmen, not wasting much of Reckless Savage's true meaning. His gains were plentiful.

It was as if heaven's will was letting him go.

"Previously, I used some time path killer moves in Tai Qiu, it was also to test heaven's will's deduction ability and to see how it deals with me afterwards. The result was the profound white flying salt calamity."

"No matter what, the fourth earthly calamity is now over."

"I can let the land of salt remain, after cleansing it with self will, I can treat it as a special environment."

This earthly calamity was unimaginably easy. Fang Yuan did not suffer even a small injury.

Fang Yuan retrieved his immortal aperture and was about to return to Lang Ya blessed land.

But right at this moment!

The surroundings suddenly changed, Fang Yuan entered a battlefield killer move.

Nine Gu Immortals appeared around him, along with an enormous dragon shaped beast whose aura was majestic and boundless, staring at Fang Yuan with hostility.

Immemorial desolate beast!

Fang Yuan's heart immediately sank to rock bottom, he immediately comprehended: "Human calamity! So heaven's will was intentionally extending the duration of my tribulation to set up this deadly situation for me!"

In an instant, Fang Yuan had fallen deep into a predicament.


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