Reverend Insanity
1138 End of Battle
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1138 End of Battle

"This, what is this?"

"Such a large chicken!"

Seeing an ancient year beast suddenly entering the battlefield, the hairy man Gu Immortals were shocked.

"According to the contents of Hei Fan's true inheritance, there are twelve different forms of year beasts. This time, I was pretty lucky to be able to summon a chicken year beast." Fang Yuan sized up this year beast, while appraising it inwardly.

This year beast was as large as a hill.

When it unfurled its wings, it cast a huge shadow on the ground.

It was valiant and spirited, with awe-inspiring might. Its feathers were bright and colorful while its claws were sharp as blades.

It quickly swept its gaze around the battlefield, before fixing on Fang Yuan.

No one else had more appeal to it than Fang Yuan, because it smelled the scent of year Gu from Fang Yuan.

Year Gu!

This was the food of year beasts. The higher the rank of the year Gu, the more enticing it was to year beasts.

The immortal killer move, year beast summoning, was formed from this principle. Its creator, Hei Fan, had invented this killer move long before refining Years Flow Like Water.

"This is for you." Fang Yuan chuckled, as he waved his hand, sending out large amounts of mortal year Gu.

The chicken year beast was joyous, as it raised its head and inhaled.

Immediately, an enormous air current was created and like a dragon swallowing water, the chicken year beast inhaled all the mortal year Gu.

"Kill it and I will give you a lot more." Fang Yuan pointed at that crucial ancient eagle hound.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The chicken year beast's gaze sharpened, as it quickly turned its head towards the target.

The ancient eagle hound felt goosebumps all over its body, revealing its sharp claws as it felt a strong threat from the chicken year beast.

The ancient eagle hound formed a clear contrast with the chicken year beast, even if it stood up like a human, it would not reach half the height of the chicken year beast.

Cluck cluck!

The chicken year beast flapped its wings, charging towards its target. The speed it erupted with was actually faster than the ancient eagle hound.


The two collided fiercely, the chicken year beast was sent back seventy to eighty steps, while the ancient eagle hound was directly sent flying.

The chicken year beast let out a sharp cry, as it chased after the ancient eagle hound.

The ancient eagle hound was indeed crafty, after suffering a loss, it no longer confronted the chicken year beast head-on, instead it moved left and right, dodging the chicken year beast.

Fang Yuan looked on for a while before he relaxed.

This chicken year beast had no Immortal Gu, but its physical constitution was much stronger than the ancient eagle hound.

Year beasts, even in the River of Time, were very rare beasts!

Of course, if the ancient eagle hound activated Immortal Gu, the chicken year beast would fall into a disadvantage. Once or twice would not matter, but if it continued on, the chicken year beast would also be defeated.

The side which had Immortal Gu would naturally obtain a huge boost in their battle strength.

"Hei Fan warned in the true inheritance that the summoned year beast is not a slave and the summoner does not have very much control over it. If the enemy is too powerful, it won't battle at all. Even if it battles, it might retreat after a short period of time and demand even more year Gu from the summoning Gu Immortal."

As he thought of this, Fang Yuan knew he did not have much time left.

He did not choose to pincer attack the ancient eagle hound with the chicken year beast.

Because the chicken year beast was not under his control and he was only able to barely communicate with it using the method left behind by Hei Fan, reaching a collaboration.

Fang Yuan's true body, which was hidden amidst the myriad self army, quietly approached a desolate beast eagle hound.

The eagle hounds were still fighting with the myriad self army in the air.

Occasionally, some eagle hounds would be beaten down by Fang Yuan's strength path phantoms, but shortly afterwards, these eagle hounds would fly to the air again, continuing to fight.

Although there were many strength path phantoms, their offensive prowess was clearly weak when facing against desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts. They were only able to disrupt and expend the eagle hounds' energy.

Strength path giant hand!

Suddenly, Fang Yuan attacked, a strength path giant hand appeared out of nowhere, slamming down towards an eagle hound.

Fang Yuan's position was extremely good, the eagle hound was caught unprepared and was struck by the hand, immediately letting out a miserable cry before it fainted.

The eagle hound began to fall down, but Fang Yuan activated another giant hand and was waiting below.

The second giant hand grabbed this unconscious eagle hound, and carefully placed it on the ground.

Fang Yuan's true body disappeared amongst the myriad self army once again.

But soon, he appeared in another area of the battlefield, strength path giant hand attacked quickly and sent another eagle hound fainting.

He then did the same as before, placing this eagle hound on the ground, beside the first eagle hound.

The hairy man Gu Immortals were all struck speechless!

"Elder Fang Yuan seems to be…"

"Right, he intends to capture these eagle hounds alive!"

"A skilled person is truly courageous."

The hairy man Gu Immortals sighed. These eagle hounds, which were deadly opponents to them, seemed to be no more than wealth from Fang Yuan's perspective.

One after the other, eagle hounds were plotted against by Fang Yuan, struck unconscious, and piled up together.

Soon, these unconscious eagle hounds piled up to form a hill, making for quite a grand sight.

The ancient eagle hound saw this scene and gave a furious cry. But it was pinned down by the chicken year beast and was unable to go rescue its brethren.

The chicken year beast was also slightly in a slightly miserable state, its whole body was filled with injuries and it seemed to be having the intent to retreat.

After all, Hei Fan was a time path Gu Immortal, being able to create an immortal killer move that imitated enslavement path was already extremely amazing.

"It seems that year beast summoning is ideal for use in a favorable battle. If used to fight in a disadvantageous situation during a life or death battle, the result won't be outstanding." Fang Yuan engraved this information in his mind. Only when one used immortal killer moves in practice would they obtain deeper experience.

Fang Yuan firmly held the initiative in the battle.

He paid attention to the battle between the chicken year beast and the ancient eagle hound all along.

Before the chicken year beast retreated, Fang Yuan dealt with the remaining eagle hounds.

The unconscious eagle hounds numbered to eight, while the rest were struck to death. After all, giant hand was not a capturing method, it was not easy for Fang Yuan to use it to imitate this effect.


Fang Yuan flew to the sky and flanked the ancient eagle hound with the chicken year beast.

After fighting for several rounds, the result was indeed not good.

Fang Yuan called out to the chicken year beast to retreat and guard those unconscious eagle hounds.

The chicken year beast already had low battle intent, and after receiving Fang Yuan's instruction, it did not immediately move, but instead quietly retreated a distance before opening its beak as it gazed at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan understood its intention, and threw out a large batch of year Gu.

The chicken year beast had its fill, only then did it turn around and move towards the ground, to guard the unconscious eagle hounds.

Fang Yuan and the ancient eagle hound battled once again.

But this time, the situation was different from before.

The ancient eagle hound was anxious to save those unconscious comrades, as it charged in all directions.

"What a pity. A grand Gu Immortal falling down to such a level! Thinking it is an actual eagle hound." Fang Yuan was lot more relaxed now than before.

The ancient eagle hound flew fast and with Immortal Gu on it, at the crucial times, it could arouse its survival instincts and activate the previous immortal killer move.

Fang Yuan changed his battle tactic.

His previous tactic of charging in and using giant hand was too risky. Bloodstained conqueror's robe's defense was nothing prominent in front of this ancient eagle hound.

Fang Yuan started using sword path killer moves to attack the ancient eagle hound from afar.

But the ancient eagle hound's defensive method was outstanding, Fang Yuan did not know which Immortal Gu it was specifically. He estimated this transformation path Gu Immortal, when alive, felt the defense of an eagle hound was rather low, thus intentionally strengthening this aspect.

Fang Yuan fought for a long time but still had no upper hand, the ancient eagle hound also could not rescue its comrades, while the chicken year beast sat in position to fight a defensive battle.

The injuries on the ancient eagle hound slowly accumulated.

"This is truly troublesome. Giant hand's speed is slow, it cannot hit. Sword path killer moves can hit, but the effect is not that good. Using poison spit is simply wasting immortal essence. Ancient eagle hounds are extremely resistant to poison!"

Fang Yuan was without other options.

Similarly, after this transformation path Gu Immortal completely transformed into the ancient eagle hound, they obtained the intuition of wild beasts, and with the remaining battle instincts, this ancient eagle hound became much more difficult to handle.

Facing it, Fang Yuan found himself at a loss as to what to do.

A transformation path Gu Immortal's advantage was that after the transformation succeeds, their body's constitution would be extremely high. Like this ancient eagle hound, just its flying speed could match Sword Escape in short range. Let alone when it activates its Immortal Gu.

At the moment, Fang Yuan could only choose to fight a battle of attrition.

When this ancient eagle hound uses up all its immortal essence, and is no longer able to activate its Immortal Gu, that would be his victory.

Or when its injuries accumulate to a certain degree and it exposes a flaw which Fang Yuan could use!

Fang Yuan felt helpless, but the spectators did not have this feeling.

The hairy man Gu Immortals were staring blankly.


In the competitive, cruel world of Gu Immortals, the most important thing was the Gu Immortal's strength.

The strength Fang Yuan displayed shocked all the hairy men.

Even Sixth Hair was not an exception.

"This guy, how could he increase his battle strength so much in such a short time?! He can actually summon a year beast, how did he get a hold of this method? He clearly only went out for a short period of time…"

Sixth Hair felt heaviness in his mind.

Fang Yuan's growth speed caused him to feel stifled and breathless.

After some more time fighting, the ancient eagle hound suddenly rose up.

"Eh? You want to escape!" Fang Yuan thought before quickly giving chase.

The ancient eagle hound's injuries had accumulated to a certain state, whether it be its offensive prowess or flying speed, both had clearly fallen.

No matter how talented in battle the Gu Immortal was when they were alive, the wild beast's instinct of evading danger still made it choose to retreat.

As for those unconscious 'comrades', they could only be abandoned.

Fang Yuan inwardly cursed at this, he had already anticipated this situation, it was just that it happened earlier than his expectation.

Fang Yuan activated sword escape Immortal Gu to give chase, but the distance between them was shrinking very slowly.

The ancient eagle hound was escaping for its life with an astonishing speed.

Immortal killer move — Luck Whirlwind!

Fang Yuan was without other options and could only activate this killer move.


The ancient eagle hound directly returned to the previous position, Fang Yuan caught up to it and both sides engaged in fierce battle again.

After a few rounds of fighting, the ancient eagle hound escaped again.

Fang Yuan could only give chase.

Luck whirlwind!


Both sides battled again, while the hairy man Gu Immortals watched on from afar.

But soon, the ancient eagle hound gave up on Fang Yuan, it crazily flapped its wings as it retreated for a third time, its attitude more firm than before.

Fang Yuan was helpless, he was unable to break the eagle's wings.

Luck whirlwind!

Unfortunately, he failed this time and immediately spurted out some blood.

It took him a few breaths to stabilize himself, the ancient eagle hound had already flown to the horizon by this time.

Fang Yuan had no choice but to stop.

Heaven's will was paying attention all along, Tai Qiu was perilous, and there were already vague signs of a beast tide forming.


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