Reverend Insanity
1137 Transformation Path Gu Immortal
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1137 Transformation Path Gu Immortal

The third ancient eagle hound had Immortal Gu.

If not for this, how could it block Fang Yuan's immortal killer move, sword marks targeting death?

Fang Yuan's heart burned with eagerness.

Times had changed.

If it were before he inherited Hei Fan's true inheritance, Fang Yuan would have avoided this eagle group, but now, with his strength having increased sharply, his mindset had changed.

He intended to take down all these eagle hounds!

"My sovereign immortal aperture is very big!" Fang Yuan's lips curled up.

"As for the wild Immortal Gu on the ancient eagle hound, I will take it as well. Being able to block sword marks targeting death, let me see what kind of exemplary defensive Immortal Gu it is."

In an instant, thoughts surged in Fang Yuan's mind, he determined his battle tactics.

Blood path killer moves like blood torrent and so on were not suitable to be used in front of the hairy man Gu Immortals.

These hairy man Gu Immortals could connect to treasure yellow heaven and knew the terror of blood path. They were not like that group of ignorant Gu Immortals in Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Although he could use Hei Fan true inheritance's immortal killer moves, he had to be prudent. After all, he still had not practised them to proficiency, rashly using them could likely result in failure and cause backlash.

Therefore —

Fang Yuan clapped, choosing his personal creation, which was also the offensive method he was most skilled in.

Convergence of enslavement and strength path — Myriad Self!

At the next instant, large amounts of strength path phantoms filled the sky.

"Ahh!" The hairy man Gu Immortals were all struck speechless.

Sixth Hair also had a stupefied look, but inwardly was not surprised.

He already knew about myriad self, this was old news.

But soon, Sixth Hair's pupils shrunk as he blurted out: "He va… vanished?!"

In his perception, Fang Yuan had suddenly vanished, and only the dense group of strength path phantoms remained in the sky.

Fang Yuan had used familiar face to disguise himself as an ordinary strength path phantom, mixing in within the myriad self army.


The myriad self army cried out together and like a torrent falling from the sky, charged towards the third eagle hound.

The eagle hound's eyes flashed with sharp light, suddenly the wings on its back flapped, bringing forth a layer of dark wing shadows.

Its speed increased sharply, and it actually retreated!

This response was somewhat out of Fang Yuan's expectations.

Clearly, this eagle hound had a second wild Immortal Gu. That layer of wing shadows was the effect of that Immortal Gu.

"It actually has another wild Immortal Gu!" The desire in Fang Yuan intensified.

He commanded the myriad self army to continue charging towards the ancient eagle hound.

Along the way, the strength path phantoms suddenly dispersed, like a blooming flower, or a giant beast's maw, as they pounced at the ancient eagle hound.

The ancient eagle hound gave a sharp cry, as it suddenly rose up.

It was actually retreating again.

Fang Yuan had already calculated its retreat routes, the myriad self army, which had charged ahead like a flood dragon with its mouth open, swung its tail. The strength path phantoms at the rear pounced at the ancient eagle hound.

The ancient eagle hound that was retreating backwards suddenly leaned towards the right, its wings flapped and its whole body drew an inclining arc through the sky, perfectly dodging the myriad self army's offensive route.

The hairy man Gu Immortals were in an agitated state watching all these moves.

Compared to the eagle hound, they naturally wanted Fang Yuan to win.

But this third ancient eagle hound seemed to be extremely cunning, Fang Yuan had encircled it several times but was still unable to succeed.

"The ancient eagle hound's speed is much faster than these 'Fang Yuans'. How could they catch up to it?" Twelfth Hair attentively observed, feeling dejected as Fang Yuan continued to make no progress.

Sixth Hair however had a bright gaze, thinking: 'Fang Yuan's enslavement path attainment seems to have increased slightly. It is going to end soon! This ancient eagle hound might be fast, but it is concerned about the other eagle hounds, and has only been flying around the battlefield, it will soon be captured by Fang Yuan.'

A battlefield formed in the sky.

Almost all the eagle hounds flew up and were battling with the myriad self army.

Fang Yuan's focus was completely on the third ancient eagle hound.

"There is something odd about this ancient eagle hound!"

Fang Yuan had discovered that the other eagle hounds could be easily dealt with. As long as he used a few strength path phantoms, the eagle hounds could be pinned down. Only this third ancient eagle hound was rather crafty and could see through the tactics of the myriad self army, it was able to retreat and advance at will.

Finally, Fang Yuan was able to succeed, several groups of the myriad self army besieged the third eagle hound from the front, back, above and below.

"He actually surrounded it!" Twelfth Hair and the group cried out in joy.

The ancient eagle hound let out a sharp screech, as it flapped its wings wildly and clawed everywhere, destroying many of the strength path phantoms.

Within just a few moments of being encircled, the ancient eagle hound seemed to be about to break through the siege.

But this did not matter.

Because Fang Yuan's true body, hidden among the strength path phantoms, had already approached the ancient eagle hound.

When he was close enough, he decisively used his sword path killer move — Dark Assassination!

This killer move's specialty was that no Immortal Gu aura would leak out when it was activated, it was extremely stealthy.

The ancient eagle hound let out a miserable shriek as it was struck by Fang Yuan.

A bloody hole appeared on its neck, blood spurted out like a fountain.

But in the blink of an eye, the blood lessened, and the bloody hole disappeared, the injury had healed and feathers grew once again on the surface.

At the same moment, the ancient eagle hound turned berserk, its whole body was covered by a layer of dark shadows, its speed increased by multiple times as it attacked wildly, bringing forth afterimages of its wings and claws.

Crash crash crash!

Countless strength path phantoms were destroyed directly by the ancient eagle hound without putting up resistance.

Even Fang Yuan's true body was discovered and was sent flying.

But with bloodstained conqueror's robe, there was not much injury.

"How, how could this be?"

"There are disorderly auras of so many Gu worms appearing on this ancient eagle hound!"

Twelfth Hair and the rest blurted out in shock.

Sixth Hair's eyes also widened at this, as he incredulously said: "Impossible! It can actually use an immortal killer move?"

Such a strong result and the complex aura of Gu worms indicated this ancient eagle hound had actually used an immortal killer move just now.

This no doubt went against the common knowledge of the immortal world.

A wild beast actually had enough intelligence to activate immortal killer move?!

Wind whistled past Fang Yuan's ears, he was sent flying. Although he had avoided the frontal attack, it had still brushed past him and was enough to send him flying away.

He gazed at the ancient eagle hound, his eyes brightly flashing: "So it was like this, no wonder I had felt it was so peculiar! This ancient eagle hound was originally a Gu Immortal!"

It was impossible for wild beasts to be so smart to the extent of using immortal killer moves!

Sixth Hair did not realize this because he did not cultivate transformation path.

Fang Yuan had plenty of understanding regarding transformation path, immediately thinking of this most likely possibility.

A transformation path Gu Immortal who cultivated an eagle hound transformation, but because of transforming too many times or being in transformation state for too long, they were unable to turn back, losing their wisdom and memories, turning into a special ancient eagle hound.

Like when refining Gu, the Gu Immortals cultivating transformation path would have to face the risks when transforming into other forms!

In history, such cases were not rare.

The following battle proved Fang Yuan's guess.

This ancient eagle hound still had some battle instincts of the transformation path Gu Immortal. As a result, its performance was much more cunning than normal ancient eagle hounds, and it understood when to advance and retreat.

But in the end, it was not a Gu Immortal, it did not have human wisdom, it could not grasp opportunities in the battle and could not carry out any battle tactics.

When in battle, it mainly used Immortal Gu. When it was the juncture of life and death, its instincts would be stimulated and it subconsciously used its most familiar immortal killer move from the past.

Just before, Fang Yuan had used dark assassination to pierce through its head, but in the moment of crisis, it had dodged and the attack struck its neck.

Then, the wild shadows it erupted with that sent Fang Yuan's true body flying were from it using an immortal killer move.

The fight instantly fell into a stalemate.

If it were ordinary eagle hounds, Fang Yuan would have captured all of them by now. But it was a different situation with this ancient eagle hound, it was much more troublesome than ordinary ancient eagle hounds.

Whenever Fang Yuan sneak attacked, the ancient eagle hound was always able to avoid the fatal points. Perhaps it was because this transformation path Gu Immortal had experienced many battles, or maybe it was because of the support of an unique Immortal Gu, a more likely possibility was the help of heaven's will.

In short, Fang Yuan's intention to finish the battle quickly had been thwarted.

The sky was chaotic, loud sounds reverberated unceasingly as the strength path phantoms were destroyed at every moment.

But with Fang Yuan's replenishment, the myriad self army was unending.

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From time to time, eagle hounds covered by strength path phantoms would fall down from the sky and smash into the ground.

"Upper hand! Fang Yuan… Elder Fang Yuan has the upper hand facing all these eagle hounds."

"An individual's strength can actually reach such a level!"

"Elder Fang Yuan is actually so powerful."

The hairy man Gu Immortals had already retreated to the edge of the battlefield, and as they looked at the battle, they had, without noticing, started to address Fang Yuan as an elder.

Twelfth Hair's expression was filled with shock as well as bitterness.

He felt it even deeper than others.

Fang Yuan's enslavement path attainment of easily commanding the myriad self army, made him have a feeling of how shallow and minute he was!

Although the ancient eagle hound was somewhat troublesome, from the beginning, Fang Yuan occupied the dominant position and the eagle hounds could not do anything to him.

"Since it is like this, then I should change my battle tactics." Fang Yuan's true body put off attacking, and suddenly retreated to the side.

He began to gather his concentration to activate another immortal killer move.

By now, he had already been constantly maintaining bloodstained conqueror's robe, familiar face and three breaths future vision. He was floating in the air and also activating Gu worms, and occasionally replenishing the myriad self army. All these used up his focus.

And this immortal killer move was rather complicated and he had yet to practice it to proficiency, thus he had to give up on attacking and move to a safer environment, to gather almost all his concentration and activate this move.

Rank seven year Gu was first activated, followed by the supplementary mortal Gu one after the other.

Immortal killer move — Year Beast Summoning.

"Come out, my ancient year beast!"

Splash splash splash.

In mid-air, a phantom image of the River of Time manifested.

Waves were surging endlessly in the river, and from these waves, an enormous bestial figure jumped out!

Cluck cluck.

The year beast unfurled its wings and descended to the battlefield!


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