Reverend Insanity
1136 Eagle Hounds
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1136 Eagle Hounds

Eagle hounds!

They had the body of a wolf and head of an eagle, with a pair of eagle wings on their backs. Their head, neck and wings were covered in black feathers, while their canine bodies and four limbs were covered in grey wolf fur. The dao marks on their bodies were mostly of dark path.

This was a rather special beast.

Normal desolate beasts, ancient desolate beasts and so on reproduced through males and females mating. Eagle hounds, however, were different.

The reproduction of eagle hound was through infection.

The poison of an eagle hound could influence any species of dog or eagle. When this influence reached a certain degree, the dog or eagle beast infected with the eagle hound's poison would gradually transform into an eagle hound.

As a result, the individual strength of eagle hounds varied greatly.

Some eagle hounds were transformed from desolate beasts, so they would be desolate beast level. Some transformed from ancient desolate beasts, thus would be ancient eagle hounds. Immemorial eagle hounds were rarely seen, even in white heaven and black heaven.

Everything was clear.

The moment the first eagle hound appeared, Fang Yuan had already realized how the falling star hound and these eagle hounds were related.

This group of eagle hounds had been eyeing this falling star hound. It was thrown down from the sky and confined in Tai Qiu to grow.

When the falling star hound matured, it would be a true ancient desolate beast. At that time, the eagle hound group would use poison to turn this falling star hound into an ancient eagle hound.

As for why this falling star hound was roaming near the teleportation Gu formation, the answer was clear — heaven's will!

"Two ancient eagle hounds, while the rest are all desolate beast eagle hounds." Fang Yuan's gaze coldly focused on the two ancient desolate beasts.

He did not sense auras of Immortal Gu on the eagle hounds.

This gave him even greater assurance in this battle!

Having and not having Immortal Gu would lead to Fang Yuan adopting two completely different battle tactics.

"The, the eagle hound was killed in one strike…"

"It has not died, it is only unconscious."

"What was that move just now?"

"It was like a huge hand!"

The hairy man Gu Immortals reacted only now, and they were extremely shocked.

Just now, the eagle hound that was beaten unconscious by one giant hand was naturally a desolate beast level. Strength path giant hand had rank seven battle strength, creating such an outcome was not strange. If it were against an ancient eagle hound, however, it would be a different result.

Twelfth Hair had never seen Fang Yuan fight seriously.

He had always thought the battle strength Fang Yuan showed when instructing him was Fang Yuan's true strength.

Twelfth Hair forcibly calmed down, thinking: "Although Fang Yuan beat one eagle hound unconscious, there are still a lot more remaining! Even if he is powerful, what can just one person do? This battle bodes ill, it is better to retreat! Ahh!"

Just as he was thinking of this, Twelfth Hair suddenly could not help crying out in shock.

Fang Yuan's confrontation with the eagle hound group lasted a very short time. Almost the next instant after beating the eagle hound unconscious, he began his attack.

Sword escape Immortal Gu.


Fang Yuan left behind an afterimage on his original spot.

Within an instant, Fang Yuan had penetrated from the edge of the battlefield into the center.

"This, what level of speed is this?!" The hairy man Gu Immortals were shocked.

Even Sixth Hair's pupils shrunk, he gritted his teeth. He guessed Fang Yuan used sword escape Immortal Gu, this was Bo Qing's Immortal Gu!

Fang Yuan floated in the air, looking down at the giant beast below.

This was an ancient eagle hound, when it had just appeared, it had knocked down the diamond bear, sent the golden-white tiger flying and pecked the chestnut yak blind.

This ancient eagle hound was stepping on the diamond bear, not letting it budge. The infant falling star hound behind it was curled up into a ball, shivering.

He was close to it!

The distance between Fang Yuan and this ancient eagle hound was less than a hundred steps.

Images of each other were clearly reflected in both their eyes.

Fang Yuan suddenly disappeared and appeared right before the eagle hound's eyes, giving it a scare and causing it to take a step back subconsciously.

But soon, its fierce nature was agitated, as it opened its beak wide and screeched furiously. Its wings flapped rapidly and energy transferred from its rear limbs, as it charged ferociously at Fang Yuan!

Fang Yuan sneered, shouting: "Beast, lie down."


A strength path giant hand appeared and descended from the sky, slamming on the ground like a jar lid.

The giant hand collided with the ancient eagle hound; the ancient eagle hound was full of ferocity, but was still unable to match the giant hand's power as it was pushed down.

The giant hand also was sent back from the collision.

But soon, under Fang Yuan's control and replenishment, the giant hand once again pushed down fiercely, as if it was bringing down a storm.

The giant hand struck the ancient eagle hound's head, immediately causing it to bow down, its four limbs bent exaggeratedly and its claws that were fiercely supporting its body left four pits on the ground.

The strength path giant hand was again flung up a distance from the vibration of the clash, thinning during the process.

But the next moment, the giant hand once again condensed as it slammed down.

The ancient eagle hound refused to give in and lifted its head, but at the next moment it saw the giant hand covering the entirety of its vision.


There was a huge sound as the ancient eagle hound's head was fiercely slammed down to the ground.

The thick and sharp eagle beak was firmly embedded into the ground.

Its feathers chaotically flew in the air, while its four limbs also sunk into the ground.

The ancient eagle hound fell into an extremely furious state, when had it ever received such humiliation. It wanted to strike back, energy flowed through its limbs, its muscles bulged and the next moment, it was about to lift up its head!


The giant hand was quicker, however, slamming down on its head and back.

The eagle hound's skeleton gave fracturing sounds at the extremely heavy burden. Its head was shaking intensely and it was seeing stars, the strength it had accumulated just moments ago completely dissipated.

But Fang Yuan's momentum was unforgiving, bang bang bang, another three slams, and this ancient eagle hound was almost completely buried into the ground.

It was motionless, the surrounding soil was gradually turning red from the blood.

The hairy man Gu Immortals were all struck speechless!

After Fang Yuan had made a desolate beast eagle hound faint, he charged into the center of the eagle hounds without being afraid of the enemy's numerical advantage.

Facing the ancient eagle hound, he sent out ten or so giant hands and struck it to death like slamming bread dough!

The hairy man Gu Immortals had never seen such a terrifying display, and were extremely frightened.

In fact, not only the hairy man Gu Immortals, even the other eagle hounds were dazed.

By the time they reacted, one of their leaders had been wiped out.

Deathly silence hung in the air, with not even the sound of wind.

Under everyone's gazes, Fang Yuan slowly lifted his head and gazed at the sky.

There were quite a few eagle hounds hovering in the air, among them was the second ancient desolate beast.

"It's your turn now." Fang Yuan's tone was light, as he charged towards the sky the very next moment!

The eagle hounds in the sky immediately let out ear-piercing cries, breaking up in an uproar as they retreated in every direction.

Twelfth Hair and the group still had their mouths wide open as they looked at Fang Yuan charging to the sky, driving the eagle hounds away like they were sparrows or pigeons.

Were these still eagle hounds?

A mighty ancient desolate beast, where is your imposing might!

Twelfth Hair felt like he was in a dream.

Pursuing good fortune and avoiding disaster, protecting oneself and seeking long life was every living being's instinct. Wild beasts pushing aside the weak and fearing the strong was also normal.

With the eagle hounds dispersing, Fang Yuan could do nothing.

In terms of speed, eagle hounds were outstanding, regardless of whether they were desolate beasts or ancient desolate beasts.

Fang Yuan's gaze continued to stare at that ancient eagle hound.

"Will you be able to escape…" As Fang Yuan mumbled, he suddenly sped up!

The next instance, his figure appeared behind the ancient eagle hound.

Myriad self first style, giant hand!

The giant hand slammed down with such a loud sound, the hairy men shivered and the eagle hounds felt their hair standing on end.

The hairy men saw that ancient eagle hound being slammed down from the air by Fang Yuan like a ball, colliding heavily with the ground.

Sword escape Immortal Gu combined with giant hand gave an outstanding result.

Strength path giant hand's speed was rather slow, if it struck out from afar towards the eagle hound, this eagle hound would probably be able to escape before it reached it.

But Fang Yuan personally moved, using his speed to make up for this weakness of the giant hand.

Of course, this battle tactic also had a weakness, it could easily make Fang Yuan fall into a dangerous situation.

So, Fang Yuan had activated bloodstained conqueror's robe before he used this tactic.

There was also another condition, Fang Yuan did not sense any wild Immortal Gu on these two ancient eagle hounds. If there were wild Immortal Gu, without probing out the details, Fang Yuan would not use this battle tactic.

Giant grass grew all over Tai Qiu, the eagle hound's fall was greatly mitigated by these strands of grass.

Even though ancient eagle hounds specialized in speed, they were all of ancient desolate level, and had sturdy bodies. Fang Yuan would not be able to kill it without using ten or so strength path giant hands.

However, just as Fang Yuan was about to take the chance to chase it, his expression suddenly changed.

In his eyes flashed a scene of the future —

While he charged down, suddenly a third ancient eagle hound appeared and ambushed him.

Fang Yuan was caught unprepared and was clawed fiercely by the wolf claws, smashing to the ground. Blood flowed out of his seven orifices and all his bones were fractured, his bloodstained conqueror's robe was broken and even blood asset Immortal Gu was injured, unable to be used again.

The image flashed in an instant, however Fang Yuan fully trusted it.

Because this was the result of his pre-activated immortal killer move — Three Breaths Future Vision!

It was a time path investigative killer move from Hei Fan true inheritance, 'three breaths future vision' used after Immortal Gu as the core and could allow the Gu Immortal to see their future situation. And this future situation would manifest within three breaths of time.

Fang Yuan did not lose his head, instead his eyes shined with satisfaction.

"Sure enough, heaven's will's arrangement wouldn't be so simple, there was actually an ambush!"

"My bloodstained conqueror's robe is an immortal level defensive move, but its core Immortal Gu is only the rank six Blood Asset. It is still slightly weak when facing an ancient desolate beast."

Since he knew about the ambush, the ambush naturally would be useless.

Sword marks targeting death!

Fang Yuan suddenly shot out sharp sword light towards a certain location in the air.

Right as the hairy man Gu Immortals were feeling puzzled, sword marks targeting death struck that hidden ancient eagle hound.


There was a sharp and clear sound, the ancient eagle hound was intercepted by sword marks targeting death.

The hairy man Gu Immortals shouted in shock.

"There was actually a third ancient eagle hound hiding in ambush!"

"Unimaginable, if it had sneak attacked any of us hairy man Gu Immortals, it would probably have gotten its way."

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Fang Yuan slightly raised his eyebrows, staring at the third ancient eagle hound which had suffered no damage.

"Being able to block sword marks targeting death, this ancient eagle hound seems to have wild Immortal Gu on it?"


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