Reverend Insanity
1132 Taking Over Hei Fan Grotto-Heaven
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1132 Taking Over Hei Fan Grotto-Heaven

After the Immortal Gu recipes, there were mortal Gu recipes.

There were many mortal Gu recipes, Fang Yuan felt a little shocked seeing all of them.

The ones worth looking at were the mortal Gu recipes of day, month, and year Gu.

In accordance with these mortal Gu recipes, Fang Yuan could buy his mortal materials and refine his own mortal level day Gu, month Gu, and year Gu.

"This way, not only can I buy these mortal Gu in treasure yellow heaven, I can also refine them myself. This would no doubt greatly reduce my preparation. But it is a waste for me to do the refinement myself, I should ask the hairy men in Lang Ya Sect to do it."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan frowned uncontrollably.

His relationship with Lang Ya Sect had already turned cold, he would need to improve their relationship if he were to ask them for help.

Forget about these for now, Fang Yuan continued to look at Hei Fan's true inheritance.

After Immortal Gu recipes and mortal Gu recipes, there were some incomplete Gu recipes.

They had varying completion rates, some were ninety percent, stuck at a crucial step. Some were at ten to twenty percent, they were at the initial stages of creation.

"Immortal Gu 'Before'?" Fang Yuan's gaze halted.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Among the incomplete Immortal Gu recipes, the before Immortal Gu recipe was only fifty-seven percent complete.

Before Immortal Gu, after Immortal Gu, they were related Immortal Gu.

Evidently, in Hei Fan's lifetime, after obtaining after Immortal Gu, he had greatly desired before Immortal Gu.

Unfortunately, even until his death, he did not succeed.

Next was Hei Fan's recorded experiences in deducing these Gu recipes. He talked about the difficulties of deduction, he told his inheritor not to be afraid of difficulty and to persevere. At the same time, he talked about the importance of inspiration.

Thus, behind this, Hei Fan wrote about some tricks and tips. Like using wisdom path inspiration Gu, and light path a flash of inspiration Gu, to help him with the deduction.

Looking at this, Fang Yuan smiled.

He was a wisdom path grandmaster, he had obtained Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path true inheritance, he dominated Hei Fan in this aspect. Hei Fan's experiences in this aspect were quite shallow from Fang Yuan's perspective.

Everyone had their own field of expertise, even though Hei Fan was skilled, he had his weak points too.

Like how Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable looked to Long Hair Ancestor for help to refine Immortal Gu.

After killer moves and Gu recipes, there were Hei Fan's own cultivation experiences.

Among this, there were maps, including the five regions and even white heaven and black heaven, they had huge value in terms of reference.

Of course, Northern Plains' map was the most detailed, the other four regions were more simple.

Fang Yuan placed the most attention on the maps of white heaven and black heaven, this had broadened his horizons.

Some strong rank seven Gu Immortals and all rank eight Gu Immortals would often explore black heaven and white heaven, scavenging for resources within.

As an expert among rank eights, Hei Fan was no exception.

After the maps, there were lots of secrets regarding the Gu Immortal world.

Like Imperial Court blessed land and Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, there was the most information about these. But they were useless now.

And Hei Fan's own conjectures.

What attracted Fang Yuan the most was one of them.

Hei Fan was suspicious that a time path Gu Immortal had inherited Red Lotus' true inheritance.

From this record, Fang Yuan could sense that Hei Fan had a huge desire towards Red Lotus' true inheritance.

This was expected.

He was a time path great expert, he naturally sought out and looked up to the number one time path true inheritance in the world.

The final important point was Hei Fan's own ideas and experimentation on the development of an immortal aperture.

Using his own situation as an example, he clearly stated how calamities and tribulations, dao marks, and immortal aperture helped each other in an intrinsic relationship, and how to modify the immortal aperture's environment, like how to alter the rate of time inside. There was also the management of the immortal aperture, and the selling of resources. The important point here was year Gu.

Back then, after Hei Fan refined rank eight Immortal Gu Years Flow Like Water, he started selling mortal level year Gu, it became his most lucrative business.

In just a few months, he became the biggest year Gu vendor in the world, he was earning huge profits.

With this rank eight Immortal Gu, he had an unceasing gold mine!

However, Hei Fan had also stated the possibility of the attack of year beasts. How to deal with the year beast attacks, how to capture year beasts, how to dissect year beasts, and how to sell year beasts. There was also the relationship between year beasts and the immortal aperture and others.

Fang Yuan looked on with a frown.

In Hei Fan's immortal aperture, because of Years Flow Like Water, immemorial level year beasts had once went in.

They had rank eight battle strength!

Hei Fan spent a lot of effort in killing them. Because he fought in his immortal aperture, the result was immense losses. Many times, Hei Fan felt pain due to his losses.

After a painful lesson, Hei Fan started to research on how to seal Years Flow Like Water, and conceal its aura when not using it.

He found and invented many methods, that were all recorded in the true inheritance.

He had made great achievements.

However, Hei Fan warned the inheritor to be careful on something, that was to use Immortal Gu Years Flow Like Water carefully when in battle.

Once they fought against a strong foe and lured an immemorial year beast over to attack their immortal aperture, they would be in deep trouble.

"It seems that I need to be very careful when using Years Flow Like Water. If I am careless and heaven's will uses this opportunity to lure immemorial year beasts to me, I would die!"

Fang Yuan was only rank six, he could not fight against a rank eight level existence.

With a huge difference in strength, there would be no unexpected lucky circumstances that could save him.

His consciousness returned from the mortal letter Gu, Fang Yuan let out a breath.

"Hei Fan's true inheritance is truly the work of a time path great expert, he lives up to his name!" Fang Yuan praised: "But the difficulty to inherit this is too high."

Precisely because of the difficulty, Hei tribe's descendants worked hard but did not succeed. In the end, Fang Yuan took advantage of it and obtained the fruits of his labor.

Don't look at how easy of a time Fang Yuan had, it had many preconditions. Like attitude Gu and familiar face, he even had Chu Du's help to obtain the heavenly crystal eagle nest.

"However, according to the logic of the Gu Immortal world, the inheritances left behind by people of Hei Fan's level are usually this difficult."

For example, Nian Er tribe's Nian Er Sword Saint true inheritance. An inheritor would only appear every few hundred years, the current one was Nian Er Ping Zhi.

Hei Fan and Nian Er Sword Saint were people who left their names in history, they were prideful people, they were unwilling to have their inheritances obtained by useless people that would tarnish their reputation, they set difficult requirements to choose a worthy successor, it was normal.

"Next, I have to take over this Hei Fan grotto-heaven." Fang Yuan looked at the brass bell heavenly spirit, signalling to it.

At the next moment, the brass bell heavenly spirit slowly flew towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan smiled.

When he inherited Hei Fan's true inheritance, he became the owner of Hei Fan grotto-heaven, he could naturally command this brass bell heavenly spirit.

The regretful thing was, Hei Fan grotto-heaven had absorbed the immemorial azure heaven fragment, it made the brass bell heavenly spirit mindless and unresponsive, Fang Yuan could not manipulate it easily, it was hard to communicate, it was worse than Hu Immortal land spirit.

Fang Yuan first looked at Immortal Succession Mountain.

This mountain had many pavilions on it. Each one had an inheritance in it. Some of the inheritances were mortal level, while some were left by Gu Immortals.

The Gu Immortals originally in Hei Fan grotto-heaven had ascended Immortal Succession Mountain when they were mortals, after getting the inheritances, they slowly cultivated their way up.

Unfortunately, their generations of development were in vain, Fang Yuan killed all of them on this day.

Fang Yuan inspected and realized that Immortal Succession Mountain had a few inheritances left. Most of the stone pavilions were empty already.

He kept all of these inheritances.

He was the owner of the grotto-heaven now, everything inside was his. These inheritances were no different.

However, these inheritances were mostly mortal inheritances, there were only three Gu Immortal inheritances. Among which, two of them did not have any Immortal Gu, but they had a few Immortal Gu recipes. The last Gu Immortal inheritance had one Immortal Gu left, it was called Bone Spike, it was a bone path offensive Gu worm.

After ransacking Immortal Succession Mountain, Fang Yuan looked at the huge world in this place.

Hei Fan grotto-heaven had countless resources, the map in the true inheritance had talked about Hei Fan grotto-heaven's resource distribution, but after so many years, and after nurturing so many Gu Immortals, the resource map was no longer applicable to its current state.

And the brass bell heavenly spirit could not communicate.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan had captives.

Even though he killed all of the Gu Immortals, he had preserved their souls, right now, all of them were locked up in his immortal aperture.

Soul search.

A while later, Fang Yuan knew Hei Fan grotto-heaven like the back of his hand. Other than a few areas that ancient desolate beasts and ancient desolate plants were living in, there were some forbidden grounds.

These Gu Immortals inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven were locals, after tens of generations, how could they know nothing about Hei Fan grotto-heaven?

In the process of soul searching, Fang Yuan also learned about the inheritances and cultivation experiences of these Gu Immortals.

"Blood light spirit suppression? Hehe, heaven's will…"

Fang Yuan inspected Zheng Tuo, Zhou Min, and Feng Jun's souls, he realized their scheme.

Fang Yuan was glad that he struck quickly, otherwise, if he waited, these three immortals might have actually succeeded.

Chu Du snatched the heavenly crystal eagle nest away, while Fang Yuan had attitude Gu and familiar face, heaven's will knew about all these.

Most importantly, Hei Fan grotto-heaven had absorbed a piece of an immemorial azure heaven fragment, heaven's will could look into the grotto-heaven.

The immortal killer move blood light spirit suppression that Feng Jun had suddenly created was quite suspicious. Fang Yuan assumed that this was likely heaven's will's influence!

Thankfully, Fang Yuan took action after getting the heavenly crystal eagle nest, he went to obtain Hei Fan true inheritance in the shortest time possible.

"I have to move away all of the resources inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, and put them in my immortal aperture. This place is not safe!"

"As for Hei Fan grotto-heaven, I will give it to Chu Du. The value of the grotto-heaven itself is already thirty percent of Hei Fan true inheritance's value."

As for what heaven's will would do to Chu Du, Fang Yuan could not care less.

He had already given the method of self will Gu to Chu Du, he did not have to worry about heaven's will influencing Chu Du's thoughts.

In the next few days, Fang Yuan went through a thorough inspection.

The entire distribution of living habitats, the cooperation and co-existence between resources, some complemented each other while others restrained each other, these were all precious knowledge that Fang Yuan could learn in order to manage his own immortal aperture.

He was lacking in this aspect.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, he had low aptitude, blood path Gu Immortals were skilled in fighting, but were not good in immortal aperture management. Especially large immortal apertures, Fang Yuan had no experience in managing them. Not to mention the sovereign immortal aperture.

Right now, Hei Fan grotto-heaven was like an encyclopedia placed in front of him!


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