Reverend Insanity
1128 Hei Fan“s Four Treasures 1/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1128 Hei Fan“s Four Treasures 1/2

Fang Yuan gathered Feng Jun's corpse.

Together with the Gu Immortal corpses that he had collected earlier, Fang Yuan had a total of nine! And he also had nine corresponding Gu Immortal souls.

"Such gains are truly rare. For Gu Immortals in the outside world, even if they die, they may self-detonate. Among the Gu Immortals in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, only Feng Jun has some brains. This person was able to give in when needed, unfortunately, after I gained the upper hand, the situation was firmly within my grasp, he could not do anything. His eventual surrender was out of desperation, too bad for him, his enemy was me."

Fang Yuan sighed as he set aside these thoughts.

He had won.

It was time for the rewards!

He turned around, entering the stone pavilion, he raised his head and looked at the brass bell heavenly spirit on the pillar, he said: "Right now, I am the only Gu Immortal inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, I vote for myself to inherit Hei Fan's true inheritance."

The brass bell heavenly spirit was silent for a moment before shaking, emitting a loud bell sound.

Next, the stone pillars in the pavilion radiated with pure white light.

The white light was not painful to look at, it was very gentle.

As the bright light shone, the stone tablet became more transparent, it turned into a wall of light.

Inside the wall of light, there were several shadowy figures.

And on the surface of the wall, there were several lines of words.

Fang Yuan looked, the words were: the indistinct figures in the stone tablet are the contents of the true inheritance. The inheritor just needs to retrieve them by putting their hands in.

The final line was an instruction by Hei Fan — Descendant of Hei tribe, inheritor of the inheritance, may you achieve great things in life, do not let down the reputation of Hei tribe!

Fang Yuan looked at it and sighed.

Old Ancestor Hei Fan had put in immense effort in setting up this true inheritance, he thought of every aspect.

But a dead person was like an extinguished candle, even a legendary figure like himself could not predict everything in the future.

The incredibly strong Hei tribe had been wiped out, and Hei Fan's true inheritance was taken by an outsider like Fang Yuan.

The world had changed, times were different. New forces prosper while old forces vanish, this was the changing of eras.

Fang Yuan settled his mood, he started acting according to the description on the wall.

He stretched out his left hand, to enter the wall of light.

The white light became brighter, as it shone on his left hand, Fang Yuan's left arm became transparent as well.

Fang Yuan could see his skin, bones, flesh, and even his blood flowing in his vessels.

A small obstruction could be felt ahead.

Fang Yuan's left hand touched the wall of light, it was as if he was touching an icy wall.

At the same time, he noticed: the white light shone on his blood and caused a reaction. His blood moved more quickly, the color also turned from bright red to dark red, before returning back to normal.

Next, the wall in front of his left hand became soft like water. Fang Yuan's left hand easily got through the stone tablet like he was going into water.

Fang Yuan however, felt a chill in his heart, he thought: "So close! This light wall is a test towards my blood. Thankfully, I made ample preparations, I integrated blood asset Immortal Gu into familiar face and modified the killer move to disguise my blood as well. Otherwise, my efforts would have been in vain! This Hei Fan is so hard to deal with."

Fang Yuan regained his cool, he started to assess this wall of light.

From the outside, he could see that there were four shadows in the wall, they were uneven in placement.

The largest shadow was like a ball, it was the size of a basin and was at the most central area of the wall.

On the upper right corner, there was a sharp shadow, it resembled a rock.

On the left side, there was also a shadow, it looked like intertwined threads.

There was also one spot at the bottom, this shadow was the smallest, like a finger.

Fang Yuan had worked so hard to obtain the famous Hei Fan's true inheritance, but the contents seemed to be quite minimal.

Because of where he was standing, Fang Yuan's left hand went to the left of the wall of light, he grabbed towards the shadow closest to him.

He held onto this thread-like shadow.

The shadow had a rough feeling, Fang Yuan felt like he was touching an old tree branch.

Next, Fang Yuan stretched out his hand and pulled out the mysterious shadow.

Once out of the wall, the aura was exposed.

Evidently, these were Gu worms.

These Gu worms were coiled together, they had similar appearance, they were like ginseng roots, or tree roots.

They were not Immortal Gu.

They were just mortal Gu.

But even so, Fang Yuan's eyes shined, his breathing became rougher at once!

Mortal and Immortal Gu were vastly different.

Immortal Gu were unique. Mortal Gu could not compare to Immortal Gu, but there was a huge exception to this rule.

That was lifespan Gu!

That's right, Fang Yuan pulled out a batch of lifespan Gu.

This was expected, yet unexpected.

Earlier, when Old Immortal Chen Chi had asked Fang Yuan for benefits, he mentioned lifespan Gu. Thus, Fang Yuan was mentally prepared for it. But to think there was so many.

"This is indeed a lot of lifespan Gu!"

Fang Yuan began to refine the lifespan Gu.

Mortal Gu could be refined using primeval essence.

Even though the lifespan Gu was not his, Fang Yuan had passed the test, he was the acknowledged inheritor.

As the white light shone, Fang Yuan quickly refined these lifespan Gu successfully.

He found out: "These lifespan Gu grants seven hundred and twenty years of lifespan in total!"

Immense gains!

Old Immortal Chen Chi had thought there would be at least three hundred years worth of lifespan Gu, but Fang Yuan could tell now that he had underestimated it.

Hei Fan grotto-heaven had over twice that amount of years worth of lifespan Gu!

"These lifespan Gu have great value."

"I can use them for myself, who in this world would complain about having longer lifespan?"

"But I still have about eighty years to live, my lifespan is sufficient. Even if I do not use these lifespan Gu, I can use them for transactions."

In transactions between Gu Immortals, immortal essence stones were just basic currency. Lifespan Gu had much greater value than immortal essence stones. No Gu Immortal would not want lifespan Gu! In many high end transactions, immortal essence stones were unusable, Gu Immortals only wanted lifespan Gu.

Lifespan Gu was an absolute hard currency out there!

After a long time of consideration, the lifespan Gu were all refined, becoming Fang Yuan's property.

Fang Yuan placed the handful of lifespan Gu in his sovereign immortal aperture, keeping them securely.

He was not planning to use these lifespan Gu yet.

"Actually, it had been a long time since Hei Fan grotto-heaven was created. It is not strange that so many lifespan Gu were accumulated."

"When can my sovereign immortal aperture produce lifespan Gu as well?"

Fang Yuan was rather fascinated by the prospect.

But he knew that he was far from this goal at this point.

Even though he was earning a lot of profits each month, those were his prior accumulations as an immortal zombie. His immortal aperture's development was still in the basic stage. Only when he gathers enough production in resources to sustain the feeding of all his Immortal Gu could those initial developments be considered complete.

Fang Yuan suddenly thought of Lang Ya blessed land.

"Compared to Lang Ya blessed land, Hei Fan grotto-heaven's existence is very short. Long Hair Ancestor was a person from three hundred thousand years ago, a legendary figure of the Medieval Antiquity Era!"

"Hei Fan grotto-heaven has about seven hundred years of lifespan Gu. Then how many years does Lang Ya blessed land have?"

Thinking about this, Fang Yuan's eyes shined.

"Lang Ya blessed land definitely has much more lifespan Gu. No wonder Lang Ya land spirit can use up some to feed wisdom Gu!"

Fang Yuan could understand Heavenly Court's actions at once.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, Heavenly Court attacked Lang Ya blessed land, even though they sacrificed Feng Jiu Ge, they went ahead without balking.

Lifespan Gu was likely one of the main reasons.

Thinking about it, the geezers in Heavenly Court were lacking lifespan, they could only sustain their lives through sleeping. It was easy to see how much attraction lifespan Gu had towards them!

Fang Yuan's gaze returned to the center of the wall.

This shadow was the largest.

"It is at the center, is this a hint that this is the most precious treasure inside Hei Fan's true inheritance" Fang Yuan's heart jumped.

He stretched out his left hand towards the wall of light, soon, he touched that shadow.

It had an icy feeling, but the shadow was not smooth on the surface, it had many protrusions and holes, it was like a handful of sesame.

Fang Yuan tried to move it.

Very heavy!

Normal human strength could not carry it.

Fang Yuan activated his strength path mortal Gu, after gaining strength, he took it out with one hand.

After seeing this lump of shadow, Fang Yuan had a surprised look on his face.

This was not one entity, it was the combination of countless bodies.

It was a ball of ants.

Black ants, all gathered to fill the size of a basin, that were extremely heavy. Countless black ants were collected in a ball shape, they were extremely compacted and tight.

These ants were not ordinary ants, they were mortal Gu.

The previous item being mortal Gu was fine, because it was lifespan Gu, it had greater value than Immortal Gu from many Gu Immortals' perspectives.

But this was also mortal Gu?

Fang Yuan felt perplexed and a bit confused.

Based on his knowledge, he could not recognize what this Gu worm was.

But forget that, Fang Yuan felt that since it was part of Hei Fan's true inheritance, even as a mortal Gu, it could not be bad.

Thus, he began to refine it.

Mortal Gu could be refined using primeval essence, Fang Yuan was a Gu Immortal, he had unlimited primeval essence.

Layers of black ants were refined by him, becoming his property.

Under Fang Yuan's manipulation, the ants split apart, revealing the center of the ball.

"Oh?" Fang Yuan's expression changed, his gaze became sharp, because he felt the aura of Immortal Gu.

Actually, at the center of this ball of ants, there was something good! An Immortal Gu!

Ordinary ant mortal Gu were finally completely refined, they landed on the ground, there was only one Gu left in Fang Yuan's hands.

Immortal Gu!

Compared to the other black ant mortal Gu, it was many times larger. It had the form of an ant, it had feelers, small legs, a large abdomen, it looked very chubby.

"Is this the queen of the ant group?" Fang Yuan guessed randomly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This Immortal Gu had a strong aura, it was at a high level, it was a rank seven Immortal Gu.

As for what it was, Fang Yuan did not know.

He could not recognize it.

But whatever, he was going to refine it first.


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