Reverend Insanity
1126 Verge of Death
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1126 Verge of Death

"He actually charged over!" Feng Jun's pupils shrunk, he was stunned by Fang Yuan's courage.

Fang Yuan charged forward relentlessly, even though he was alone, his stance was overwhelming, it was as if he was clad in wind and lightning!

Killing intent surged, it was like a terrifying claw, slashing towards the veil of life and death.

The Gu Immortals in Hei Fan grotto-heaven would often spar with each other, but when would they ever be in a life and death situation against each other?

"Retreat!" At once, Feng Jun only had one word in his mind.

In contrast, Zhou Min was spewing with anger, she said excitedly: "Good! Scoundrel, get ready to die!!"

She was already beyond furious, she wanted to take revenge for her brother, she wanted to tear this scoundrel, Fang Yuan, into pieces, to pull out his tendons and snap his bones!

Feng Jun dragged along Zhou Min as they escaped, but Zhou Min had already activated her immortal killer move.

Her eyes were wide open as they stared, golden white light shot out of her eyes. The light was extremely sharp, as if it was made of blades and daggers.

Zhou Min was a light path Gu Immortal, she was nurtured by a Gu Immortal from a past generation, she had sight light Immortal Gu.

And she was currently activating her strongest move — Farsight Weapon Light!

"It is this move." Fang Yuan saw Zhou Min's actions and came to a realization, his charging speed increased instead!

In his mind, he recalled a scene from a few days ago.

"Young master Hei Cheng, why are you sighing?" Chen Le asked: "Do you not like this scenery?"

"Thanks for your concern, Miss Le Er. The scenery is beautiful, I am truly impressed. But I have the mission of inheriting Hei Fan's true inheritance, I am very worried… As I recall, Zheng Tuo and the others are not easy to talk to…" Fang Yuan acted like he was troubled.

Chen Le frowned too: "Indeed… ancestor had said this before, those three Gu Immortals have their own ambitions, they are different from us."

"Birds of a feather flock together, those three are ambitious people! Even if I obtain your support, I will still be short of obtaining the true inheritance. Do you think these three would find trouble with me on the pretext of sparring? Will they obstruct us?" Fang Yuan asked.

Chen Le smiled: "No need to worry, actually, if you know about them, those three immortals are not scary. For example, Gu Immortal Zhou Min has a killer move called farsight weapon light, it is very powerful. Once she uses it, her eyes will shoot out golden white light, it can cut down anything. But this move is quite peculiar, the farther the distance, the stronger it is. If you are very close to Zhou Min, then this move is drastically weakened. If you are right in front of her, even a mortal killer move can block farsight weapon light."

A warm smile appeared on Fang Yuan's face: "Oh? There is such an interesting move, I am truly enlightened. Le Er, what other interesting stories are there?"

Chen Le looked at Fang Yuan, seeing his handsome face looking right at her, emitting lots of affection, it was so intense as if the summer winds were drowning her in bliss.

Chen Le had a flushed expression, she quickly turned around, not daring to look at Fang Yuan directly.

Her face was completely red, she looked afar as she stammered: "Young, young master, if you want to know, I will tell you."

Inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, some of these Gu Immortals' inheritances came from Old Ancestor Hei Fan, like the blood path one for example, it was a result of Hei Fan's research. And some came from the criminal immortals, like Zhou Min's light path inheritance, and Old Immortal Chen Chi's rule path inheritance.

These proper Gu Immortal inheritances were all very comprehensive.

The details of large numbers of mortal Gu, a few Immortal Gu, and all sorts of Immortal Gu recipes and mortal Gu recipes, cultivation experiences and information about the outside world.

Some of these contents were sensitive, like treasure yellow heaven, they were all erased by Hei Fan.

However, some information regarding the other inheritances was retained.

The Hei tribe Gu Immortals were quite close together. For example, outsiders might not about about farsight weapon light, but how could they themselves not know?

Thus, this kind of information was all left inside their inheritances. As time passed, mortals went up Immortal Succession Mountain and inherited them. Gu Immortals appeared and passed away, during this process, there were all sorts of reasons, like fighting over benefits or personal conflicts, they fought against each other. The Gu Immortals' methods were passed down over generations, everybody knew about their moves, these were no secrets.

Fang Yuan's preparation was not only regarding the assassination plan, he also collected a lot of other information.

Farsight weapon light!

This was quite a troublesome immortal killer move.

Under normal circumstances, when seeing an unknown attacking method, Gu Immortals would choose to retreat and observe cautiously. Nobody would charge in without knowing the situation and place themselves in trouble.

According to Fang Yuan's vigilant nature, there was a high likelihood of him doing so, unless the difference in their strengths was very big.

And that was exactly what Zhou Min wanted.

By the time Fang Yuan realized the effect of farsight weapon light, he might have already spent a lot of time, effort, immortal essence, or even gotten injured in the process.

When Gu Immortals battle, information often led to having an advantage!

Thus, under normal circumstances in the Gu Immortal world, they would keep their Immortal Gu secret, immortal killer moves were rarely used publicly. They would practise their moves in private. The Gu Immortal's immortal aperture was also rarely shown to others. Because the environment inside revealed the secrets of the Gu Immortal's dao marks. The resources inside were often food for Immortal Gu, all these could be used to deduce what Immortal Gu the Gu Immortal had.

Fang Yuan withstood the farsight weapon light, he charged forward with unparalleled vigor.

Of course, he was not rash.

His robe was previously stained with blood.

These blood stains were not eye-catching, but they were formed from an immortal killer move!

Blood path immortal killer move — Bloodstained Conqueror's Robe!

During the period before the opening of treasure yellow heaven, Fang Yuan was unable to develop his immortal aperture, because Lang Ya Sect was suppressing him, he had a tough time. But he did not waste his time, he deduced this immortal killer move to make up for his weakness.

Fang Yuan had many weaknesses.

But he considered it deeply, his greatest weakness was in defense.

During the second earthly calamity, this flaw was evident. If he did not have Dang Hun Mountain as a base for defense, Fang Yuan would have likely died.

Compared to investigative and information path methods, Fang Yuan would rather play safe and settle his weakness in defense first.

Due to his wisdom path and blood path grandmaster attainment levels, as well as the immense blood path foundation built during his previous life, Fang Yuan did not have much difficulty in creating bloodstained conqueror's robe.

At this moment, with blood asset Immortal Gu as the core, bloodstained conqueror's robe was showcasing its capability in battle!

The effect was superb!

Fang Yuan charged towards the farsight weapon light, his body did not waver, he had no injuries at all, his immortal essence expenditure was also reducing.

"Like what Chen Le had said, the closer I get, the lower farsight weapon light's power becomes, thus, even bloodstained conqueror's robe's immortal essence expenditure is falling."

Fang Yuan made such a decisive and wise choice, in the blink of an eye, he was already very close to Zhou Min.

They were less than a hundred steps away!

"Die die die!" Zhou Min cried out continuously, the sharp light in her eyes continued to shoot out brightly.

She was overcome with anger, she was not a threat.

Feng Jun, who was calmer, felt huge fear as his hair stood on end!

Fang Yuan's advancement made him feel an immense sense of danger.

The great shock made him use his most familiar defensive method subconsciously.

Immortal killer move — Luck Whirlwind!

Huge winds blew, Fang Yuan was pushed away by a mystical force.

Chen Le's words reverberated in Fang Yuan's mind: "Speaking of which, Gu Immortal Feng Jun is also quite strong. He is the only person who ascended Immortal Succession Mountain and successfully became a Gu Immortal. Such immortals are more formidable than us, who were nurtured by our seniors. Furthermore, Feng Jun cultivates the famous luck path…"

Luck path.

A Gu Immortal path with few members.

Luck path was created by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, even though it was famous, actual luck path Gu Immortals were few in number.

As the origin of luck path, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left behind three true inheritances, self luck, all living being's luck, and heaven and earth luck.

Self luck was in Lang Ya blessed land, it was given to Long Hair Ancestor as payment, among which, Dog Shit Luck ended up in Fang Yuan's hands.

All living being's luck was placed in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. A portion of it was given to the winner of the Imperial Court contest. Fang Yuan had once possessed connect luck Immortal Gu, it was part of all living being's luck.

Feng Jun's true inheritance had also originated from Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Back then, the Hei tribe Gu Master entered Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and fortunately obtained a portion of the true inheritance, he received qi luck Immortal Gu.

Thereafter, he cultivated to Gu Immortal level and passed it down for generations. The last generation had been punished after Hei Feng Yue's disappearance and the loss of attitude Gu, thus this true inheritance was left in Immortal Succession Mountain.

Feng Jun obtained this true inheritance, he had qi luck Immortal Gu, the move he was most familiar with and had practised the most was luck whirlwind.

This move was very special.

When the target attacks, by using it, it could repel the target.

When the target retreats, if it is used, it could drag the target back to the user.

Once this move was used, intense winds would form, but that was only on the surface, the key was that formless force.

Fang Yuan could not see this formless force, he was hit by the move again and was sent away.

At once, their distance enlarged.

As if his hard work had been in vain.

But Fang Yuan smiled as his lips curled up, he thought to himself: "Luck whirlwind… the second time already."

According to what Chen Le said, this move could not be used extensively, in one day, it could only be used a hundred times.

Just take it as a hundred, this might seem like a lot, but it was not!

Activating luck whirlwind was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

The first issue was immortal essence, Feng Jun was a rank six Gu Immortal, he did not have a deep foundation, using this killer move would expend immortal essence, how long could Feng Jun last?

And immortal killer moves could not succeed with every use, each time Feng Jun failed, he would not only suffer a backlash, he would be unable to repel Fang Yuan, he would be able to get close and kill them.

Thus, it might seem like Fang Yuan could do nothing to Zhou Min and Feng Jun, but he actually had complete advantage in this situation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Feng Jun and Zhou Min were walking on the side of a steep cliff, if they were careless, they would die without intact corpses.

"Die, go and die!!" Zhou Min was still furious, she stared at Fang Yuan as her eyes shot out white light.

"Retreat, we must retreat!" The calmer Feng Jun felt his mouth going dry, his heart was pounding as his body was covered in cold sweat.


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