Reverend Insanity
1125 More Killing
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1125 More Killing

Why did her ancestor kill Chen Wan Yun?

Chen Le could not understand, she could not imagine why.

She sobbed, her body shuddered, she suddenly thought of Chen Li Zhi. Did ancestor also go to find and kill him?

This was a simple inference.

No matter what, she had to find Chen Li Zhi and tell him about this!

At the crucial moment, Chen Le did not think of Hei Cheng, she thought of the Gu Immortals who were her most closely related family members.

Chen Le realized what she had to do, she stopped crying, standing up and activating her immortal killer move, concealing her appearance and running towards Chen Li Zhi's palace.

But Fang Yuan did not go to Chen Li Zhi's palace as Chen Le was thinking.

He did not discover Chen Le, and he had already killed Chen Li Zhi, thus, his final course of action was to go to Chen Le.

To find her and kill her!

A moment later, Chen Le arrived at Chen Li Zhi's place.

"Why is there no one here?" Chen Le searched the palace, but did not find Chen Li Zhi.

Of course, she saw many mortals and Gu Masters.

But Chen Le did not alert them, even if she told them this shocking news, they might not believe her.

In the empty hall, fear and helplessness emerged again in Chen Le's heart.

Ancestor Chen Chi had killed Chen Wan Yun, Chen Li Zhi was missing as well, he was likely to have met with disaster.

Chen Le could not help but cry again.

"What should I do? Oh, oh no! Young master Hei Cheng!" Chen Le finally thought of Fang Yuan at this time, she jolted back to focus.

She felt that at this moment, the most reliable person was Hei Cheng.

She turned around, towards Hei Cheng's accommodation.

Almost at the same time, Fang Yuan arrived at Chen Le's palace.

Nobody was here?

"Strange, where would she go at this time?" Fang Yuan's heart sank.

The situation was changing beyond his expectations.

Fang Yuan raised his head and looked up at the sky of Hei Fan grotto-heaven, it was cloudless and azure in color.

Fang Yuan smiled at the sky, before going towards his own accommodation.

Where could Chen Le go?

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Gu Immortals and mortals did not have many common topics of interest.

Returning to his accommodations, Fang Yuan turned into Hei Cheng, waiting for Chen Le to come.

At this time, a bright light was shot into the sky, it went up and spread out in all directions, it was bright and piercing to the eyes.

"Is this the thing Chen Le mentioned before… that warning of bright light, to ask the immortals to work together in defense?" Fang Yuan frowned instantly.

These days, he had been getting intel from Chen Le.

Among which, one of them was about the time when Gu Immortals first appeared in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, they struggled against desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts.

The first few generations of Gu Immortals joined forces to resist them. Normally, they would be in different parts of the grotto-heaven, but when one side was attacked, they would send out a signal during critical times, inviting Gu Immortals from other areas to help out, and paying them afterwards.

"As the number of Gu Immortals increased in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, they got stronger, and this warning of bright light has not been used for a hundred years. This time, it must have been sent out by Chen Le. Hehe, I underestimated this girl, she dealt with the situation well!" Fang Yuan smiled.

With his craftiness, he already deduced many things.

He had already killed three people, only Chen Le was left. And the warning method could only be used by Gu Immortals, it was clear that Chen Le had activated it.

Why did Chen Le activate this without meeting him?

Evidently, she had found out that one of the others had met with disaster.

No matter where she is hiding or what method she used, since she did not come to find him, that meant she was suspicious of him.

Then, the immortals were going to gather together now, how would Fang Yuan deal with them?

Actually, a moment ago.

Chen Le was about to find Hei Cheng, when she suddenly had a thought, even if she found young master Hei Cheng, what if he could not defeat her ancestor?

Chen Le did not know about Hei Cheng's strength, but in her mind, she felt that Old Immortal Chen Chi had deep and immeasurable power. This was the result of Old Immortal Chen Chi's authority that had been ingrained in her.

"I have to think of a perfect method!" Chen Le thus thought of the warning of bright light.

The alert of bright light soared into the sky, Chen Le's mind slowly calmed down.

"Will ancestor come to find me after seeing this light?" Thinking of this, Chen Le started feeling scared again.

She gritted her teeth, she decided to go find Fang Yuan.

From start to finish, she did not suspect that Fang Yuan was the culprit!

When bright light soared to the sky, Gu Immortals in all the other areas reacted.

"What happened? At this timing, old man Chen Chi actually sent a warning signal and asked us to go help him?" In front of their cave, Feng Jun frowned upon seeing the light in the sky.

Zhou Min also had a look of suspicion: "This matter is quite peculiar. Old Immortal Chen Chi has a total of four immortals, they are the strongest force among us. Inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven, what kind of ancient desolate beast can make Chen Chi ask us for help?"

"You think this matter has to do with Hei Cheng?" Zheng Tuo pondered.

"Most likely." Feng Jun nodded: "This warning of bright light has not been used for a hundred years, it is strange that it is activated at this time. Hei Cheng has already stayed at old man Chen Chi's place for some days. They might have come to an agreement now, and are working together."

"Old Immortal Chen Chi will definitely provide support if Hei Cheng is willing to give him enough benefits, it is not surprising." Zheng Tuo thought over it: "No matter whether there really is an ancient desolate beast attack, or if Chen Chi is trying to scheme against us, we need to go and investigate the situation."

"That's right, we have practised blood light spirit suppression and are at the crucial moment. In a few days, we will be able to suppress the heavenly spirit and take the true inheritance forcefully. We need to stall for time now, but we need to be careful of what the other side is planning. We will give in to them for now, in a few days, Hei Fan grotto-heaven will belong to us!" Feng Jun snickered.

Immediately the three immortals moved out, towards Old Immortal Chen Chi's palace.

At the same time, the two lone Gu Immortals also went there.

Hei Fan grotto-heaven was not small, but the Gu Immortals lived quite close to each other.

And because the three immortals used immortal killer moves, disregarding the immortal essence to travel.

In a moment, they were already halfway there.

At this time, a flying figure appeared in front of the three immortals.

"Its Chen Le!" Zhou Min was the first to recognize the person.

Chen Le was bathed in blood, she had a shocked expression, she seemed to be escaping for her life, the three immortals looked at each other.

Was there really an ancient desolate beast attack?

"Chen Le, slow down, we are here, what happened over there?" Zheng Tuo called out.

Chen Le saw these three immortals and was overjoyed with surprise: "Seniors! It is great to see you. That Hei Cheng is heinous, after failing to negotiate with our ancestor, he used a sneak attack and killed sister Wan Yun! I was the one who sent the warning, I escaped, but Hei Cheng is still chasing me, thankfully, I had my immortal killer move's concealment, I managed to survive."

"What!" The three immortals heard this and were deeply shocked.

"Hei Cheng is so daring?"

"He dared to attack Old Immortal Chen Chi, he is so vicious and ruthless, he is likely going to attack us as well."

"Strange, he has to get Hei Fan's true inheritance, without our support, how can he get it?"

"A life for a life is perfectly justified. We will have to take down Hei Cheng!"

"To play safe, we need to gather with the other Gu Immortals. Chen Le, don't worry, we are family, we will definitely uphold justice for you!"

"Justice?" Chen Le smiled suddenly, attacking.

Under the three immortals' shocked gazes, sword light flashed and stabbed into Zheng Tuo's body.

Zheng Tuo was caught unawares, even though he had a mortal killer move defending him, dark assassination was an immortal killer move, with rank seven Immortal Gu Flying Sword as the core, it could not be stopped, it cut him into half on the spot!

Instantly, Zheng Tuo died!

"Brother!!" Zhou Min shouted.

Feng Jun was furious, he clapped his hands, intense winds assaulted Fang Yuan.

"Oh brother—!" Zhou Min cried out, watching the two halves of Zheng Tuo's corpse fall to the ground, his organs and blood scattered in the air.

Feng Jun carried Zhou Min, dragging her as they retreated.

"Chen Le, are you crazy! You dared to kill my brother Zheng Tuo, I will fight it out with you!" Zhou Min growled, her beautiful face was flushed red: "I will kill you!"

"Kill me?" Chen Le stopped her movement, she scoffed as she looked at Zhou Min in disdain: "You?"

Zhou Min was furious, she struggled intensely, getting free from Feng Jun's arms: "Brother, what are you doing! Let go of me, this lowly bitch killed our big brother! She killed him! I will pull out her skull and use it as an offering for our brother!!"

"Calm down, sister! Don't fall for his provocations. How can this be Chen Le? Don't you know Chen Le? Earlier, that was a sword path immortal killer move! This is not Chen Le!" Feng Jun shouted, looking at Chen Le, his eyes were bursting with fire, filled with hatred.

"It seems that someone here has some brains." Chen Le smiled, her appearance changed suddenly, becoming that of Hei Cheng.

"You are indeed Hei Cheng!" Feng Jun's body shook.

"Scoundrel!!!" Zhou Min scolded.

"From their expressions, it seems that they were not aware that I was the killer. Strange… Chen Le did not use any information path Gu worms to tell them?" Fang Yuan was confused.

He did not know that from start to finish, Chen Le did not suspect him.

After creating the warning, Chen Le ran off to his accommodations.

Fang Yuan returned to his room long ago, but after seeing the warning of bright light while waiting for Chen Le, he thought he was exposed. Thus, he adapted to the circumstances and went out to weaken the remaining immortals' battle strength in Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Since Chen Chi's side had three immortals dead already, the next largest group were the three immortals who were sworn siblings.

Thus, Fang Yuan turned into Chen Le's appearance, flying towards their cave.

In the end, he met the three immortals and used dark assassination to kill the most threatening of them, the blood path Gu Immortal Zheng Tuo.

Meanwhile, Chen Le went to Fang Yuan's room, she could not find him, she felt disappointment and immense worry.

She did not know that out of sheer coincidence, she had narrowly escaped death.

"I did not put any hope in this disguised assassination attempt, but the process was unexpectedly smooth. The Gu Immortals inside this Hei Fan grotto-heaven are truly incomparable to Northern Plains' Gu Immortals. After such a long period of peace, they have low vigilance. Anyway, I should kill these two first."

Thoughts churned in his mind like fireworks, Fang Yuan thought of many things, but only a moment had passed in the outside world.

His lips curled up, he charged towards Feng Jun and Zhou Min.

To kill!


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