Reverend Insanity
1122 Troublesome Final Tes
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1122 Troublesome Final Tes

The stone tablet in the pavilion stated: Be it a main tribe member brought over by the heavenly spirit or a criminal immortal who ascended the mountain, they had one final, most important test before inheriting Hei Fan's true inheritance.

But the contents of this final test were not written on the stone tablet, they had to ask the heavenly spirit.

The heavenly spirit was mindless, but remembered Hei Fan's instructions.

Thus, Fang Yuan asked it.

Soon, the immortals heard the brass bell heavenly spirit shake, creating a long and loud sound.

When the sound vibrated off the pillars, there were changes to the tablet. At the end of the original content, new lines were appearing.

The immortals gasped upon seeing it.

"This says that Hei Fan grotto-heaven is the true inheritance itself. Whoever obtains the true inheritance becomes Hei Fan grotto-heaven's owner!"

"But to obtain Hei Fan's true inheritance, there is one final test, it is actually this?"

"No wonder Old Ancestor Hei Fan set a rule that if the inheritor appears, all of us need to go and welcome him!"

"Old ancestor is magnanimous, he planned meticulously. Even though we are criminals, he had never forgotten us, he is still concerned about us descendants."

The immortals discussed, they felt admiration towards Old Ancestor Hei Fan, some had red eyes as they almost cried.

Fang Yuan looked at the new information, he was frowning, his expression had turned heavy.

The contents clearly told him what the test was.

"As long as I pass the final test, I can obtain Hei Fan's true inheritance. But what is this? It wants me to obtain the votes of half of the Gu Immortals inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven?! And I must complete it within three years in the grotto-heaven's time."

Fang Yuan shook his head.

Old Ancestor Hei Fan's final test was out of his expectations.

Evidently, he was siding with the Gu Immortals inside Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

As an outsider, it was very difficult for Fang Yuan to obtain their support.

But Fang Yuan soon reacted, he understood Hei Fan's intentions.

Old Ancestor Hei Fan set the rules to encourage his inheritor to take in these Gu Immortals within Hei Fan grotto-heaven. After all, Gu Immortals were hard to nurture, by taking them in, it would benefit Hei tribe greatly.

Thus, this not only tested the inheritor's abilities, their interpersonal skills were also tested, whether they could be a skilled leader to unite others or not.

Hei Fan was using his true inheritance to choose a leader for Hei tribe, he was not just looking for a Gu Immortal expert.

"Old fellow, you are already dead, why are you considering so many things, it is so troublesome!" Fang Yuan thought, but on the surface, he sighed as he spoke in heartfelt fashion: "Ancestor Hei Fan was thinking for Hei tribe the entire time, he put in so much effort, as a descendant, I am deeply moved!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yes, yes!" The immortals heard his words and responded.

Originally, these Gu Immortals were feeling very worried, after all, if Fang Yuan obtained Hei Fan's true inheritance, they did not know what would happen to criminal immortals like themselves.

But now, with Old Ancestor Hei Fan's arrangement, their welfare was assured.

Fang Yuan kept his moved expression as he turned around, standing before the stone tablet, facing the immortals in the pavilion, he asked: "Then… how can I obtain all of your support?"

As Fang Yuan had expected, what he obtained was silence.

Times were different now.

Initially, they were wary of him, but now, Fang Yuan needed to get half of the Gu Immortals' recognition, in that case, the situation was reversed, it was completely different.

The immortals looked at each other, nobody spoke.

Only their gaze towards Fang Yuan changed.

Earlier, they were cautious and tried to express kindness while concealing their ill intent, but now, they had distant gazes, they got on their high horses and thought about it internally.

Fang Yuan was not rushed, he stood on the spot, waiting for their reply.

After a while of silence, the most experienced and oldest Gu Immortal, Chen Chi, could not hold it in anymore, he coughed: "Today's matters progressed too quickly, we are simply unprepared for it. Sigh, maybe I am getting old, all this thinking is making my head hurt, I cannot process it yet. Superior immortal, you must have had a long journey to reach here and are tired, right? Why don't you go take a rest first and relax, we can think about this later."

"This old fox." Fang Yuan snickered internally.

Old Immortal Chen Chi's words were well received by the Gu Immortals present, they answered him with great enthusiasm.

They were fragmented earlier, but now, it looked like they were united, dealing with the outsider Fang Yuan together.

"However, so what if I agree to your stalling?" Fang Yuan had expected them to respond in that manner, his expression did not change, he nodded and said reluctantly: "Immortal Chen Chi, you have a point."

Chen Chi showed a smile of victory, but soon he concealed it: "My accommodations are crude, but we have some tea for you. If you do not mind, it would be my great honor to accommodate you."

Chen Chi invited warmly, but he did not give a clear reply to Fang Yuan's words.

Fang Yuan smiled in a reluctant manner, nodding: "I will trouble you in that case."

He called it 'crude', but Old Immortal Chen Chi was naturally just being humble.

His accommodations were not crude at all, instead, they were very elegant and grand.

A number of palaces sat on top of a mountain peak.

This mountain seemed to be man-made, the top was flat, palaces were erected all over it, there were golden bricks and green tiles, with many beautifully crafted pillars.

Chen Chi and his Gu Immortal subordinates lived here.

Not just them, a large number of Gu Masters and mortals as well.

"These are all my descendants, hehehe, please excuse them, superior immortal. At my age, I enjoy having descendants and nurturing them." Chen Chi explained.

Fang Yuan nodded: "This shows that you are someone who values relationships."

Chen Chi looked at Fang Yuan with deep meaning: "Who would not like people who values relationships and loyalty? Hehehe."

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan laughed too.

Seeing Chen Chi and Fang Yuan talking so harmoniously, the other three Gu Immortals had relaxed emotions.

Just like this, Fang Yuan stayed here for the time being.

Strangely, since the first day, Chen Chi had not shown himself again, and did not meet with Fang Yuan again. Fang Yuan was not anxious, he waited patiently.

Four days later.

In the palaces.

Fang Yuan and Chen Le strolled in the long walkways.

Chen Le was one of the female immortals, she had long hair in two buns and a bubbly nature. In terms of bloodline, she was Old Immortal Chen Chi's great granddaughter.

"Young master Hei Cheng, look at that lotus, I love its color!" Chen Le pointed at the lotus pond and smiled.

This walkway was quite special, it crossed over the entire lotus pond.

There were lotuses inside the lotus pond of all colors, they were floating aimlessly, it was a beautiful sight.

These last days, even though Old Immortal Chen Chi did not meet with Fang Yuan, Chen Le was keeping him company, to look at all the scenic sites in the palaces.

"This yellow lotus is cute, pure and innocent, it really suits you, Le Er." Fang Yuan smiled.

Chen Le lowered her head, she was embarrassed, she said faintly: "Young master, what are you saying? Le Er… Le Er was just happy from seeing these flowers."

"I feel very happy seeing you as well, Le Er." Fang Yuan smiled as he extended his arms, holding Le Er's hands.

Chen Le's body shook, she subconsciously wanted to get free, but Fang Yuan's hands were holding her tightly.

Chen Le's face was bright red, even with her Gu Immortal cultivation level, her brain was in chaos, she struggled as she murmured: "Young master, young master, you…"

Fang Yuan took a step forward, his body almost completely touching Chen Le.

Chen Le quickly moved back, because her body was unstable, she fell backwards.

Fang Yuan held her in his arms as she fell.

"Be careful, don't fall." His gentle voice entered Chen Le's ears, when Chen Le reacted, she was already lying in Fang Yuan's arms.

Chen Le raised her head, she saw Fang Yuan, who was smiling with a hint of cheekiness in his gaze.

Chen Le was extremely embarrassed, she punched Fang Yuan's chest softly: "Young master, you are too naughty, you bullied me!"

Saying this, she struggled out of Fang Yuan's embrace.

Fang Yuan gasped, he took a step back, showing intense pain on his face.

Chen Le quickly moved forward, asking him with deep concern: "Young master, how are you?"

Fang Yuan breathed in deeply: "To speak the truth. not long ago, I engaged in a fierce battle. It is not easy to inherit Hei Fan true inheritance. Many Gu Immortals in the tribe are not willing to see it happen."

"So you are injured? Why didn't you tell me!" Chen Le stomped her feet, her embarrassment was gone, she looked at Fang Yuan's chest as she asked: "Does it still hurt?"

"It is a small injury, it is no issue. But with higher cultivation level, my dao marks are deeper, the injuries I suffered are more severe." Fang Yuan smiled, before shifting the topic: "However, your great grandfather refined Gu and suffered injuries, he is in a similar state as me, right? Otherwise, why would he not meet me for the last few days?"

Panic flashed across Chen Le's eyes, she stammered and tried to respond to Fang Yuan.

Old Immortal Chen Chi could not refuse to meet Fang Yuan without any reason, thus, the excuse he gave was that he had suffered a backlash from Gu refinement failure, his injuries were severe and he could not meet guests.

Of course, at this timing, how could he suddenly get injured from refining Gu?

Both parties knew the reason, they did not speak it.

On that night, the four Gu Immortals including Chen Chi engaged in a secret discussion.

Chen Le reported: "Ancestor, young master Hei Cheng asked me about your injury today."

"Oh? He finally lost his patience huh…" Chen Chi smiled.

"Thankfully, I managed to conceal it, he was not suspicious. But as time passes, I am afraid…" Chen Le was worried.

The other three Gu Immortals looked at each other, smiling.

Chen Le was well protected by her family, she was unhardened and innocent, she did not know that Fang Yuan knew about it clearly. The fact that he asked about Chen Chi's injuries was a subtle reminder.

The male Gu Immortal Chen Li Zhi thought for a moment before saying: "It seems that we have to talk to this Hei Cheng properly."


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