Reverend Insanity
1119 Entering Hei Fan Grotto-Heaven
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1119 Entering Hei Fan Grotto-Heaven

One and a half days later, the upper extreme heavenly eagle carried Fang Yuan and flew to the sky of an unknown location.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle's speed decreased, it started to fly around the air.

After a while of flying, it seemed to have confirmed the location, it pecked at a certain spot.

Instantly, Fang Yuan could hear a clear sound of a bell, as space tore open and his vision changed.

In an instant, the upper extreme heavenly eagle brought him into Hei Fan grotto-heaven, disappearing from Northern Plains' sky.

"The upper extreme heavenly eagle can truly cross space and enter grotto-heavens! It is so amazing as an infant, when it matures, it will surely be a huge help."

Fang Yuan praised in his mind as he looked around.

This grotto-heaven was huge and vast, it was an extraordinary sight.

Below Fang Yuan, there was an ancient forest. It was green and huge, birds and beasts lived in it, there was much life within.

"Musical trees." There were trees with rainbow colored leaves and countless birds flying on them, landing on the branches as they chirped, creating a beautiful melody.

"Qi death birds." One of the types of birds had plump bodies that pressed down on the branches, they were covered in qi currents and had distinct voices.

"Tea stream." Between trees, there was a smooth flowing stream, the water was a clear, pale green, it was steaming hot, making the leaves inside resemble tea leaves.

Fang Yuan took a look, finding many cultivation resources inside the forest.

He looked at the sky, this grotto-heaven's sky was azure in color.

"It seems that Hei Fan obtained a fragment of the immemorial azure heaven, after fusing it into his grotto-heaven, the sky never changed color again." Fang Yuan made an initial confirmation that this was Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

Because in Hei Cheng's memories, he knew that Hei Fan had once grew musical trees and famously sold them in treasure yellow heaven.

This entire forest was made of musical trees, the scale was shockingly big.

Just as Fang Yuan was looking around, the entire world suddenly started to ring with sounds of a bell.

The bell rang ten times.

Next, a brass bell appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

"Heavenly spirit! There's indeed a heavenly spirit…" Fang Yuan's heart shook, he got nervous.

He did not have Hei tribe's bloodline after all, even though he deceived the upper extreme heavenly eagle, he still had to deceive the heavenly spirit to obtain the true inheritance.

In the north-east part of Hei Fan grotto-heaven, there was a tall mountain.

The locals named it Wang Gu Mountain, they revered it.

There was a cave in the mountain.

In the cave, three Gu Immortals were conversing.

"Without taking risks, how can we have great gains? To break free of this cage, we need to take on the risks of doing so." Gu Immortal Feng Jun had an agitated expression.

The other two Gu Immortals looked at each other with hesitation.

One of them, Gu Immortal Zheng Tuo, looked at Feng Jun: "This is a huge matter, if we are careless, we will die, how can we not act carefully?"

The other Gu Immortal, Zhou Min, was female, she had beautiful features: "Brother Feng Jun, please calm down. It is very difficult to deal with the heavenly spirit, we need to plan this wisely, we are not in a rush. Don't worry, the three of us are sworn siblings, we will work as one and move forward together."

Feng Jun raised his head and sighed: "The heavenly spirit is not scary, we have already gained its trust, using the killer move, blood light spirit suppression, that I created, I am very confident of success."

Zheng Tuo looked at Feng Jun: "Brother, I do not want to say this, but why are you in a rush? You said earlier that blood light spirit suppression was created recently. This immortal killer move has just been created, it is not perfected. Even if it is perfected, we need to practice it first, why are you so hurried?"

"That's right, brother." Zhou Min also said: "To deal with the heavenly spirit, we are not sufficient. We might as well convince Old Immortal Chen Chi to the west, he has three Gu Immortals under him."

Feng Jun snorted, saying in disdain: "Chen Chi is useless. He is about to die, yet he still acts so conservatively, we should not rely on him!"

Feng Jun shook his head.

Zhou Min frowned: "Brother, even if you look down on Old Immortal Chen Chi, he has the highest cultivation level. Even if we cannot work with him to deal with the heavenly spirit, we have to get him to watch on the sidelines and not interfere."

"Sister makes sense." Zheng Tuo added.

Feng Jun had a grim expression, after some hesitation, he said: "I am not going to lie, you both know I cultivate luck path. Recently, I have had an ominous feeling, something bad is going to happen. I have this indescribable sensation — if we do not take the chance now, we might not have a chance anymore!"

These words were simply Feng Jun's assumption, he had no proof at all to back him up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But the other two immortals had grim expressions.

Zhou Min said: "Brother, you once had gone up Immortal Succession Mountain and cultivated the luck path inheritance that was on it. Even though your cultivation level did not reach rank seven, as the first inheritor, your dao marks are not less than that of a rank seven luck path Gu Immortal. I heard that with a certain number of luck path dao marks, the Gu Immortal will have a mystical promotion."

On the side, Zheng Tuo also added: "That's right, for refinement path Gu Immortals, their Gu refinement abilities would rise sharply, when refining Gu, they would be able to sense minute details. For fire path Gu Immortals, they would have a certain sense towards fire path Immortal Gu and desolate beasts. For wisdom path Gu Immortals, even without using any Gu, their own deduction abilities would be very strong. As for luck path Gu Immortals, they would have some sensation towards their own luck or the luck around them."

"That's right." Feng Jun sighed, his expression calming down.

Since Zhou Min and Zheng Tuo could understand him, that was good.

After all, the killer move, blood light spirit suppression, that he made could not be used alone, all three of them needed to activate it together.

Suddenly, at this time, the sound of a bell from outside became clearer.

"Did someone else ascend Immortal Succession Mountain, obtaining a true inheritance?" Zheng Tuo's eyes flashed.

"Regardless of who it is, we have to get them over to our side." Zhou Min immediately said.

"Listen, there are five rings already." Feng Jun's attention was drawn.

"Impressive, this person got to this point, in the past, even you, brother, only got this far." Zheng Tuo praised.

But soon, their expressions changed.

"Seven times." Zhou Min cried out.

"How can this be? Not only was I surpassed, even Old Immortal Chen Chi was surpassed?!" Feng Jun could not believe it, he was aware of the difficulties of going up Immortal Succession Mountain.

But next, a tenth bell sound rang out, it resounded in the entire world, continuing to spread.

The three immortals were like statues, they stood in their places, unmoving.

A moment later, Zhou Min snapped back to awareness, shock was expressed all over her beautiful face: "Did I hear wrongly, the bell rang ten times!"

Feng Jun's expression was dark: "According to the stone tablet on Immortal Succession Mountain, ten rings of the bell means that the person from the main tribe who is qualified to inherit Old Ancestor Hei Fan's true inheritance is here! Don't tell me my bad feeling is due to this person!"

"After so many years, I thought that nobody would inherit the first true inheritance on Immortal Succession Mountain! To think that…" Zheng Tuo shook his head, showing a complex expression.

He looked at the two immortals beside him, they also had differing expressions.

Zheng Tuo let out a breath of air, stabilizing his mind: "Let's go, according to the rules, when the proper inheritor appears, the heavenly spirit will welcome them personally, we need to go ahead and pay respects to them too."

"Pay respects? Pay what respects!" Feng Jun's body shook, he said shrilly: "Regardless of who it is? Why must we go and pay respects to them? We are also Hei tribe descendants with Hei tribe's bloodline. Just because our ancestors were criminals, we have to be subservient to the main tribe forever?"

Zhou Min quickly consoled him: "Brother, you make sense, I agree. Even though this is sudden, the result is not out of control yet. According to the rules on the stone tablet, even though the inheritor is here, the time has passed already. To inherit Hei Fan's true inheritance, they would need to pass a test. Whether we are going to find trouble with them or take down the heavenly spirit, we need to stay calm, stay cool."

Feng Jun was reminded, his mind cleared up: "Sister, you are right, we still have a chance! Go, we will go immediately, we cannot expose any flaws. I want to see how amazing this inheritor is, do they have three heads or six arms? Hmph!"

The brass bell floated in front of Fang Yuan, after ringing ten times, it went silent.

Fang Yuan tried to ask: "Are you the heavenly spirit? I am Hei Cheng, I opened the heavenly crystal eagle nest and hatched the upper extreme heavenly eagle, I am here to inherit Ancestor Hei Fan's true inheritance."

But the brass bell remained silent, it floated in front of Fang Yuan, unmoving.

"As expected… after devouring the fragment of immemorial azure heaven, even the heavenly spirit has become mindless." Fang Yuan's eyes flashed, he understood the reason.

This intel was obtained from Shadow Sect as well.

After absorbing a fragment of the immemorial nine heavens, even though the grotto-heaven would have no tribulations, if the Gu Immortal dies and becomes a heavenly spirit, they would not have control and would be mindless.

All in all, it was because of heaven's will.

Heaven's will originated from the five regions and nine heavens. Ordinary grotto-heavens were small worlds independent of the outside world. But once they absorbed an immemorial nine heavens fragment, they would let heaven's will in. Their personal authority would be greatly diminished due to heaven's will!

Shadow Sect had deep research in this.

In the past, a Shadow Sect member, one of the seven original split souls, Seven Star Child, had went ahead to devour a fragment of immemorial blue heaven, attempting to research a way to deal with heaven's will. Unfortunately, heaven's will made use of it and caused Seven Star Child to be stuck inside Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm, unable to get out.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm, because Starry Sky grotto-heaven had shattered and broken into many pieces, landed in many areas of Central Continent like all of the other grotto-heaven fragment worlds.

Among which, on a nameless mountain, Fang Yuan was invited by Immortal Crane Sect to explore it. Coincidentally, inside this fragment world, Fang Yuan explored the dream realm and obtained crucial pointers. Eventually, on Yi Tian Mountain, Fang Yuan obtained the result of Shadow Sect's plan after a hundred thousand years.

From this, one could see that by absorbing any nine heavens fragment, the grotto-heaven world would be under the supervision of heaven's will, it was not safe for Fang Yuan.

The safest place for him were blessed lands or grotto-heavens like Lang Ya blessed land.

They were privately owned, heaven's will could not look inside.

Long Hair Ancestor was a very famous figure, it was not hard for him to get some immemorial nine heavens fragments. But from start to finish, he did not let his grotto-heaven absorb any fragment of the immemorial nine heavens.

"Thus, this grotto-heaven is far less valuable to me than Hei Fan's true inheritance."

"Once I inherit Hei Fan's true inheritance, I will give this grotto-heaven to Chu Du, it will fulfill that agreement of splitting thirty percent profit with him."

Fang Yuan was still planning, when a few people appeared from the sky, their immortal auras were unconcealed, they rapidly got closer.

"What is going on? Hei Fan grotto-heaven has Gu Immortals?" Fang Yuan was surprised.


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