Reverend Insanity
1118 Future Rank Eight Battle Strength
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1118 Future Rank Eight Battle Strength

Hei Cheng's expression was distorted, he screamed in great agony.

Fang Yuan did not care, he continued to use his blood path killer move.

With blood asset Immortal Gu as the core, this blood path killer move was an immortal killer move!

Because of this power, Hei Cheng felt immense pain, blood from all over his body and even bone marrow were drained out, gathered into a lump.

Next, Fang Yuan controlled the strength path immortal zombie and swallowed it whole.

Hei Cheng was drained of much of his blood and fainted, his entire body was skin and bones, he had a pale expression, like he had died.

Fang Yuan smiled coldly, several mortal Gu flew out entered Hei Cheng's ears, going into his bloodstream and traveling.

These blood path mortal Gu were huge, when they traveled in Hei Cheng's body, there were bumps over his body, as if rats were moving rapidly in him.

Soon, these 'rats' became smaller and smaller, Hei Cheng's body started inflating, color was restored on his face. But he was exhausted mentally, as if he had just overcome a huge sickness.

He slowly opened his eyes, looking at the strength path immortal zombie, he muttered: "Spare me, spare me. I am willing to surrender, I will be loyal to you…"

Fang Yuan did not reply to him.

Hei Cheng had said this many times.

Fang Yuan did not care to have a subordinate like Hei Cheng.

Fang Yuan was already wary of the featherman Gu Immortal Zhou Zhong, not to mention Hei Cheng. With the outside situation as it was, Fang Yuan could only trust himself.

In fact, sometimes, he did not even trust himself.

After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Fang Yuan had lost his memories.

After knowing the secrets of heaven's will and his rebirth, he realized that the fortuitous encounters that he remembered in his previous life were likely arrangements set by heaven's will!

Right now, Fang Yuan's focus was on manipulating the strength path immortal zombie.

After swallowing Hei Cheng's blood, the strength path immortal zombie's body shone with a thin layer of blood-red light.

Under Fang Yuan's expectant gaze, this blood-red light slowly faded, entering the strength path immortal zombie's body, turning into blood which those of Hei tribe's bloodline had.

"Success!" After several inspections, Fang Yuan was excited.

These last days, he had been preparing to refine the egg.

Disguising his bloodline was not a problem for Fang Yuan.

He was a blood path grandmaster, he had a deep foundation in his previous life.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But he had to take into account Hei Fan's blood refinement method, it was a bit troublesome. Fang Yuan had to deduce and modify it several times, after torturing Hei Cheng many times, he finally succeeded.

"With this blood, I still cannot use it on the egg. I need to integrate this blood path killer move into familiar face, so as to be certain!"

For the next ten days, Fang Yuan focused on deductions.

But he had high attainment levels, blood path and transformation path were both grandmaster. Ordinary Gu Immortals could not achieve this, but he completed it in less than half a month.

Looking at the time, a month had passed in total.

He was only about a month away from the fourth earthly calamity.

With everything ready now, Fang Yuan made good use of his time, immediately targeting the egg.

As he had expected, under the effect of the blood path killer move, the lifeless egg started to produce life force.

As more and more blood went in, this life force also grew stronger, and became more amiable with Fang Yuan.

Eight days and nights later, the shell cracked from inside, as a small bird came out.

This bird was newly hatched, but it was not small, it could stand at the height of a youngster.

The small eagle looked at the strength path immortal zombie that Fang Yuan had become, it had a warm gaze, affection could be seen from within its sharp eagle eyes. It was like a child seeing their parents.

"Come, come here." Fang Yuan manipulated the immortal zombie, saying.

The little eagle quickly jumped to the immortal zombie, looking at him with dark eyes that showed an innocent gaze without any wariness.

The immortal zombie stretched out its arm, patting the eagle's head.

There was only a layer of yellow feathers on the young eagle's head, it was very sparse, Fang Yuan could feel its scalp, it had a good feeling of warmth.

While patting it, the young eagle lowered its head without any resistance. Not just that, the eagle's eyes were shut, it opened its beak and chirped cutely, as if it was trying to get Fang Yuan's attention.

Fang Yuan could discern many things, he internally praised: "Hei Fan is amazing, he actually removed the memories of the upper extreme heavenly eagle from its previous life, only its space path dao mark foundation is left. If it had its memories, this upper extreme heavenly eagle, as an immemorial desolate beast, would be hard to control."

"And this blood path killer move can actually enslave an immemorial desolate beast. No, enslave is not the word, the true effect is to make the immemorial desolate beast feel close to me, it is the sense of kinship, of being a close bloodline relative."

"This way, it should not be hard to get it to carry me and find Hei Fan grotto-heaven."

Just when he had that idea in his mind, the eagle chirped anxiously, its body was wavering unstably.

"Hungry?" Fang Yuan controlled the immortal zombie, pulling back his hand as he pointed at the heavenly crystal eagle nest: "Go eat!"

The upper extreme heavenly eagle's food were heavenly crystals!

After getting permission, the little eagle chirped happily, it jumped over and pecked, causing a small piece of heavenly crystal to fall out.

The little eagle carried the heavenly crystal in its beak, it did not swallow it, instead, it turned to the strength path immortal zombie.

The strength path immortal zombie smiled at the little eagle, saying warmly: "Go eat."

The little eagle understood, it raised its head and swallowed the small piece of heavenly crystal.

Next, it continued to eat.

The hard heavenly crystal broke apart like tofu inside its beak, Fang Yuan watched, slightly startled.

One could not look down on this bird, it was a genuine immemorial desolate beast — upper extreme heavenly eagle!

"This means, from now on, I control battle strength on the level of an immemorial desolate beast? No, it is too young, it cannot have such high battle strength."

"It seems to understand my words, that must be Hei Fan's doing. Since he can erase its memories, he can also make it learn human language."

"However, there is a huge flaw!"

"I need to disguise my bloodline, so that the upper extreme heavenly eagle feels close to me. The real me would not do, I would even get attacked by it. After all, such immemorial desolate beasts are very prideful, they are naturally aggressive."

Fang Yuan considered the other aspects.

For the next few days, Fang Yuan controlled the strength path immortal zombie, staying with the young eagle, watching it eat.

The young eagle did not eat all the time, it ate for a while before going to the strength path immortal zombie, snuggling up to it and sleeping.

It was extremely trusting of the strength path immortal zombie, it did not guard against it.

For the next few days, half of the heavenly crystal eagle nest was consumed.

This consumption speed gave Fang Yuan a headache.

In order to get an immemorial level battle strength, spending such immortal materials was needed. But the price of feeding it was truly very high.

The young eagle grew quickly.

It was the height of a youngster initially, but in a few days, it was as tall as Fang Yuan.

It stood on the ground, raising its head, it had a strong body and thick layer of feathers, it had sharp eagle eyes and dark sharp claws, when it scratched, heavenly crystals broke like thin paper.

The time was ripe, Fang Yuan was not going to wait any longer.

He recalled the strength path immortal zombie, taking back all of the Immortal Gu and mortal Gu in it, using familiar face on his own body.

The current familiar face had exceeded the original version, by adding in blood asset Immortal Gu and other mortal Gu.

This way, Fang Yuan could even disguise his bloodline.

Fang Yuan chose to leave Lang Ya blessed land, choosing a spot with nobody around, opening his immortal aperture and letting out the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

The young eagle saw Fang Yuan's true body, it did not have any suspicions, coming over to peck at Fang Yuan's palm lightly, it lowered its head, using its head to rub Fang Yuan's shoulder, it had a very warm attitude.

Fang Yuan smiled, instructing the young eagle: "Quickly bring me to Hei Fan grotto-heaven, I need to inherit Hei Fan's true inheritance."

The young eagle went in a daze, it remembered a certain part of its memories, chirping loudly as it spread its wings.

Fang Yuan saw the chance and jumped onto the eagle's back.

The eagle screeched, carrying Fang Yuan as it ascended, flying towards the southeast direction.

The surrounding air currents were wildly blowing past his ears.

Fang Yuan activated his Gu worms, sitting on the eagle's back stably.

He was very satisfied with the upper extreme heavenly eagle's speed, it was not inferior to sword escape Immortal Gu.

Most importantly, this upper extreme heavenly eagle was an infant eagle, it was far from maturity, it had yet to fully develop. A mature upper extreme heavenly eagle was huge, multiple times the size of a whale.

Fang Yuan also estimated: Its current battle strength had not reached rank eight yet, currently, it was at rank six level.

Even though it had a lot of space path dao marks, it did not have wild Gu. A major influence on desolate beasts and plants in their battle strength was their physical bodies. This was different from humans, humans had weak physiques, but desolate beasts had naturally powerful attack, defense, as well as recovery. Not to mention immemorial desolate beasts.

This was the first time Fang Yuan was interacting with the upper extreme heavenly eagle, his earlier assessment of it having rank eight battle strength upon hatching was wrong.

Even though he was disappointed, it was sure to grow into having rank eight battle strength in the future!

The upper extreme heavenly eagle traveled quickly, Fang Yuan sat on its back, once in a while, he fed it heavenly crystals.

During other times, Fang Yuan was not slacking, he was analyzing Hei Fan as a person.

From Hei Cheng's memories, there was lots of praise towards Hei Fan.

This time path expert who had led Hei tribe to a glorious era in history was not simple!

Fang Yuan reviewed the process of unraveling Hei Fan true inheritance, it was as if he was fighting against Hei Fan in terms of wits.

This was truly an extraordinary contest.

Hei Fan left behind the refinement path killer moves, heavenly crystal eagle nest, dead upper extreme heavenly eagle egg, and the hidden blood path killer move, they revealed to Fang Yuan this time path great expert's meticulousness, his shrewd planning and proud nature.

Those who could cultivate to rank eight were not simple characters.

Hei Fan was an expert at rank eight, his true inheritance was not easy to obtain!

Hei tribe's Gu Immortals tried for so many years without success. Of course, this was also due to the loss of attitude Gu.

But it was undeniable that anyone else would have failed. Only a shrewd and astute individual like Fang Yuan would be able to make progress while exploiting the appropriate opportunities, eventually making his way to Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

"After I get to Hei Fan grotto-heaven, will I get to obtain the true inheritance? I have a feeling that Hei Fan's test is not over yet."

"But the more tests there are, the more extraordinary the true inheritance, this is not a bad thing!"


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